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Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Review (Kevin David) 2024 Unbiased

November 30, 2022

There’s a lot to work with when you’re dealing with Facebook ads, but course reviews are a great way to get started. Take Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David for example. Kevin is one of the most popular names in the digital marketing industry today, known widely for his courses on Amazon FBA, digital marketing, and of course, Facebook ads. As a course that has apparently helped thousands of clients escape their 9-5 jobs and transition into a purely home-based, online career, does the course live up to its hype? 

In this review, we’ll discuss all there is to know about Kevin David and his course, Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass. Read on to know more. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Informative and packed with useful tips about Facebook ads.
  • Contains detailed demonstrations and examples.
  • Proven methods and short-cuts.
  • High energy from Kevin to keep students motivated and attentive.


  • Gives out too much information sometimes; tends to drone on.
  • Can get repetitive and disorganized in some parts.
  • Somewhat irrelevant discussions about his other courses. Comes off more as pitchy than informative.
  • Reuses some content from his other courses.

Who is Kevin David?

Kevin David is an entrepreneur and owner of several multimillion-dollar companies. He specializes in various online business models, such as Facebook Ads, Amazon FBA, and E-Commerce in general. 

Kevin’s entrepreneurial career began after he graduated from college. At first, he worked a regular 9-5 job in accounting. But as time passed, Kevin began to grow tired of his long hours and average office routine. He made the big decision to leave his job and begin an online career as a consultant on Facebook. Even then, Kevin knew that he wanted and deserved more. He didn’t feel like he could resonate with jobs that couldn’t offer him the freedom that he wanted. So, Kevin began looking into several business and job opportunities online. 

Through his research and practice, Kevin found his big break in Amazon FBA. His expertise and hard work in learning this new business model led him to gain thousands of dollars every month from his new business. His success only continued to grow from there. He eventually launched his own company called THATLifestyleNinja in 2017. Today, he continuously helps people build new careers online through his courses.

Is Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass a Scam or Legit?

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass has gained thousands of students since it was first launched. There are a good number of reviews about the course, both on his platform and outside his platform. A lot of people are saying that the course was able to help them out and talked about how many of them were able to start their own agency by practicing what they learned from the course. 

We looked through YouTube because we wanted to find a different perspective of the course, aside from the testimonials posted on their website. We managed to find this video review by a channel called ‘Eiyo Nutrition.’ In the video, the owner of the channel talks about how he was able to build a career online by using everything he learned from the course. He explains that, at the time, he attempted to crowdsource for clients in his group of acquaintances and mutual friends to test out what he learned. Eventually, he was able to help those three clients thrive with their own businesses, earning thousands of dollars per month through Facebook Ads.

There are also several reviews on TrustPilot that talk about how Kevin is a great coach that pays special attention to each student, making sure that they fully understand the content of the course. He has a 4.9 rating on TrustPilot, based on over 2000 reviews from verified users. Here are some of the reviews we found while looking through the page. 

However, we also managed to find some concerning feedback from other clients and content creators as well. A lot of these reviews were posted by creators on YouTube or can be found on Trustpilot as well. 

Technically, this review isn’t about Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass itself, but it does talk about its owner, Kevin David. In 2019, Brandon Young was interviewed on Coffeezilla, a YouTube channel that posts content about scams and frauds in digital marketing. In the interview, Brandon talks about how Kevin filed a lawsuit against him for revealing how Kevin allegedly reached out to one of Brandon’s friends to ask for screenshots of his sales, which would be used to promote Kevin’s Amazon FBA course. There are no further updates about the situation today but the video has garnered over 466k views and 1.9k comments, with a few people sharing similar experiences. 

We also found this comment by ‘Andie’ on an online forum. Andie talks about how they lost $4000 by buying the course and experienced poor customer service from Kevin’s team, who allegedly told them to “do their own research” despite being promised supportive mentorship and access to a community under the course inclusions.

The reviews about the course and Kevin David are somewhat mixed. There is an overwhelming amount of supportive and positive reviews across several platforms, including his website. However, you may also want to take the negative reviews into consideration before buying the course. Overall, these reviews do not provide enough evidence to prove that Kevin and the course are a scam. Thousands of people have enrolled and managed to make a career from taking the course. Ultimately, your satisfaction may depend on your personal experience while taking it.

