Ecom Brands Review: A High Converting Pre-Built Shopify Store for $15?

April 2, 2024

Ecom Brands is a Shopify store provider that offers a pre-built branded website and in-depth dropshipping training for only $15. claims to partner with Shopify, having product details and selection, website design, and supplier access as key features. By offering pre-built stores, members can immediately dropship and make money. They also offer support to manage and scale your online store.

However, Shopify dropshipping also comes with risks. Statistics show that only 10%-20% of dropshipping stores succeed in their first five years. Although pre-built stores offer convenience, it doesn't guarantee success in dropshipping. Additionally, Ecom Brands' rating is only 2.6 out of 5 in Trustpilot. Customer reviews online often call it a scam.

In this Ecom Brands review, we'll discuss the program's pros and cons. We'll also provide general information about the program and its inclusions. Additionally, we will include independent reviews from different platforms. This information will help you learn more about Ecom Brands and arrive at a more informed choice.

Ecom Brands Review: Pros and Cons


Ecom Brands offer pre-built Shopify stores that are convenient for users.

The program is beginner-friendly by providing pre-built stores and support.

Ecom Brands is cost-effective. With $15, you can have your an online dropshipping store.


The program has gained a reputation as a scam and has a lot of negative reviews.

Purchasing a pre-built store creates a gap of knowledge in understanding dropshipping.

Ecommerce Brands pre-built online ecommerce stores don't address product and niche saturation in dropshipping.


Ecom Brand's pre-built store costs $15.

Refund Policy

Ecom Brands official refund policy is a 90-day money-back guarantee.


Ecom Brands' origin date is October 2022.


Ecom Brands has mixed reputation online.

Can Ecom Brands Give You a High Converting Pre-Built Shopify Store for $15?

Ecom Brands cannot give you a high converting pre-built Shopify store. Their sales page says this is possible. But chances are slim given that only 10%-20% of dropshipping stores succeed in the first five years. While Ecom Brands offer pre-built Shopify stores, there are reasons it doesn't translate into high-converting online businesses. 

First, managing a Shopify store successfully requires much more than a pre-built store. One significant challenge is the need for effective advertising. Even with a well-designed store, attracting potential customers involves paid ads. This can be costly and requires strategic planning to be effective. Additionally, the low barrier entry in ecommerce leads to market saturation. As more people launch similar stores, especially with pre-built models, it becomes harder to stand out. This leads to competition and potentially low profit margins.

Another aspect to consider is product sourcing and selection. Having a range of items isn’t enough. Items must be high-quality, valuable, and align with current market demands. This requires ongoing market research and consumer trends analysis. Additionally, you need the ability to adapt to your store. These are in terms of product offerings, store layout, or marketing and email marketing tactics. It keeps the business relevant and appealing to customers. 

This means that even with a pre-built store, you will still need to put in a significant amount of work. You also need knowledge and skill in e-commerce to achieve and maintain high conversions. While pre-built stores from Ecommerce Brands might provide a starting point, it doesn't guarantee quick success without effort and expertise in these areas.

What is Ecom Brands Co?

Ecom is a website design company that creates and sells pre-built Shopify stores for $15. Providing in-depth training after the sale sets them apart from the competition. The content of the training is step-by-step in running a successful ecommerce business.

Ecom Brands has a reputation for building custom stores from scratch. Within 24-48 hours, they will send you your custom brand and pre-built store template, which includes winning products page and images. It also includes descriptions, customer reviews, and more features. 

What Do You Get With Ecom Brands?

You get six features and two bonuses with Ecom Brands. Their best feature is providing branded stores websites. You'll also get over 20 hand chosen product for your store. They create every store using premium custom theme designs. 

Additionally, you'll have access to Ecom Brand's network of exclusive suppliers. This allows you to ship your products to your customers faster. It also includes information for privacy policy, terms of service, and tracking pages. Also, another key content included is how to automate your order fulfillment.

The two bonus features you get are TikTok masterclass and a community platform. Scale to 7 figures is about marketing strategies for getting more leads. This helps you reach more audience in TikTok and converts them into sales. Additionally, the community feature unlocks a new member's portal. This platform provides video tutorials and exclusive training on Shopify dropshipping. You'll be your own account manager for your store.

