Nick Dahlberg’s Dropshipping Launchpad Review – What Is Laboratory Accelerator Of Dropshipping Launchpad?

March 29, 2024

Nick Dahlberg’s Dropshipping Launchpad is a program that teaches basic and advanced Shopify dropshipping, leveraging social media platforms to generate organic leads by making products go viral. It offers an introductory free course on the ins and outs of dropshipping and dropshipping stores. Additionally, its Laboratory Accelerator is an advanced dropshipping platform that secures dropshippers' advantage.

There are no independent reviews for Dropshipping Launchpad. However, it provides student testimonials from every platform it advertises. On Reddit, there is a thread asking about Dropshipping Launchpad's coaching. Unfortunately, there are no replies on the thread. It is unique because it offers 55 step-by-step instructions for free. Nick Dahlberg wants to ensure that you're serious about dropshipping before letting you spend anything.

In this Dropshipping Launchpad review, we will cover the program's pros and cons. We'll also provide general information about the program and its Laboratory Accelerator inclusions. You'll also have insights into whether the program and business model are for you and if it's worth it. Last, we'll give you a better business model if you decide Dropshipping Launchpad is not for you.

Dropshipping Launchpad Pros and Cons


Dropshipping Launchpad covers all topics necessary to that are crucial for learning dropshipping.

Dropshipping Launchpad offers practical tools for product research, market analysis, and competitor tracking. 

Dropshipping Launchpad is flexible for catering beginners before asking them to pay for anything.


Dropshipping Launchpad is overwhelming for those only starting with the dropshipping model.

Dropshipping Launchpad requires significant time investment to learn and implement its strategies.

Dropshipping Launchpad's business model has product and niche saturation.


Dropshipping Launchpad is currently free  for a limited time but the regular price of the course is $997.

Refund Policy

Dropshipping Launchpad's refund policy information is not available. 


The program's origin date is not available.


Dropshipping Launchpad's reputation is good based on their website testimonials.

What Is Laboratory Accelerator Of Dropshipping Launchpad?

Laboratory Accelerator of Dropshipping Launchpad is the program's paid unique feature. It provides support and tools for advancing their online dropshipping business. Participants in this program gain access to a suite of eight specialized research tools. These tools have a value of over $750 per month. These tools include Shopify App, Minea, Pipiads, Canva Pro, Shophunter,, and more. It offers capabilities crucial for market analysis, product research, and creative design. Additionally, it introduces members to an exclusive selection of over 25 high-value themes. Its total value exceeds $2500. This enhances the aesthetic and functional aspects of their online stores.

Another feature of the program is the monthly store audit, conducted by Nick Dahlberg. He offers tailored guidance and expert insights to your queries. The accelerator chat channel complements this personalized detail. A dedicated space where the Laboratory Accelerator and its members interact. The Discord channel ensures a scam-free and knowledge-rich environment. It benefits members seeking reliable and trustworthy advice like finding dropshipping suppliers.

The Laboratory Accelerator also offers direct access to Nick Dahlberg. Exclusive access to the server allows dropshippers to interact with and learn from Nick. The program promotes a private community that is active and close-knit. This provides a supportive and interactive environment for members. Additionally, the program includes recorded bi-weekly live calls with Nick and his team. It covers a variety of topics relevant to business and personal development. These sessions provide significant sources of knowledge, insights, and strategies not readily available elsewhere.

Dropshipping Launchpad commits to the accessibility of resources for an affordable price. Members can unlock all private channels and chats within the community. This includes ads, questions, the vault, inspiration, guides, and themes. The access ensures that members maximize their potential in the dropshipping landscape.

How Much Does It Costs To Take Part On Laboratory Accelerator?

It costs $2,000 to take part in the Laboratory Accelerator. The onboarding process provides this information. They added that you need least invest $1,000 for your store, ads, and tools. This is a separate amount from their upfront coaching fees.

What's Inside Of Dropshipping Launchpad?

Dropsshiping 101

The Dropshipping 101 section of the course has 5 lessons. The first lesson serves as an introduction to dropshipping. Lesson 2 provides a more detailed definition of dropshipping and its processes. It also covers why it is a good business model.

Lesson 3 discusses Nick Dahlberg's experience and why he likes to dropship. Additionally, lesson 4 talks about dropshipping saturation and how he debunks this claim. Last, he talks about the platforms he uses for dropshipping. It also includes his dropshipping process.

Product Ideology

Product Ideology has 6 lessons focusing on product selection and sourcing. Lesson 1 talks about identifying winning products. I also talk about creating a unique angle and how to make an offer. Lesson 2 discusses where to source products and finding a supplier.

