Dontrell Lyons’ Effortless Ecom Review – How Does This Program Help You Build Ecommerce Store?

March 29, 2024

Dontrell Lyons' Effortless Ecom is a masterclass for building an automated ecommerce business. It teaches individuals to make money by simplifying ecommerce processes. The program provides tools and strategies as copy and pasting proven business tricks for consistent and long-term profit.

Effortless Ecom offers a "3-Phase Rapid Implementation Masterclass". The program's focus is product selection, advanced store design, and marketing mastery. These lessons secure student's advantage over their competition. While 90% of dropshipping stores fail, the program offers a fresh perspective on e-commerce dropshipping.

The masterclass has few online reviews. On Reddit, one participant asked for the credibility of the program. The user received negative replies from the thread afterward. However, Dontrell Lyons refuted one of the negative comments. He assured the user that Effortless Ecommerce works with transparency and integrity.

In this Effortless Ecom review, we'll provide the program's pros and cons. We'll also give general information about the masterclass and its inclusions. The program's approach to making money is also a coverage. Additionally, we'll also provide insights if the program is for you or not.

Effortless Ecom Review: Pros And Cons


Effortless Ecom provides a comprehensive course and training in ecommerce operations.

Effortless Ecom is friendly for beginners.

Effortless Ecom provides a monthly list of top products in the market. This results in an increase in positive customers wanting to buy products.


The program requires an upfront cost to start your business.

Effortless Ecom relies on platforms like Facebook and TikTok as their sales funnel. This makes the market volatile.

Dontrell Lyon doesn't guarantee your personal results using his program.


Effortless Ecom's current price is $27 for the entire bundle.

Refund Policy

The program's refund policy is a 30-day money-back guarantee.


There is no available information on Effortless Ecom's origin date.


Effortless Ecom has a vague reputation because there are few reviews online.

How Does Effortless Ecom Help You Build Ecommerce Store?

Effortless Ecom helps you build an ecommerce store using their "3-Phase Rapid Implementation Masterclass". The masterclass and platform guide you in product selection and advanced store design. It also provides content for marketing mastery in the ecommerce platform.

  • Product Hunting and Selection: Effortless Ecom lists 20 profitable products to sell on your ecommerce store. Additionally, it gives you insights into products to avoid. It also provides knowledge of the untapped European markets.
  • Advanced Store Design: The program guides you in creating a personalized store that reinforces your brand. This results in customer visits, which converts into sales.
  • Marketing Mastery: Effortless Ecom teaches you the Facebook Algorithm as a marketing tool. It converts your leads into sales by enhancing your ads and customer engagement. TikTok Buyer Guide helps you target more customers. It helps you know what products sell to target customers.

Additionally, Effortless Ecom’s approach is unique because it partners with USAdrop. This US-based warehouse is better than ordering from Ali Express and Alibaba. It removes the problem of shipping time, which takes 6 weeks to arrive, and ugly packaging. Ordering from Alibaba creates low-profit margins because sellers are also dropshippers. Ordering from USAdrop makes customers happy and improves your brand identity.

Another factor that makes Effortless Ecom unique is its collective effort to improve buying power. When you join Effortless Ecom's program, you contribute alongside others to pool resources. Buying wholesale products at lower prices benefits all members of the program. The bulk purchasing approach is better because suppliers prioritize large orders, leading to better deals. It also increases profits for everyone involved in partnerships and networking.

Companies also undertake collective efforts for market positioning. In marketing, collaboration means sharing ad costs for bigger and more effective advertising. This joint effort helps them compete better in the market.

What Can You Get From Effortless Ecom?

In the Effortless Ecom masterclass, you get four courses and one bonus content for Shopify automation. You'll have lifetime access to Effortless Ecom Blueprints. It provides a step-by-step guide for setting up and running an ecommerce store. Techniques include cross-selling and upselling to increase the value of a purchase.

The Goldmine Formula is a course for choosing profitable products on their product page. Strategies include product and niche selection. It also includes pricing strategies by looking at product reviews and ratings. Additionally, the Micro Brand Design School trains you to create a persuasive and personalized brand.

Sales Surge Strategies involve techniques and methods to boost sales and revenue significantly. Strategies like SEO for ecommerce and consumer behavior analysis are important for marketing. that come with this course.

The bonus bundle is the Hands-Free Fulfillment Mastery. It focuses on simplifying and optimizing the order fulfillment process. This results in minimizing the need for hands-on management.

Who Is Effortless Ecom for?

Effortless Ecom is for people comfortable adapting to new software and online tools. This is because ecommerce online stores rely on digital platforms. Store owners should also be flexible because the digital market is dynamic and needs flexibility. Market changes and consumer trends are its usual issues.

It's also for individuals who take initiative, are creative, and are open to calculated risks. Effortless Ecom is for you if you understand and prioritize customer needs and preferences. These are very essential for your small business.

