Craig’s Etsy Kings Review – Scale Your Etsy Dropshipping Income to $10K/Month?

May 20, 2024

Etsy Kings is a learning program by Craig on how to start and scale your Etsy dropshipping store. The program introduces the Etsy platform as an alternative to traditional Shopify dropshipping. Etsy Kings' course teaches product listing, SEO, and simplified marketing as their focus. Students earn money by learning and mastering Etsy dropshipping with the program's guidance. You receive Etsy dropshipping tutorials, a resource library, and community access when joining Etsy Kings. As an Etsy seller, you also receive their supplier database, support channel, and live sessions.

There are a lot of positive reviews for Etsy Kings on their sales page and Craig's YouTube channel. However, these reviews and testimonies are not independent. There are also no review sites with user ratings for Etsy Kings. This makes it hard for aspiring members to gauge the validity of Craig's claim and the program's effectiveness. 

In this Etsy Kings review, we'll discuss the program's pros and cons. We'll also present Etsy King's inclusions, general information, and reviews. Learn about Etsy Kings and Etsy dropshipping and decide if it's worth your time and effort. Additionally, we'll provide you with an alternative business model to Etsy dropshipping.

Etsy Kings Pros And Cons


Etsy Kings' course and mentorship provide expert insights and strategies for navigating Etsy.

Etsy Kings' course focuses on the Etsy platform. This creates a straightforward approach that is relevant and actionable for Etsy dropshipping.

Etsy Kings concentrates on Etsy, home to millions of exclusive products. It is an excellent supplier for your dropshipping business.


Etsy King's course and mentorship is not a one size-fit's-all solution. Some advice does not suit every niche or issue with your Etsy shop.

Etsy King's students can become too reliant on the program's guidance. This can hinder sellers' development, independent problem-solving, and innovation.

Etsy has strict guidelines for selling unique handmade pieces. Vendors can only get to sell limited product types. You'll have fewer goods to dropship than suppliers with a wider range.

Refund Policy

Etsy Kings does not offer refunds, regardless of the circumstances. This applies to all items sold under the brand, Etsy Kings. This is because the products are digital or have limited availability.


Etsy King's origin date is 2023.


Etsy Kings has a good reputation based on their YouTube channel testimonials. There are no independent reviews on Etsy Kings.

How Etsy Kings Helps You Start and Scale Your Etsy Dropshiping Income to $10k/Month?

Etsy Kings helps you start and scale your Etsy dropshipping income to $10,000/month through advertising and SEO and account banning management. The program also helps you with product research and provides access to a private community. Additionally, its weekly mentoring calls and product testing are helpful tools for scaling their Etsy stores.

Etsy Kings draw strategies for advertising and SEO from over $1,000,000 spent on digital ads and testing hours. These expert insights ensure your products achieve peak visibility and conversion rates. Etsy Kings' banning system testing is an exclusive program that reduces the risk of account bands. It's a guide on keeping your store compliant and secure. Product research is another important area Etsy Kings excels. The program has six unique and tested research methods. This ensures that, as a shop owner, your store remains innovative and competitive. Their team always adds new methods to aid in identifying winning products.

Additionally, Etsy Kings highlights their networking and community. It's an essential part of the program in scaling your Etsy store. You can connect with a like-minded group of 6- and 7-figure Etsy sellers. This is through regular in-person conferences. Members can also mingle with a full-time Community Manager. This network provides invaluable insights and support. The members conduct group mentoring calls twice a week. Ask questions, get expert guidance, and catch up with over 25 hours of previous private calls.

Lastly, by teaching product testing, Etsy Kings can help you scale your monthly income to $10k. This product testing method involves paid ads and organic methods. Scaling strategies blend these approaches for optimal growth and profitability. It helps you build a sustainable, high-income dropshipping business.

How Can You Enroll to Etsy Kings?

