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Duston McGroarty Review: Scam? 10 Facts (Affiliate Marketing)

March 22, 2024

Dustin McGroarty Review

This Duston McGroarty review asks:

Does the Recurring Affiliate Income Report offer real world advice on affiliate marketing?

And is there enough value in such few words to justify the cost?

I spent hours within this course;

And I think I have the answer.

So, let's get started with my Duston McGroarty review.

Recurring Affiliate Income Report (Course Summary & Duston McGroarty Review)


13 pages of information and advice


Interesting and informative, but lacking in hard facts, numbers, and specific instructions


2.5/5 - Good for current business owners in need of some direction, but too vague for beginners



Is The Recurring Affiliate Income Report worth your time and money?

Read below for the full Duston McGroarty review.

Why Read This Duston McGroarty Review?

  • Learn What to Expect Before Spending Any Money
  • I Spent Hours Doing the Heavy Lifting to Provide You With HONEST Feedback
  • Explore the True Pro's and Con's of The Recurring Affiliate Income Report
  • Conveniently Compare Your Options
  • Understand Your Next Move


Hey, I'm Ippei!

Until 2014, I, like many, was working a corporate, 9 to 5.

Not only did this job make me unhappy, it didn't give me any time to pursue my bigger goals.

This all came to a halt however, once I discovered this method for generating free leads for my clients.

Over the course of trying various affiliate marketing strategies;

I found it just wasn't for me.

And not to mention, there are plenty of drawbacks, including:

  • Low kickbacks
  • High levels of competition

So, I decided to try lead generation - leading me to the success I've found today.

And the website for the tree care company you see above; 

I created it in 2015, and since then I haven't had to touch or update it.

Moreover, it has earned me a passive income of $2000 a month.

And that's is more than $100,000 in 5 years - for ONE SITE.

But that's the magic of the Lead Generation business;

It's by far the best model to generate passive income.

So, if you want to know more, just hop over here!

Interested in Lead Generation?

Who is Duston McGroarty?

Duston McGroarty review

Who is Duston McGroarty of the Recurring Affiliate Income Report?

Ohio born marketer, investor, and entrepreneur;

Duston specializes in direct response and affiliate marketing.

And with over a decades worth of experience; 

McGroarty spends his time creating easy-to-follow courses.

But who are they designed for?

Anyone looking to earn money online without selling a product;

He teaches his recurring affiliate income report business model.

And provides referrals to earn monthly income.

"Look, I don’t know what your situation is right now, but I do know why I turned to the internet to make money" Duston McGroarty on his 'Recurring Affiliate Income Report' 

Case Study: How Duston McGroarty Closed a $7,500/Month Client in One Afternoon

Duston McGroarty's Strategies That Closed The Deal

  • Lead Generation with Specific Tools: Duston used a tool called D7 to gather leads that are relevant to his niche.
  • Email Campaign Management: He organized an email campaign using the leads he gathered and Google sheets, and optimized the campaign using the Gmass email extension with Gmail. 
  • Targeted and Concise Email Communication: Duston used simple and straight-to-the-point emails. These emails ended with a hook question in the end to stir curiosity. 
  • Effective Follow-Up: To ensure he doesn't miss an opportunity, Duston closely monitored the responses to his emails and followed up with the leads that showed good potential. 
  • Negotiation and Pricing Strategy: Duston negotiated price and terms with the leads that showed the most interest. 
  • Demonstration of System Efficacy: He demonstrated his process to his clients and showed the leads he gathered to prove the effectiveness of his system. This helped him convince the client and close the $7,500 per month deal. 

Top Challenges That Duston Encountered

  • Creating and refining a complex system for lead generation required significant effort, testing, and optimization. 
  • It was challenging to find leads for a very niche product like custom aquariums because of the limited audience. 
  • Duston also struggled to generate and manage a large volume of leads using the D7 tool. He had to organize the leads systematically afterward. 
  • Creating concise and engaging emails that capture the attention of the target audience required effective copywriting and strategic thinking.
  • It was challenging for Duston to negotiate a high-ticket deal with his client, especially for a contract that costs $7,500 per month. 

In the Beginning...

Duston McGroarty Review

In creating this Duston McGroarty review I learned;

Everything he knew in the beginning was from his from his father.

Starting out, his father grew and sell small plants, and ended up teaching people around the world how to start backyard nurseries.

And, in turn, Duston was able to see how life-changing marketing can be.

Finding His Niche

Duston Mcgroarty Recurring Affiliate Income Report
McGroarty joined the lumber industry right out of high school until the recession of 2008. Fortunately, it was around this time that his father asked him to join his internet marketing endeavors.

As his father's business was booming, Duston decided to join his efforts.

Later, Mcgroarty's family relocated to Texas.

