Dan Henry – Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs Course Review FAFE

December 1, 2021

Dan Henry

Alright ya’ll...

Today I’ll be reviewing Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs course.

I think you kinda know this already, but basically it's a Facebook advertising training program that teaches you how to land clients, keep them on a monthly fee and get paid to run Facebook ads for them.

That's the high level overview...I'm gonna go a little deeper than that though.

Here's what I'm gonna cover in this review...

First up, I’m going to go over what you’ll learn inside this program. I'll break down each module so that you can get an idea what is covered in each one.

Next I'll give you my two cents on the pros & cons of Facebook ads (definitely worth checking out, trust me).

Finally, I'll let you know why in 2021, I primarily focus on building my business using free traffic instead of paid traffic...aka free traffic lead gen.

Before we dive in though...here's a bit more info about me and what I'm doing to make a full time living online.


Hey, I'm Ippei!

Until 2014, like many of the people I review, I was working in a corporate job from 9 to 5.

Not only was it soul-crushing, but it didn't give me any time to pursue my bigger goals.

That was until I discovered a method to rank sites organically, generating free leads for my clients.

That website you see above, for the tree care company, I created it in 2015, and since then I haven't had to touch or update it:

It has gained me a passive income of $2000 a month.

That's more than $100,000 for one site, in 5 years.

That's the magic of the Lead Generation business, it's by far the best model to generate passive income. If you want to know more, just hop over here!

Without further delay, let's get going...


What is the Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs Course About?

As we know, the FAFE course is about running Facebook ads for people, and getting paid to do it. 

Created by Dan Henry, the course aims to teach students how to run laser focused Facebook ads, that not only convert like crazy, but also don't cost the earth. 

As someone that's done my fair share of paid traffic, I can tell you that paying for advertising can get super expensive pretty fast. 

It doesn't matter if you're advertising on Google, Facebook or any other online platform...if you don't know what you're doing, you're gonna bleed money!

The good news is that Dan aims to help you with this problem, and the idea is that once you've gone through his training course, you'll be a Facebook Ads guru...in theory anyway.

We'll dive deeper into what's covered in each module below, but Dan's course makes sure that by the time you're done you'll know:

Here's what you're gonna learn...

  • How to use the Facebook pixel like a pro to keep costs down.
  • How to quickly setup a Facebook ad.
  • How to land clients for $1K+ a month.
  • Selecting the right ad type and target for your customers needs.

What Do You Get Inside the Course?

OK, so you're probably wondering what the course is all about, and what Dan covers in it, right?

The course is broken down into 4 modules that make up over 40 different video lessons. 

I'll break down each module below, but included with all the content you're gonna get access to the private student group, a complete Facebook Ads cheat sheet Bible, access to all previous coaching calls (solid value right there), scripts for selling and closing clients over the phone and even a real life recording of Dan closing a client.

Module 1: How to Create Bait

  • Why you need BAIT
  • Value and desire.
  • Different types of BAIT and how you sell them.
  • Figuring out what BAIT you should use.
  • Examples of BAIT
  • Creating simple cheat sheets.

Module 2: Building Funnels

  • Choosing the right funnel for your customer.
  • Building a cheat sheet funnel
  • Building a discount funnel
  • Building a value funnel.
  • Building a webinar funnel
  • Setting up your Facebook pixel.
  • Creating a custom conversion.

Module 3: All About Ads

  • Choosing the right type of ad.
  • Copy and dialogue strategy.
  • Creating ads.
  • How to retarget users.
  • Targeting examples
  • How to target the right audience.
  • Split testing
  • How to scale a successful advert.

Module 4: Setting up an Agency

  • Finding the right clients.
  • How to get the right clients.
  • Dealing with clients.
  • Client proposals.
  • Sending leads to clients.
  • Charging clients.


PROS: What’s Great About Facebook Ads?

It seems like there are a lot of courses these days that coach students on the business model of being able to run Facebook ads for small businesses.