  • You can enroll for Etsy Kings by first visiting their website.
  • Click the orange apply button on the top right corner of the page. The application page will direct you to answer a few questions.
  • The first question is whether you can commit 5-10 hours weekly to build an Etsy dropshipping store.
  • Next, they will ask you how much you'd be willing to invest.
  • Third, they'll ask what is your definition of success with Etsy Kings' program.
  • Third, they'll ask what is your definition of success with Etsy Kings' program.
  • Afterward, they will ask how old you are.
  • Lastly, they will ask for your best contact information.
  • After answering these questions, you'll arrive at a page where you can book a call with Oscar. He's Craig's right-hand man who will conduct the strategy session call, a 7-figure seller in Etsy Kings.
  • You should book a call and attend the strategy sessions to evaluate if you qualify for enrollment.
  • If you pass, they will give you your Etsy Kings login credentials. You don't need the Etsy app yet for this.

How Much Does It Costs To Join Etsy Kings?

The costs of joining Etsy Kings are not revealed until the strategy session call with Oscar. Etsy Kings' price is also not directly revealed on their webpage. In the latter part of the site, you'll see the question about pricing. The instructions are to send a message via WhatsApp using the link provided. They also reveal a payment plan option with credit/debit cards, crypto, and PayPal. These are the accepted payment methods for Etsy Kings.

Click the "Apply To Join Here" button below and continue the application process. After answering some questions, you can book a call with Oscar, Craig's right-hand man. On that call, Oscar will explain the pricing and the different packages.

What Can You Get From Etsy Kings?

70+ Part Video Course

You get a video course with over 70 detailed lessons with Esty Kings. It covers every aspect of running a profitable Etsy store. This is for both international and local shops. Each video is actionable and straightforward to provide a seamless learning experience. Additionally, they add new content every Friday. This keeps the course current and relevant.

Exclusive Private Community

You get an exclusive private community with Etsy Kings. This keeps you connected to a community of successful Etsy sellers. The networking feature allows Etsy sellers to engage and exchange strategies. The support feature offers guidance from an admin and experienced Etsy seller. Additionally, the expert advice feature gives access to advice from top-performing Etsy sellers.

Group Mentoring Calls

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions are part of the group mentoring calls. These live sessions allow members to take part in mentoring. Members can experience these live sessions three times a week. The particular days are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Etsy Kings records all sessions, and new members can access past recordings. The best part is you get answers to your questions and personalized advice.

In-person Events

In-person events offer valuable networking opportunities. Etsy Kings scheduled these events in Croatia, London, Dubai, and Miami. The program holds these events every 1-1.5 months. Connect with other Etsy Kings members to promote relationships and share ideas.

Advertising & SEO

Etsy Kings specializes in proven strategies for digital Etsy ads and search optimization. Learn from over $1,000,000 worth of digital advertising experience with the program. Improve your listings for giving customers personalized search while adding site traffic.

Product Research

Etsy Kings has unique and tested product research methods. This is an important aspect of store profitability. Etsy Kings gives access to six unique product research methods. Successful sellers created and developed these methods. Etsy Kings also adds new research methods monthly. This keeps your strategies effective and up-to-date.

Product Testing (Paid & Organic)

You get complete product testing strategies from Etsy Kings. You learn how to use Etsy ads to test and promote products. Discover techniques for testing and scaling products without relying on paid ads. Marketing through organic ads ensures profitability and scaling.

What Can You Learn From Etsy Kings?

Chapter 1 - Introduction

You can learn the overview of Etsy and e-commerce in Chapter 1. You know more about the Etsy platform and the broader e-commerce landscape. Target It teaches trends, market conditions, and essential skills for success.

Chapter 2 - Mindset

You can learn mental preparedness for running an Etsy store in Chapter 2. Discover the importance of having the right mindset with Etsy dropshipping. Understand and overcome challenges to be mentally prepared for a successful Etsy store.

Chapter 3 - Opening Your Store/s

You learn to set up your Etsy store in Chapter 3. Discover a step-by-step process for opening and setting up your first Etsy shop. These stores can be in the United States or outside the country. Learn methods to avoid potential bans and delays. You also learn how to manage many accounts using tools like proxies.


