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Ecom Bootcamp 2.0 Course by Mohamed Camara Review. Great dropshipping training, or unnecessary sweat and tears?

August 15, 2020

Ecom Bootcamp Course Logo
Ecom Bootcamp 2.0 by Mohamed Camara. Full Course Review (2020)
Ecom Bootcamp 2.0 is a follow-up to Mohamed Camara's Zero to 1K Club, which cost $1,997 when launched. 

Crazy price, right? Considering that Mohamed has not been in the dropshipping game very long and there were MUCH better courses available from more well-known dropshippers, it's not a surprise that he had to come up with an alternative. 

Ecom Bootcamp is a quarter of the price of Zero to 1K Club​but is it worth much?

Ps: This is a course review of Ecom Bootcamp 2.0, not to be confused with the eCommerce Bootcamp Mentor Program by Justin Cener (yet another YouTube Dropshipper).
This review cover Ecom Bootcamp 2.0

Ecom Bootcamp 2.0 Course Overview

Ranked #11 out of 8 dropship courses (See full list here)
Yet another course by a somewhat-popular YouTuber. This is only for fans... 
$497 (February 2020)
Mohamed Camara head shot picture

Introduction to Mohamed

Mohamed Camara is a YouTube Dropshipper who only started his YouTube Channel on the 3rd of May 2019.

He claims to have made over a million dollars in sales with $300k made as profit. 

Mohamed has managed to amass a little over 26k subscribers with a total of over 500k views for his YT Channel. 
Mohamed also only has 5k followers on Instagram, proving that he is a relative newcomer on the dropshipping block. 

I earn nothing from my reviews. This means you don't get any bias at all. Only honest opinions. Nothing more. 

What to Expect in this Course

Zero to 1K is not available anymore, so it seems that Ecom Bootcamp 2.0 is now the only course offered by Mohamed. 

Ecom Bootcamp 2.0 is advertised as a 6 week course, but you can work through the modules at a much faster pace as they are not all that comprehensive and time consuming. 

When compared to other dropshipping courses I've reviewed, this is not a very long, nor content rich course.

However you do get access to a FB Ecom Bootcamp Mastermind Group (with 771 members at the time of writing) and regular webinars where you can interact with fellow students.  

An additional bonus is access to marketing templates that saves you some time creating your own. How effective they are coming from Mohamed, a relative newcomer himself, I am not sure. 

Introducing Ecommerce Bootcamp 2.0

Truth be told, first impressions are not bad. This is one of the better looking course landing pages I've seen in recent times.

Compared to the other $500 courses, this is probably the best-looking landing page. You can see that a professional did the web design here. (They even have social proof...)

The course dashboard itself, though, is very straight-forward and plain, created more for ease-of-use, rather than aesthetics.
The training is presented on an online portal, which means that as long as you have internet, you can access the course at any time from mobile, tablet, desktop, etc. 

This is what Ecom Bootcamp 2.0 claims to offer you:

These are some of the claims made on Ecom Bootcamp 2.0's course landing page:

A Process That Works

Mohamed states that you will get a step-by-step process to implement, that will make your online store profitable. Your store will run like a well-oiled machine with the 6-step roadmap giving you a clear vision to track your progress 

A Strong Community

Mohamed believes that your environment plays a huge role in how well you can achieve your goals. In their private Facebook Group, you will find over 700 like-minded individuals on the same journey to "financial freedom". Via the Bootcamp 2.0 community, you will have an opportunity to connect with other mentors & entrepreneurs. 

Expert Mentorship

Learning everything you can about dropshipping is just the first step to becoming a successful entrepreneur. You also need ongoing guidance to build a successful business.

The course landing page makes a lofty claim here: "Mohamed Camara will be available to answer them 24/7/365."

If that's the case, when is he ever going to work on his own dropshipping stores? As a beginner dropshipper you will have many questions. If every one of his students ask him a single question every day (and he has 771 members of the Dropship Bootcamp 2.0 Private FB Group) and it takes him just a minute to answer, do the math.

Answering questions will become his full-time job.

So take this statement with a pinch of salt. You might get a VA to answer your question. Definitely not Mohamed himself.

Then lastly, Mohamed also hosts a live Q&A session every Sunday at 7pm EST in person. 

Lifetime Support

You apparantly get support any day and anytime using the support email address. So don't expect to connect via a telephone call or live chat. What the response time is, I don't know.

I sent an email to the support email address at 12:00 on 19 Feb. 2020 and will give you feedback on the response time as soon as they reply. (Update: I received a reply within 27 hours. I was told that questions are answered much faster in the private FB Group, and that there is a chat option available as well.)

Ecom Bootcamp 2.0 Refund Policy
There is this statement: "Ecom Bootcamp is proven to get you there, even as a complete beginner...but no "proof" is offered for this statement.

You see a lot of these "trust badges" scattered all over the site: 
But, there is no mention of refunds anywhere for Ecom Bootcamp 2.0. So, if you want to request your money back, there doesn't seem to be a recourse for refunds.

Usually when a course does not offer refunds, they have a short spiel to the likes of: "All sales are final due to the nature of..." but you don't even get that. 

