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11 Best Dropshipping Video Ad Services (Why You Should Outsource If You Want To Scale Fast)

May 10, 2022

The best dropshipping video ad service can save you time and money. But still help you design creatives that pop. Videos with a scroll-stopping hook that will drive traffic to your online store.

Dropshipping is an opportunity to build a profitable online store. It's a business model that doesn't need any inventory or a ton of upfront capital. But drop shipping has attracted quite a crowd, and as the competition climbs. Unfortunately, so do the costs. 

To be the best, you need a content marketing strategy. 82% of global internet traffic comes from video streaming and downloads. So if you want increase your dropshipping success rate, you need to use video ads. Dropshipping is about moving on trends fast, finding the best products and outperforming the competition. (88% of consumers want to see more videos from brands in 2022). 

But what if you: Lack the skills? Don't have the time? Or want to scale faster? Then you should consider outsourcing to one of these 11 best dropshipping video ads services. Companies that do all the heavy lifting for you and can take your business to the next level.

Why Use Video Ads To Promote Your Dropshipping Store?

Video ads are an effective form of content marketing. And can increase consumer purchase intent by 97%. Ads are a chance to flip the script and connect with your target market. But your goal should be to share value with your video ads. Build your influence and be regarded as a trusted brand. Publish high-quality video ads that: 

  • Educate
  • Inspire

  • Demonstrate how your product solves a problem. 

A simple strategy that can increase your conversions by 80%. If done correctly can connect your brand with your target customers fast. Get in front of your ideal audience on their preferred social media platform. But the reality is that most drop shippers are lazy. Very few will invest the time to be consistent with their content strategy. While others don't see the value in paying for a dropshipping video ad service.

“90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions.” Forbes

Can Dropshipping Video Ads Help Your Business?

Dropshipping video ads are the fastest way to build a community around your brand. 85% of the internet users in the US watch videos online. And video ads get 20%-30% more clicks than image ads. Videos are a chance to share your story and product.

But the secret to creating a dropshipping video ad is to use compelling copy and engaging videos. Ones that grab the attention of your target audience. And share a personalized narrative. Dive deep into the pain point of your identified customer. Provide value and focus on the benefits of your product. Show how it solves a problem. (72% of customers prefer watching videos to learn about a product or service). Dropshipping video ads can also help boost your business. Or connect with your target as follows:

Benefits Of Dropshipping Video Ads:

  • Better Engagement (Brand Awareness: 70%)

  • More Shares (Traffic: 51%)

  • Higher Click-Through Rate (Sales: 34%)

Dropshipping is about being the best marketer. So while videos offer the best ROIs, they can be time consuming to create. But video ads are one of the most effective strategies to advertise your dropshipping store. By hiring a video ads service for your dropshipping store you have time to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Like your customers' experience, more product research, securing reliable suppliers, etc. 

Outsourcing your shopify ads and social media videos allows you to scale faster. And connect with a larger audience. From a google ad to a viral ad on TikTok videos will get you increased conversions and more sales.

Can You Create Your Own Dropshipping Video Ads?

100% yes. Absolutely. But creating a dropshipping ad with virality potential takes time and product research. You need a compelling hook and a unique angle. Something that will stop people mid-scroll and grab their attention.

  • You have about 5 seconds. So you need to WOW them right out of the gate. 
  • Your ads have to flow. No pauses or wobbly camera. With good sound and natural lighting. 
  • Aim for a time limit between 30 secs-2 minutes max.

You also need to invest the time to edit. Add captions and trending music that makes sense and fits your winning product. You can create a drop shipping video clip. But if you’d rather trade time for money, it might be worth outsourcing your creatives to a professional.

How Do Dropshipping Video Ad Services Work?

There are a lot of moving parts with the dropshipping model. From securing fast shipping times to providing superior customer service. Dropshipping might be a low-risk start-up. But you need to take massive action if you want to succeed with this business model.