Chapter 4 - Product Research & Testing

You learn advanced product research techniques in Chapter 4. Gain access to effective product research methods for Etsy revenue. These methods cater to all skill levels, helping you identify profitable products.

Chapter 5 - Creating listings & SEO

You learn optimized listings and SEO in Chapter 5. It discusses optimizing listings for search engines. This enables profitability and attracts organic traffic. Learn current SEO techniques to enhance your store's visibility. This lesson can also provide customers with personalized search.

Chapter 6 - Customer service & Reviews & Employees

You learn effective customer communication in Chapter 6. Know strategies for excellent customer service for Etsy buyers. This is an important aspect of the marketplace setting. This includes handling reviews and managing employees, both contributing to store growth.

Chapter 7 - Growth Strategies

You learn successful growth tactics in Chapter 7. Discover the most effective strategies to grow your Etsy store. Understand how to achieve higher profit margins and revenue. The program reveals what Etsy King millionaires do to maximize profit. Learn how to reach the goal of $10k profit per month.

Chapter 8 - Shopify + Extras

You learn beyond Etsy and extra resources and community support in Chapter 8. Gain insights into Shopify and other e-commerce opportunities. Access a supportive community, events, mentoring calls, and a video course. These are all designed to enhance your entrepreneurial journey.

Who Is Etsy Kings for?

Etsy Kings is for individuals looking to maximize their Etsy dropshipping. It caters to beginners, experienced professionals, and professionals in e-commerce. The program benefits aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a profitable Etsy store. Beginners can benefit from the comprehensive training and resources Etsy Kings provides.

Experienced sellers seeking business expansion can also enjoy the program's content. They can take advantage of the program's advanced strategies. Etsy King's research and advertising techniques can also boost sales and profitability. Additionally, it's for people looking for an extra income stream without committing full-time. They can use the program to manage their Etsy store and other commitments.

Those with digital marketing experience can optimize their Etsy stores with Etsy Kings. They can use the program’s advertising, SEO, and product listing insights. This will help optimize traffic and increase conversions. Additionally, traditional and other small e-commerce owners can expand with Etsy Kings. Its model diversifies income sources and customer base. 

Are The Students of Etsy Kings Getting Results? 

Esty Kings' students are getting results according to their sales page. Most of these testimonies of students getting results are videos. Craig posts these videos on his YouTube channel and sales page to certify his program's results.

In one of its YouTube videos, a member praised the program's course content. He also praised Etsky King's networking opportunity to chat with other Etsy entrepreneurs. The member shared his success of earning $19.1k since starting several stores in late April. He underlines the ease of making money on Etsy with community support. The member recommends joining Etsy Kings, stressing the upcoming profitable fourth quarter.

In another review, a member recounts his experience with Etsy Kings. He had a significant boost in his business outcomes after joining. In the beginning, he navigated Etsy solo and used free online resources. But he only saw fair success.

However, his revenue increased by five to six times only a month after attending an Etsy Kings meetup. He started engaging with the community and its resources. This increase in earnings led them to quit his job to focus on Etsy, as he expects further growth in the upcoming fourth quarter. He credits his success to the insights and support gained through Etsy Kings.

Later in the video, another member shares his transformative experience with Etsy Kings. He emphasized the life-changing financial gains since joining four months ago. He began his journey by investing his last penny into the program. This is a decision that has paid off. The reviewer highlights that joining Etsy Kings enabled them to earn money daily. This is in contrast to their previous financial situation.

With this steady income, he and his family can travel without work constraints. It has also allowed his mother to reduce her work hours to part-time. He expresses satisfaction with the actual results of having a $80 sale as an example of his success. He suggests joining Etsy Kings, given the potential of Q4.

Is Etsy Kings Worth It?

