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eCom Elites Review: Franklin Hatchett (My #2 Pick Here’s Why)

April 12, 2024

Franklin Hatchett's eCom Elites program is one of the most affordable and comprehensive dropshipping courses out there and was updated in 2019. In 7 of the 10 training modules inside the course, Franklin shows you several methods that will help you generate traffic towards for your Shopify ecommerce store. 

In this eCom Elites review, we're going to look at who Franklin Hatchett is and everything you learn in this course including how to leverage chatbot marketing in your dropshipping business. I'll answer some of the more common asked questions people have when it comes to dropshipping, if eCom Elites is worth it and why it's second among all dropshipping courses I've reviewed. Plus, why local lead generation might be a better opportunity to make money online in 2024 than dropshipping.


Franklin shows you real-world examples throughout the training as opposed to simply telling you what to do

Franklin has made over 7-figures in sales with dropshipping

Updated course has training on how to leverage email marketing, Instagram, and Chatbots to increase sales and scale your business

You learn the basics of business and sales

Live weekly coaching calls held by Franklin (Q&A)


Very slow and conservative approach to FB bidding in the Facebook training module

Some training videos feel long-winded and could have been condensed yet still get the point across

The income you earn with dropshipping is far from passive


Two pricing options:

eCom Elites Standard Package costs $197

eCom Elites Ultimate Package costs $297

30 day action-based money-back guarantee. You must have logged into the training at least once, have gone through at least 50% of the training, have joined the private Facebook group, and proof that you completed your store and that it's live. If not, you get no refund. This refund policy requires you to have learned something before quitting.


34+ hours of video training content (10 modules)


Private Facebook Inner Circle community for accountability and support


Franklin Hatchett created Ecom Elites in 2017 and was update in 2019


This is one of the more popular dropshipping courses available and Franklin Hatchett is one of the authorities in this business model. If you check some of the eCom Elites YouTube Reviews, you'll find that the majority are all positive reviews.

Top 5 Dropshipping Problems

1. Not Finding Profitable, Quality Products

Online businesses like dropshipping can be an excellent idea for individuals like young adults to earn passive income. However, one of the top dropshipping problems you'll face is that it takes time before you find a profitable product. This is something beginners and experts deal with on the regular. Not every product will be a winner but if you do find one, it may not be profitable for long. This requires dropshippers to constantly be on the lookout for the next trending product and get to selling it before the competition does. Also, if can be difficult to find suppliers that are manufacturing quality products. If you're going to be selling products online, you want those products to be of great quality. If not, you're going to end up having to deal with lots of refunds and angry customers which doesn't bode well for your brand.

2. Expensive Paid Ads

According to Business Insider, the cost of running ads on platforms like Meta (Facebook), Google, and TikTok is increasing each year. Apple making new ad targeting changes has contributed to this increase. Meta's CPM has increased each year by 61%, Google's CPM has increased by 75% and TikTok's CPM has increased by 185% year over year. TikTok is the newest and cheapest ad cast of the bunch, but it's rise in ad cost is exponential and not slowing down. This increase in ad cost is the result of the increase in marketers and companies running ads. The higher the competition on a platform, the more you're going to have to pay. As a new dropshipper, this can hold you back from getting started and those who have been dropshipping for some time may call it quits on the business model.

3. Having to Deal Directly with Customers

A downside of dropshipping is that you have to deal directly with customers. From taking orders to handling any customer queries, complaints, exchanges or refunds. In a perfect world, your suppliers provides you with perfect products and all of your customers are happy. In the real world, there will be issues. It can be very uncomfortable to deal with these situations. If you have thick skin and don't mind helping people, it may not affect you. But it can be an inconvenience. For this reason, many marketers prefer to do Amazon FBA.

4. Long Shipping Times

Speaking of Amazon FBA, it's shipping times are another reason people avoid dropshipping. With Amazon FBA, your customers get their products within the week. That's not the case with dropshipping. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, shipping times from China were drastically delayed. Those effects are still felt to this day. Your best bet at having a profitable dropshipping business is not only to find a trendy, quality product, but to also find a supplier in the United States where shipping times are reduced. Your customers will love your brand for it.

5.Low Profit Margins

Dropshipping profit margins are around 10%-40%. That means if you generated $10,000, you'd only profit $1000 to $4000 at best. There is so much work and money you have to put in for minimal gains. For this reason alone, many people steer clear of the dropshipping business model.

Introduction to Franklin Hatchett

Franklin Hatchett is a famous online entrepreneur from New Zealand. He's a multimillionaire who' made his money online by dropshipping products on Shopify. Before dropshipping, Franklin started out making websites and ranking them. He would make some money off the advertisements he placed on his sites. But the money he made off of those advertisements wasn't enough to live the laptop lifestyle he always wanted.

So, Franklin tried affiliate marketing, where he earned a commission from selling other people's products. This worked great until the affiliate company closed down and he found himself right back at square one.

In 2009, he came across the dropshipping business model and, with the help of Facebook ads, he made over 7-figures in revenue. He also started a software company that generated over $300K and created the Online Dimes free resource blog. Franklin then created the eCom Elites dropshipping course to teach people how to get started with their own Shopify dropshipping store and scale.

The Franklin Hatchett YouTube channel has over 560K subscribers who benefit from the videos Franklin posts every week. All his videos are about the many ways you can make money online, and of course, there are plenty of videos about dropshipping. 

Franklin Hatchett Net Worth

Franklin Hatchett has an estimated net worth between $1 million and $5 million.

