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Dan Vas’ Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA Review: 5 Secrets to Private Label Success

May 14, 2024

ecom freedom amazon fba

The Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA course by Dan Vas teaches private label selling using Amazon FBA. It provides a step-by-step curriculum that covers the entire process of setting up an e-commerce venture on Amazon. This includes product research, supplier negotiation, branding, and sales strategies. Students get lifetime access to an e-learning platform, updates, a private group, and mentorship calls. 

Feedback on the course is mixed according to various online platforms, such as Trustpilot and Reddit. It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars from Trustpilot. Students like Yara Abugharbieh and Miguel Obregon praised the in-depth material and supportive community. Others criticize it for issues like unresponsive mentors and misleading marketing. Success stories from the course include Patrick, who earned $250k in less than a year. However, these stories are less frequent elsewhere. 

Private labels using Amazon FBA can still be profitable. According to Jungle Scouts, about 59% of Amazon sellers are using this model. However, starting a new private label business takes time and effort. This is because of the high competition from manufacturers selling on Amazon and Amazon’s private label products. Other obstacles include high startup costs ($10K to $15K), lengthy setup time(6 months), supplier relationships, and many more.

This Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA review will explore its pros and cons, content, and inclusions. We will also look at what people are saying about the course and some students achieving success. In the end, we'll talk about why there's a better alternative than e-commerce, such as Amazon FBA. 

Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA Review: Pros and Cons


The Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA provides step-by-step walkthrough of how to get started in Private Label FBA. 

The Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA course has good video quality. 

It gives lifetime access to a private Facebook group and course updates. 

The course gives free review of your Amazon listing by an experienced FBA team member. 


The Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA has mixed reviews online. 

The Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA has very limited success stories outside its platform.  

Some students reported that Dan shares a lot of similar content for free on his YouTube channel. 

There is no guarantee that it works the same for everyone. 


The Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA course cost $997. You can choose to make 2 monthly payments of $597 each, or 3 monthly payments of $497 each.


The Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA training includes recorded videos, one-on-one and group mentoring calls, and lifetime access to resources and updates. 


The Ecom Freedom Elite Amazon FBA has a private Facebook group with 239 members.

Refund Policy

The Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA  refund policy offers a 7-day zero-risk free trial. You'll have access to the first 3 modules during the trial period.


The Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA course started in 2017. 


Dan Vas has established a good reputation as a successful online entrepreneur and expert in Amazon FBA and Shopify. His online courses have attracted thousands of students who seek to learn how to build and grow online businessesHe has over 468K subscribers on YouTube and 44.3K followers on Instagram. 

5 Secrets to Private Label Success

  1. Conducting product research: Dan Vas emphasizes the importance of product research and selection. Finding a product with high demand but low competition is crucial. Understand which product categories are trending and which ones to avoid. 
  2. Establishing strong relationships with suppliers: Dan said you need to negotiate with suppliers. This is to ensure the price is right and product quality is up to standard. This means you need to understand the sourcing system and master negotiation techniques.
  3. Building an interesting and lasting brand: This involves creating a logo or a brand name and crafting a complete brand identity. You also need a professional website and social media platforms to engage with your customers and grow your brand. Dan said that professional branding, such as logos and packaging design, improves brand message.
  4. Optimizing product listings: This involves mastering keyword optimization. This is to ensure visibility in Amazon searches. Dan advises on using high-quality images and engaging and keyword-rich titles. You also need to add feature-packed bullet points and persuasive product descriptions.
  5. Utilizing  Amazon PPC: This boosts product visibility and sales. You need to create and optimize profitable PPC campaigns. This means selecting the right keywords, setting appropriate budgets, and refining strategies. He also stresses the importance of gathering customer reviews early on to build trust and authority.

What is the Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA Course?

Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA course helps individuals grow their own private label business. Private label involves selling your own branded products on Amazon. It uses FBA service to handle storage, shipping, and customer service. The program offers a structured 12-step curriculum. It covers various aspects of setting up an eCommerce business. It includes understanding Amazon's platform, conducting product research, launching products, and many more.

Participants will receive one-on-one guidance from experienced Amazon sellers. It also comes with an e-learning platform, a resource library, group mentorship calls, and bonuses. Members get lifetime access to the course materials, including any updates. The content includes Dan Vas’ step-by-step roadmap to success, presented both in video and PDF format.

What are the Inclusions of Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA?

  • Unlimited Hands-On  and Personal One-On-One Mentorship From A $1.5 Million/Year Amazon FBA Seller
  • Ecom Freedom 12-Step Core Curriculum Lifetime Access With Updates For Life
  • Twice Per Week Small Group Mentorship To Get Your Questions Answered (2 Per Week, Lifetime Access)
  • Access To Ecom Freedom Proprietary E-Learning Platform
  • Exclusive Ecom Freedom Resource Library
  • Bonus- Ecom Freedom MBA
  • Bonus - Millionaire Mindset Course By Ecom Freedom CEO And 8-Figure Entrepreneur Dan Vas

What Will You Learn From Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA?