Etsy Kings is worth it if you're looking to harness Etsy's potential for dropshipping. It's worth it if you are ready to engage with the platform's unique environment. The program offers expert insights and strategies tailored for Etsy's marketplace. It provides relevant and actionable content. This helps new and existing sellers optimize their operations and increase sales. By focusing on Etsy's unique and handmade products, Etsy Kings leverages this marketplace. Having excellent suppliers and distinct products makes Etsy Kings a program.

However, Etsy Kings has its drawbacks. The guidance isn't universally applicable to all business issues. This limitation can make the program less flexible than more generalized e-commerce training. Additionally, students risk becoming too reliant on the program’s guidance. This limits their independent problem-solving and innovation development. These skills are important for adapting and thriving in the ever-changing e-commerce landscape. Despite these challenges, Etsy Kings can be a valuable investment. But these drawbacks limit Etsy Kings from achieving your business goals. 

The most important factors to consider in Etsy Kings are:

  • Quality of training and coaching.
  • Relevance of training content.
  • Community support.
  • Mentor credentials.
  • Up-to-date and flexible updates on Etsy policies and market trends.

Etsy Kings Free Resources

Etsy Kings' free resources are online aids for introducing Etsy and Etsy droshipping. These resources help you understand basic Etsy dropshipping ins and outs. Craig gives access to his Etsy channel, step-by-step beginner's guide, and Etsy dropshipping guide. He also provides recorded live streams, 7-figure podcasts, and 370+ Videos about Etsy. Additionally, Craig introduces his product research guide and Etsy dropshipper's biggest mistakes guide.

  • The Etsy Kings' free resources begin with the Free Etsy Telegram Channel. It's access to an online community of Etsy dropshipping sellers in Telegram. You can interact and share insights on this channel.
  • The Step-by-Step Beginner's Guide is an introductory video about Etsy and e-commerce. It's a YouTube video on building and scaling your Etsy store like Craig did. This covers different aspects of Etsy dropshipping, including shipped orders.
  • Etsy Dropshipping Beginners' Guide provides lessons on the basics of Etsy Dropshipping. It also explains why Etsy dropshipping is a good business model.
  • Recorded Livestreams are previous discussion on Etsy dropshipping that you can review. It's 10+ hours long, and you can watch Q&As hosted by Craig. The following videos feature Craig responding to questions from the chat.
  • The 7-figure Etsy Podcast features over 15 successful Etsy dropshippers on its podcasts. It covers both introductory and advanced subjects.
  • 370+ Videos about Etsy are clips from Craig's livestreams. Here, he answers many questions and cuts them into 1-minute clips.
  • The Product Research Guide gives you direction with product research. These are strategies mastered and planned by Craig. 
  • Etsy Dropshipper Biggest Mistakes Guide shows what to avoid in Etsy dropshipping. It also includes the biggest mistakes Craig observed from experience.

Who Is Craig?

Craig is the founder and CEO of Etsy Kings. He started his entrepreneurial journey four years ago, leaving behind his 9 to 5 job and side hustles earning $2,100 monthly. Despite the stability of his previous job, Craig pursued entrepreneurship. His motivation stemmed from a longing for greater fulfillment. The company he left hired him for marketing, allowing him to do enjoyable work and earn hourly.

He started with dropshipping on platforms like Shopify and Etsy. Selling jewelry on these platforms was his focus. He targets many countries, including the United States.Successes and setbacks taught Craig about the business model's viability. He transitioned to creating longer-term brands on self-improvement through courses and mentorships.

Today, Etsy serves as Craig's primary cash flow source. He has 11 stores generating significant monthly revenue ranging from $30,000 to $50,000. His stores have an average profit margin of 25%. Additionally, he operates Shopify brands, contributing to his income streams. Craig aims for financial freedom to pursue passions and support loved ones. He has also hosted the Etsy Kings Podcast, where he discusses his experiences and insights on e-commerce and Etsy. He values growth and inspires others to succeed on their own terms. Through perseverance and dedication, Craig has built a thriving e-commerce empire. 