What are People Saying about Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass? 

There are a lot of YouTube reviews about the course, but it seems that the majority of them are from his affiliates. We found many videos about Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass that seemed to share a similar format. These creators would talk about how they were able to create their own agency or build more engagement and sales for their business through the methods they learned in the course. After a while of talking about what led them to take the course, they would go on to explain the course’s modules and contents. 

For example, these three videos were done by three different content creators. However, they seem to be talking about the same things throughout their reviews.

These reviews also talk more about what the course includes, rather than what they experienced while taking the course. They talk about how they were able to benefit from the course but don’t go into too much detail about how those situations played out. 

Similarly, we also found some questionable reviews on CourseRanks. There weren’t a lot of reviews on the course’s product page, but most of them were positive. However, some reviews seemed to be duplicated and posted under different profiles.

Despite this, Kevin has received consistent praise from his previous students and clients across all platforms. At the time of writing this, he has a solid following of 1.47 million on YouTube, 700k on Facebook, and 400k on Instagram. Many of his posts get hundreds to thousands of interactions. His comment section is filled with followers and previous students who continue to stay up-to-date with his activities to this day. 

How Do You Make Money with Facebook Ads?

There are two popular ways to make money through Facebook ads: generating leads for your business and generating leads for someone else’s business. 

If you are a business owner, then you will directly benefit from creating Facebook ads by generating a wider audience, more leads, and increased sales through successful Facebook ads. The more successful your ad is, the more people you reach. Brand awareness and recognition for your business will always be a good thing. Through Facebook ads, prospects will be able to view your content and be easily redirected to your main platform if they become interested in your services. 

You can also make money by starting your own agency. Learning how to create excellent Facebook ads is a skill that small to mid-size businesses require to help their brand grow. If you are well-versed in creating Facebook ads, then you can begin building a service that will help these small businesses generate more leads for their platform. Having your own agency also allows you to cater to several clients at a time.

Do Students of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Actually Make Money? 

Many students have left reviews talking about how they made thousands of dollars by taking Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass. For example, a review by Dovis Vai talks about how he first bought Kevin’s course a few years ago while working a 9-5 job. According to his review, taking the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass course helped him reach a whopping 100k EUR within 8 months of practicing the course’s methods.

A YouTube review, also by George, mentions that he and his cousin were able to generate more sales for their business by using Kevin’s methods. In his video, George talks about how his small business managed to grow in an impressive amount of time, thanks to the techniques and tips he learned from Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass.

Additionally, he mentions that he used the same techniques to help his cousin, who works in real estate. Based on his story, his cousin used traditional advertising for his real estate business and had no clue about how to promote it on social media. After George convinced him to utilize Facebook ads for business, his cousin soon called him up to talk about how using the paid ads managed to increase his sales. 

There have been many claims from previous clients that taking the course has helped their businesses and agencies grow. Kevin David is known as one of the most renowned coaches and online entrepreneurs today. He teaches his students the same methods that he used to generate a 7-figure income for his multimillion-dollar businesses. As students continue to take his course and follow his techniques, it seems that they are gradually headed in the same direction.

Risks Involved with Facebook Ads

Businesses can benefit greatly from utilizing Facebook ads. However, most businesses can only enjoy these benefits once users find the ideal optimization and target audience for their ads—and this may be the hardest part of the process. 

Facebook ads require a lot of fine-tuning and testing to work. There isn’t a single method that will get you to succeed overnight. To create a successful ad, you will have to go through several steps. You need to target a specific part of your audience that may be interested in your services, which may take a long time on its own. Another challenge is creating content that will appeal to your consumers while making sure that it represents your brand’s ideals and desired image. You need to ensure that the content of your ads reaches the target audience, otherwise, you’ll have to work through the process again until you get it right. 

Facebook ads are undeniably an efficient way to generate more traffic and leads to your platforms. However, the elaborate process of creating successful ads may be a deal-breaker for some. If you’re willing to put in the extra effort to create excellent ads, then this business model may be ideal for you. Either way, this is why consultants and coaches create their programs. With business models like Facebook ads, having an expert to guide you through your career is a great asset to possess.