And it was here that he began his "own thing" online.

So, what did this entail?

  1. Promoting affiliate links
  2. Creating automated funnels

But today, he makes a living creating courses like the 'Recurring Affiliate Income Report'.

Claiming it to be for anyone seeking the same job freedom.  

So, let's discuss the Recurring Affiliate Income Report in detail;

And specifically how it claims to generate leads and income in our Duston McGroarty review.

What is The Recurring Affiliate Income Report?

Recurring Affiliate Income Report

McGroarty addresses his strategy for creating recurring affiliate income.

But how does he do it exactly? 

By using real estate referrals and Facebook ads, not physical sales.

He reveals the ins and out of this proven million-dollar affiliate strategy;

And the commonly made mistakes among online business startups...

Moreover, this course may be for you if:

You are an entrepreneur with experience in affiliate marketing. 

Dream Big. Take Action. Dave McGroarty

What To Expect from The Course

Duston McGroarty Recurring Affiliate Income Report

McGroarty's business model focuses on attracting leads in the real estate market, by:

  1. Targeting the real estate market using Facebook Ads
  2. Attracting leads with a two-page funnel
  3. Earning recurring monthly income from each 'bite'
  •  Introduction to Recurring Affiliate Income Strategy
  • Understanding and Taking Advantage of Small Business Affiliate Programs
  • Importance of Attracting Unaware Prospects
  • Choosing the Right Small Business Niche
  • Mastering The Two-Page Funnel
  • What is My House Worth? Understand the Importance of Timing
  • The Recipe for  Successful Strategy Execution
Duston McGroarty review

Mcgroarty opens his report by explaining the value in this strategy.

He explains, there are two major business strategies from which to choose:

  1. Test an idea, hoping it makes money
  2. Model your business so that it's already successful, profitable, and has a proven strategy in place

He says that option #2 seems like a no-brainer.

But venturing out with your own idea can lead to 7, 8, and 9-figure income per year.

You see, this strategy is neither risky nor untested. Quite the opposite actually. It's been used by some of the most successful direct response marketers in the world. - Dave McGroarty                 

Ultimately, there are four goals of The Recurring Affiliate Income Report

  • Learn how to earn 5-figures in monthly income, getting paid to give away someone else's stuff
  • AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS. Learn the number one mistake to avoid when setting up affiliate links
  • Identify the right large, yet niche starving markets
  • Perfect your two-page website

The 5 Parts of The 'Strategy'

Duston McGroarty Recurring Affiliate Income Report

As stated by Duston Mcgroarty regarding the report,

"What I have for you today is a tried and true, proven to be profitable, reliable and consistent system. 

A system designed specifically to do one thing:


Part 1: Attract Unaware Prospects

How to start an affiliate program

Right off the bat, McGroarty quickly delves in using real world examples to show the strategy in action.

His example? Small business owners.

A quick Google search tells us there are 28 million small businesses in the US alone.

And all of them need the same three things to survive:

  1. Leads
  2. Customers
  3. New prospects

Their need for leads is a dead giveaway.

But there is no lack of awareness in that area.

And Mcgroarty follows this up by begging the question:

How many small business owners do you think know what a marketing funnel is and how it could benefit their business?

The answer?

A lot less than 28 million.

Attracting unaware prospects gives you access to an untapped market. According to McGroarty, this is what makes this strategy work.

It is impossible to deny the benefit in what McGroarty is saying here;

Especially when you consider the numbers.

The sheer fact that there is a massive under-served market out there to which you can market for free and earn recurring income with each bite...

Sounds like a pretty unbeatable opportunity, if you ask me.

Duston McGroarty Recurring Affiliate Income Report

McGroarty continues on to explain there are two types of unaware prospects;

And they could be either:

  1. Unaware of their problem
  2. Unaware of the solution (product or otherwise)

Continuing on, there are some constants in this equation.

First, small business owners' need to generate constant new leads.

And second, their knowledge and inevitable distaste for online funnel tools.

McGroarty states, not only do those 2 million small business owners know about such resources, it's been shoved down their throats for years.

Through our Duston McGroarty review, we learned:

Affiliates fight to show ads to the same 2 million business owners.

And, in turn?

Ad costs are skyrocketing thanks to the demand for ad space.

McGroarty finishes by saying, they’re all fighting over the same piece of pie. The same tiny slice of 2 million small business owners. Leaving you with the rest of the pie... a whole 26 million small business owners to yourself...

How Do Facebook Ads Come Into Play?

Duston McGroarty Recurring Affiliate Income Report

Using a $36,000/year business as an example;

McGroarty breaks Facebook Ads down to exemplify how many small business owners can be reached via one ad.

Then he breaks down the numbers in simple terms.

And expresses the true value of spending money to make money.

