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Dropship Lifestyle Review (Unbiased) – Anton Kraly 2022 High-Ticket Dropshipping Course

May 11, 2022

$29 dollars and a dream...

Is that all it really took Anton Kraly to be his own boss and make a lot of money?

Let's find out based on what I researched about Anton and the Dropship Lifestyle course....

1. What makes Anton's course stand out from the rest?

Not all dropshipping courses are equal.

I've reviewed plenty of them and trust me, this course proves that.

The biggest difference from Anton's DSL course is that he teaches high ticket dropshipping as opposed to the low ticket dropshipping most courses teach.

Unique features of the Drop Ship Lifestyle course and dropshipping model

This course is laid out in the following 4 sections...

DSL Sections

  • Drop Ship Blueprint
  • Adwords PPC Course
  • Paid Social Traffic
  • Events

2. Does Drop Ship Lifestyle work?...what Reddit says...

It's easy for haters to go online and write fake reviews, nothing new.

That's why you can't believe everything you read.

Let's take a look at what's negatively been said about Anton and DSL.

This redditor definitely hasn't taken the course and seems like he's just had a bad experience with other online courses.

His gripe might be with the business model he chose though.

I will agree with what he said about passive income.

Nothing is 100% passive BUT, there are ways to earn an income much more passively than others.

He's another comment...

This person mentions that they purchased the course, and after a few hours of skimming through it, wanted a refund.

It would have been smarter to just do better research instead of paying for it in the first place.

This last comment is...special...

It has no weight to it.

At least research the course and course creator before judging.

This lead generation coaching program I joined in 2014 totally worked and allowed me to quit my 9-5.

3. Course cost & refund policy

Your basic investment in this course is $3,497 for DSL Premium.

There are two other options depending on what you want to do which are...

If you now were to want a refund, you must first prove that you completed the following tasks within 30 days of buying the course... 

  1. Select a niche
  2. Find 20 suppliers
  3. Build a website

They won't allow you to get a refund if 30 days have passed since you bought the course.

So, make up your mind within that time frame and be sure to complete those tasks.

4. What high ticket dropshipping is & how you succeed

High ticket dropshipping is the type where you sell high quality products which are targeted for a more affluent demographic or audience.

More often than not, products are considered high ticket if they cost over $500.

That number might change depending on who you talk to though.

Anton refers to selling "evergreen" products which simply means that the products will always be in demand.

If you're able to find and focus on selling these products, you should always make profit.

5. How much do you need to get started in dropshipping?

Surprisingly, dropshipping can cost you a lot or a little. 

It all depends on what you want to do.

Anton explains what the right and wrong way to dropship is in the following video...

6. Why people stay away from dropshipping

Initially, when people think of dropshipping, they immediately think it's expensive.

As you saw in the video above, it all depends on how you go about it.

Other reasons people stay away from dropshipping

  • it's time consuming
  • it offers low profit margins
  • FB ads are getting more expensive each year
  • it's competitive
  • returns are a common occurrence

7. Drop Ship Lifestyle Key Points

A. Niche Selection Verification

The DSL team will help you in your niche selection process by verifying that the niche you chose to get into is one that will be worth it.

The goal here is to speed things up for you.

B. Forum Access

This is the private community you'll have access to and get all of the support you'll need from the course coaches & students that are already finding success.

C. Anton's Personal Supplier Directory List

Anton shares his own supplier directory list.

This list includes over 8400 suppliers of which you can choose from.

Anton only works with legit suppliers so this list is a solid share.

D. DropShip Lifestyle App

DSL has their own app with the purpose of helping you increase conversions and automate your order fulfillments.

Automation is key these days because if you can help make scaling your business easier.

8. Real reviews of the Drop Ship Lifestyle course...

We checked these accounts and confirmed they're real.

The Reddit member below bought the course years ago (obviously when it was much less expensive.)

They thought they got good value for the money at the time.

I'd be super curious if they'd feel the same now that the price of the course is much higher...

This next review is from another student who actually linked to an interview he had with Anton.

This seemed like a more honest, real review of the course with some truth regarding the dropshipping business model and what to expect from it.

9. Is DSL's take on dropshipping worth it at all?

In all honesty, it's not my favorite dropshipping course, simply because it's very theory based.

I like that Anton's take on the business model is different.

But, I have to wonder why he's purely concentrating on his online course nowadays, rather than the business model he advocates...

I'm one for facts & figures and all the other dropshipping coaches boast about the turnover of their online stores.

Anton doesn't....why?

Can the Drop Ship Lifestyle method work today?

Yea it can, but the biggest problem isn't Anton's course....

It's the business itself.

Dropshipping just ain't reliable and consistent enough, plus competition is increasing by the day.

10. I've had success with dropshipping but why I don't mess with it anymore

I sold high-end deck umbrellas a few years ago.

It had its ups and downs (which is only to be expected).

Most of my success was dependent on my advertising campaigns though.

The reason why most dropshippers prefer to sell trending products is that it converts a lot better on Facebook.

With evergreen products though, you can end up burning through your wallet testing different ads, to see what works.

This takes up a lot of your money and time.

That is not good especially with FB ad cost rising.

Unless your product has a really interesting angle and, it's going to be hard to be and stay consistent.

I've had many days where I'd spend a lot of money on ads with no ROI.