Lesson 3 provides insights into Chinese vendors. It also provides an introduction to how product fulfillment works. Nick Dahlberg also shares his secret way to find products in Lesson 4. Lesson 5 teaches what products to pick and create an angle and offer.

Additionally, Lesson 6 discusses how to find profitable products using Ali Express. This lesson also shares the logic of how to choose products.

Setting Up Your Store

Product Ideology has 6 lessons focusing on product selection and sourcing for your dropshipping store. Lesson 1 talks about identifying winning products using the Shopify app. I also talk about creating a unique angle and how to make an offer. Lesson 2 discusses where to source products and finding a supplier.

Lesson 3 provides insights into Chinese vendors. It also provides an introduction to how product and order fulfillment works. Nick Dahlberg also shares his secret way to find products in Lesson 4. Lesson 5 teaches what products to pick and create an angle and offer.

Additionally, Lesson 6 discusses how to find profitable products using Ali Express. This lesson also shares the logic of how to choose products and customer base niche.

Setting Up Your Store is a 3-week training and homework with 12 lessons. Lesson 1 is about creating an account on Shopify. Lesson 2 covers getting familiar with Shopify as a dropshipping platform.

The 4th lesson talks about store administrative and technical configuration. Setting up your shipping settings is the focus of Lesson 5. Nick also shares his secret on how to increase your average order value and customer service. Additionally, Building Up Your Store's themes come with a 3-part lesson. It's covered in Lessons 5,6, and 7.

Lesson 8 discusses One-Click Copy of Competitors' product. It teaches how to use tools to copy competitors' top products easily. To add, lesson 9 teaches how to import products to your store manually. Lesson 10 shows how to import products from CJDropshipping.

The 11th lesson talks about what Shopify Apps Nick Dahlberg uses and recommends. While the last discusses how to fulfill orders from CJDropshipping.


The Creatives section has 6 lessons focused on creativity in dropshipping. Lesson 1 talks about concepts of the sales funnel. Lesson 2 provides information about the most common dropshipping ads. Additionally, Lesson 3 teaches about good and bad ads while identifying why.

Lesson 4 of the Creatives discusses where to find these ads and how to use them. Lesson 5 focuses on ways how to be creative in dropshipping. Last, Lesson 6 how to use creative templates for your dropshipping business.

TikTok Ads

The TikTok ads section talks about how you create video ads on the platform. Lesson 1 is about creating TikTok ads and business manager. Lesson 2 teaches how to create your TikTok Pixel. How to connect your TikTok account to your store is the focus of Lesson 3. 

Lesson 4 talks about how you create your first campaign. Launching your TikTok ad campaign is the content for lesson 5. Lesson 6 teaches how to analyze your campaign results.

Additionally, lesson 7 focuses on scaling your ads campaign. While lesson 8 discusses how to cut your cost per click and cost per mille.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads section has 9 lessons on how to advertise effectively on Snapchat. Lesson 1 focuses on how to set up a Snapchat ads account. In Lesson 2, you will learn tricks on how to create Snapchat Pixels. Lesson 3 is how to connect your ads account to your dropshipping store.

Additionally, Lesson 4 teaches how to make your first Snapchat ads campaign. It also discusses how to analyze your ad metrics in lesson 5. Lesson 6, provides critical information on interest targeting on Snapchat.

Lesson 7 talks about how to scale your Snapchat ads. To add, Lesson 8 discusses how to repurpose your TikTok ads into Snapchat ads. Last, Lesson 9 provides tips on how to unlock the purchase event early.

Meta Ads

The Meta ads section teaches how to run and scale your Meta ads. Lesson 1 provides information on the Meta setup process. Lesson 2 is about broad campaign and setup. Interest targeting is the focus of lesson 3. Last, Lesson 4 provides secrets on finding untapped interests. Additionally, It teaches how to build customer avatars and profiles.

Organic Posting

The Organic Posting section teaches how to make product videos viral to add more sales. It has 3 videos focused on optimizing platform posting. Lesson 1 talks about how posting works, its strategies, and how to scale them. It also includes examples that are helpful on how to execute these strategies.

Lesson 2 discusses different styles of organic content. Last, Lesson 3 provides tips on how to repurpose TikTok ads.

Detailed Q & A's

The course also has a Detailed Q and A section. It has 3 videos focused on dropshipping queries. Video 1 provides an introduction to frequently asked questions on dropshipping. Video 2 discusses whether dropshipping works in your country. The lesson answers critical questions for dropshippers overseas. Last, Video 3 talks about suppliers and fulfillment questions crucial in dropshipping.


