Eric Brewer’s Brewer Method Review: What Is Real Estate Wholesaling Novations?

March 19, 2024

Brewer Method is a training program by Eric Brewer that teaches you his unique real estate wholesaling novation strategy to increase lead flow and double profits. Brewer Method teaches you how to replace contracts of unmotivated and difficult leads that will lead you to closing deals that you wouldn't have otherwise. You can take the Novations course and mentorship or buy the Brewer Method Wholesaling 2.0 ebook.

Brewer Method has a perfect 5.0 rating on the review site SoTellUs. I couldn't find any complaints or negative reviews about them online. Brewer Method has a non-disparagement agreement that will prevent students from making negative comments about the program and mentor.

In this Brewer Method review, we’ll go over what Eric Brewer’s unique novations wholesaling strategy is, who it is for, what you get with the course and book bundle, what students say, who Eric is, and what his claims are. You will find out what Eric is offering and get an idea if it is worth the price.

Eric Brewer's Brewer Method Review: Pros and Cons


Eric Brewer is a known successful real estate investor who has several businesses and excels in multiple strategies.

Private Facebook group for support and networking.


Brewer Method has a non-disparagement. This makes it hard to find any negative student reviews.

Limited coaching calls. 1-on-1 mentorship is not included in the program, but is offered per request.

Novation agreements are risky and not recommended for beginners as it involves an advanced knowledge of real estate contracts.


The Brewer Method Novations Course costs $8,500. The Wholesaling 2.0 ebook bundle costs $5.

Refund Policy

The Brewer Method Novations Course has a 30-day money-back guarantee.




Brewer Method has a positive reputation among real estate investors. Eric Brewer is featured in many real estate podcasts, such as Real Estate Distruptors, Bigger Pockets, and Future Flipper.

What Is Eric Brewer's Novation Wholesaling Strategy?

Eric Brewer's novation wholesaling strategy is a creative method that allows you to revisit your deals with unmotivated sellers to wholesale their house to retail buyers who are using traditional financing. This method allows you to revive "dead" leads by pitching a novation. Apply Eric's novation strategy to current deals to replace the contract with one that increases your profits. Eric also teaches you how to further increase your leads by not only targeting distressed properties with unmotivated sellers, but also target nice and well-maintained properties with low equity. Eric's version is in contrast to the most popular forms of novations strategy, which is a creative type of fix and flip deals, such as taught by Pace Morby.

What Is Novation in Real Estate?

Novation in real estate means the replacement of a previous contract with another one that all parties have agreed upon. This is a creative strategy to pitch alternative offers to "dead" leads in order to find an agreeable solution. It is not the same as selling an assignment, such as in wholesaling. Novations are more commonly used in commercial deals because of complicated leases and fixed properties. In residential deals, novations agreements work best for difficult sellers.

Who Is Brewer Method For?

  1. Beginners to real estate who have no experience in any real estate investment strategies. The Brewer Method Wholesaling 2.0 course is a step-by-step A-Z training program.
  2. Active real estate wholesalers who want to increase their deal flow. Novation agreements give you a way to revive and close previous “dead” leads.
  3. Real estate investors who want to learn about novations agreements. You can purchase the ebook for a cheap price and learn all about novations in real estate.
brewer method review

What Is the Brewer Method's Novations Course?

Brewer Method's Novation course is Eric's flagship novations training program that teaches you the method of wholesaling that brought him big profits. The program comes with the Brewer Method Wholesaling 2.0 course, limited group coaching, access to the private community, and more. You will get access to the course as soon as you sign up. You will be receiving an email with instructions on how to access the course, schedule your onboarding call, and the schedule of the coaching calls.

What Do You Get With the Brewer Method's Novations Course?

  • The 11 step-by-step training modules teaching you the A-Zs of real estate novations deals.
  • Ready-to-use novation agreement forms
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group
  • Access to the library of example documents, scripts, and other resources with video instructions
  • Customized infographic and animated explainer video to share with sellers to help convert new leads
  • Novation vs Wholesale calculator
  • Onboarding and strategy call
  • 3 months of weekly group coaching calls
  • Access to the Joint Venture Program to help close your deals.

You can get on the weekly group coaching calls as soon as you sign up. The group coaching calls occur every Wednesday at 3pm EST. If you still need coaching beyond the 3 months of weekly group coaching calls included in the program, you can join the ongoing weekly Q&A calls. You can also request for a 1-on-1 custom coaching.

brewer method review

What Is the Brewer Method Wholesaling 2.0 Book Bundle?

The Brewer Method Wholesaling 2.0 book bundle for those who do not want to join the program but want to learn about the Brewer Method. The 107-page Wholesaling 2.0 ebook teaches you all about Eric's novations strategy but does not come with coaching, access to the private group, and tools.