Marketing skills are also important to succeed in Effortless Ecom. It's vital for attracting and keeping customers in the competitive online space. Successful ecommerce Shopify users should have strong analytical skills. It allows them to interpret data and understand market trends.

Success in the ecommerce space also requires good organizational skills. This skill is helpful through inventory management across aspects of the Shopify store. Persistence allows you to bounce back in the competitive ecommerce space.

Who Is Effortless Ecom Not for?

Effortless Ecom is not for people who are uncomfortable with changes and technology. The digital market is dynamic and requires constant flexibility. It’s not for store owners who prefer stable and predictable environments. Digital technologies in ecommerce are challenging and stressful.

To be successful in ecommerce, you need to be creative, willing to take risks, and have a proactive mindset. Those who are more comfortable with unpredictability may struggle with the business model.

Additionally, Effortless Ecom requires strong customer service orientation and marketing skills. Individuals who lack these skills face significant challenges in the field. This business model relies on customer satisfaction and effective marketing.

The competitive nature of ecommerce means setbacks are common. Those with difficulty coping with failure might find this environment stressful.

What Does Reddit Say About Effortless Ecom?

What Reddit says about Effortless Ecom is only in one thread. It doesn't have a lot of online reviews and independent customer feedback. Effortless Ecom review complaints are also not present online.

One Reddit user asked if anyone tried Dontrell Lyon's automated dropshipping. Effortless Ecom is catching his attention on Instagram as he explores ecommerce. He added that the program has a onetime payment and would do everything for you for a 30% cut. Checking his profiles, he is confirming if it is a realistic deal.

He also asked if people can share tips to spot scams and if Effortless Ecom is reliable.

One comment from the thread suggests not signing up for Effortless Ecom. The other comment said that he never heard of Dontrell Lyons. He added his experience as a dropshipping company's co-founder.

Dontrell Lyons spotted this comment and said that the previous comment was self-promoting. He added that in his 15 years in digital marketing; he has not heard of the commenter's company.

The thread closed with Dontrell Lyon's confirmation of posting his program on Instagram. He commended the user for having due diligence. He also said that it's smart to research a program before joining. Dontrell Lyons said that what he offers is too good to be true, but it works. He added that the automated system that handles the heavy lifting for a onetime fee and a cut of the profits. 

He said that the deal is Effortless Ecom makes ecommerce accessible to everyone. He also lets his results do the talking rather than social media. Additionally, he assured the user that Effortless Ecom works with transparency and integrity. Dontrell Lyons wants to make ecommerce fun and profitable.

Are The Clients of Effortless Ecom Successful?

Effortless Ecom's clients are successful according to their website. The website shows customer experience and customer journey using the program. They posted a lot of positive reviews. One user said that he didn't expect to have $25k in a month. He added that Dontrell Lyons made him a believer and encouraged him to keep things going. 

Maria, another Effortless Ecom client, earned $10k in a week. She added that Lyons and his team are amazing. It was the best investment she made in her life and she can't say anything but praise the program.

On the latter part of the website, are also success stories of some students. Diane said the automation is the best part of the program. She made a second passive income, and she's glad she jumped into ecommerce. Additionally, she said that in a couple of months she will be comfortable quitting Home Depot.

Heather, another client, said that nothing compares to Effortless Ecom. She's currently killing her sales and revenue because of the program.

Is Effortless Ecom Worth It?

Effortless Ecom is worth it because, for $27, you get a comprehensive course on ecommerce dropshipping. The course is user-friendly and gives insights into product sourcing and market positioning. It has a solid refund policy that clients can take advantage of.

Additionally, it offers tactics for collaborating with USAdrop. Its collective effort to improve buying power is another fresh approach to dropshipping. It's what sets Effortless Ecom compared to other ecommerce programs.

However, the program also asks for an upfront fee to start the business. Its excessive reliance on platforms like Facebook and TikTok results in market volatility. Also, Dontrell Lyon doesn't guarantee your personal results using his program.

FAQs About Effortless Ecom

Do you need technical skills to participate in Effortless Ecom?

You do not need prior ecommerce experience to join Effortless Ecom. The program is user and beginner-friendly.

Do you need prior ecommerce experience to join Effortless Ecom?

You don't need any previous experience to join Effortless Ecom. The program is accessible to anyone, regardless of their level of experience.

How soon can you expect to see results with Effortless Ecom?

Effortless Ecom claims to make sales for their clients on day 1. Individual results vary, but your commitment and effort determine your growth and small business.

Will you receive ongoing support after completing the Effortless Ecom program?

You will receive ongoing support and help after completing the Effortless Ecom program. The program provides access to a private community. It also connects with other participants while getting feedback on your content and products. They will also entertain customer questions.

Is there a money-back guarantee for you if not satisfied with Effortless Ecom?

You have a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with Effortless Ecom. The program offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason. You can request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Who Is Dontrell Lyons?