The Templates section provides students with 4 important dropshipping information. Template 1 is for setting up your Shopify store. Dropshipping policies are the focus of template 2. Template 3 provides your shipping policy and order fulfillment. The templates also incorporate agent screening questions as the last template.

Who Is Dropshipping Launchpad For?

Dropshipping Launchpad is for people wanting knowledge of dropshipping basics and complexities. It's also for people willing to work hard with low financial risk. Dropshippers should be eager to learn and interested in ecommerce store ventures. It's suitable for those who are not interested in handling the logistics. It's best if want to work in a remote set-up while managing your online store.

Dropshipping could be an excellent starting point for beginners. The free course covers basic Shopify dropshipping. This makes it ideal for those new to the concept and seeking foundational knowledge on ecommerce. Additionally, detailed lessons on Dropshipping Launchpad also apply to intermediate dropshipper. Lessons on product selection, sourcing, and store setup serve as a refresher. Operational lessons will serve as knowledge to improve store processes.

Additionally, The Laboratory Accelerator will benefit advanced dropshippers. Advanced tools and resources will help students scale better. Lessons in market analysis and design tools are ideal for scaling businesses. Dropshipping Launchpad is also for social media marketers. Lessons on TikTok, Snapchat Ads, and Organic Posting cater to those interested in using social media platforms. They'll learn a lot about marketing and driving sales in dropshipping.

Dropshipping Launchpad Review Online

Independent Online Reviews on Dropshipping Launchpad are very few. On Reddit, there are only two threads talking about it. There is also very little information about those threads that can provide valuable insight about Dropshipping Launchpad.

Reddit thread started with one user asking how to start his dropshipping journey. He added that he is trying, but it's very complicated. His reason is YouTubers are not showing everything he needs to know. He wants to ask whether he needs to first buy a subscription, find a product, build a website. He wanted to have a detailed guide to start his dropshipping ventures.

On the latter part of the thread, one user suggested Nick Dahlberg's course. The user added that it's detailed, free, and provides valuable content. Another user suggested Jordan Brown also had a free course.

On YouTube, Nick Dahlberg has 1.11k subscribers but only had 2 videos. These videos have content similar to the course and Nick's way of promoting it on YouTube. Most of the comment are positive, commending Nick.

Additionally, Instagram also had reviews for Dropshipping Launchpad. But these reviews are also not independent because it's coming from the JoinAccelerator page. Niki, posted that dropshipping is dead because you're not in the Laboratory Accelerator. She is a proud product of Dropshipping Launchpad.

A lot of online reviews are from Dropshipping Launchpad's website. Edward, a student, said that when he joined, he knows nothing about dropshipping. Now, he's a mentor and reached $5,000,000 in earnings. 

Are The Students Of Dropshipping Launchpad Getting Results?

Dropshipping Launchpad's students are getting results based on their website. The program post student testimonials, showing that they are effective. It's proof that Nick offers customers valuable insights on their dropshipping journey.

However, all these testimonials came from Dropshipping Launchpad's sales page. It's designed to entice people to sign up for the program. Addtionally, Nick Dahlberg doesn't have full length interviews for his program. People who want to join Dropshipping Launchpad's Laboratory Accelerator see this as a red flag.

One student posted that Nick came through with all the knowledge. In only 3 weeks, the user earned $20k after enrolling.

Another student said that if Nick was not fake, how did he hit a $10k income. This result came in only two weeks.

Is Dropshipping Launchpad Worth It?

Dropshipping Launchpad is worth it because it is a well-rounded program on dropshipping. It offers basic and advanced knowledge that appeals to all levels of learners. The free introductory course is ideal for beginners with dropshipping fundamentals. It's helpful for those new to the concept, providing a risk-free way to learn the basics.

Advanced learners take advantage of the Laboratory Accelerator. It offers a paid platform with more resources on dropshipping. Specialized research tools and high-value themes are its most favorable tools. It also has exclusive features like monthly store audits from Nick Dahlberg. You'll have direct access to him and a private community.

The program offers comprehensive content on dropshipping topics. However, it also presents some challenges. The extensive information can be overwhelming for beginners. There's a significant time commitment required to benefit from the program fully. Additionally, the product and niche saturation exist in the dropshipping market. Dropship Launchpad lacks independent reviews outside the program's website and social media. It is hard to gauge the program's effectiveness for a broader audience. It is also hard to get unbiased opinions from former students.

