Dropshipping Guild Review: The Ouroborus Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Model of Patryk Marketer

June 19, 2023

Dropshipping Guild is a single program that teaches you how to set up your first Facebook marketplace dropshipping business from scratch and potentially earn thousands of dollars each month. It’s a perfectly acceptable course, neither highly detailed nor overtly simplistic, but carries its own formula of self-destruction. 

The program is taught by Patryk Karwasz, who has rebranded himself as Patryk Marketer. Patryk is a good teacher and offers something of value to his students, but does encourage you to use his curated list of chosen “best-selling” items at the end of the program, which you'll then promote through Facebook ads. While helpful to a certain degree, this does plant the seeds of the course’s own death, as you will be competing against Patryk’s students to sell the same items - adding to the already highly competitive nature of dropshipping

The best way to avoid this would be, of course, to just not use the list provided by Patryk, but the list itself IS the program’s differentiating factorDropshipping Guild is a good course, but it is completely unremarkable in terms of what you will be learning and its price point. I have listed some of the best dropshipping courses where there is something different to each of the programs being taught. 

In this Dropshipping Guild review, I will note everything you will learn from the course and why even if it is a good program with a comprehensive curriculum, it is just one of many dropshipping courses available today with the same modules at the same price. 

This is unlike other business models, such as local lead generation, which is one of the most viable options for entrepreneurs looking for a passive income opportunity today. This business model targets niche markets in a specific geographical location, which reduces the risk of competition and someone else doing the same thing. Plus, because you are working with niche markets, there are so many opportunities that you can explore. 


Good program with detailed lessons

Self-paced module

Supportive community 

Mentor practices what he preaches


Potentially self-sabotaging

No differentiating factor 

Doesn’t really address current Facebook marketplace issues




30-day 100% money-back guarantee





The cut-and-dried Dropshipping Guild curriculum is a self-eating snake

The “ouroboros” is called the “self-eating snake” because it depicts a snake (or dragon) swallowing its own tail. While some people consider the symbol to be sacred and representing “rebirth”, its classical interpretation is one of self-destruction. 

Dropshipping Guild is perfect for beginners because Patryk walks you through the ecommerce platform step-by-step. He even has a module that talks about “how to set up your Facebook account” - which, any teenager today would probably roll their eyes at. However, Patryk is nothing but meticulous and offers even seemingly “obvious” courses for people who don’t know anything about the internet, Facebook, and dropshipping.

But, does this make the dropshipping course worth it

Well, at the end of the program, Patryk will give you a list of his top bestselling products that you can dropship on Facebook Marketplace. However, here is where he is sowing his own seeds of destruction as all of his students use the same list for their own stores

Dropshipping is already a saturated business, so the list just adds fuel to the flames. Sure, you won’t be competing against billions of people this time, but you’ll still be competing with thousands - so what is YOUR advantage

If you want another choice, you may consider Finance Simple drop shipping course by Sara Finance. 

The Dropshipping Guild community 

Perhaps, the selling point of Dropshipping Guild is its community. You will be connected to like-minded individuals who all share their experiences and insights on how to make your dropshipping business better. But does it really offer you fantastic insights into building your online store

If you enroll in Patryk’s free course, you will receive access to his June 2022 team/community training session. Patryk says that this gives you an exclusive insight into how the Dropshipping Guild community interacts and what you will be learning once you join. 

In a word: It’s okay. 

There is nothing mindblowing about what was discussed but neither was it uninformative. Particularly for this video, Patryk discussed the current challenges many Facebook dropshippers are experiencing with their verification. 

The new scam on Facebook marketplace

Since July 2022, many Facebook dropshippers have been asked to re-verify their business due to an alarming amount of scammers operating around the platform. However, even legitimate owners are having problems as Facebook seems to be extra cautious about who they verify. This has caused many genuine drop shippers to have their accounts suspended for months as they wait for their verification. 

The problem arose when the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warned of a verification scam targeting people who sell on Facebook Marketplace. It is a complex phishing scheme, where scammers pretend to be interested buyers and ask the seller to send them a verification code or a Google voice recording. 

Because the seller wants to prove that they are genuine, they send the 6-digit verification code that they receive on their mobile phones. However, they are unwittingly allowing someone else to set up a Google Voice number linked to their phone number. 

This allows the scammer to then use THAT number to rip off other people and conceal their identity at the same time. They can also use your number to access your accounts or open new accounts under your name. 

Experts say that the best way to avoid this is to NEVER send security prompts to someone else. 

A trick to Facebook Marketplace verification 

In the Dropshipping Guild video, there was a passing mention of using the Oculus VR to reactivate hacked Facebook accounts. According to some members of the community, you can easily re-validate or unlock your hacked account by purchasing the VR headset

When Facebook prompts you to re-validate your Marketplace account, you may find it difficult to reach customer service. In fact, some people say that it can take several months for your ticket to even be seen. 

So, what some people have done is buy an Oculus (which Facebook owns) and then try to activate their headset by connecting it to their Facebook account. When Facebook users contact Oculus customer support, the company restored their Facebook accounts right away. 