How To Make Money Online With High Ticket Products Franklin Hatchett's Way

  • Choose the Right Products: Franklin emphasized the importance of choosing the right high ticket products, those that cost $2,000 to $20,000. He said these items could range from physical goods to digital products like software and tools. 
  • Plan the Affiliate Approach: He suggests planning your approach using unique selling propositions to stand out in the saturated affiliate market.  
  • Pre-launch Strategy: He also recommends joining pre-launch events that help you earn per lead and potentially win additional money from a prize pool. Marketing initiatives like this hypes your customer base before you officially launch the products. 
  • SEO and Paid Ads: Franklin talks about using paid advertising and creating SEO-optimized content to drive traffic to your affiliate links. This includes YouTube videos that are targeted to a specific niche. 
  • Building a Bridge Page: Creating a bridge page helps collect emails for email campaigns for future use. 
  • Optimizing Sales Funnels: Franklin also emphasized the importance of understanding and setting up effective sales funnels. This includes setting up upsells and down sells to maximize revenue. 

Challenges To Consider with High Ticket Products

  • High-ticket items have high expectation from customers because of its steep price point. Customers are also more demanding as they expect higher product quality and superb customer service. 
  • The audience is smaller with high-ticket products because they're cautious and will take longer to decide before purchasing. 
  • Selling high-ticket items entails longer sales cycles. According to MarketingSherpa, expensive items have a conversion rate of only 10%, while impulse purchases have a 20% to 25% conversion rate.  
  • High-ticket offers are also more expensive to market. You need to ensure you're using high-quality content on your promotional materials and you spend substantially on paid ads. 

What's not mentioned in the video: Franklin did not mention that high ticket items take longer to sell. According to HubSpot, B2B sales cycles for high ticket items can last 6-12 months or longer, compared to low-ticket items. 

eCom Elites Course Breakdown

Welcome Video

The course kicks off with an eCom Elites Members Welcome Video, presented by Franklin Hatchett him. He summarizes who he is, where he comes from, and how eCom Elites differs from other dropshipping courses.

Module 00 - eCom Introduction

Franklin starts with a bold statement: “Welcome to the best dang money-making course online."

Franklin clarifies that this course is for people who are just starting out on their e-commerce journey. Therefore, more seasoned dropshippers might find a lot of the content irrelevant or basic to them.

Franklin tells you not to have unrealistic expectations, such as becoming a millionaire soon.

Module 01 - Setting Up Your Shopify Store

This module is all about how to get setup creating your Shopify store. It's pretty standard stuff and Franklin doesn't make any earth-shattering Shopify setup revelations but it's good to get walked through each step of the way.

Here's what you can expect from Module 2:

  • How to set up your new Shopify store
  • How to set up payment and shipping options
  • Apps to use on your site
  • Implementing product automation
  • How to send abandoned cart emails to lure potential customers back
  • Store funnels

Module 02 - Sourcing Products

In module 2, Franklin shares some great tips on how to source hot products to sell in your ecommerce store. This module is so long because he shows you real-life examples of finding profitable products using different apps and sites he recommends you use. He also points out the importance of finding the right supplier.

It is well worth your time to go through this module and see how a true dropshipping expert conducts their product research. Success does leaves clues.

Module 03 - Facebook Traffic

Franklin goes into great detail on how to use Facebook to generate sales. This is one of the longest modules of eCom Elites. Franklin shows you the methods that have worked for him in his dropshipping business. 

You learn things like...

  • How to set up Facebook ad accounts
  • Different advertising methods to use (ads, organic, etc.)
  • How to build up your audience through targeting (age, location, job, etc.)
  • What the Facebook Pixel is and how to set it up
  • Creating different types of ads and how to split-test
  • How to read campaign data and how to re-target if necessary
  • Scaling your campaigns
  • How to bid, and more

This module takes time to work through and even longer to implement, but it is well worth it. Franklin is a little on the conservative side in his approach, so those who are well-versed in Facebook marketing shouldn't be surprised if they don't learn anything new.

Module 04 - Instagram Traffic

Many so-called Shopify gurus will mention Instagram, but won't go into much detail, let alone actually show you how to leverage the platform owned by Meta. 

In this module, he shows you how to...

  • Find the right influencers at the right price
  • Run Instagram ads the right way
  • Schedule posts to keep your audience engaged (automate posts)

Module 05 - Email Marketing

In this module, Franklin shows you how to get more sales using email marketing. 

You'll learn how to...

  • Design a landing page
  • Create a Shopify store list and lead generation list
  • Automate your email marketing
  • Generate a lead magnet to get leads with Facebook ads and coupons
  • Use Franklin's "Product Launch Formula"

Franklin shares great insider info that has worked for him in the past and warns you of the pitfalls associated with email marketing. 

Module 06 - ChatBot Marketing

What you learn in this course has not been taught in any other dropshipping course. Franklin shows you how to take your store to the next level by using his ChatBot system. You'll learn how to set them up, and how to use them to increase engagement with the goal of generating more sales.

Franklin teaches you which chatbot platforms to use and how to create automated chat sequences.

Module 07 - Funnel Traffic Foundation

Franklin teaches you how to build advanced sales funnels in module 7. You get access to a funnel template that he's used to generate 6-figures that you can upload and personalize.

Module 08 - Google Ads Traffic Explosion!

In module 8, you learn how to leverage Google to increase conversions while keeping ad cost low. Franklin teaches you how to upload your campaigns to begin making sales the same day you go live with them.