Jonathan Maxim’s EarnFlo Review — 5 Reasons You Should Never Invest In eCommerce Automation

March 15, 2024

EarnFlo is a done-for-you service by Jonathan Maxim that sets up your e-commerce automated store on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. They handle everything from creating your store to stocking it with products until it generates sales passively.

eCommerce automation offers a promising opportunity by streamlining operations and enabling scalability. With automation tools, businesses can save time and effort by managing inventory, processing orders, and supporting customers. However, implementing and optimizing eCommerce automation requires upfront investment, technical expertise, and ongoing maintenance. Navigating integrations, inventory systems, and troubleshooting can be challenging. Is EarnFlo the right choice for your eCommerce venture?

Local lead generation is a better alternative than eCommerce automation. Instead of dealing with the complexities of eCommerce, rank and rent focuses on generating leads for local businesses. By building and ranking websites in specific niches, you can rent out the leads to local businesses and earn a steady income. Plus, there's less competition compared to the saturated eCommerce space.

EarnFlo Pros And Cons


It's a done-for-you service.

Automated eCommerce stores are possible.

Their previous website claims that it will take 4 weeks before your first sale.


It's not a training program. No coaching or mentoring.

There is no information about how much is the cost of their services.

It is not 100% done for your service.

There are no reviews and testimonies available on their website.


EarnFlo's done-for-you service cost is not available on their website.

Refund Policy

There is no information about its refund policy.


EarnFlo started in 2022.

5 Reasons You Should Never Invest In eCommerce Automation

1. Intense Competition

The eCommerce market is over saturated. Millions of businesses are vying for customers' attention and gaining a competitive edge can be challenging. Especially for beginners with limited resources and marketing expertise.

2. Lack of Personalization

Automated eCommerce platforms provide limited customization options. It results in generic and impersonal online stores. Without the ability to tailor your brand and customer experience, it becomes difficult to build strong connections with your target audience.

3. Limited Control over Operations

Relying on automation means entrusting critical aspects of your business. It includes inventory management and customer service to pre-built systems. This lack of direct control can lead to issues like inaccurate stock levels, delayed order fulfillment, and impersonal customer support. It can harm your reputation and customer satisfaction.

4. Technical Challenges and Dependencies

Automated eCommerce solutions rely heavily on technology. It makes your business prone to technical glitches, software updates, and platform changes. These factors can disrupt your operations. Also, it can cause downtime, and potentially result in lost sales and frustrated customers.

5. High Financial Investment

Implementing and maintaining an automated eCommerce store involves significant upfront and ongoing costs. These expenses include website development, platform subscriptions, marketing campaigns, and inventory management. For beginners with limited budgets, these financial commitments can be overwhelming and risky.

What Are The Services You Will Receive From EarnFLo?

With EarnFlo, you will receive these services:

  • Automated payouts every 14 days directly into your bank account.
  • A trustworthy team with extensive experience managing hundreds of stores.
  • Full management of all aspects. It includes sales, fulfillment, customer relations, product selection, and more.
  • Flexible investment options tailored to your specific situation.
  • Weekly and monthly reports detailing costs, sales, revenue, and account activity.

Who Is The Creator Of EarnFlo?

Jonathan Maxim is the creator of EarnFlo. He is a successful entrepreneur, and a recognized leader in the industry. Jonathan has been featured in Forbes and was named one of the "Top 50 Founders to Watch" by Startup Grind. He has a strong background in marketing strategy, having worked at Xfinity, Universal Music Group, and TikTok, where he achieved remarkable results overnight using influencers and direct messaging.

Currently, Jonathan serves as the managing director of K&J Growth Hackers, a boutique marketing firm. He is also the host of the "Zen Business" podcast on Apple Podcasts. Jonathan's vision for EarnFlo is to revolutionize the way businesses operate by using software and automation. This service is for anyone who is new to e-commerce and interested in profitable eCommerce business ideas of 2024. This allows entrepreneurs to run their businesses remotely and pay people based on their performance and results. With EarnFlo, you can own and manage your business from anywhere in the world.

How Does EarnFlo eCommerce Automation Work?