Is There a Refund or Satisfaction Guarantee Offered by Ecom Brands for Their Shopify Store?

Yes, there is a refund policy for Ecom Brands if you're unsatisfied with the services for any reason. It's a 90 day active money-back guarantee. They will ask for proof that you tried to make the store work and couldn't after 90 days. They will then offer a full refund for your purchase. 

There are three factors for Ecom Brands to make sure that you tried to make your store work. First, you need to complete weeks two and three of the members' area. Next, you have watched at least 20% of the member's area videos. Last, your store should be active and working when you ask for a refund.

Additionally, customers can only request a refund for the 24/7 Coaching Accelerator and ProfitStream within the first 48 hours after the billing period.

What Are the 4 Step Ecom Brands Store Creation Process?

  • Ecom Brands Team Sets Up Your Shopify Store: You order a Shopify Store from Ecom Brands. They will provide you with all your login information in 24-48 hours.
  • Ecom Brands Connect You with Suppliers: They connect you with their fastest and trusted suppliers. These supplier already have your products ready to ship for customers.
  • Collect Your Sales From Customers: You make sales and profit from your new Shopify store.
  • Redo the Cycle for More Profit: Make sure your customers are happy. Repeat the entire process to make more money.

Who Is Ecom Brands For?

Ecom Brands is for people who are looking for convenience in setting up their Shopify store. It is also for people looking for financial freedom through dropshipping business model. If you're not techy and lack experience with web development, consider buying a pre-built store. Pre-built stores remove tedious tasks of coding and technical setup. Since Ecom Brands platform offers integrated tools, it helps you  inventory management, payment processing, and customer service. These aspects help simplify daily dropshipping operations.

Additionally, Ecom brands are for people who want time efficiency. Pre-built stores allow users to enter the dropshipping market immediately. Acting quickly is a valuable asset in the digital economy, as it gives a competitive edge. Creating a store from scratch can take a week to a month. A pre-built store is more time efficient, allowing more space to focus on sales strategy and marketing strategy for small businesses.

Ecom Brands is also for you if you want tested layouts and winning products. Pre-built stores include tested products that in the market which reduce risks of stocking low-performing inventory. In addition, Ecom Brands design online store layouts based on top e-commerce practices. This ensures a user-friendly shopping experience and positively affects your sales.

What Are Ecom Brands Reviews?

Ecom brands reviews are mostly positive in their sales page, highlighting user reviews. They share success stories and customer experience of store owners who found high profit using pre-built Shopify ecommerce stores.

One user on the sales page shared her Ecom Brands Shopify review. She said that being a part of Ecom Brands changed her life. Currently, she earns $1,200 a day. She is also happy working remotely in managing her stores. Despite having no experience in dropshipping, she added that the course is easy. She is looking forward to her future income.

Jacob, another Ecom Brand user, also posted his success. He made 126 sales with over $5k in revenue. This is after the third product testing. He added that Ecom Brands is legit.

What Does Reddit Say About Ecom Brands?

Ecom Brands Reddit reviews mostly talked about the legitimacy of the company. A lot of the thread said that Ecom Brands is legit but not a get rich easy scheme. There are less positive reviews on the threads present in Reddit. Other also say that they post fake reviews to attract more customers.

The thread started with a Reddit user asking if Ecommerce Brands is legit to save time and money.

Ecom Brands Reddit reviews mostly talked about the legitimacy of the company. A lot of the thread said that Ecom Brands is legit but not a get rich easy scheme. There are less positive reviews on the threads present in Reddit. Other also say that they post fake reviews to attract more customers.

The thread started with a Reddit user asking if Ecommerce Brands is legit to save time and money.

One user confirms Ecom Brands' legitimacy. He said that Ecom Brands is legitimate and specializes in offering pre-built Shopify stores. These stores come with 20-30 items, and purchasing one can be a convenient option. The buyer handles the ongoing costs associated with running a Shopify store, which are minimal.

Additionally, these stores often provide links to websites that allow users to add more products with no physical inventory. 

However, in the latter part of the thread, a user shared a review from TikTok. He added that the girl got scammed and he would not trust it. He suggests learning how to build a store and then buy some from well-known sellers instead of joining Ecom Brands.