So, my guess is, there is no chance of a refund. 

Ecom Bootcamp icon

The Ecom Bootcamp 2.0 Course Breakdown

The course is broken up into 6 weekly modules that cover:
- Finding Your 6-Figure Product
Your standard methods of finding products. Nothing new here.

- The 24/7 Digital Salesman
Installing apps to help with your marketing and admin efforts. Once again, these apps have been suggested countless times by other courses. 

- Going to War
Having your store set up 100% and being in the right mindset to do business should prepare you enough to go for it. 

- Facebook Ads Mastery
Some good tips, but once again nothing unique. The latest version of the course also includes a separate Google Ads module. 

- Scale Scale Scale
When the time is right! Certainly not in week 5 already, unless you're extremely lucky and you've had enough sales to warrant scaling... 

- Branding
Branding should be done from the start, not from week 6...
Mohamed does offer you some worthwhile tips for branding your products, but it's nothing new if you know where to look and who to follow on YouTube.

Is Ecom Bootcamp 2.0 a worthwhile course?

Judging by his YouTube Channel videos on YouTube, this dropshipper teaches nothing new/original. It looks to be the same rehash of every second YouTube Dropshipper out there. 

That explains perhaps why he has so "few" followers compared to more established YouTube Dropshippers. Perhaps it will change in years to come, but for the moment, Mohamed still needs to improve his credentials before he is considered an expert. 

Unfortunately, the course is an extension of his YouTube Channel - it will only appeal to his fans (who might not know better). 

He does have a sweet ride though...

The $497 price tag sounds reasonable if you consider that his first course was $1,997. However, there isn't enough detailed content to ensure that you will be successful at dropshipping (despite the claims).

Don't be discouraged though, I have other courses I can recommend (Click here for my Best Dropshipping Courses of 2020). 

Or you can even consider another (better), online business opportunity...

Review Conclusion

As it is, dropshipping is not my Number One online business choice for 2020. So, if you decide to go into dropshipping, you need to be sure of getting the best possible course to help you get started. 

Ecom Bootcamp 2.0 however, is not that course. There are much better options out there. (View my Top 8 Dropshipping Courses for 2020 here.)

Much of the content in this course can be gleaned from YouTube for free. 

Mohamed did recently add a Google Ads Module, but dropshippers should utilize more than just FB and Google Ads in 2020. Your marketing efforts should include a combination of Sales Funnels and Ad Campaigns on other platforms, which alos includes the use of Influencers. 

In conclusuion:
Unless you are one of the biggest Mohamed Camara fans, then this course is not for you. Your money can be better spent elsewhere. 

Ecom Bootcamp Course Logo

What I like:

  • The course focuses on creating a dropshipping brand.

What I didn't like:

  • Not the most comprehensive dropshipping course
  • Most of the course content can be found for free on YouTube
  • Not the best online business model in 2020

Is dropshipping still the way to go in 2020?

A few short years ago, around 2016 and 2017, dropshipping enjoyed its golden years. 
It made a lot of millionaires in a short space of time with the minimum of effort. Your ROI was through the roof. 

But then the customers got smarter. They either bought on AliExpress themselves, or they weren't happy waiting for their products for 3 weeks anymore.

And Facebook Advertising got more complicated as more and more competitors started bidding on the same product ads. Ad costs also got more expensive.

Within a matter of a few short few years, dropshipping had gone from being a cash cow to being a very different animal. In order to tame the 2020 dropshipping beast, you need to have a certain skill set.

You can't fly by the seat of your pants anymore and expect to be successful. Dropshipping requires you to be an expert marketer in 2020. 

Bottom line? 

It is still possible to make money from dropshipping. You can even do it full-time as  your only means of income.

But it takes time and effort and a lot of commitment and skill to get there these days...  

What's a better alternative?

Let's be honest.

Nowadays, dropshipping requires a lot of hard work for very little returns. 

It still creates millionaires, but at a much lower and slower rate than three or four years ago. A successful dropshipper is now considered someone who makes five figures a month. 

Most dropshippers quit within the first three months of starting their dropshipping business, simply because they don't make enough profit. 

If you want some genuine advice from someone who has done dropshipping for the last couple of years, then I suggest looking at my Ultimate Dropshipping Guide. I offer you 14 steps to implement when starting out with dropshipping.

The Guide is 100% FREE and you can access it here. I strongly suggest you work through the Guide first, before making any commitments to dropshipping. 

I offer other free guides as well, such as How To Sell on Amazon and How To Start Affiliate Marketing.

My Number One business model for 2020 and beyond though, is Local Lead Generation (The Rank and Rent Model). 

Here's an example of one of my Lead Gen sites:
This particular site has been making me a constant $2k per month over the last couple of years. It runs on auto-pilot, creating a passive monthly income. 

That's the secret to Local Lead Generation - the opportunity to create a true passive income. 

Here's how it works:
An infographic illustrating the Local Lead Generation Cycle
Local Lead Gen makes me $50k per month whereas dropshipping earns me $10k per month at the best of times.

There's no competition, really. 

Local lead generation is my hands-down number one business choice for 2020 and beyond. 
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