Vladyslav Varizhuk’s Enopoly Automation Review — Can Enopoly Automation Deliver Results?

March 15, 2024

Enopoly Automation is an eCommerce automation service by Vladyslav Korsunsky. It's a done-for-you service that creates a brand-new ecommerce store for you without the need to handle time-consuming tasks. With Enopoly Automation, you can sell products from popular platforms like Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and Walmart doing nothing.

Enopoly Automation is an all-in-one solution for online business success. Vlad and his team provide help in designing your store, optimizing it for search engines, sourcing products, and managing inventory. They build your website, drive traffic, send customer emails, and handle support. They even have tools to help you discover the top-selling products on Amazon or eBay with just a few clicks.

eCommerce automation can bring more profits to businesses. It helps you to streamline tasks like managing inventory, fulfilling orders, and supporting customers. That makes operations faster and more efficient. This leads to happier customers, more sales, and increased revenue. However, setting up and maintaining the automation tools can be costly. The expenses include setting up your store, software, and training. Additionally, ongoing maintenance and updates can incur additional expenses.

Local lead generation is a better alternative to eCommerce automation in terms of cost-effectiveness and profitability. It works by creating high-ranking websites for local keywords and renting them to local businesses. With just a minimum investment of $500 to create your first website, you can easily scale and earn passive income. You sell leads to local business owners at profit margins of 85%-90%.

Enopoly Automation Pros And Cons


It's a  100% done-for-you program.

They will provide 2-3 experts in eCommerce to handle your store from the company.

Enopoly Automaton already built eCommerce stores for their clients.

They work with 3rd party funding options they can refer you to if you have a good credit score


The minimum upfront investment is $30,000.

It has no training.

Enopoly Automation does not guarantee success.

There's no promise if your store didn't go well.


The costs depend on your chosen payment option.

  • 30,000 dollars (50-50 split)
  • 40,000 dollars (60-40 split)
  • 50,000.00 dollars (70-30 split)

Refund Policy

There is no information about its refund policy.


Enopoly Automation LLC started 2015.


Enopoly Automation already built stores for their clients in Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and Walmart. Most of them achieve success and generate significant income

How Much Does Enopoly Automation Cost?

The cost of Enopoly Automation has three payment options available:

  • $30,000 with a 50-50 split: This is the most cost-effective option where you pay $30,000 upfront to collaborate with Enopoly Automation. You then split the profits equally, with 50% going to you and 50% to Enopoly Automation.
  • $40,000 with a 60-40 split: In this option, you pay $40,000 to Enopoly Automation, and you receive 60% of the earnings while they receive 40%.
  • $50,000 with a 70-30 split: The third choice offers greater advantages. By paying $50,000, you are entitled to earn 70% of the profits, while Enopoly Automation receives 30%.

What Services Do You Get In Enopoly Automation?

With Enopoly Automation, you will get onboarding experience, full-service management, and revenue generation.

Onboarding Experience

Enopoly Automation provides you with a seamless onboarding experience. It covers setting up E-commerce stores designed for scalability. Their step-by-step process guides partners through the setup phase.

Full-Service Management

Enopoly Automation's team of ecommerce specialists takes care of the management of your automated stores. They leverage their expertise and automation process to track and scale partners' stores to new levels of success.

Revenue Generation

Enopoly Automation offers an ecommerce automation business model that generates passive income for you. Their team of experts focuses on high-demand products, enabling rapid store scaling and revenue generation.

Enopoly Automation Partnership Requirements

  • Capital: You need to make a one-time upfront investment to establish your automated business.
  • Inventory Costs: You are responsible for funding the purchase of products through capital or credit.
  • Growth Mindset: You must possess a mindset focused on growth and success to fully leverage this incredible opportunity.

Who Is The Founder of Enopoly Automation?

Vladyslav Varizhuk is the founder of Enopoly Automation. His journey started when he moved to the US as a child, hoping for better opportunities. After dropping out of college, he pursued boxing until a heart condition forced him to quit. This led to a period of depression, but he found hope in network marketing and eCommerce. Building his own automated stores became his passion, and he founded Enopoly Automation. Now, Enopoly Automation helps people create automated stores on platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. These stores generate passive income for their clients.

Who Is Enopoly Automation For?

Enopoly Automation is for anyone seeking passive income through eCommerce automation while maintaining their full-time job. This service is for those who have a minimum capital of $30,000 for their eCommerce store. If you have a limited budget, alternative options like affordable Shopify dropshipping courses are available online.

Is Enopoly Automation Worth It?

Enopoly Automation can not be worth it for beginners because of the need for high capital to become a member. The cheapest capital that is available is $30,000 which is very high that you can even start your eCommerce on your own. With that capital, you and Enopoly Automation receive a 50-50 split in profit and Vlad does not guarantee success. He said in some of his videos that your store can be better or worse than their client's store. That is risky.