One of the most important parts of dropshipping is customer acquisition. Without buyers, you won't make sales, which means no money. You understand that video ads are the best way to reach your audience. And you're committed to securing a professional service to help you scale faster. But you want to know:

  • How do drop shipping video services work? 
  • Which companies are the best?

  • Which service delivers great dropshipping video ads?

Every dropshipping video ad service has its own unique process. From their forms and questionnaires to delivery times. The packages and even the price tags. But they are all marketers. Strategists committed to delivering fantastic creatives for your dropshipping store. 

Professionals with the skills to design videos with virality potential. Ads with that WOW factor. The secret ingredients to set you apart from the competition. And secure more sales for your drop shipping business. Below are the 11 best dropshipping video ad service options for 2022. Including a synopsis of their onboarding process, features, ad type options, and prices.

“Video is becoming indispensable for consumers when they’re ready to buy." Search Engine Journal

1. EcomVids 

Ecom Vids is a full-service e-commerce video industry leader that offers the gamut of creatives for Amazon, facebook ad, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more. 

image of ecom vids logo
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Headquarters: Orange, California
  • The Process:

    Choose your ad type and fill out the creative brief questionnaire. Ship the product to their head office and receive your content via Asana in under 30 days.

A team of 20+ people who are real ecommerce marketers and experts when it comes to the creative process. Ecom Vids handles everything from product testing and scripting to hiring the actors and editing. Their team promises a 15-30 day turnaround.

Pricing & Packages:

  • $2500-$2800 for Amazon video ads
  • $1300-$3500 for Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads 
  • Amazon Instruction Videos are charged on a per-project basis.
  • $2800-$8500 for social media creatives
  • CMP option on an individual project price tier.

Additional Benefits & Features:

  • Custom user-generated content.
  • Several video ad styles to choose from, including: 

    Viral Video Ads (product demos)-Story Ads-Product Review Ads

  • Filmed in a 6000sq foot studio.

  • Customized and off-location shooting options available.

  • Complete video editing and all ad copy included.

  • Offer unlimited revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Ecom Vids promotes full transparency. And is ideal for drop shippers looking to scale fast, build their social media engagement, and drive sales to their dropshipping store.

2. EcomX Ads

EcomX Ads is a video creation service offered through Paul Lee's mentorship program EcomX. (Discounts for members of his academy). But dropshippers not affiliated with the program can also take advantage of his teams' expertise.

picture of ecomx logo
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
  • The Process:

    Pick your package and complete the questionnaire. (Which includes details regarding your product link, marketing angle, and any special instructions). Creatives are returned via email within 48 hours.

Pricing & Packages:

  • $30-$55 per video ad creative.

Additional Benefits & Features:

  • 30-45 second videos with royalty-free music.

  • Facebook, tiktok ads, youtube ads & Instagram ad-friendly styles & dimensions.

  • Your watermark, logo, CTA & offer are included.

  • No refunds. But they offer a 48 hour revision period.


EcomX Ads is a complete ecommerce marketing company. From copywriting and product descriptions. To image creatives and product research. Their marketing team and video editor crew are highly revered as industry leaders in the dropshipping business. Specializing in viral tiktok ad creatives, they offer low pricing, bulk order, and split testing options. 

3. AliDropship

Alidropship is a team of drop shippers and developers. Professionals who have created the mecca of marketing benefits and one of the best video ad service options available. Known for its popular WordPress plugin via WooCommerce. They're a full-service e-commerce solution for dropshippers looking to increase their store revenue with video marketing.

photo of alidrop logo
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Headquarters: San Diego, California
  • The Process:

    Place your order and fill out the detailed form. Receive a link to a Google folder with clear instructions on how to set up your Facebook ad or Instagram creative (to avoid being banned for third-party access). 

Pricing & Packages:

  • 3-tier pricing for Facebook and Instagram videos: $39-$129 (30-45 seconds)
  • Promo Ads: $69 (2 minutes)

Additional Benefits & Features:

  • Marketing & social media account setups + ad campaign suggestions & creatives available.

  • Monthly subscription and bulk order discount options.

