Eprolo Dropshipping Reviews (What Dropshippers Think About The Platform)

April 13, 2024

eprolo dropshipping reviews

Eprolo is a free platform for dropshippers. It serves as a one-stop shop for dropshipping entrepreneurs in need of order fulfillment, product sourcing, brand building, inventory management, and more. Moreover, the user-friendly tool integrates with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and other major e-commerce sites.  

If you’re a dropshipping store owner considering to try Eprolo, here's what some users have said about the platform. Reading both positive and negative feedback can help you decide if Eprolo is a suitable tool for your business. 

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Eprolo dropshipping reviews: What actual users say about the platform

Eprolo dropshipping reviews are mixed among its users. Although most reviews are positive, some customers have also expressed their dissatisfaction with the platform. 

Reddit reviews

The r/dropshipping subreddit shows us some comments from dropshippers who’ve had actual experience using Eprolo.

One Redditor labeled Eprolo as “decent,” while also adding that users “will end up sending sourcing requests because they have a very limited marketplace.” In contrast, another wrote that they “used Eprolo for 6 months drop shipping into Canada and USA and wasn’t impressed.”

Shopify reviews

On Shopify, the service has an overall 4.7 rating out of 1,291 reviews. Here’s what some happy users have to say about Eprolo:

Top-notch customer service

“Proactive and helpful customer service reps who work at length to source the quality of products you require. Fast shipping. No complaints. I have been working with Eprolo for almost 3 years now.”

Effectively streamlines the dropshipping process

“I appreciate that they combine a lot of things into one. I do not like having to use multiple apps to run my business.”

As for the negative reviews, some common complaints are about slow delivery time.

Delayed deliveries

“Initially, they were reliable, but now they are getting worse day by day, especially their customer service… It takes almost 10 days to fulfill orders, and even after paying for faster shipping, deliveries are not made on time.” 

"Support has become worse"

“Support has become worse... We have to wait for an answer for 3-4 days. Now there are problems with orders, but they do not help to solve them. They say they will check and you have to wait a very long time.”

TrustPilot reviews

Over at TrustPilot, the platform has received a rating of 4.5 stars out of 209 reviews. Here are some of the positive feedback we’ve seen on the site:

The best dropshipping supplier

“It truly is the best dropshipping supplier I have found, yet… The prices and shipping are at a better cost than most dropshipping suppliers I have worked with, and the quality of the products are phenomenal.”

A one-stop shop for dropshippers

“Eprolo is a one-stop shop for dropshippers. They provide the best service in the industry. Their professional team is super responsive and flexible. I would recommend getting on board with them if you are in a drop shipping business.”

Meanwhile, here are some of the negative reviews:

Poor customer support

“I asked a question in support and they replied after 3 days. Because of this reason I'll look somewhere else to start dropshipping. Not this website.”

Long wait times

“I’ve never physically received anything from them. Long wait times until you call and email to confront them and then they say they couldn’t either fulfill the items and or it got lost being shipped. My poor customers have suffered as have I with their terrible service.”

Other Must-Read Eprolo Reviews

TechJury website contributor Keelan Balderson reviewed Eprolo describing it as “an outstanding free dropshipping solution.” He also mentions that the service “combines well with your existing Shopify or WooCommerce store,” adding that “real-world inventory syncs with sales, while every level of order fulfillment is handled for you.”

On the other hand, Sourcingbro founder Jack Zhou warned people that while Eprolo offers competitive pricing, they “fall short” in some areas. For example, the company’s customer service staff members are “only available during Chinese working hours, which can be a major issue for businesses in different time zones.”

What is Eprolo dropshipping?

Eprolo dropshipping is a free tool for dropshipping business owners. According to their official website, they provide services such as “product sourcing, order fulfillment, brand building, inventory management, and more.”

The “forever free platform” integrates with different online stores such as AliExpress, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. Their site features 10 dropship product categories with 107 subcategories. 

Currently, the company has a revenue of $10.4 million. They also have over 300,000 users and warehouses scattered across Asia-Pacific, China, Europe, and North America.

Year founded:



Shenzhen, China

Phone number:

+86 2021108405

Customer service email:




How does Eprolo work?

Eprolo works by providing dropshippers with order fulfillment, product sourcing, brand building, print on demand, inventory management, and customer service.

1. Order fulfillment

The China-based dropshipping fulfillment service automates customer orders and ships products from their warehouses. Also, their staff members perform quality checks before sending all packages.

2. Product sourcing   

Eprolo has a massive inventory of high quality products in their warehouses. Moreover, the company can also function as a dropshipping agent by connecting dropshippers with the biggest ecommerce marketplaces (AliExpress, Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc) and trusted international shipping companies (DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc).    

3. Brand building

The company offers package customization, meaning you can display your logo on packaging bags, boxes, gift cards, and tapes. Moreover, they have print on demand services for customizing branded products.

4. Print on demand

Eprolo can help drop shippers find white label products to rebrand and design as their own. The company works with Inkedjoy for their print on demand branding services.

5. Inventory management

As mentioned, Eprolo has warehouses in Asia-Pacific, China, Europe, and North America. Each of these locations has product inventories ready for purchase and shipping.

6. Customer Service

According to Eprolo, they provide customers with 24/7 support. Service representatives can be reached through email, LiveChat, account support, and Skype.

What are the pros and cons of using Eprolo?


An all-in-one dropshipping tool. As mentioned above, Eprolo provides different services (order fulfillment, custom packaging, etc), which makes it an effective platform for dropshippers.  

Multi-platform integration. Unlike other services that only work with Shopify dropshipping, Eprolo integrates with a wide array of platforms including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shoplazza, Shopline, and many others. This provides businesses with easy access to multiple sources where they can sell their products.  

No monthly fees. Using the app is free because it’s not subscription-based. You won’t have to pay for any fees. The company earns through product sales. 


Limited inventory. Compared with major ecommerce companies, Eprolo does not carry as many products as, say, Amazon with about 12 million items. 

Shipping may get delayed. On average, Eprolo Express takes 7 to 12 days for US deliveries. However, some customers have complained about delayed shipments, as seen in the reviews above. 

Contacting customer service can be an issue. Although we’ve seen many praises about their custom support, there’s still a significant amount of criticism out there. As some claim, it takes the company up to 4 days to respond to inquiries and concerns.

What sites are like Eprolo?

The top 6 sites that are like Eprolo include:

Which platforms are best for dropshipping?

The best platforms for dropshipping are:

Conclusion: Is Eprolo worth it?

Eprolo is worth it for dropshippers looking for a free solution. The platform promises to never charge any fee and so it can be a useful tool, especially for dropshipping business first-timers. Additionally, those looking for a platform where they can order a wide variety of products at wholesale prices may want to consider Eprolo.

Just remember that Eprolo also has its flaws, as seen in the reviews above. So it’s important to do some research and compare Eprolo’s features with other similar providers.

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