Dan's course is just one of many.

I think one of the main reasons for this is that Facebook ads are relatively easy to teach and then get people generating traffic quickly (in theory anyway).

They also allow for very in-depth targeting and a number of other features.

This includes automatic targeting using the data gathered from people that click through to your ad.

As you can imagine, this allows you to find clients that might be very sophisticated in their interests and are already hot for your offer.

You can also target people according to so many other factors like their relationship status, location, hobbies, income bracket and more.

I would have to say that the #1 reason why people use Facebook ads is because many people believe that ranking a website using SEO takes too long.

I'm gonna show you that this doesn't have to be the case...and I'm living proof.

CONS: What’s the Downside of Using Facebook Ads?

While advertising on Facebook may seem easy on the surface, it has some serious downsides.

One of the biggest downsides in my opinion is the fact that each click costs you money.

This means that if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose quite a bit of money in the process of learning (thumbs down).

Be prepared to have budget set aside for testing as well because it's very rare that your first ad will be successful.

You'll also find that you'll need to test different ads on an on-going basis, because a single ad doesn’t stay profitable forever.

Unfortunately the nature of Facebook advertising is that most ads eventually begin to exhaust the audience. This is known as "ad fatigue".

Essentially, as your audience sees the same ad over and over again it becomes less & less effective.

Another downside...

Facebook Spend

Ad performance can fluctuate greatly day to day so you need to keep a close eye on ad performance.

This means it's not a passive / “set it and forget it” type of business like you can build with free traffic lead generation.

Facebook advertising (or any paid per click advertising really), has also got super competitive lately. With thousands of new advertisers flooding onto the platform every single day, the competition has never been higher.

FB Advertisers

This means that you're gonna pay more and more for your traffic, which means more cost, more risk, and less profits.

All in all, not the best foundation to build a business on!


Should You Buy the Course?

So now that we've got into the good and bad of Facebook advertising, you're probably wondering if I recommend that you invest in Dan's course, right?

Look, here's the thing...I truly believe Dan Henry is a great guy & mentor.

He definitely knows what he’s talking about with Facebook ads (he's won a number of 2 comma club awards after all), so if that’s your thing, you cannot go wrong with his FAFE course.

Dan Henry 2 comma club

But here's the kicker...

Over the years I've shifted my focus more towards free traffic lead generation, because I hate giving my profit margins away to Mark Zuckerberg.

On top of that, there are a few pretty serious cons to the Facebook advertising model (highlighted above), which have made me steer clear of this business.

With my current business model that's now making me $50K a month (local lead generation), it's a different story though...

Being able to generate traffic / leads using free traffic is higher skill set in my opinion and a much better long-term foundation to built a business on.

I also like it because you can make more money with less clients because you don’t have to pay for the expensive ad costs.

But hey, I'll still use Facebook ads here and there to produce results quickly, but for me its more of a short term strategy to impress a client right from the get go as I get my organic traffic rolling.

Here's a bit more info on how I'm doing local lead generation...

Local Lead Generation Always Wins...

As I mentioned, these days I'm all in on local lead generation.

With this business model I am helping local business owners get more customers, by sending them more leads.

In return they pay me for it (and pretty well as well).

Here's a breakdown of how it works:

Let's say you build a little tree service website for your local town. You add a call tracking number and then find a local tree service company that needs more customers. 

When you do, you redirect the phone number on the site to them.

That way, when people looking for a tree service company start finding your site in Google and calling the number, they are directed to the tree company who takes the calls (and hopefully books in the jobs).

When this happens, they pay you for it. 

Here's an example of a tree service website I built that's now paying me $2,000 a month...

Lead Gen Control

I now work with a ton of different local business owners, and send them all a ton of leads.

As I said, I'm now making mid 5 figures a month with this business and there's no looking back.

If you want to find out more about how I do it, click here to check out the coaching program that I did to learn it all.

Lead generation is the real deal, and it's my #1 money maker for sure.

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