That's a tough pill to swallow.

But, let's say you decide to go with trends like the rest of the dropshipping gurus teach...

You're still not out of the woods.

All trends eventually die out.

So, you end up spending a lot of time just researching new trends.
Successful dropshippers urge you to ride the wave of success of other dropshippers. But these are murky waters. Beware!

As they say, time is money.

11. Local lead generation...the alternative to dropshipping

There are many online business models out there to choose from.

But the fact that you're here reading through this course reviews tells me something:

  • You're not looking for a get rich quick business model that isn't sustainable
  • You want to permanently change your life

If this is you, then there is only one real option...
I've been involved in every possible online business that you could think of and they all have their own unique pros and cons.

But there is only one that has consistently come out on top.

Local Lead Generation

How does dropshipping compare to lead gen?

Take a look...


Local Lead Generation

Requires CONSTANT attention 

You're always going to be searching for new products. Then expect to have to run, check, kill, or scale your ads. Don't forget the customer support you need to provide

Hard work at the start

You put in all the effort in the beginning. It does take patience to see the results of your efforts, and this is where a lot of rookies quit (big mistake) 

Marketing budget

To sell your products, you're going to have to run PPC ads on all platforms including Google, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

What marketing budget? 

FREE organic traffic so you never have to pay for advertising

Competition cloning

Anyone can easily steal your entire business (website, products, ads) within a few hours

Competition? Nah... 

Once you've ranked your site, no one can steal your business. You own the site (digital real estate)

Product sales

You're usually selling trendy/seasonal products.

It changes all the time...

Lead are in high demand

Lead gen isn't dependent on a fad. It's a service that businesses always need


Dropshipping is a short-term business model. Trending products reach a saturation point within months and you have to start the process over again

Long term

It's not going to go out of style or disappearing for as long as the internet and small businesses exist.


You never know what you're going to get from month to month. Success depends on a lot of variables, such as the products you choose, advertising, and competition


Once your sites rank, you earn monthly recurring passive income because you don't need to fuss too much with it afterward

Here's an example of just one of my lead gen sites that I ranked to number 1 on Google and generates leads for a local small business.

This site has been making me $2,000 per month on auto-pilot since 2015!

That's why lead gen has out performed all the dropshipping businesses I've attempted over the years.

Ranking organically on Google to generate leads for local businesses is the best way to earn a monthly recurring income.

After all, you do all of the work up front.

Once your site ranks and pulls in leads for your clients, there's not much else you need to do.

It's a win-win situation for everyone involved and less of a hassle than selling physical products.

So, why wait? Click here to learn more or find the link below.

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  1. I had researched on this and the reason why he offers a course now exclusively is that dropshipping requires a lot of time to keep it going. The laptop lifestyle sure, but, you can’t maintain the business while you’re traveling around. Creating a profitable course about drop shipping is a lot easier than working in it daily. This is why the 2 courses with two different prices and constant updating. Let’s say 5000 crazy people buy the $8,997 package. That works out to $44mil+ cash. So what he has actually done is create a complete business model for $8,997 with the support included.

    Summary drop shipping is profitable if you buy his complete business package for $8997.

  2. DSL is ok for beginners, but a lot of his content is lacking actual real-world case studies and actual things that work. His niche selection module doesn’t give you what you actually need to start, he just tells you to ask your friends, check your credit card statement and brainstorm ideas… wow, thanks Anton! Another thing his that his shopify theme is not very well optimized for conversions, you have to do a lot of work to make that theme convert well, and it loads slowly… its basically a modified version of the Shopify supply theme. The google shopping course isn’t even taught by him but his friend who owns an agency, and its missing key steps for profitability which I figured out on my own and through communication with other high-performing ecommerce store owners through masterminds. The automation module just has “ideas” not actual actionable how to tutorial videos like you would be led to believe. Then, you’re left on your own to either purchase coaching from a group of coaches in which half aren’t even doing high-ticket drop shipping anymore but amazon fba… and their forum is just endless amounts of beginner confusion… their top contributors aren’t even successful… you might be able to launch a store using this course, but most people who do aren’t successful unfortunately. I decided to create a way better, more in-depth course so people could actually get what they need to succeed with high ticket drop shipping, and even though I was a partner with Anton and an affiliate with him at the time, he decided to kick me out of his course completely claiming I copied his course, and he also kicked me out of the other courses i bought from him, thousands of dollars worth, with no communication besides sending me a copy of his privacy policy. he is a shady guy even though he looks super friendly on his youtube channel. he is buddy-buddy with Johnny FD! he has had him at almost every retreat he has done. Johnny is also known as pick up artist Johnny Wolf (readers can just search that on reddit to read all about that guy’s shady past taking advantage of women). It’s just a group of people you should stay away from and my goal here is to warn people out there who you are deciding to learn from and associate with… Unfortunately, he was one of the only guys with a good-enough course on this stuff up until about a year ago when just about every one of his successful coaches and students left the DSL tribe because of Antons big falling out with all of his coaches, and start their own courses and tribes and groups. So now you have lots of choices for better training and better people to work with. unfortunately for most people, anton is really good at running a webinar and selling via email, so for now he will most likely still convince a lot of people to sign up with him. beware of someone who is really good at running webinars and selling but doesn’t have any real world examples of successful drop shipping stores he runs himself…

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