Tolulope Michael ExcelMindCyber Review: GRC Career in Cyber Security?

June 19, 2024

ExcelMindCyber is a cybersecurity training platform founded by Tolulope Michael. It is designed for those without IT-related experience or degree, as it focuses on the non-technical aspect of cybersecurity. Thus, the platform mainly teaches GRC as an entry-point to breaking into a cybersecurity career. Also, his program promises entry into the GRC cybersecurity field within 45 to 90 days.

GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) in cybersecurity is a domain that handles the following:

  • Management policies, rules, or frameworks that technology companies use to achieve its business goals.
  • Reduction or identification of financial, strategic, legal or security risks.
  • Compliance to evolving government laws and regulations in cybersecurity or the IT industry in general.

According to the 2023 RiskOptics Cyber Risks Viewpoint Report, around 80% of GRC and IT security professionals agree that their cybersecurity and risk teams are understaffed. This supports Tolulope Michael’s idea that GRC professionals are highly in demand, so it is the best route for non-IT people to land a cybersecurity job. 

However, landing a GRC role in cybersecurity may not be as easy as Tolulope pictures. Professionals in the field recommend having an entry-level certification like the CompTIA Security+ even for GRC. Any background in compliance and auditing is also an advantage over other applicants. Tolulope teaches that none of these are necessary when starting.

ExcelMindCyber has an excellent review score on Trustpilot. There are some mixed reviews pointing out some technical shortcomings in the program. Negative reviews mostly consist of scam accusations against Tolulope Michael, especially regarding refund requests.

By reading this ExcelMindCyber review, you will get some details about Tolulope Michael’s GRC cybersecurity training and the course creator himself. We will also examine how realistic Tolulope’s claims are and the challenges of entering the cybersecurity field without an IT degree or experience.

ExcelMindCyber Pros and Cons


The primary mentor has years of experience in cybersecurity.

Focuses on GRC, a non-technical cybersecurity domain.

Includes done-with-you services for landing a cybersecurity job.


The program has no proven success stories..

Landing a GRC cybersecurity job is much harder than what the program claims.


ExcelMindCyber’s “Land Your 6 Figure Cybersecurity Job” Challenge is $697. The price of the Ultimate Cybersecurity Program is not publicly disclosed, but online forums and reviews suggest it is around $2,999 to $5K.

Refund Policy

ExcelMindCyber only allows refunds within 24 hours upon purchase.


ExcelMindCyber started in January 2023.


ExcelMindCyber has a 4.6 review score in Trustpilot.

June 19, 2024

This program is a scam. We were repeatedly promised a job after 45 days of following the training, or we’d get our money back. When I didn’t secure a job within that timeframe, I requested a refund, only to be told the policy had changed to a 24-hour refund policy. I informed Tolulope Michael, the founder, that I registered under the original 45-day money-back guarantee, which should still apply to me. Instead, I was kicked out and blocked. This program is deceitful; subscribe at your own risk.


1.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

What Are the GRC Careers in Cyber Security?

The GRC careers in cybersecurity are:

  • GRC Analyst
  • Risk Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Security Consultant
  • IT Auditor
  • GRC Program Manager

GRC jobs are in demand. Around 80% of cybersecurity and risks teams are understaffed, while IT regulations are getting more and more complex by the day. Without a dedicated GRC professional, compliance and risk management can easily be overlooked.

For instance, a GRC Analyst documents a company’s compliance with regulatory requirements. They should be well-versed in frameworks and standards such as ISO 27001, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and COBIT.

A GRC Analyst should also be familiar with national and international regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), EU Data Protection Directive, HIPAA, and the GDPR. As a cybersecurity professional, GRC analysts must understand security fundamentals. The most popular certification to prove cybersecurity expertise is the CompTIA Security+.

The salary of a GRC analyst is an average of $145,541 yearly as of May 2024, according to ZipRecruiter. Specialized GRC roles, such as risk manager or compliance officers, have higher salaries. Tolulope Michael's course prepares students for entry level roles with titles like Associate GRC Consultant, Information Security Analyst, and Junior Risk and Compliance Associate.

What Do You Get With ExcelMindCyber?

With ExcelMindCyber, you can get a series of free and paid webinars, a comprehensive training program, guidance from a success manager, and access to a community. The training and educational resources available for ExcelMindCyber users are The Ultimate Cybersecurity Program and the “Land Your 6-Figure Cybersecurity Job” Challenge.