EarnFlo's eCommerce automation works through the following process:

  • Set up your Amazon eCommerce store: EarnFlo's team assists you in creating your online store on Amazon.
  • Product selection with Artificial Intelligence: They are using advanced AI technology in product selection. Their platform identifies trending products that have a high potential for strong sales volume and profitability.
  • Full management from A-to-Z: The EarnFlo team takes care of all aspects of your store's operation. That includes listing products, selling them, fulfilling orders, and handling customer support. They handle these tasks to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.
  • Performance-based compensation: The team's compensation depends on the financial success of your store. This incentive makes them work diligently and optimizes your store's performance to achieve higher profitability.
  • Biweekly performance reports: EarnFlo provides regular reports on your store's revenue, profits, and performance. You receive insights into your store's profitability and a comprehensive overview of how your business is performing.

How Does EarnFlo Make You Passive Income?

EarnFlo makes you a passive income through product and research. EarnFlo's experienced team takes care of product sourcing, research, and refining customer relations. They handle the legwork to create a successful eCommerce business. Also, they focus on essential business aspects. By entrusting the operational tasks to EarnFlo, you can concentrate on vital aspects, such as running the business and building brand awareness.

With EarnFlo managing labor-intensive processes, you can achieve a passive income from your eCommerce business. You will be having more time on strategic aspects of growing your brand.

Is EarnFlo Worth It?

EarnFlo may not be worth it because of several reasons. First, the program's pricing is not available online, showing that it may not be an affordable option. Moreover, there is no clarity on how much the percentage of the income between you and the team. It can create uncertainty and potential disputes.

Furthermore, it's important to note that EarnFlo is not a training program. They do not provide comprehensive training on how to start an eCommerce business in 2024. It only offers a done-for-you service. Their services it's not a fully hands-off experience. You will still need to take care of certain tasks, such as opening an LLC, getting a dedicated bank account, and securing a wholesaler account.

One of the significant risks highlighted by EarnFlo is the potential for your Amazon store to receive penalties or suspensions. While they offer to help open a new store in such cases, the process can cause setbacks of a few months.

What Is eCommerce Automation?

eCommerce automation is the use of technology and software tools to simplify and streamline online business tasks. It involves automating processes like inventory management, order fulfillment, payment processing, and customer support.

Does Amazon Allow Automation?

Yes, Amazon allows automation to a certain extent. But, Amazon has specific policies in place that prohibit certain types of automation. For example, the use of bots for reviews, fake purchases, and manipulating rankings is strictly prohibited. Sellers must adhere to these policies and ensure they use automation tools within the boundaries set by Amazon. By following Amazon's guidelines, you can leverage automation to streamline your operations.

Is eCommerce Automation Profitable?

Yes, eCommerce automation can be profitable. By using automation tools, businesses can save costs and operate more efficiently. Studies have shown that eCommerce automation can increase conversion rates by 16% and decrease operating costs by 19%. Yet, profitability depends on factors like market demand, competition, product quality, and effective marketing strategies. You still need ongoing monitoring, optimization, and adaptation to sustain your profitability.

EarnFlo Alternatives

  • Low Hanging System - The Low Hanging System is an eCommerce program by Rachel Rofe. The course covers the A-Z training to dropship POD products such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, pillowcases, etc. on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify.
  • Free Training - free training is a free webinar by Matt Clark and Mike McClary. They teach you how to sell products online using your own website or platform instead of Amazon.  
  • eCommerce Scaling Secrets - eCommerce Scaling Secrets is an eCommerce training by Alex Fedotoff that guides experienced ecommerce business owners to scale their brands to six or seven figures using his own strategy.

Final Verdict: Is eCommerce Automation A Legit Business Model?

Yes, eCommerce automation is a legit business model. But, there are a few things to consider. Automated systems may struggle with complex customer queries, leading to a less personalized experience. Also, setting up and maintaining automation can be expensive and need technical know-how.


Local lead generation through rank and rent is a better option than eCommerce automation because it provides a reliable way to earn passive income. With this model, you create and rank websites for local businesses in search results, generating leads for them. Then, you rent out these top-ranked websites to the businesses, earning a steady monthly income without the complexities of managing an eCommerce store. By leveraging your SEO skills, you can tap into the demand for local leads and enjoy a simple and sustainable source of income.

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