Craig's Claim:

Craig claims you can start and scale your Etsy store with Esty Kings' guidance. Part of this claim states that Etsy Kings makes it easy and accessible for everyone to earn up to $10k monthly. This is possible because of Craig's 4 years of experience in ecommerce and 2 years of Etsy knowledge.

Another claim is if you apply for Etsy Kings, your online store can replace your 9-5 job. Their time frame is 3-6 months if you have the funds to invest in coaching.

Craig's Claims Debunked

Craig's claim that Etsy Kings enables anyone to earn up to $10k monthly is too optimistic. It underestimates the challenges of Etsy dropshipping. Craig certifies his claim with years of experience. However, a single program cannot achieve these results. Achieving high income on Etsy involves factors beyond expert mentorship. Market trends, product uniqueness, competition, and Etsy's policies determine success. A single program cannot completely address these factors.

Additionally, this claim underestimates the complexities of managing an Etsy e-commerce business. Inventory and stock management, shipping, and customer service are challenging. Although Etsy Kings offers valuable strategies, users should maintain realistic expectations.

Also, his claim that investing in Etsy Kings can replace your 9-5 job is a survivorship bias. It highlights students who excelled but overlooks those who failed using the program. This can be questionable since no independent reviews exist for Etsy Kings.

Further, its 3-6 months timetable and earning a stable $10k is difficult. The timeframe assumes that the stores are in the best condition and have a significant investment. Implementing e-commerce strategies and creating a favourable market environment is necessary. The claim disregards the individual's work ethic, business acumen, and external economic factors. Not everyone is guaranteed to achieve this level of success, even though some individuals may.

How profitable Is Etsy Dropshipping?

Etsy dropshipping can be profitable, with sellers often achieving 15-30% profit margins. This can go up to 40% with strong branding, niche products, and marketing strategies. However, success relies on the sellers' ability to overcome challenges in this business model.

  • Market Saturation and Competition: Standing out is challenging in competitive niches like jewelry and artisan products. As of 2023, there are approximately 7.5 million active sellers on Etsy. This number is continuously growing. More small businesses join the platform to sell their unique goods.
  • Quality Control Issues: Inconsistent product quality is one of the most common issue on Etsy dropshipping. Since dropshipping relies on third-party suppliers, the quality of products can vary. This leads to customer dissatisfaction.
  • Long Shipping Times: International shipping delays can lead to more refunds and customer dissatisfaction. The average shipping time for Etsy dropshipping can range from 2 to 4 weeks. Smooth shipping benefits both customers and sellers.
  • Inventory Management Difficulties: Out-of-stock items can cause inventory control challenges. This results in canceled orders and account suspensions.
  • Compliance with Etsy's Policies: Following Etsy's policies is necessary to maintain good standing. One of the most inconvenient Etsy policies for sellers, is the strict handmade policy.
  • High Operating Costs: Fees and costs affect profits, especially for high-volume, low-margin products. Average transaction fee for products are 6.5% of the total sale price (including shipping).

Conclusion: Why Local Lead Gen Biz Is a Clearer Path Than Etsy Dropshipping?

Local lead gen biz is a clearer path than Etsy dropshipping because it requires less initial investment and ongoing effort. The model also offers a more passive income model. Etsy dropshipping demands active management of inventory, listings, and customer interactions. Setting up a website and optimizing it for search engines is vital in local lead generation. Once operational, these sites can generate leads with minimal maintenance for local shops. This, when provided, they maintain their search rankings.

Local lead gen's competition is also less intense than the crowded 7.5 million active sellers on Etsy. This often leads to higher ROI. This model targets specific local markets, connecting businesses with relevant customer leads. As a result, the model has more stable and consistent returns. Local lead generation is more advantageous for those seeking a business with lower active involvement but higher ROI.


Try local lead generation as a clearer path to predictable and passive income. It has a lower initial investment but comes with a higher ROI. Additionally, It needs less involvement once you've done the groundwork. It's perfect for people looking for a scalable and flexible source of income.

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