1. Ecom Freedom Fundamentals

It covers the key strategies for managing a successful FBA business easily and effectively. It comes with a detailed guide that ensures success.

2. How To Do This From Anywhere In The World

This lesson is about learning how to use Amazon Seller Central. It involves understanding the essential details to keep your account active. It also covers managing your payments from anywhere in the world.

3. Elite Product Research

It teachers the easy research method that consistently outperforms competitors. The lesson also includes discovering the most profitable product categories, along with those to avoid.

4. Profitable Product Precision

This lesson teaches you how to refine your product list to select the most profitable items. You will also learn to calculate profit margins, understand Amazon's fees, and develop a strategy for your brand.

5. Supplier Success Secrets

It covers how to find top-notch suppliers from around the world using the Ecom Freedom sourcing system.

6. First Order Fundamentals

It covers how to place your first product order, choose the best supplier, create a brand name, and design attractive packaging.

7. Branding Brilliance

This lesson is about creating a lasting brand with a clear vision and mission. It teaches how to develop a professional website and learn to use Facebook Messenger with Amazon FBA.

8. Amazon Listing Mastery

This step helps you improve your Amazon listings. It involves creating a list of keywords, writing eye-catching titles, and crafting bullet point descriptions. 

9. Product Launch Like A Pro

It covers launching your product expertly by identifying essential keywords. It also talks about starting your Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Another lesson involves managing your first campaign as if you're an experienced pro.

10. Amazon PPC Power Play

This lesson covers mastering Amazon's Pay-Per-Click advertising. It teaches you to create effective campaigns and maximize your profits.

11. Brand Growth Genius

This module covers how to pick successful products. It aims to increase sales with effective Amazon strategies and manage competitors who try to copy your listings.

12. Million Dollar Brand Blueprint

This lesson provides a guide to building a successful e-commerce brand. This includes strategies for trademarking, team-building, and avoiding common mistakes.

Who is the Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA Course For?

The Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA Course is for beginners and current Amazon sellers who want to start or expand their business. It is also for individuals seeking to establish a sustainable online business. If you are looking to shift from traditional job roles into entrepreneurship and eCommerce, this course is for you. 

What People are Saying About Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA?

People from Trustpilot and Reddit have very mixed feedback about Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA. Testimonials found on its platform suggest positive results. However, there are very limited success stories found outside Dan's socials and platforms.

Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA Reviews From Trustpilot 

The Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA reviews from Trustpilot are a mixture of positive and negative feedback. It currently has a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars from the platform. Reviewers appreciate the structured content, knowledgeable mentors, and the responsive support provided. Reviewers also note that the course offers lifetime access and updates. Participants find it invaluable to stay current in the dynamic field of eCommerce.

Yara Abugharbieh and Miguel Obregon describe the course as comprehensive and detailed. Julie Butler said that the course has an incredible wealth of information. Caleb Whiting calls it the best investment. Mohamed Elbouchti describes joining the course as a game-changer. 

ecom freedom positive review

However, several users have expressed dissatisfaction with the Ecom Freedom course. They cited issues with mentor responsiveness and misleading marketing practices. Students like Behruz Huseynov and Ashley Cormier reported a lack of communication and support after initial interactions. This contradicts the advertised claims. Christopher said that the course is a copy-pasted version of Tanner Fox's outdated course. He added that all videos are available on Dan's YouTube account for free. Similarly, reviewers like Jonathan Gable and Amer said they suffer business losses instead of earnings. 

Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA Reviews From Reddit 

The Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA reviews from Reddit have mixed feelings. A lot of users expressed skepticism about the value of paid Amazon FBA courses. Redditor woowoopoopoo4 found that Dan's website has tons of fake reviews and stock photos claiming to be actual clients/customers. Another user said that there is no value in it and advised to just use YouTube instead. 

ecom freedom negative review

However, some users came to Dan's defense. For instance,  RemarkableReport2479 said that he had taken the course and confirmed that it wasn't a scam at all. He also mentioned that it takes time to get through the lessons. He added that there was a ton of knowledge in the course and he still learned a lot despite already having a good idea of Amazon FBA. 

Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA Success Stories 

Yes, Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA students are successful. You can find these success stories on the Ecom Freedom website. Patrick Jung said that he surpassed $200K in sales for the last 12 months. Many of the testimonials said that doing private label Amazon FBA is challenging, but it is possible to achieve success.

Mathias from Norway started his e-commerce journey in April 2020, at 20 years old. At 23-year-old he made $1.7 million in sales. Together with his friends, he launched multiple stores which collectively made significant sales. Mathias emphasizes the importance of a long-term, branded approach, rather than short-term gains. He also highlights the importance of mindset in business success. Mathias said that these are the things he learned through Dan's course. 

Patrick shares his successful experience with Amazon sales, making $250k in less than a year. He attributes his success to the Ecom Freedom course. Patrick said that he appreciates the valuable mentorship he received. Because of his success, he transition from his 9-to-5 job in accounting to running his own online business. He added that the structured approach to Ecom Freedom helped him minimize risks and maximize success.