Dropshipping Launchpad could be a valuable resource, making it worth trying. You should be ready to dedicate time and effort to learning and applying its dropshipping strategies. So its effectiveness may vary based on individual commitment and market variables.

Who Is Nick Dahlberg?

Nick Dahlberg is a self-made entrepreneur that achieved significant success in the digital and ecommerce world. He has achieved significant success in the digital and e-commerce world. His journey into entrepreneurship began early. It sparked because of personal challenges and a strong sense of independence.

His mother's substance abuse issues created an environment marked by instability. That's when Dahlberg found solace and opportunity online. After being adopted from South Korea, he faced challenges in his home life. This led him to spend a considerable amount of time on the Internet.

Dahlberg's exposure to the internet started with creating and managing Twitter parody accounts. His skill in content creation helped him grow a significant Twitter network. This grew to over 10 million followers by the Spring of 2010. This experience honed his digital skills and exposed him to online earnings' potential. As a high school student, he earned about $100 a day through pay-per-click ads. His social media success and content management led him to network with personalities.

In early 2015, Dahlberg started e-commerce and dropshipping. It's where he found considerable success. His business focuses on brand development, content curation, and effective advertising strategies. It generated over 8 figures in direct-to-consumer (D2C) revenue. Success in e-commerce showed his ability to use digital savvy in an online market.

Nick Dahlberg Claims

Enter your text here...Nick Dahlberg Claims that he can help you master every skill needed to become the top 1% of dropshippers. Part of this claim is that his number one goal to ensure that you get the results that you're looking for. He supports this claim by helping dropshippers in aspects of social media and store management. It focuses on Shopify dropshipping.

In his FAQs, one question asked what kind of money can I expect after joining the Accelerator. He provided $100,000 a month for a lot of students. 

Nick Dahlberg Claims Debunked

Debunking Nick Dahlberg's claim requires a critical examination. Although his claims are enticing, it lacks practicality. While Nick's program may offer valuable strategies in dropshipping, factors challenge the claim. He claims to help students become the top 1% of dropshippers, but only 10%-20% of dropshippers succeed. Additionally, Nick acknowledges in his FAQs that, while most of his students earn $100k, results are not guaranteed. This recognizes the complexity of success in dropshipping.

Success in dropshipping, like any business, depends on individual factors. These are skills, dedication, market understanding, and adaptability. Students vary on starting point, resources, learning curve, and making uniform outcomes unlikely. Additionally, the dropshipping industry is very competitive. It continuously grows in number. Achieving the top 1% status in the environment is challenging.

Claiming a specific income like $100,000 a month is also problematic. Dropshipping is inherently fluctuating and unpredictable. Market trends, consumer preferences, and economic factors influence revenue. This is beyond a single program's control. Success Metrics: The top 1% metric is vague without clear criteria for measurement.

No educational or coaching program can guarantee specific financial outcomes. While they can provide the tools and knowledge, the execution and application of these are up to the individual.

Is Dropshipping Passive Income?

Dropshipping is not passive income by principle because of three factors. It requires significant effort, time, and investment to start and operate. You have to be active in managing customer orders and responding to inquiries. You also need to run marketing campaigns.

However, certain aspects of dropshipping can be more passive. You can do this by using automation tools and hiring virtual assistants. This reduces your direct involvement in day-to-day operations. Success in dropshipping requires ongoing effort and attention and cannot be passive entirely.

Conclusion: Why Local Lead Generation Is Better Option In Generating Passive Income?

Local lead generation is a better option for generating passive income because it offers lower initial investment and sustainable long-term income potential. However, dropshipping has the advantage of low initial costs. Additionally, it demands continuous management and marketing efforts. Experts predict substantial growth for the global dropshipping market, which is valued at over $200 billion. Yet, the dropshipping success rate is low, with approximately 90% of businesses failing in their first year. Dropshippers can achieve much income, but this requires an active, ongoing involvement in the business,

The local lead generation is also better because it focuses on SEO-optimized digital assets for generating leads. As a result, it faces less competition in local niches. Once established, these assets need minimal maintenance, allowing for a steady passive income. The business model is effective in securing long-term, high-ticket clients. Local lead generation is a more profitable and reliable source of revenue. Proving that it's a more viable source of passive income compared to dropshipping.


If you want to have lower initial investment and long-term income, try local lead generation. It has lower competition and saturation. You can scale it in the comfort of your home, proving its flexibility. By providing quality leads, you offer value to local businesses, leading to long-term contracts and stable revenue.

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