Dropship Breakthru Review: Is Jon Warren & Ben Knegendorf’s High-Ticket Offer The Best Deal In 2024?

March 6, 2024

Dropship Breakthru is a high ticket dropshipping program by Jon Warren and Ben Knegendorf that teaches you how to find products to sell, build your own Shopify website, and how to increase website traffic using SEO. The course covers other topics on how to manage and grow your business, like sales tax and email marketing. Dropship Breakthru differs from traditional dropshipping as it focuses on getting high ticket products from local suppliers to get the fastest shipment of suppliers to the customers. 

There are many testimonials found on the landing page that talk about their business’ improvement thanks to the program. Dropshipping Breakthru receives a high rating on Trustpilot and Endorsal with no negative reviews. But the course offers an affiliate program and teaches how you can get customer reviews. 

This Dropship Breakthru review discusses Jon and Ben's high-ticket dropshipping technique, the pros and cons of the program, and its suitability for different users. Additionally, it presents what the course offers and online reviews from their students. The article also explores the backgrounds of the creators and their claims. Finally, we will introduce you to an alternative business model that has the potential to generate a monthly passive income. 

Dropship Breakthru Pros And Cons


Jon Warren and Ben Knegendorf are teaching based on their own experiences as high ticket dropshippers.

Dropship Breakthru has no negative reviews.

Dropship Breakthru has guest speakers.


Dropshipping is a simple concept to understand but challenging to do.

Even if the startup cost is low, you still need to spend money on building your website and paid ads which are expensive with no guarantee of profitability.


The price of Dropship Breakthru is $2,497, 5 payments of $499, or 12 payments of $249. Dropship Breakthru often offers promotions and discounts.


The group of Dropship Breakthru is a private Facebook community with 3.4K members.

Refund Policy

The refund policy is a 30 day money-back guarantee.


Dropship Breakthru started in 2021.


The training is a video format with 3 months' unlimited coaching.


The reputation of Droopship Breakthru is positive, with no negative reviews.

Is Dropship Breakthru High-Ticket Offers the Best Deal in 2024?

Yes, Dropship Breakthru high-ticket offers the best deal in 2024 based on student reviews and testimonials. But it depends on your high-ticket dropshipping needs and your commitment to selling high-ticket products. Jon and Ben always mention that it is not a get rich quick scheme. Understand that students have different needs and assistance. That is why they offer unlimited coaching sessions and access to their private Slack channel for questions or concerns. It shows their commitment to helping you achieve success. 

A recent comment from Nolan on Dropship Breakthru’s Trustpilot proves that Jon and Ben want their student to understand the concept of high-ticket dropshipping. After Nolan’s 10-months onto the program, he now reached $10,000 profit margin. He continues by reminding potential students that the program is for committed people since the business will take months before you can earn $5 million to $10 million sales. As high-ticket dropshipping requires patience and perseverance to be successful. 

How Much Does Dropship Breakthru Cost?

The Dropship Breakthru cost $2,497 for a one-time payment. You can pay for a 5 month installment of $499 or a 12 month installment of 4249. But Jon and Ben offer free masterclass or discounted course prices. As of writing, Dropship Breakthru’s promo price is $1,391

The Dropship Breakthru offers a double down guarantee that means if you follow the lessons on the program and cannot earn an income of $100,000 in 12 months, they will refund you. And if you share your success publicly and still not generate more than $100,000 in 12 months, they will also refund you. The refund policy is also a 30 day money-back action based guarantee. 

What Will You Get From Dropship Breakthru?

Build Phase Video Course (70 videos)

You get a lifetime access to Dropship Breakthru’s future content. A course for anyone new in dropshipping. You learn how to build your own ecommerce business within 30 days using a step-by-step proven system from Jon and Ben’s 7 year experience.

Growth Phase Video Course (200+ videos)

A collection of 200+ videos and future content. This is another lifetime access for Dropship Breakthru’s high ticket marketing system. It is a framework that Jon and Ben use to generate a $10 million a year revenue.

Market Verification Service

You have access to Jon and Ben’s comments and advice throughout the Dropship Breakthru program. You‘ll receive guidance around the important decision making in your dropshipping business.  

Premium Shopify Theme

You will get access for a licensed theme created by Out Of The SandBox, top Shopify theme company. It is normally priced for $300, but you will get it for free.

Unlimited Group Coaching Access For 3 Months

You will get group coaching calls with Jon and Ben for 3 months. It comes with all previous group session recordings.

Private Slack Channel With Ben & Jon

Gain access to Ben and Jon’s fastest communication channel, Slack. You can send direct messages where they check daily.