And according to McGroarty:

You don't have to spend much on your ad to attract prospects.

In the conclusion of the first part of our Duston McGroarty review;

He explains why this is the perfect affiliate program:

  • You don't have to speak to anyone
  • Or need an email list
  • Nor do you require a product

All you're doing is making people aware of a solution to their problem.

I think the only real missed opportunity here was in discussing drawbacks to affiliate linking.

Part 2: Choosing Your Niche

Duston McGroarty review

It's simple, according to McGroarty, anyway.

Choose a niche.

Then create a niche-specific funnel.

And give away your funnel.

Consequently earning 40% per referral.

McGroarty says, all you need is a teeny-tiny sect of small business owners.

And real estate agents are perfect.

With just 90 people or 5% of your sample audience deciding to register;

That's $40/month per sign up!

Again, this sounds pretty good to me.

McGroarty says marketers have been successfully earning up to 9-figures marketing to such local niche businesses. And real estate agents/brokers is one of them.

McGroarty exemplifies the benefit of small business affiliate programs well.

He explains, unless you need to make more than $100,000 per month...

This is your best bet at creating quick, recurring income without selling anything or having a product of your own.

But to summarize this part of our Duston McGroarty review:

It could have benefited from more general small business affiliate statistics. 

Part 3: The Two Page Funnel

Duston McGroarty review

Real estate is the largest, most prosperous local business niche. 

And here is the type of funnel they need...

McGroarty opens this part by explaining the importance of the two-page website, AKA funnel.

In crafting your funnel, you must provide what your target market needs;

And NOT what they want.

What these small businesses need is a steady flow of leads;


Instead of providing a cheesy, billboard like website, McGroarty suggests their NEED for a simple, two-page website, including:

  1. The squeeze page
  2. The thank you page
What I’m describing here is a funnel you can create for real estate agents/brokers to give away your link. It's not the website you would use to advertise on Facebook, but the bait you would use to get them to sign up.

McGroarty makes a point of explaining what he calls:

The "secret sauce" of the real estate funnel: 

And that is the squeeze page.

The squeeze page is the first part of your two-page funnel and is used to capture a lead's information.

According to McGroarty, a bad squeeze page comes from a sales approach.

But first, what are the five major elements of the squeeze page?

  1. Agency name and/or logo
  2. Agent's phone number
  3. Identifying headline with main benefit
  4. Components necessary for collecting lead info
  5. Agent or agency's physical address

And why does it fail?


Because people HATE being sold to. 

And even the phrase "free consultation" translates to a sales pitch in disguise.

According to McGroarty, while some will respond to this approach...

It is likely to be those from the small percentage of AWARE prospects. 

They are likely to prepared to sign with an agent.

Below is an example of an effective squeeze page.

Duston McGroarty Review

The Thank You Page

Thank you page

Let's shift our Duston Mcgroarty review;

To the second page of the funnel:

The thank you page.

And the thank you page is used to thank prospects for opting in.

It's imperative for instilling confidence and strengthening customer relationships...

Something McGroarty fails to mention here.

Below is an example of a simple yet effective thank you page;

And the completion of your two-page funnel.

As we come to the end of this section, I'd be amiss if I did not commend McGroarty's explanation of the squeeze page. 

According to Duston;

There are two major questions sellers have:

  1. How fast can you sell my house?
  2. How much can you sell my house for?

Most who understand this approach the sales funnel accordingly.

They build squeeze and thank you pages.

I found this part semi-helpful.


But I wish he touched base on the thank you page section in more detail.

Part 4: What is My House Worth?

Affiliate Sign Up

As Mcgroarty mentioned in part 3, there are two questions on every seller's mind.

However, one holds the most importance:

How much is my house worth?

And this is a question that arises long before listing a home.

Bringing things full-circle, remember this three-word phrase from part 1: Attract unaware prospects. This phrase applies here too.

To real estate agents/brokers, this is the beginning of a sales cycle.


But Mcgroarty explains that assuming the idea to sell is recent among sellers is a mistake.

Realistically, sellers have been thinking of selling for WEEKS. MONTHS. OR EVEN YEARS.

He goes on to explain the importance of getting in early with a prospect.

In fact, timing is everything. Why? Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. Lead acquisitions cost less
  2. Easier conversion
  3. No competition

How much is my house worth?

The initial question in any potential seller's head.

It would be silly to fight for the 10% of sellers who are ready to sell, right?

Instead, fight for the 90% who's decision is unknown;

The unaware prospects.

There's no arguing with McGroarty when he explains that being in front of the 90% means you never need to compete again.

With all things considered, including basic psychology and human nature;

It can be easy to create a carefully crafted funnel.

One that not only persuades sellers to come your way;

But one with a conversion process that satisfies THEIR need.