The Ultimate Cybersecurity Program

ExcelMindCyber offers a flagship program called The Ultimate Cybersecurity Program. This program is designed to train individuals to become cybersecurity professionals within 45 days, with or without IT degree or experience. The program includes:

  • A step-by-step guide to landing various 6-figure jobs in cybersecurity, even without an IT degree or tech experience.
  • Information about the necessary skills and certifications needed for a six-figure job in cybersecurity, and how to obtain them quickly and affordably.
  • Guidance from success coaches, hands-on activities, detailed knowledge resources, and a Discord community that’s active and supportive.

The Ultimate Cybersecurity Program focuses on GRC as its main content. It also covers other topics such as cybersecurity fundamentals, common terminologies, frameworks, and PCI DSS. The price of the program is not publicly disclosed but online forums say it is around $2,999 to $5K.

Land Your 6 Figure Cybersecurity Job Challenge

The “Land Your 6-Figure Cybersecurity Job'' Challenge is a 5-day webinar program designed to help individuals transition into high-paying cybersecurity jobs. It provides strategies for moving from your current job to 6-figure cybersecurity positions within 90 days.

The webinar sessions consist of the following:

  • Day 1 - Key Career Mastery

  • Day 2 - Core Foundation

  • Day 3 - Writing a Rock-Solid Resume

  • Day 4 - The Underdog Platforms

  • Day 5 - Nailing Your Interviews

Each day only requires two hours of commitment. The prices for admission are tiered in three levels: General Admission is $197, VIP Admission is $397, and the Platinum Experience is $597.

Who Is ExcelMindCyber For?

ExcelMindCyber is for anyone who wants to land a cybersecurity job, with or without an IT degree or experience. It’s not explicitly mentioned in the website, but joining in this program also doesn’t require any degree at all. Aside from GRC, the program covers other cybersecurity fundamentals, so there’s no need for you to have prior certifications, such as the CompTIA Security+.

What Are the ExcelMindCyber Reviews?

The ExcelMindCycle reviews are mostly positive, especially on Trustpilot. However, there are some concerns about the authenticity of these reviews. The success stories of users who have used ExcelMindCyber are about earning $250K to $320K annually after securing two cybersecurity jobs within 45 days. I found two of these testimonials in Tolulope Michael’s YouTube channel.

Excelmindcyber success story
Excelmindcyber success story 2

There’s a more detailed review of the program submitted in Quora. This was written by a travel blogger who just recently shifted to cybersecurity. Based on this review, she landed a GRC analyst role after 73 days. I couldn't completely verify this story when I looked up for her in LinkedIn. Instead, I only found a travel related profile with her name.

Excelmindcyber Quora review

What Are the ExcelMindCyber Reviews on Trustpilot?

The ExcelMindCyber reviews on Trustpilot are overwhelmingly positive, with a score of 4.6 out of 167 entries. The positive reviews say that the program delivers beyond its promises and provides all the necessary resources for success. They also praise the organization and the support from success managers. On the negative side, some have called it a scam, complaining about issues with getting refunds and lack of response after sharing receipts.

Here are some of the positive ExcelMindCyber reviews from Trustpilot.

Excelmindcyber trustpilot review
Excelmindcyber trustpilot review 2
Excelmindcyber trustpilot review 3
Excelmindcyber trustpilot review 4

Most new reviews were submitted on the same day. The dates of experience are also very recent. There’s no mention about actually landing a job on cybersecurity.

The negative reviews are mostly about unfulfilled refund requests.

Excelmindcyber negative trustpilot review
Excelmindcyber negative trustpilot review 2
Excelmindcyber negative trustpilot review 3

What Are the ExcelMindCyber Reddit Reviews?

The ExcelMindCyber Reddit reviews mostly talk about how the program is a scam by making a very unrealistic claim on landing a cybersecurity job. The most popular thread on ExcelMindCyber started with an inquiry about Tolulope Michael’s legitimacy. Most of the responses express the same skepticism of the program. Some of them mention that having CompTIA Security+ certification or a degree in cybersecurity will not guarantee an immediate 6-figure job in the field, let alone a 45 to 90-day program.

Excelmindcyber Reddit review post
Excelmindcyber Reddit response
Excelmindcyber reddit response 2
Excelmindcyber reddit response 3

A few of the responses are more neutral. They explain that what Tolulope Michael teaches is the non-technical aspect of cybersecurity, or GRC. The following response made a thorough explanation of this.