  • Videos include professional images, royalty-free music, and compelling ad copy.

  • Ads are available in English, Spanish, German, or French.


Alidropship is an industry founder with a solid reputation for excellence. Deliverables are received within 5-10 business days with one set of revisions allotted.

4. Launch Ads

Launch Ads is one of the most recommended dropshipping video ad service providers on the internet. A team of professional copywriters, video editors, and creators. They are a top contender for online business owners looking for a  shopify ads or creative with mass appeal and a WOW factor. Making them the perfect choice for a facebook video ad.

image of launch ads logo
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
  • The Process:

    Fill out the form and receive your completed video ad via email in 1-3 business days.

Pricing & Packages:

  • Video Ad+Thumbnail: $45-$65
  • Split Testing 3-Ways with 3 Thumbnails: $60-$80 (bulk packages available)
  • Split Testing 4 Variations with 4 Optimized Thumbnails: $70-$90 (bulk packages available) 
  • Vertical Ad Video: $40 (Snapchat, TikTok, or facebook video ad).     

Additional Benefits & Features:

  • 15-50 seconds ads (depending on the selected type) includes royalty-free music and optimized thumbnails.

  • Unlimited revisions for the first 72 hours after the initial order (a small fee applies for revision requests after this time frame).

  • Translation available in any language requested.

  • Affiliate program option with 20% commission on purchases.


Launch Ads is 'where the experts get their ads done.' Used by influencers and top-performing dropshippers. They are a crew of professionals known for viral ad development with exceptional quality, service, and fair price points.

5. DropShipMedia

Dropship Media plays to win. With their effective ad copy, compelling video footage, and next-level content. They also share numerous testimonials and success stories on their site.

picture of DSM logo
  • Year Founded: unknown
  • Headquarters: Oxford, Georgia
  • The Process:

    Dropship Media is a team of dedicated professionals on a mission to make your winning dropshipping product go viral. An affordable all-in-one service to elevate your business and your brand in record time.

Pricing & Packages:

  • One Video Ad: $55-includes a 35-45 second ad with optimized thumbnail and watermark for any platform you like.
  • Three Video Ad: $65-split testing (3 different scroll-stoppers) 3 thumbnails and watermark in an attention-grabbing 35-45 second creative.
  • Four Video Ad: $75-test on multiple social media platforms with a 34-45 second video and 4 thumbnails.

Additional Benefits & Features:

  • Unique content, outro, and royalty-free music included.

  • 100% customized eCommerce video ad content.

  • Discounts and deals are available upon request.

  • Unlimited revisions within 7 days of delivery.

  • Bulk orders available (5-15 video bundle deals from $250-$525).

  • VIP Membership option for $67/month unlocking additional savings and faster delivery times.

  • tik tok Influencer 20-35 second UGC packages from $3000-$8000 for 20-100 influencer videos are also available.
  • Affiliate program with an $8-$330/sale commission opportunity.


DropshipMedia does all of the heavy lifting when it comes to the creation process. From UGC and compelling footage to editing. They also advise that they never recycle or share content. One of the more popular choices for e-commerce entrepreneurs. DropShip Media is a fan favorite with dropshipping sellers.

6. BandsOffAds

BandsOffAds boasts some pretty impressive brand ambassadors. Including some of the most-watched dropship YouTubers in 2022. This video ads service's reputation and production level make it one of the most popular choices on our list. Specifically for product video options that get high conversions.  

image of bandsoffads logo
  • Year Founded: unknown
  • Headquarters: California, USA
  • The Process:

    The process is simple. Just pick your ad creative and complete their questionnaire. You will receive your completed creative via your email or account portal in 1-3 days.

Pricing & Packages:

  • Single Ad: $55-includes a 30-60 second ad with optimized thumbnail, branding, and watermark.
  • Split Testing (3 Variations): $65-includes a 30-60 second video creative complete with thumbnails, branding, and watermark.

Additional Benefits & Features:

  • The ideal choice for selling dropshipping products via facebook ads, TikTok, and Instagram.