What Do You Get With the Brewer Method Wholesaling 2.0 Book Bundle?

  • The Wholesaling 2.0 Digital Book - The 107-page ebook teaches you all you need to know about the Brewer Method novations strategy.
  • 7-Day Novations Fast Start Blueprint - This blueprint teaches you how to find and have a novations deal ready within next 7 days.
  • My $350 Million Dollar Novations Agreement - Use the exact novations agreement template that Eric used for over 1,000 of his deals.
  • 60-Minute Novations A-Z Bootcamp Training Video - Eric talks about explains novations and how you can implement it in your real estate investments.
  • My Novations Pitch Deck - A list of Eric's pitch to revive "dead" leads and the get sellers interested in the novations.

Brewer Method Reviews

The only place I found student reviews for Brewer Method is on SoTellUs. They have a perfect 5-star rating out of 11 reviews. The review is listed under Equity Protection Partners LLC, which is the parent company. Keep in mind that Brewer Method has a non-disparagement agreement in their terms and conditions that legally prevent customers from making negative comments about its products, programs, or personnel.

Who Is Eric Brewer?

brewer method review

Eric Brewer is a real estate investor, mentor, and CEO of Brewer Method from York, Pennsylvania. He is the president of Integrity First Home Buyers, a company that helps homeowners in Pennsylvania sell their house quickly. Most of the deals are done around southern Pennsylvania. With a company of 35 employees, 25% of the deals are wholesale, 25% are fix and flip and turnkey, and 50% deals since 2008 are novations. Eric uses direct mail, PPC, and TV for marketing. Eric is also the vice president of Hillside Financial and co-owner of CR Property Group.

Eric joined the US Army shortly after graduating from York Suburban High School in 1993. After serving, he started working as a car salesman where he did pretty good and got promoted to sales manager for Diehl Motor Co. He started fixing and flipping homes in 2006 after having his first child in order to spend more time with the family. He learned novations from his attorney and has been using it since 2010. Eric started teaching novations in 2021 and created Brewer Method soon after.

brewer method review

What Is Eric Brewer's Claim?

Eric Brewer claims that by using his Wholesaling 2.0 strategy, you can increase your deal flow and double your profits. He claims that all this can be achieved without even increasing your spending on finding more leads and wholesaling houses at retail prices. How does this work and is his claims realistic?

The 4 Major Downsides of Wholesaling Novations

Applying novations to your existing deals is not advised for beginners. Novations is a complicated process that carries a lot of added risks. These risks can lead to large money loss or legal issues.

  • 1. Loss of investment - If you invest in rehabs without the title under your name, you are taking a huge risk. Eric teaches that you can do minimal renovations if the interested retail buyer requests. The risk here is that because you do not hold the title, if the buyer backs out and you cannot sell the house, the rehab cost is wasted.
  • 2. Legal issues - The seller can file a petition if they feel you took advantage of them and if the court determines that you are not doing your fiduciary responsibility, they can assign an intern to see everything out.
  • 3. Power of attorney - Sellers will try to put power of attorney in novations contracts. You need to have a lawyer and your title company review the contracts to avoid risks. Involved a lawyer when recording a lien as you can be at risk for defamation of the title and lose the money you put on the property.
  • 4. No hard money loans - You can’t get a hard money loan because it is not technically your property. This means you'll be using your own money unless you can partner up with the seller or someone else.

Is Real Estate Wholesaling Worth It?

Real estate wholesaling is worth it if you have the capital to invest and the skills and knowledge to find good leads, avoid legal issues, and close profitable deals consistently. Pitching and creating novation agreements is a great way to deal with difficult sellers. Pace Morby is one of those real estate mentors who uses novations agreements often in his fix and flip deals. Many of those who use novations to replace agreements are seasoned real estate investors. While novations is a good strategy to increase your profits, it is high-risk and not for beginners.

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Local lead generation is a digital real estate business model that creates passive income. Compared to traditional real estate investing, there are no physical properties to deal with in a local lead generation business, which reduces the costs and risks. You need to spend on tools and on marketing constantly when wholesaling real estate. Then you have to be diligent when creating and checking contracts as to avoid any legal issues. In real estate investment, the question is not if you get sued but when. 

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  1. So over 8000 dollars? And you have to sign a statement that says you cannot critique anything? No wonder there’s no bad reviews. People are probably embarrassed enough already after paying that much. Also on one ad one of the “ cons” was it was not recommended for beginners then on the next webpage related to this it says it’s “ perfect “ for beginners? Brother if I had over 8 thousand dollars to just even get started well I wouldn’t need this because obviously with disposable income enough to throw that much money into something I wouldn’t need this. I know the Novation method does work but not for that price. Are you serious?

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