Dontrell Lyons is the co-founder of Media Mavericks LLC. He is a dynamic professional with a deep ecommerce and digital marketing background. His career journey started in the U.S. Army as a tech specialist. It's where he developed key skills in technology and communication systems. After the military, Dontrell pursued higher education. He earned a degree in Business Administration from the University of Arkansas Grantham. 

His transition into the ecommerce sector marked his success. With over 10 years in the field, he has scaled ecommerce stores to seven-figure revenues. His approach focused on smart systems for automation and simplification. It aims to reduce stress and increase sales of ecommerce entrepreneurs. This philosophy supports his role at Effortless Ecom, formerly Media Mavericks LLC. It's where he leads in transforming ecommerce businesses and building digital brands.

Dontrell's expertise extends to digital marketing, AI, and automation. For over 15 years, he has honed his skills in advanced marketing strategies. He is also an expert on paid advertising and media buying. His emphasis is on marketing automation and AI.

His work at DL Labs, Response Marketing Group, and 5S Marketing shows his capabilities. These capabilities are driving traffic, sales, conversions, and crafting effective sales funnels. Dontrell Lyons has technical mastery, strategic marketing, and a passion for ecommerce innovation. He uses these traits to drive business growth for his clients. 

What Is Media Mavericks LLC By Dontrell Lyons?

Media Mavericks LLC by Dontrell Lyons is the company where Effortless Ecom comes from. The company specializes in ecommerce innovation and brand building. The focus empowering online stores and emerging brands to excel in the digital marketplace. It uses the latest technologies and marketing strategies to create personalized experiences that match with target audiences and drive engagement for conversions. This approach includes designing visually appealing websites and strategic marketing campaigns to ensure excellence in aspects of client interaction.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Media Mavericks LLC had a team size of 11-50 employees. Their expertise includes custom ecommerce strategy, Shopify store development, brand identity design, digital marketing campaigns, and conversion rate optimization. They are also experts on market analysis and research, product research, analytics and reporting, and content marketing. They are experts in using a holistic, data-driven approach to craft powerful brands and online stores, prioritizing long-term success in the digital age.

Their method involves a strategic and comprehensive process. They begin with in-depth discovery and strategy development based on market research. The process includes creating strong brand identities and efficient scaling strategies.

Dontrell Lyons Claim:

Dontrell Lyon claims that ecommerce just got 10x easier and with the right tools, you can generate the income you desire from ecommerce. Part of his claim is earning 100k by following his methods and using his tools. He backs up this claim by providing success stories of his students who gained significant profit. 

Dontrell Lyons Claim Debunked:

Dontrell Lyons' claims of ecommerce dropshipping becoming 10x easier is persuasive. However, success in the business model depends on various factors. These include market trends and competition. Effortless Ecom offering a course and program to learn product selection and marketing is not enough. There is more to the business than these aspects, which you will learn from experience.

The program also highlights success stories, but they don't show the full picture. Not all users have the same positive experiences. The lack of independent reviews for Effortless Ecom makes it hard to judge its effectiveness. It's also a factor to know the credibility of the program.

Additionally, Effortless Ecom requires an upfront payment. It relies a lot on platforms like Facebook and TikTok, which can be unstable. There's also no promise of personal success from Dontrell Lyon. This is an honest disclaimer, given how unpredictable ecommerce can be. The claim of making ecommerce 10x easier underestimates the challenges of running an online business.

Looking at the broader ecommerce industry, the average online conversion rate is only about 1.72%. Also, the cart abandonment rate is high at around 71.98% according to Ecommerce Tips. Also, some ecommerce startups in North America fail in its first five years. This is according to Demandsage. These statistics show that ecommerce success is difficult and involves overcoming many challenges.

Programs like Effortless Ecom help, but they don't assure success. Ecommerce success involves a lot of factors. These include understanding market needs and customer behavior. As you go along running your business, these are skills you can improve.

Conclusion: Why Starting a Local Lead Gen Biz Is an Option To Ecommerce?

Starting a local lead gen biz is an option for ecommerce because of its minimal capital requirement, less competition, and high ROI. Many ecommerce dropshipping coaches claim to have solutions for market competition and saturation. However, most dropshipping stores fail. 80-90% of these stores do not survive past their first five years. Effortless Ecom offers a list of monthly products to sell to ensure profit. But it doesn't address saturation in certain products and niches.

Try the local lead gen biz as an alternative business that suits beginners. It also generates a predictable monthly passive income. Creating websites to generate leads for local businesses makes it a more promising and less competitive model. It has a higher success rate, potentially delivering 80% to 90% profit margins.


Local lead generation is also more rewarding because it aids local businesses directly. It uses search engine optimization to bring leads to local businesses. These leads turn into passive income and potential customers. Additionally, it has lesser reliance on product sales, unlike the ecommerce dropshipping model.

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