But Enopoly Automation can really build your own eCommerce store that can generate profit. Vlad features a lot of their clients on his YouTube channel showing their own store. Also, Vlad provides 2-3 employees for each of their clients just to make sure that their store is in good hands. Vlad also chooses profitable eCommerce business ideas of 2023 for you. 

Enopoly Automation does not have tons of feedback outside of its website and channel. But, upon searching, I found a negative claim for the program from ScamAdviser. According to the feedback, you really need to stay away from Enopoly. Also, he said that after accepting your initial investment of $35,000 and setting everything up, Enopoly disappears when your store gets terminated.

How Does Enopoly Automation Work?

Enopoly Automation works in five major steps. It includes product research, product procurement, inventory management, customer service, and returns management.

  • Product research: The Enopoly Automation conducts thorough research to identify and create a curated list of products. It has a high potential for successful sales on major platforms like Amazon or eBay.
  • Product procurement: Vlad and the team handles the purchasing process from suppliers. Also, they ship products to their warehouse.
  • Inventory management: Enopoly Automation manages inventory on your behalf, streamlining the process for you.
  • Customer service: Enopoly Automation's team proactively addresses customer inquiries and concerns. The team provides help and support. They often expect and resolve issues before customers even realize they have questions.
  • Returns management: They manages all the product returns. It releases you of the burden to handle dissatisfied customers.

Can Enopoly Automation Deliver Results?

Yes, Enopoly Automation can deliver results. They have successfully built stores for their clients on various platforms. It includes Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and Walmart.

Amazon Automation Review

Sandra from California achieved a 33% profit margin and generated $13,196.27 in sales within her first 30 days with Enopoly Automation. She appreciates Vlad and his team's excellent services and smooth communication.

Facebook Marketplace Automation Review

Alyssa from Florida earned $2,687.80 in just 14 days by investing in Vlad's Facebook Marketplace automation service. Her store shows the effectiveness of Vlad's service.

Walmart Automation Review

Enopoly Automation offers comprehensive Walmart automation services. Morgan from South Carolina is one of their clients with a $100,000 capital investment. He reached an impressive $2,906.16 in sales in one day within his first month. Morgan also started with a $30,000 capital investment and increased it to $100,000. Right now, he established a 70-30 profit sharing with Enopoly.

What Are The Advantages Of eCommerce Automation?

  • Increased Efficiency: eCommerce automation allows you to handle larger sales volumes more efficiently. Some tasks the seller automates are inventory management, order processing, and product listings.
  • Time Savings: Automating repetitive tasks frees up valuable time for strategic decision-making. Also, it helps with business expansion and customer engagement.
  • Improved Accuracy: eCommerce Automation reduces the risk of human errors in pricing, inventory tracking, and order fulfillment. It leads to better accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  • Scalability: With eCommerce automation, you can scale your operations to accommodate growing sales without a significant increase in active effort or resources.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: eCommerce Automation enables prompt order processing, accurate product information, and efficient customer service. That results in an improved shopping experience for customers.

What Are The Risks Of Using An eCommerce Automation Service?

  • Dependency on Technology: Relying on automation means relying on technology. Some technical issues, software glitches, or system failures can lead to potential sales loss or customer dissatisfaction.
  • Compliance and Policy Violations: Automation services must adhere to Amazon's guidelines and policies. There is a risk of unintentional policy violations, such as improper listings or pricing errors, which may cause penalties or account suspension.
  • Limited Control and Customization: While automation streamlines processes, it can limit control and customization options. You may have less flexibility to make real-time adjustments or use unique business strategies.
  • Increased Competition: With the growing prevalence of automation, competition within the marketplace intensifies. It can become challenging to differentiate from other sellers using similar automation services.
  • Cost and Dependency on the Service Provider: Using an automation service typically incurs additional costs. You should consider the financial investment and the potential risk of relying heavily on a specific service provider like Enopoly Automation.

Enopoly Automation Alternatives

  • EarnFlo - EarnFlo is a done-for-you service provided by Jonathan Maxim. They specialize in setting up automated e-commerce stores on major platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.
  • eCom Babes - Cortney Fletcher's eCom Babes is an online course to assist women in launching and expanding their own e-commerce stores. The course offers step-by-step guidance on starting a dropshipping business.
  • Blueriver eCommerce - Blueriver eCommerce by Miguel Sanchez offers a solution for earning passive income through an automated business model. Miguel and his team provide an opportunity to set up 2 Facebook Shops and 1 Marketplace Store with an initial investment of $25,000.

Conclusion: Is eCommerce Automation The Best Ticket To Passive Income? 

eCommerce automation is not the best ticket to passive income but can be a good way to generate passive income. While eCommerce automation can streamline processes and reduce manual efforts, it still requires ongoing management and maintenance. 

On the other hand, local lead generation through rank and rent can offer a more passive income stream. By building and ranking websites in local niches and renting out the generated leads to businesses, you can create a steady and automated source of income. This method allows for greater scalability and flexibility, as it doesn't rely on product inventory or customer support. That makes it the best option for those seeking passive income opportunities.

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