Course Modules

Module 01: Understanding Facebook Ads and What Works 

The first module serves as an introduction to paid advertising on Facebook. When you first dive into Facebook ads, then it’s likely that you’ll feel overwhelmed with the various tools and features available. 

Kevin helps you get started by explaining the basics of Facebook ads, such as the different concepts and functions of everything involved in the business model. 

In the first module, Kevin discusses:

  • Setting up your Facebook business page and Facebook Business Manager.

  • How to set up and use the Facebook pixel efficiently.

  • Creating powerful lead magnets, custom audiences, and basic sales funnels.

Facebook ads are about creating great aesthetics while targeting the right demographics. This is how local businesses can generate more clients in their area. 

The offer is everything, your lead magnet is everything — and Kevin wants you to understand this.

Module 01 is the perfect introduction to get you pumped up and ready to dive into business mode. His energy is high and enthusiastic throughout the course, which makes its content all the more interesting. 

It’s also newbie-friendly. There are a lot of beginners who take this course, so it’s good that the structure and language used in the course is settled between being easy enough to understand but detailed at the same time. 

Module one is all about inviting leads to check out your ads through solid offers. This is where viewers begin to gain an idea of what strategies and offers they need to deploy to generate more leads. Kevin shows specific examples and demonstrations, giving viewers a firsthand look at the techniques. 

It also emphasizes the most important principle when it comes to running Facebook ads for any local business: lead with an offer.

Total video time for the module: 1 hour and 46 minutes 

Module 02: How to Go From Complete Beginner to Facebook Ads Ninja

The information covered in this module is crucial to understanding all varieties of campaign objectives and the best optimization practices to minimize wasted ad spend. 

Kevin covers:

  • Detailed overviews of all marketing objectives.

  • Step-by-step ad lifecycle blueprint.

  • Building social proof and credibility before running ads.

This module covers all types of ad campaigns. Kevin explains and demonstrates each one to give his audience an idea of how they work and how they can help.

The Facebook pixel is emphasized throughout the course as a factor in the success of your ads. Kevin then leads the conversation back to the ad campaigns and their goals, highlighting examples of each one. 

He also provides examples of his own ad campaigns, pinpointing what made them succeed or which aspect played the most vital role in their efficiency. 

Knowing how these campaigns work is an essential step in mastering the process. It also saves you trouble in the long run, especially since you’ll know where to start, thanks to Kevin’s examples.

The power is in the pixel.

The only setback to this module is that it seems a little pitchy in some parts. Some campaigns were only explained in passing, but some campaigns made for Shopify and Amazon FBA were explained in great detail. For reference, he has a course for both of those models. 

It would have been nice if all the campaigns were equally detailed, especially less popular options like the ‘app install” and lead generation campaigns.

Total video time for the module: 1 hour and 42 minutes 

Module 03: How to Create Your Ultra Targeted Audiences That Will Skyrocket Your Business

There’s a good amount of research and data compilation that goes into narrowing in on your ideal audience. But don’t worry, Kevin walks you through the entire process.

Kevin covers:

  • How to target customers using data on demographics, behaviors, and interests.

  • Creating custom audiences from ad campaigns and pixel events.

  • Scaling your data to create a powerful lookalike audience.

After going through the first two modules, you’re fully equipped to start finding your target audience. 

If you paid enough attention to everything that was discussed during modules one and two, then you’ll easily be able to understand the contents of this third module. 


Finding the perfect audience to see the ads may be the biggest and most common mistake that people do when creating their ads. To get a better understanding of this module, Kevin brings out tools like Google Trends and Audience Insights.

These tools are all great for optimizing your ads to fit your ideal demographics. These tools are possibly your greatest asset in creating Facebook ads. It’s important that you know how to use them, so you can efficiently target the right audience.

Creating custom and look-alike audiences from your pixel and ad campaign data can completely transform your business — this is what made Kevin's ad agency explode from his experience.

He shows us how to create custom audiences from email lists, video views, website traffic, and much more.

This knowledge is key to scaling your business to new levels and increasing both profitability and productivity for your clients. 

Some of the videos can be long-winded, especially the 3 videos where Kevin covers targeting in different key areas (demographics, interests, and behaviors) because he really takes the time to get into the nitty-gritty of using Facebook's massive data store.

