Alright ya’ll today I’ll be reviewing Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads for Entrepreneur course, basically its a Facebook advertising training program that teaches you how to land clients and keep them on a monthly fee and you get paid to run Facebook ads for them

First I’m going to go over what you’ll learn inside this program.

Give my two cents on the pros & cons of Facebook ads.

Finally, Why in 2021, I primarily focus on building my business using free traffic instead aka free traffic lead gen.

What do you get inside this course?

What’s great about Facebook Ads?

A lot of courses are coming out these days coaching about this business model of being able to run Facebook ads for small businesses such as dentists,

The cool thing about Facebook ads is that its relatively easy for someone to get trained and begin spending some money and generate traffic quickly.

Facebook also allows for very in-depth targeting and other features like finding automatic targeting using the data gathered from people that click through to your ad, which allows for easier time finding a client that might be very sophisticated in their interests.

You can also target people according to so many other factors like their relationship status, location, hobbies, income bracket and more.

I would have to say that the #1 reason why people use Facebook ads is because many people believe that ranking a website using SEO takes too long.

What’s the downside of using Facebook Ads?

well the biggest reason is by far the fact that each click costs you money.

So if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose quite a bit of money in the process of learning.

Be prepared to have budget set aside for testing as well because its very rare that your first ad will be successful or that you won’t need to test different ads on-going because a single ad doesn’t stay profitable forever, many of these ads eventually begin to exhaust the audience which is called ad fatigue.

Meaning if you see the same ad over and over again it becomes less & less effective.

Another downside?

Ad performance can fluctuate greatly day to day so you need to keep a close eye on ad performance so its not as passive / “set it and forget it” type of business like you can build with free traffic lead generation.


I truly believe Dan Kennedy is a great guy & mentor.

He definitely knows what he’s talking about with Facebook ads, so if that’s your thing, you cannot go wrong with his course FAFE.

Over the years I shifted my focus more towards free traffic lead generation because I hate giving my profit margins away to Mark Zuckerberg.

But hey I still will use Facebook ads here and there to produce results quickly but for me its more of a short term strategy to impress a client right from the get go as I get my organic traffic rolling.

Being able to generate traffic / leads using free traffic is higher skillset imo.

I also like it because you can make more money with less clients because you don’t have to pay for the expensive ad costs.

click here to check out the coaching program that teach you how to generate leads using free traffic instead of Facebook ads. Its my #1 money maker for sure.

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