Lifetime Membership of The Dropship Podcast members Only Show

A student has access to high ticket dropshipping videos where Jon and Ben don’t post on their podcast. It includes discussion and tricks that are only shared with their members. 

What You Will Learn From Dropship Breakthru Course?

Module 1 - Getting Started (11 videos)

The module teaches the things you should know before starting your dropshipping business, like financial steps to take, journey vision, taxes, and legal. You will get the Dropship Breakthru planning exercises to help you with setting up your business.

Module 2 - Find Your Niche (10 videos)

Module 3 - Build Your Website (20 videos)

Jon teaches you how to build your own Shopify store. You can watch and copy how he does it while creating your own website. The module comes with a free Shopify theme you can use to design your store.

Module 4 - Secure Your Suppliers (5 videos)

Learn how Dropship Breakthru looks for local suppliers. It means that the supplier you will look for is in the same area as your customer. The module teaches you to find, contact, and set a deal with potential suppliers while using Dropship Breakthru’s script and templates.

Module 5 - Launch Your Business (23 videos)

The module teaches how you can be an authorized seller and sell products to your Shopify website. After launching your business, Dropship Breakthru teaches how to use Google ads and Google shopping ads. Beginners can copy Jon’s account set up and campaign settings as you learn.

Module 6 - Running Your Business (10 videos and growing)

You get Dropship Breakthru’s SOP materials and templates for managing your business. The module includes different lessons about their own businesses that show examples and guides. You can also request a topic that will be tackled in future training.

Module 7 - High Ticket Marketing Introduction (7 videos)

The module teaches you how you can get customers to your website. The basics of online marketing are discussed in this module. And as you learn, it includes templates on how to create a business plan and set goals.

Module 8 - Setting Up For Success (16 videos)

You learn how to manage your personal and business time. The module encourages you to outsource tasks to eliminate repetitive business tasks.

Module 9 - Conversion Rate Optimization (14 videos)

Learn how you can improve the design and UI of your website. It includes lessons on improving your conversion rate and product offers. It teaches some conversion tests to learn how a customer interacts with your Shopify website.

Module 10 - Content Marketing (15 videos)

The module teaches how to use search engine optimization (SEO) to your advantage. Jon and Ben, show how your quality content can improve your website visits. It shows what content worked for their own dropshipping business.

Module 11 - Search Engine Optimization (23 videos)

You learn how to improve your on-page SEO to drive organic visitors to your websites. The module teaches advanced high ticket dropshipping training that will help you become knowledgeable even if you’re a beginner.

Module 12 - Technical SEO (9 videos)

Leighton Taylor, a guest speaker and Shopify expert from Envision, teaches you to improve your Shopify website using SEO. The module includes templates and codes you’ll need for your setup.

Module 13 - Building Backlinks (15 videos)

The module teaches how you can gain backlinks using SEO. It will help your website get more organic traffic without paid ads and acquire more sales. You’ll have access to Dropship Breakthru’s 100 backlink lists, templates, and SOPs.

Module 14 - Customer Multiplier Funnels (10 videos)

After learning about SEO, the module teaches how you take advantage of your existing customers through marketing efforts. You learn how to get customer reviews to increase your website’s credibility.

Module 15 - Retargeting (11 videos)

The module teaches how your website can stand out among your competitors. It teaches you to organize, plan, place ads to keep customers coming back to your website and purchase from you.

Module 16 - Email Marketing (10 videos)

You learn how to build and improve an email list with the help of Dropship Breakthru’s email templates. It teaches how you can automate your emails and attract prospective customers.

Module 17 - Affiliates & The Dream 100 (14 videos)

Learn how to build connections with people who already have their own audience and target them. It includes templates on how to reach out to other businesses.

Module 18 - Pay Per Click Ads (26 videos and growing)

Watch Jon as he explains pay per click with Google ads, social media ads like Facebook ad, and Bing ads. Even beginners can follow along this lesson for a comprehensive training to gain more sales and traffic to your dropshipping business.

Module 19 - Write Copy That Sells (26 videos)

The module teaches that your ad copies matter to entice customers to buy from your website. The lesson in this module can also train your future virtual assistance, as it includes templates, examples, and guides.

Module 20 - Data Analytics (5 videos and growing)

You learn how to understand your business’s data using Google Analytics. You can copy as Jon explains everything you need to note in your analytics to create better content for your dropshipping business.

Module 21 - Build Phase Know Your Numbers (5 videos)

Guest speaker from Summit Ecommerce Advisors, Issac Smith, teaches how to bookkeeper your finance. Learn how you can track your income and outcome to know if your business is doing well or not. You will get access to tracking templates and training from a high ticket bookkeeper.