But I completed this module with a thorough understanding of doing effective due diligence when it comes to narrowing in on your audience, so Kevin does an overall great job of conveying important information that sticks.

Total video time for the module: 2 hours and 20 minutes

Module 04: How to Create Ad Copy and Creatives that Convert Like Crazy

After going through the first three modules, it’s finally time to start creating your ads. In this part of the course, Kevin talks about:

  • Writing ad copy and using powerful imagery that your customers can relate to.

  • Using a trove of resources to get inspiration for your own ads.

  • Narrowing in on what works and modeling your ads after other successful marketers.

This is where you can get creative with your content. Facebook ads offer a lot of features for dynamic content, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be an expert in editing or writing. You just need to follow Kevin’s ‘secret sauce formula.’

You only need three things to create an effective Facebook ad: an eye-catching title, an attractive image, and a message that readers can relate to. 

If you are unsure about what to write in your content, then there’s no need to worry. Kevin provides a structure that you can use as a reference. He also directs you to useful resources like Adespresso and for more examples.

This module would have been stronger if Kevin provided more real-world examples. To be fair, he does show examples from well-known companies. However, the process would have more clarity if Kevin explained his personal perspective and ideas when creating these ads. 

Total video time for the module: 1 hour and 36 minutes

Module 05: How to Make a Ton of Money Without Needing Your Own Product

Here comes the part that you’ve been waiting for. Kevin will finally be teaching you how to make money from Facebook ads. This module discusses:

  • Prospecting clients from all directions with proven strategies.

  • How to manage your agency set up, get regular clients, and scale your agency to the next level.

 Be warned that this module has a lot of information, so it may be longer than others. Rest assured that everything discussed here is absolutely essential to the process. 

You’ll learn about Facebook as a business model. Kevin talks about his experiences on the market, letting the audience know how involved he is with other marketers in the field. 

Throughout this course, you’ll learn about various lead generation techniques through a series of videos. This is where you will learn how to generate clients through ads. 

Kevin provides resources like email and phone templates. He uses these himself, so they’ve proven and tested to be the best copy. This part also covers how to run ads for clients in your area. 

In a way, some of Kevin’s tactics are a bit self-explanatory. He advises the viewers to target people in their circle first, but isn’t that a given when you’re trying out a new business? They’re called ‘easy money’ for a reason.

It’s essentially just the phase where you test out your newly learned info and apply it to people in your circle. Most of the time, you’ll be paid more in experience than cash.

Overall, he provides a wide selection of strategies for viewers. At least you’ll have a lot of options to try out as you’re trying to build your ads.

Total video time for the module: 3 hours and 31 minutes

Module 06: How to Re-target

Module 06 provides critical insight into the secrets behind Kevin’s extreme success in Facebook advertising: leveraging the power of re-targeting.

So if you want to scale the profitability of your ads and grow your business exponentially, follow Kevin closely.

If you missed them the first time, then re-targeting may be the key to getting your clients to take a second glance. 

In this module, you’ll learn about the power of re-targeting. With that, Kevin talks about:

  • Running an ad campaign from start to finish.

  • How to split-test across all channels without sacrificing time freedom.

  • How to drive traffic to all types of content and generate endless leads from all directions.

If you thought the previous modules were long, then you may want to take a breather before this next one. This module may be long, but it’s informative enough to provide you with essential skills in Facebook marketing. 

This phase of the course includes Kevin talking about split-testing and how it’s the best way to come up with excellent ads. Kevin makes sure to teach this to his students so they’ll know how to do it right when they create ads. 

There are so many permutations you can split-test in a single ad-set: location, page likes, potential interests, and much more.

Kevin streamlines this phase by clearly demonstrating how split-testing works. By the end of this module, you’ll know how to set up and automate your split-tests to save on time and effort.

Kevin also dives into generating more data because who doesn't need more data for a campaign, right?

We accomplish this by re-targeting our ads to people who have taken an action like visiting our site, purchasing an item, or submitting a form.

This part is also heavy on emphasizing the importance of research and having enough data. By obtaining more data, the re-targeting process becomes more accurate and specific.

Again, this part comes with some pitching and sales talk. However, it’s a fair exchange for the amount of useful information you’ll receive in turn. 