And ultimately, this is another point I cannot necessarily argue with in my Duston McGroarty review.

Part 5: Strategy Execution

Affiliate marketing strategy

We've come to McGroarty's final points and the conclusion of of Duston McGroarty Review;

And it is pretty short and sweet.

He says, the final element is more or less a survey.

But not just ANY survey.

It's design and execution set it apart.

As stated in this final section of this Duston McGroarty review;

There are a few key tips regarding the survey and its creation.

  • List questions - Gain necessary info to estimate someone's home value
  • Use a multi-page survey - One question per page (more can be overwhelming)
  • Make as many questions multiple choice as possible - Ask the easiest questions first
  • Build confidence question by question. Their reward is the home value they desire.
  • Once data collection is successful, you can request more info. The least intrusive bit being their home address

And that's it.

That is the entirety of the Duston McGroarty Recurring Affiliate Income Report.

Now, let's recap...

  1. Choose recurring product to promote as an affiliate
  2. Determine problem that the product solves/biggest benefit provided
  3. Identify largest group in need
  4. Choose small sub-niche to speak to
  5. Attract unaware prospects using ads and 2-page website
  6. Create email auto-responder sequence for follow up and affiliate promotion

Is The Report Worth It?

Duston McGroarty review

McGroarty claims his recurring affiliate income report provides the key you need to access the only traffic source you'll ever need.

The Recurring Affiliate Income Report explores in detail the basics of small, sub-niche business affiliate marketing.

However useful this report;

It is ultimately just a slice, not the entire pie, if you will.

So, to sum up my Duston McGroarty Recurring review;

I'd say this report is worth it if you already run a successful business.

But not worth it if you are brand new to the affiliate marketing scene.

Final Thoughts

"That, my friend, is all she wrote. Done and done. Now, take this and go build yourself a MASSIVE recurring income machine!" - Duston McGroarty
Duston McGroarty Review

As I mentioned before;

The approach found in the Recurring Affiliate Income report is great.

But it is not an all encompassing tool for setting up affiliate links.

So, to sum up my Duston McGroarty review:

Due to it's lack of numbers, hard evidence, and detailed instructions; 

It's hard to consider this a course.

If you are someone in the beginning stages of internet marketing:

Combining this strategy with lead gen could prove prosperous.

However, if you are still fairly unfamiliar or in the beginning stages of your recurring affiliate income journey...

You may not necessarily need this report (at least not yet). 

Why Lead Gen Is The Best Online Business Model For 2021

The lead generation course is the perfect tool because it's made for everyone.

Degree, no degree, it doesn't matter.

As long as you feel confident in your ability to follow my easily navigable instructions;

I am confident in your success.

Join the 6,900 people who've taken my course and successfully turned lead gen into a career.

What are The Benefits of Lead Gen?

  • The ability to earn long-term passive income
  • Lead gen is recession proof
  • It affords versatility and the freedom to choose your industry
  • I provide thorough instructions for beginning your lead gen journey
  • Mutually beneficial relationships - when your client profits, you profit
Earn passive income

What is the Lead Gen Business Model?

Local lead generation

So, what is lead gen, exactly?

Lead gen is an essential part of forming your customer base.

Simply put, lead generation is the process of attracting prospects and nurturing their interest.

The end goal? Converting them into customers.

Earning $2K a month for over 6 years from one site, the value in lead generation is more than proven, as far as I'm concerned.

Using a build, rank, rent method, my lead generation course provides proven marketing tactics that support the customer journey.

Rank and rent

Now, if you are unfamiliar with the build, rank, rent method;

Fear not - it is a simple yet proven concept. 

And we'll use real estate as an example of this model.

Real estate agents follow this method by:

  • Investing in property (Build)
  • Nurturing and improving the property (Rank)
  • Sell the property (Rent)

And lead gen is no different.

The only difference is, you are building and nurturing leads to sell to companies that are fit to provide a solution to their problem(s). 

From capturing consumer interest to guiding them towards buying a product/service...

Lead gen is a skill ANYONE can learn.

I recommend following these basic 6 steps when building your lead gen business:
Duston McGroarty review

How Does Lead Gen Create Passive Income?

Since you now understand lead generation;

Here is a local lead gen business I created for tree services.

local lead generation example

Now, let's compare my build, rank, rent lead gen model to my Duston McGroarty Recurring Affiliate Income Report approach.

Comparison chart

Lead Gen Wins!

I created the site for the tree company in 2015, and since then I haven't had to touch or update it.

Altogether, this site has gained me a passive income of $2000/month. That's more than $100,000 for ONE site, in five years.

And that, my friends, is the magic of the Lead Generation business, it's by far the best model to generate passive income.

Interested in learning more?
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