Module 22 - Grow Phase Scale By Knowing Your Numbers (10 videos)

Another module taught by Issac that teaches steps for you to understand your financial data. You also get Isaac’s templates for financial strategies.

Module 23 - Sell Your Own Branded Products (8 videos)

Learn how you can grow your dropshipping business by creating your own products to feature your branding. Dropshipping Breakthru calls it adding more value to your business.

Module 24 - US Based Sales Tax (3 videos)

Tax expert from The Tax Valet, Alex Oxford, teaches you how to understand your business’ sales tax. It includes what to do about tax as your business grows.

Who Is Dropship Breakthru For?

Dropship Breakthru is for:

  • Beginners or m who want to know more about high ticket dropshipping and want to create a business around this business model.
  • Interested people with no experience with ecommerce, marketing, or dropshipping since Dropship Breakthru walks you through building your business step-by-step.
  • Dropshippers who have 1 or 2 high ticket drop shipping businesses but are struggling to make a sale. Dropship Breakthru offers marketing lessons on boosting sales through Facebook and Google ads.
  • Experienced dropshippers who want to learn from Jon and Ben’s personal dropshipping experience and want to earn their own 6 to 7 figure dropshipping business.

Who Is Dropship Breakthru Not For?

Dropship Breakthru is not for:

  • People who are not committed to their learning because even if the concept of drop shipping is simple to understand, it is difficult to do.
  • People who think that they will become a millionaire within 30 days thanks to Dropship Breakthru.
  • Dropshippers who are not interested in selling high-ticket products.
  • Dropshippers who use the traditional dropshipping method and have no interest in transitioning to high-ticket dropshipping.

Are The Students Of Dropship Breakthru Getting Results?

Yes, the students of Dropship Breakthru are getting results based on 5 stars Endorsal and 4 stars Trustpilot reviews. All reviews from both platforms are positive reviews with 5-star ratings. There are reviews dated from 2022 up to May 2023 that show students still buying the course. But Dropship Breakthru includes an affiliate program, so it is hard to distinguish genuine reviews about the program. 

Sumant Jois, founder of several businesses like Real Estate Grind, Full Time Cyber, OverlandJunction.com and Pod Linkup, shares his sentiments on Endorsal. He says that Dropship Breakthru is a great course for high ticket dropshipping even with a few sessions. He mentions how Ben helped increase his organic traffic to earn $30,000 a month in a year's time and be able to sell his store. 

Candace Jones says that Ben and Jon created a program that teaches the simplified version of high ticket dropshipping. She highlights how the course has new contents coming from different successful dropshippers.

A Trustpilot review from Drew Barnes from Australia mentions that the course partnered with hard work is the pathway to success. He mentions that dropshipping is hard, but through Dropship Breakthru it became tolerable.

Online Marketing Reviews, a person who reviews freelance and work-from-home opportunities since 2021, reviewed Dropship Breakthru in a YouTube video. He mentioned how in-depth the course is with new ecommerce content. He mentioned how you'll learn how to find high ticket products and how to promote them. Then he added that the 18 course modules cover everything you need to know about setting up and running your dropshipping business.

Who Is Jon Warren?

Jon Warren is an ecommerce growth mentor, marketer, podcast host, dropshipper, and the creator of Dropship Breakthru from Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.He studied in St Paul’s Grammar school in Cranebrook, Australia. Jon is a volunteer firefighter since 1997 at NSW Rural Fire Service in New South Wales, Australia.

In a podcast episode of Dropship Breakthru, Jon shares his journey with being a dropshipping expert. He shares that he struggled with finding the products to sell and connecting with a supplier. Together with Ben, he could overcome these struggles, which pushed him to explore high ticket dropshipping in 2014.

Who Is Ben Knegendorf?

Ben Knegendorf is a father, an ecommerce consultant, podcast host, dropshipper, speaker, and the creator of Dropship Breakthru from Baldwin, Wisconsin, United States. He was a Walmart forklift driver in 2014 when he started doing things for himself.

In 2015, Ben became an entrepreneur and started helping brands with their ecommerce business. He created BK e-commerce, ‌offering consultation and coaching. A year later, he founded Paramount Pet Health that offers pet supplements. Then, together with Jon Warren, both founded Dropship Breakthru in 2021.

Is Dropship Breakthru Worth It?

Dropship Breakthru is worth it since it offers foundational knowledge about dropshipping. Aside from knowing where to get your products and suppliers, it also covers lessons to enhance your reach using paid ads and SEO. Jon and Ben also offer course discounts and free masterclass which makes it affordable. Additionally, Dropship Breakthru has a good reputation as it shows on their rating on Trustpilot and Endorsal. All ratings on both platforms are 5 stars with no negative reviews. The most recent review was 8 months ago that proves that people trust the program. There are also no critical reviews on both platforms which show the legitimacy of the course and the creators. 