Another Reddit user expressed complaint on Ecom Brands. He said that he tried to ask for a refund because his store didn't work. He added that none of them responded to him even if he has just purchased the store.

What Does Trustpilot Say About Ecom Brands?

Ecom Brands reviews on Trustpilot are mostly negative. It received a 2.6 over 5 star rating from users.

Farbod, an Ecom Brands user, said that it's the worst online experience he had ever had . He added that they didn't honor their refund policy. They also refuse to any refund request. He wished he had checked first before joining. He also urged not to trust or do business with Ecom Brands.

Another negative review came from Brenden. He said that Ecom Brands is a scam. Similar to Farbod, he also did not receive a chance for a refund from Ecom Brands. He added that Ecom Brands' team didn't honor their refund policy and change it if you requested. According to him, Ecom Brands' team ignored his emails. He is disappointed because he paid extra for features he didn't get. According to him, he recommends making your own dropshipping website.

However, Ecom Brands also receive one positive review in Trustpilot. Grateful Tommy said he purchased an ecom store from them a few months ago and its results surprised him. He added that they included 20 products in his store and granted him access to their training portal to learn how to run ads. Tommy also gave a hint that training is free, but you will have to pay for ads to make sales.

Can the Ecom Brands Shopify store be customized, and if so, to what extent?

Ecom Brands Shopify store can be customized. In their FAQs, one question asks, "Can I pick my niche? ". The answer to the FAQ is yes. When completing the order form, you'll need to show your preferred store niche. They'll then add 20 winning products into your store. These products are all tailored to your niche.

It's also added that Ecom Brands will help you change your store. They provide video modules that show how to manage and make store changes. Additionally, Ecom Brands team will be available to support you if ever you're stuck and confused.

Ecom Brands Team Claims

Ecom Brand team claims in committing to support your eCommerce journey and helping you build a thriving online business. A part of this claim is they can make a high-converting Shopify store made for you. This means that when you purchasing a store for $15 and joining training can make you successful in dropshipping. 

Ecom Brands Team Claims DEBUNKED

Ecom Brands' claim of easy success with a pre-built Shopify store is persuasive, but is too good to be true. A range of factors influences success in e-commerce dropshipping. Some of these are market trends, competition, product selection, marketing strategies, and customer service. Purchasing a pre-built Shopify store and training does not guarantee success. 

90% of dropshipping store fail in the first five years. This data is enough to conclude that people who buy pre-built stores and attend training don't always succeed in dropshipping. The increasing number of entries into dropshipping often leads to market saturation, resulting in reduced profit margins and higher failure rates. 

Additionally, reviews online even make it hard to verify the legitimacy of this claim. It's unrealistic for a pre-built website to achieve success without further knowledge and skills in dropshipping.

Starting with a pre-built store and training is not enough. Ongoing learning, strategic marketing, and the ability to adapt to market changes are crucial for success in dropshipping. Though it seems easy, dropshipping remains to be a very competitive field.

What is an E-com Brand?

An E-com brand is an identity that an online seller establishes. Visual aspects, marketing strategies, and relationships with customers and repeat customers define a brand. It goes beyond having a logo. It involves developing a mission and a unique value proposition. This sets the brand apart from competitors.

Aspects of a brand include visual assets like logos, colors, illustrations, and packaging. Its unique selling proposition also defines it. This proposition is what it communicates, what the company does, who it serves, and why it does it. Consistency across all channels helps create a strong and memorable brand image in the minds of consumers.

How Does Ecom Brands' Pricing Compare With Other Pre-built Shopify Store Providers?

Pre-built store provider


Ecom Brands




$389 - $789

Dropship For Sale



$17 - $997


$119 - $499


$449 - $599

Cash Flow

$100 - $239
vs Ecom Brands




It costs $15 to buy a pre-built store.

The pricing page for Ecom brands is unavailable.

Company Focus

Focuses on growing and selling ecommerce stores to clients.

Specializes in helping D2C and B2E ecommerce brands. Focuses on growing profitability and scalability of ecommerce brands.

Services Offered

Creates basic e-commerce stores. Carefully design stores to sell. Provides profitable products. Sells using Shopify apps for dropshipping.