You get to see Kevin in action throughout this entire module. He walks you through the process, ensuring that you’ll know exactly where to start and what to do when it’s time to create the ads. 

Total video time for the module: 3 hours and 45 minutes

Extra Key Questions 

  • Is the marketing super flashy? Do they make unrealistic promises?

    Kevin can come off as a bit flashy at times. He can make some bold claims at times but to be fair, his course is quite informative and packed with quality information. In this case, it may depend on how students apply the information to their situation. Kevin can also be pitchy at times, constantly directing the audience towards his other courses. 
  • Is there a supportive community?

    The course includes access to a Facebook group for all of Kevin’s students. In this group, all students can freely post their thoughts, questions, and issues about their ads or the course. Both coaches and fellow members are always quick to reply to people who need help.
  • Is the course still active? Is the coach involved? What are their current promotions or projects?

    The course is still active in 2022. It is being handled by his team and Kevin himself. Kevin also answers inquiries from students as frequently as he can. According to the reviews across different platforms, he is always one message away. 
  • Is there live coaching?

    Kevin goes live every week for coaching sessions. He does this in groups and answers all of his student’s concerns and inquiries about the model and the course.

Are Facebook Ads Still Relevant in 2022? 

Facebook ads are definitely still relevant in 2022, but you may have competition. A lot of competition. It’s no secret that Facebook has one of the largest audiences that a social media platform has to offer. Thus, it has become a hub for businesses and companies who are aiming to grow their own platforms and generate more sales from Facebook’s population of users. With that in mind, you may need to go the extra mile to succeed in creating an effective ad. 

If you are dedicated to using Facebook ads as a foundation for your online career, then go for it. Just bear in mind that you will have to do a lot of testing, trial, and management for your ads. The outcome allows your efforts to pay off once you succeed. However, you need to be prepared for however long it may take to reach your target audience so your ads can perform well. 

This is why taking courses like Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is a great start to online business. You’ll be provided with knowledge, resources, and an overview of the market. Just make sure that you are investing in a high-quality and comprehensive course that will be worth every penny.

Organic Growth Through Lead Generation 

Building a career with Facebook ads has helped people quit their 9-5 jobs and begin working at home full-time. But what if we told you that there is a cheaper and more low maintenance method to achieve the same level of success? 

Lead generation for small businesses. We’ve tried it ourselves and it all worked out — really well! Lead generation and Facebook ads are two very different business models. In our case, we find our methods to be easier to maintain and more worth the effort in the long run. Why? Check out this table and see for yourself.  

Facebook Ads

Lead Generation 

Start-up Cost

The cost depends on what kind of campaign you’re taking on. In this case, the cost is mostly based on impressions. You may have to pay up to $12 per 1000 impressions. 

All you need to pay for is your domain and website hosting. With this model, $100 is more than enough to begin your career. 

Barrier to Entry 

Barriers are high. This is secured by consumer lock-in through user circles and networks, access to data about your audience, and Facebook’s control over the network.  

Lead generation methods and techniques are unique to each user. If someone tries to replicate your methods, then the real challenge lies in getting to rank their content as high as yours.


Facebook is a popular hub for small businesses within your area. Competition may be high.

The market isn’t as saturated. You won’t have more than 15 competitors in your area. 

Profit Margin 

It depends on the ad’s performance. 

You can gain up to 90% profit with successfully ranked sites.


You can promote your business or someone else’s business. You have to adjust your content to meet the standards of a highly specific demographic. 

You have the freedom to choose who you work with and how much work you take on. Picking your niche is solely your decision. 

Once you master lead generation, then you’re on your way to achieving truly passive income. We prefer our methods because it retains the job of escaping your 9-5 jobs. It’s true that you’ll have to put a lot of work in for your efforts to pay off. But what we love about lead generation is that you can still make passive, continuous income from sites that you ranked weeks, months, or even years ago. Once you get a site to rank, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruit of your efforts with no stress or trouble. 

The best part about lead generation for small businesses? It thrives on pure, organic growth. All you need to pay for is the domain and website hosting. From there, your income relies on how much organic traffic you can generate from your techniques. 

Dive into the world of lead generation with us today. Click here to learn more about the course.
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