  • Bulk order options with unique footage.

  • Unlimited revisions within the first 72 hours of the initial order.

  • Fast turnaround times and a track record of success with top players in the dropship market.

  • Videos are available in any language you choose.

  • Affiliate program with 15% commission on every product your client purchases. (Special commissions for influencers & agencies).


BandsOffAds is a combined group of innovative people and industry experts. Professionals that create proven-to-convert video ads for dropshippers. 

7. Ad Jedi

Ad Jedi is a collective group of professionals equipped to take your dropshipping product out of this world. Offering an end-to-end video ad service. A budget-friendly option for dropshippers in the market for powerful viral videos. Ad Jedi takes care of everything. From scripting and footage to production and editing. They don't quit until you are 100% satisfied with your video creative.

image of ad jedi logo
  • Year Founded: unknown
  • Headquarters: USA
  • The Process:

    Create an account and pick your package. Then, complete the detailed client questionnaire and receive your video in 24 hours or less.

Pricing & Packages:

  • Basic Package: $20
  • Split Testing (3 Variations): $29
  • Bulk Package (3 Fully Optimized Video Ads): $55

Additional Benefits & Features:

  • Royalty-free music and premium video editing software.

  • Custom selections for $449.

  • 30-50 second attention-grabbing video content.

  • Voiceover and translation options available.

  • Discounts & bulk orders.

  • Unlimited revisions or a full refund if you're not completely satisfied with the finished product.


Ad Jedi is a leader in designing creatives. Backed by some of the top influencers in the industry. Committed to your financial success, they offer 24/7 delivery and customer support. With a reputation for viral ads designed to propel your dropshipping profits. 

8. Dropideos

Dropideos promise results to 'skyrocket' your dropshipping or e-commerce store. A group of production specialists who are active in the ecommerce space. This team knows their stuff when it comes to virality. From their professional video editors to top-notch copywriters. Dropideos is designing 'luxury-grade' visuals and custom content geared for market domination.

photo of dropideos logo
  • Year Founded: unknown
  • Headquarters: Coastal Highway, California
  • The Process:

    Create an account and find the perfect video package. Fill out a brief but detailed client questionnaire, and your video/thumbnail is sent to your inbox in 1-3 business days. 

Pricing & Packages:

  • Pricing & Packages:
  • Single Video Ad: $40
  • Three Video Ads: $85
  • Five Video Ads: $150
  • Ten Video Ads: $250

Additional Benefits & Features:

  • 30-50 second scroll-stopping videos with a catchy thumbnail and trending music.

  • Free revisions for the first 24 hours (small fee beyond this window).

  • 1 'free' ad copy with each purchase.

  • Branding & watermark added to each creative.

  • Dropshipping story ad options are also on offer (5 packages to choose from).

  • Translation options are available.


Dropideos uses only well-researched ad copy and state-of-the-art graphics. A modern team of experts dedicated to delivering high-quality creatives for a fair price.

9. ADsellr

ADSellr is a flexible, full-service solution for dropshippers looking to grow their business in record time. A team of in-house digital marketers and video editors. The professionals at ADSellr understand the psychology and aesthetic process of generating converting video ads.

picture of ADSellr logo
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
  • The Process:

    Choose your package and fill out the order form at checkout. The form includes your preferred run time, platform placement, product & logo link, and additional notes. Creatives are delivered via email within 4 business days after purchase.

Pricing & Packages:

  • UGC Video Ad: $89-$219
  • Standard Social Media Video Ad: $159
  • Split Testing Package: $549

Additional Benefits & Features:

  • Branded and logo included.

  • 15 or 30 second run time options.

  • Custom content is available upon request.

  • Five free revisions per order. Additional edits are available for $5/revision.

  • Affiliate Program with 20% per sale and 20% commission on purchases. 


ADSellr never outsources or recycles presets for their professional video ad. Instead, their staff is dedicated to providing only the best UGC and quality footage for every video ad. Designed for high ROAS, ADSellr is a service that delivers. Known for curating digital assets that convert and rise above the noise of your competition. This team is the number one choice for dropshippers who want to gain traction and fuel traffic to their store.