However, not only is this an expensive alternative (each Oculus costs around $300), but it’s also not a guaranteed thing. Some people have said that this trick doesn’t work and reports on the success rate of people who’ve re-established their hacked accounts this way are inconsistent. 

Take note, however, that the aforementioned topics are after I searched more about them, not what I actually learned from the Dropshipping Guild community training. 

To be fair, this may not have been the best example of its community training. It is entirely possible for other sessions to have been more in-depth.

That said, I am not convinced that this was an exemption. 

What is in Dropshipping Guild?

Dropshipping Guild is a complete A-Z Facebook Marketplace dropshipping program that teaches you everything you need to know about setting up your first business from scratch. This is very different from the Blueriver Ecommerce model that sets up a DFY Facebook automated store. In this method, you need to constantly look at your store, reply to your customers, and keep track of your sales. 

All lessons are self-paced and range from 1-minute to 15-minute sessions. They are very easy to understand and are great for new entrepreneurs. 

Aside from the courses, you have weekly mentorship meetings, sometimes with guests. You will also gain access to a private Facebook community. 

Some bonus content includes: 

  • List of curated bestselling items
  • Dropshipping calendar
  • The “perfect shop” PDF guide
  • List of 637 suppliers 
  • 20 exercises to optmize your listings
  • Dropshipping goal tracker spreadsheet

The fine print in Dropshipping Guild

Patryk encourages students to first try their hand at any (or all) other dropshipping models, including Amazon FBA, Walmart dropshipping, eBay dropshipping, and The Home Depot dropshipping. This is to give you first-hand experience on how to manage your dropshipping business on Facebook Marketplace, especially as these 4 companies will be your main suppliers.


You will be selecting your items based on the best-selling lists across these four companies. Though there is an option to build your own Shopify store, Patryk recommends sticking to one of the four mentioned supplier (mostly because of their fast shipping).

Do I need a virtual assistant or copy writer? 

Patryk suggests that you hire one to improve your conversion rate and be a better dropshipper. If you are not a skilled marketer or writer, it may be a good idea to hire someone else to do the work for you. 

Coincidentally, Patryk recently launched his “Virtual Assistants” portal where members can hire workers from other countries such as Pakistan and the Philippines for a reduced rate. All of these candidates have at least a few years of experience working in various marketplaces and speaking with potential customers.

It is unclear whether Patryk receives a cut from this. 

What are my targets for Dropshipping Guild?

Technically, there are no product targets, but Patryk will provide you with his “dropshipping goal tracker spreadsheet” which says that the ultimate goal is to list 20 items per day, with a minimum goal of 5 items per day

Let me be clear: There are no repercussions to not fulfilling these goals (or having a minimum order that you purchase) but it plays on your internal motivation and ego. If you want to be successful with Patryk’s model, you need to be active - and this means possibly spending hours of your day looking at items, doing product research, and listing a product.

Let’s also not forget that if you were to just use Patryk’s curated list, you will be listing the same products as your peers. 

Does Dropshipping Guild offer a free course?

Yes, it does. If you want to get an idea of what you’ll be learning in Dropshipping Guild, you can easily sign up for a free course. There are eight lessons here and all of them are introductory courses, such as “drop shipping for beginners” and “creating an FB account”. 

Does Dropshipping Guild have good reviews?

Dropshipping Guild offers great social proof, with students saying that they started earning profit after 2 weeks to one month after they started following Patryk's model.

It's a little strange, though, that there are no reviews or related posts about the program outside of his official website. If you want an alternative course that has good reviews online, check Wealthy College Kid

Who is Patryk Marketer?

Patryk is a Facebook Marketplace and eBay drop shipper and succesful store owner. He found his success right before the pandemic, when he realized that he could make a decent amount of income selling things on Facebook, where all of his friends and family were. 

Today, he owns his own successful Facebook Marketplace store and consistently earns thousands of dollars each month. 

He also has a YouTube channel. 

What does Patryk teach on YouTube? 

Patryk’s YouTube is an extension of his Dropshipping Guild course. He talks about how to set up your own Facebook Marketplace store and sometimes discusses the newest winning products on eBay, Amazon, Walmart, or The Home Depot. 

Recently, Patryk discussed his intention to dropship digital items (which is a misnomer in itself, such as what I discussed with Tanner Planes’ program, Digital Dropshipping Mastery). Patryk said that he may be reselling PLR ebooks in the future. 

CONCLUSION: Is Dropshipping Guild worth it? 

I’d recommend Dropshipping Guild for complete beginners. Patryk’s courses are easy-to-understand and guide students through every step in setting up their first online business. Advanced dropshippers, though, may find the courses underwhelming. 

Thus, the program is indistinguishable. It doesn’t have anything different that it offers, which may or may not be useful for people who are entering a saturated market. Dropshipping is not a dead model, but you need something that will carry your voice further above the crowd, and Dropshipping Guild may only teach you how to blow bubbles under the water. 

If you’re looking for a more reliable model, even if you’re a beginner, I’d recommend local lead generation. This business model targets niche sectors to an already interested market so you don’t need to worry about the competition. 

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