Excelmindcyber neutral reddit review

In the end, the Redditor still believes that there’s no way to prove one's competency without certification, even in GRC. Another Reddit response made the same point about ExcelMindCyber’s GRC focus. The Redditor also praised the program’s career blueprint and support for interview preparation.

Excelmindcyber neutral reddit review 2

Who Is Tolulope Michael?

Tolulope Michael Review

Tolulope Michael is a cybersecurity expert, author, and founder of ExcelMindCycle. He has around 10 years of cumulative experience in cybersecurity, handling cloud security, FinTech, and health data protection. As a mentor, Tolulope has instructed over 1000 students under his cybersecurity training program.

His approach includes helping people switch careers to cybersecurity by providing a GRC-focused education. Tolulope Michael’s mission is to bridge the gap between IT and non-IT people through GRC. He has authored several books on GRC, such as “The GRC Bible: A Comprehensive Guide for the Modern Age,” “Beyond Checkboxes: The Human Element of GRC,” “Hacking Your Way to the Job of Your Dreams: The Cybersecurity Career Handbook,” and more.

Tolulope Michael graduated from Lagos State University with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He is currently based in Manhattan, Illinois, United States.

What Is Tolulope Michael's Claim?

Tolulope Michael’s claim is his program can allow anyone without an IT degree, experience, or certification to land a six-figure cybersecurity job within 45 days. To be exact, he promises his students over $250K of annual salary out of multiple cybersecurity jobs. We can ignore the site’s earnings disclaimer, as the claim is clear and straightforward enough to be an actual promise of profit.

Tolulope Michael profit claim

Challenge of Applying for a GRC Career in Cybersecurity Without IT Background

It is true that a college degree is no longer a must-have in most cybersecurity roles. According to StationX, 70% of security leaders value entry-level experience (1-3 years) over a bachelor’s degree. But there’s a catch. In 2022, 90% of security leaders said they prefer hiring people with certifications. This was up from 81% in 2021. This means certifications are getting more and more sought after in cybersecurity roles.

The popular certifications for GRC are CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) and CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control). These two require 2 to 5 years of cumulative experience for performing related tasks. It may be too much to ask for these certifications for an entry-level cybersecurity position, so most aspirants aim for CompTIA Security+ first. Sec+ also has the most certification holders related to cybersecurity.

Even in GRC, there’s no way a non-certified applicant can compete with a certified one, especially without an auditing or IT-related experience. It’s not that Tolulope Michael is totally neglecting certifications. In fact, he also offers assistance for getting certification as an upsell. However, he proposes that certifications can come after and that his course is enough for an entry-level GRC position. 

With all this in mind, getting multiple GRC cybersecurity jobs without an IT and compliance experience or certifications is also out of the question. It is possible, but is very unlikely.

Is Working In Cybersecurity Worth It?

Yes, working in cybersecurity is worth it. Being a cybersecurity professional is a fulfilling career and is one of the highest paid jobs in the tech industry. Even an entry level role like a cybersecurity analyst can earn a median salary of $80K annually.

For those starting in GRC, roles may develop into more specialized positions, such as security engineers, IT auditors, compliance officers, or IT risk managers after gaining experience. These roles earn a median salary of $130K to $170K annually. However, advancing to these roles requires years of hard work and necessary certifications.

What Is the Best Alternative to Working in Cybersecurity?

The best alternative to working in cybersecurity is to start an online business. This is true especially if you're concerned about the time and money that you need to spend on building your credentials. Starting up an online business requires no credentials at all. Also, there are online business models that you can enter right away, with minimal startup cost. You can check out the most profitable online businesses to get some ideas.

Earn Six Figures Passively With Local Lead Generation

While cybersecurity is a lucrative career, it is still a job that requires years of experience and credentials for advancement. Alternatively, you can earn 6 figures of passive income with local lead generation as a business. In this model, there’s absolutely no credentials required as a startup or even when you begin to scale.

local lead generation

Local lead generation involves ranking a niched website in local search engine results. Ranked websites will naturally attract leads. These leads are what you will leverage for renting your site out to local businesses. You can charge $500 to $3000 monthly per site and can scale by renting out multiple websites. With minimal maintenance, you can earn consistent passive income all throughout the year.

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