Finds, grows, and sells emerging e-commerce brands. Aims for profitable growth and sales for clients. Focuses on scalability and profitability of e-commerce brands.

Customer Reviews

Mixed reviews on legitimacy. Some users report dissatisfaction with responsiveness and refunds. Concerns about the authenticity of store creation.

Limited customer reviews are available. There are no clear details on legitimacy. Some users need clarification on the speed of store growth.

Team Behind the Service

Every professional at Ecom Brands demonstrates dedication and plays a unique role in ensuring client success. Each plays a unique role in ensuring client success.

Operated by EcomSolutions. Experienced team with expertise in e-commerce growth and exits. Works with clients from A to Z until they get sold.

Is Ecom Brands Legit?

Ecom Brands is legit because it is a professional website with a secure URL. The website uses SSL encryption, which shows a secure and professional website. Additionally, scam prevention websites also showed that Ecom Brands is a legitimate site and business. However, reviews for Ecom Brands are mixed. Some users reported positive experiences and others expressed concerns. This mixed feedback from independent sites adds confusion to its legitimacy.

Additionally, Ecom Brands partners with Shopify, a reputable and well-known e-commerce platform. This adds credibility to what they offer. The company also gives a 90-day money-back guarantee. This proves their confidence in their product and a customer-first approach. Their pricing, compared to competitors, also suggests a value-focused strategy to prove their legitimacy.

What Are Pre-Built Shopify Stores?

Pre-built Shopify stores are ready-made ecommerce websites that are fully developed and designed. They are ready for you to sell products immediately using the Shopify platform. It includes essential features such as product pages and payment gateways. I also include a customizable storefront.

These pre-built Shopify stores are also innovative solutions for online retail. It has immediate features of product selection, designs, and pre-established branding. It removes the lengthy and challenging process of building a store from scratch. There is no need for designing, copywriting, or adding products. When the website is ready, you can immediately have it.

This hands-off approach allows entrepreneurs to focus on marketing and customer service. Rather than dealing with the technical aspects, this results in more time growing their business.

Are Pre-Built Shopify Stores Worth it in 2024? 

Pre-built Shopify stores are not worth it in 2024 based on experts. A review on YouTube who tried the pre-built website said that he didn't make money as advertised. This is because despite having pre-loaded products, identifying high-converting items proved challenging. Also, pre-built store visitors did not convert into customers for the ecommerce business. This shows trust issues with the website, affecting its ability to generate sales. Gorgias' Shopify dropshipping statistics supported this reasoning. 18% of why shopping carts get abandoned before checkout is because they didn't trust the site to leave their credit card information.

Additionally, pre-built stores often lack content customization options. This makes it difficult to determine from competitors. It is also hard to establish a unique brand identity without customization. Last, Relying on pre-built solutions may hinder long-term success. Building custom and trustworthy online stores is very essential. Knowledge of building a store creates sustainable growth and profitability in e-commerce.

Why Ranking Websites Through Local Lead Generation is Better Than Pre-Built Shopify Stores

Ranking websites through local lead generation is better than pre-built Shopify stores because it allows for more control over niche markets and targeted customers. The major challenge with pre-built Shopify stores is heavy competition because of low barrier entry. A significant number of these stores often cannot make an impact. Statistics show that 90% of dropshipping stores fail in the first five years.

Compared to local lead generation, it provides a more focused approach. Pre-built Shopify stores face market saturation and constant market research. The model also spends a lot on ads. Local lead generation targets specific local businesses and niches, reducing direct competition. Businesses benefit from local lead generation's effectiveness in bringing relevant, targeted leads. This is something broad-based e-commerce platforms struggle with. It's a key advantage in helping businesses advance in a crowded online marketplace.


Local lead generation works by optimizing websites to rank high in search engines. It's for specific local services and products. Ranking high attracts traffic from potential customers. One major benefit of this method is its capacity to generate higher conversion rates. This method stands out when comparing it to the general approach of e-commerce stores.

Consider local lead generation as a more effective business model. By prioritizing local leads, you'll see a more sustainable and profitable business. The targeted approach ensures quality leads and establishes a foundation for online businesses. If you’re looking to build a successful online business, local lead generation could be the strategic move you need.

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