Dropship Breakthru’s profitability shows as students show how they made a profit using the course’s teachings. The landing page shows screenshots of students sharing the income they’ve made in their private Slack channel.

The screenshot shows a student achieving his new high ticket sale of $40,695. It shows that one sale can be enough for high ticket dropshipping. Matt, another student, shares the biggest order he got after 2 months. It does not show many orders he got, but it shows his total sale of $14,749.11.

Dropship Breakthru belongs to the ecommerce industry. Dropshipping is a business model where you are not required to have physical products before selling to the customer. You, as the business owner, acts as the middleman from the supplier to the customer.

The social media of Dropship Breakthru are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and their Dropship Podcast channel. They are active on Instagram and YouTube, where they post tips and interviews about dropshipping.

What is The Dropship Breakthru Podcast?

The Dropship Breakthru Podcast is the podcast channel of Jon and Ben where they teach listeners tips on growing their own high ticket dropshipping business through stories from different dropshippers. They show how dropshipping is easy even for beginners. The podcast has over 250+ episodes with a 4.8 star rating from 428 reviews on Spotify. Aside from Spotify, you can also listen to Apple Podcasts.

What Is Elite Membership Upgrade by Dropship Breakthru?

The Elite Membership Upgrade is a member only community of Dropship Breakthru on Facebook with 992 members. The community offers additional support from Jon, Ben, and other mentors that costs $97/month. Although you’ll gain access to the community when you sign up. This is an upgrade where you get special access to other resources. It includes coaching calls, private Slack access, and a 24/7 email support for members. It is a place where you can connect with other students and get advice and share experiences.

Jon Warren & Ben Knegendorf Claims

Jon Warren and Ben Knegendorf claim that you will create your own high ticket dropshipping business within 30 days. It includes finding a product to sell, a supplier, up to launching your own Shopify website even if you don’t have any experience or dropshipping knowledge.

Jon Warren & Ben Knegendorf Claims DEBUNKED

Jon Warren and Ben Knegendorf claim that creating your own profitable high ticket dropshipping store within 30 days is not realistic, especially for beginners and people with no experience. Dropship Breakthru has 24 modules with over 294 videos worth of information. It is a lot of information to take in within 30 days, including the action steps they need to perform while learning. 

The claim of having everything prepared from looking for a high ticket dropshipping product, finding domestic suppliers, setting a deal, creating a website, and making a sale is too much for a beginner. A Quora discussion about the longevity of building your own business is 30 days. But Aeon seems like he has the equipped understanding and experience to start on his own. A beginner who has no experience in building a website and looking for products and suppliers will take a lot of time trying to understand all needed lessons before they can launch their website.

How Is High Ticket Different From Low Ticket Dropshipping

High ticket and low ticket dropshipping differ in the product prices offered in the business. It is a high ticket dropshipping business if your store sells products that are expensive. And it is a low ticket dropshipping business if your products are affordable or cheaper.

The most profitable item in dropshipping differs depends on the trend or needs of the consumers. But there are niches you can go for that have a high chance of getting a sale such as clothes, home and kitchen, electronics, beauty and personal care, toys and hobbies, pet products, and automotive accessories.

How Does The Local Lead Generation Business Model Compare To High Ticket Dropshipping? 

Local lead generation and high ticket dropshipping are both online businesses that do not require you have a physical product on hand before selling. But your high ticket dropshipping business heavily relies on your supplier. You won’t have a successful business without good communication with your supplier. In local lead generation, you won’t need a supplier for your business to be successful. You are the owner and you have full control of your business. Local lead generation is a rank and rent business where you create websites that rank on search engines like Google as you offer services. 

A high ticket dropshipping business does not require you to spend a lot of money before you can start your business. Similar to local lead generation, you only need $500 to create a website and launch it. But it differs after you launch your website. Dropship Breakthru mentions that you need at least $1,500 because you will be spending more money on paid ads after your website launch. In local lead generation, you don’t need paid ads because you target organic traffic by using search engine optimization (SEO). This method is more predictable rather than spending your money on ads without the assurance of profitability.

Local lead generation works when you target a keyword or a local business niche in a town or city. For example, a tree care service and you create a website around the business. You optimize your website using keywords and wait a few months for it to rank on Google. I have a website in 2014 and it still earns me $2,000 a month. I rarely edit the website unless it loses its ranking on search engines. This is the best business model that does not have the challenges of high ticket dropshipping. If you are interested, I offer a local lead generation program. A business model that is a true passive income money maker you can try for 2024.  

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