Who is Dan Vas?

Dan Vas is an entrepreneur, investor, YouTuber, and the founder of the Ecom Freedom courses. He began his journey in 2017, determined to escape the traditional 9-to-5 job and find success in eCommerce. Vas made a breakthrough with Amazon FBA, growing his business to a multimillion-dollar level within 18 months.

He owns and manages both Amazon FBA and Shopify businesses, applying daily the tactics he teaches. Through his course at Ecom Freedom, he has mentored over 15,000 students. He shares the lessons he learned from countless failed products and financial losses that paved his way to success. Dan also runs a popular YouTube channel, which boasts 468K subscribers and features tutorial videos on Amazon FBA. He also manages a podcast titled "Freedom by Dan Vas," and he maintains an active presence on Instagram with 44.3K followers.

Is Amazon Private Label Dead?

No, Amazon private label is not dead because it is still being used by 59% of Amazon sellers according to Jungle Scout. Private labels on Amazon involve placing your brand on an existing product, which you buy in bulk from a manufacturer. Currently, private label is the most popular Amazon business model in 2024. Selling these branded products on Amazon allows access to its multi-million active customers.

However, some instances make private label businesses good as dead to newcomers. A lot of manufacturers are selling directly on Amazon for a lower price. Amazon itself sells many of its private-label products. This amplifies the already high competition in the market. Many sellers reported to that it takes about 1 year before you see any profits. Setting up a private label business takes time, usually over 6 months. Usually, you need to order samples within 6-8 weeks with shipping time to verify reliable suppliers with quality products. In addition, private-label production costs are quite high. The start-up cost for a private label business is around $ $10K to $15K. 

What are the Challenges of Amazon FBA?

  1. Long store setup: It takes so long to set everything up and there's no guarantee your product will ever rank and start generating sales.
  2. Dealing with suppliers: Dealing with foreign suppliers is frustrating and risky. Finding and keeping the right supplier can be very challenging indeed. 
  3. High competition: There are over 2 million active sellers on Amazon, with around 3,700 new sellers joining daily, as reported by eDesk. Standing out can be challenging, especially for new sellers or those in saturated product categories.
  4. Complex and rising Amazon fee: Amazon FBA involves many fees. This includes storage fees, fulfillment fees, and long-term storage fees, among others. In 2020 alone, Amazon took in $90 billion in seller fees.
  5. Challenging inventory management: Managing inventory can be challenging in the Amazon FBA model. Overstocking can lead to high storage fees. Understocking can cause stock-outs and lost sales. 
  6. Strict policy compliance: Amazon has strict policies that sellers must follow. Failing to do so can cause suspended accounts. Staying up-to-date with Amazon’s ever-changing rules can be daunting.
  7. Too much reliance on Amazon’s algorithm: Visibility on Amazon depends on its algorithm, which can change frequently. Keeping up with these changes and optimizing listings to maintain visibility and sales can be challenging.
  8. Difficulty in handling returns and refunds: This can be difficult while maintaining profitability.
  9. Tough differentiating your brand: You need to develop a unique brand identity and customer loyalty. But, in such a competitive environment, it requires extra effort and creativity.
  10. Limited customer interaction: Amazon limits direct communication between sellers and customers. This makes it harder to build customer relationships, gather feedback, or drive repeat business.
  11. Hijacking and counterfeits: Some sellers hijack listings or sell counterfeit products. This can be difficult to mitigate and can affect profitability. 

Why Local Generation is a Better Alternative to E-Commerce?

Local lead generation is a better alternative to e-commerce, such as Amazon FBA, because it is not as competitive. It also takes a shorter time to set up and start earning. The business model is pretty simple. You create simple websites for local service providers and rank them up on Google. Once ranked, these sites generate leads you can sell to small local business owners at 85% to 95% margins. 

Amazon FBA is a highly competitive industry with over 2 million sellers and counting. It's hard to stand out in the sea of sellers, especially if you are new to the business. Running a private label store also requires a certain level of technical skill.

Ranking on the search engine is also easier than getting a 5-star rating as an Amazon seller. Earning five stars requires ongoing effort. You need to pay attention to customer needs, and adaptiveness to changing market trends. You also have to ensure the customers are always satisfied so they don't leave negative reviews which ranks you down as a seller. 

Local lead generation doesn't burden you with all these problems. Once you rank the sites, they will likely stay ranked for a while and won't need much upkeep. If you are looking for an easier alternative to Amazon FBA, try local lead generation.  

If you're interested in lead generation, tap "Learn More" below.

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  2. Future job seekers beware, Dan signs contracts to hire you and never intends to uphold the agreement or pay you for your services. There are at least 5+ others that have rendered services this year alone that have experienced this same situation. There is an unstable, manic, and micromanaging culture working here that I assume indicates the overall health of the business.

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