10. Winning Ads Media

Winning Ads Media is on a mission to produce the highest level of engaging viral video ads for your dropshipping product. With 3-5 day delivery and a 24-hour delivery option, their team is dedicated to your long-term success. Offering multiple packages for various social media platforms, you have the choice of 30-45 second creatives with optimized thumbnails.

image of winning ads media logo
  • Year Founded: unknown
  • Headquarters: USA
  • The Process:

    Select the package that best suits your needs. Answer the short questionnaire sent to your inbox and include any notes for their video editor. Receive your creative in 3-5 days (or their 24-hour paid upgrade option).

Pricing & Packages:

  • Premium Ad: $29-$64/each
  • 3 Premium Video Ads: $84-$189
  • 5 Premium Video Ads: $139-$314
  • 10 Premium Video Ads: $249-$599
  • A/B Testing (3 ad variants for 1 product): $49-$104
  • UGC Premium Video Ad: $80-$100
  • UGC A/B Testing Package (intro 3 variations): $120-$180

Additional Benefits & Features:

  • Reputable and established company with numerous testimonials and success stories.

  • Translation in any language of your choice.

  • Revisions requests are honored if within 24-hours of delivery.

  • Affiliate Program with 10% commission on all products and referrals.


Winning Ads Media unleashes your full sales potential and extends your brand's reach. Secure more engagement, make more sales and grow your profit margins with the help of their team of professionals. Avoid copyright policy infringement. Save yourself time and money by using this team of qualified experts to design your winning video ad.

11. Adsmate Media

Adsmate Media is a full package deal for video ads. An agency dedicated to delivering creatives that boost sales and drive more traffic to your ecommerce business. Their marketing strategists have 'cracked the code' on quality. From facebook video ad creation to short video ads this team over-delivers on every level.

image of adsmate media logo
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Headquarters: Miami, Florida
  • The Process:

    Adsmate Media makes the process simple. Just place your order based on the package that best suits your needs. Once you order, they send you a questionnaire via email. The final product is emailed to you in 1-3 business days.

Pricing & Packages:

  • Classic Video Ad Package: $39-$59
  • Split Testing Package (3 variations for the first 3-5 secs): $45-$65
  • UGC Video Ad: $149 (delivery in 5 business days & you need to send your product)

Additional Benefits & Features:

  • 30-45 second creatives intelligently crafted by a team of skilled marketers.

  • Option to include ad copy and voiceovers for an additional cost.

  • Three free revisions, optimized thumbnails & fast delivery.

  • Full-time customer service..


Adsmate Media is a network of experienced content creators. Creative geniuses committed to designing top-notch advertisements to meet your dropshipping marketing objectives. Build social proof and increase engagement. Achieve more sales and make more money. 

Example of Successful Dropshipping Video Ads

These basic explainer videos can work because you're targeting a passionate audience that love their pets. 

and then we have more advanced video ads that mix humor and story telling like the Squatty Potty Video Ad.

Spy on the Competition

Instead of reinventing the wheel. Find winning products by utilizing product research tool that shows you trending products. Once you pick the product you want to test out, use tools like Dropispy or BigSpy to find winning ads. You can take the best qualities of the top ads and combine them into one. By telling the dropshipping video ad company exactly what you want, even sending them your competitor's video ads. Tell them exactly what you want to tweak. These companies are pros. They'll quickly understand what you want.


Dropshipping is a low-barrier to entry business opportunity. But if you want to see profits, you need to learn the fundamentals of this business model. Dropshippers don't have time to test 100s of items looking for that winning product. Or waste money on dropshipping niches to avoid if you want to make money with the business model.

Dropshipping is about jumping on trends fas and being a better marketer than the competition. Connect with your ideal potential customer and establish your store as the authority in your market. But these skills take time to master. So invest in a dropshipping video ad service. You'll make money faster and set yourself up for long-term success.

Check out our content hub, start a dropshipping business 

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