Adam Holland’s Fast Start Side Hustle Review — What’s New With This Program Now?

March 15, 2024

The Fast Start Side Hustle is a platform created by Adam Holland that offers a simple and quick way to start your own side business. It's a “done-for-you” affiliate platform where everything is taken care of for you. This means you don't have to worry about product development, website setup, advertising, or generating leads. With the Fast Start Side Hustle, you have the potential to earn $1,500 to $15,750 or more in a single day. It's an upgraded version of the Social Media Success System.

In Fast Start Side Hustle, you have the option to buy high-quality YouTube leads directly from their advertising co-op. Each lead costs $12.00 and these are the same leads used by Adam for his own business. While $12.00 per lead may seem expensive, it is reasonable considering the potential earnings of up to $15,750 per sale. The traffic co-op offers different share options. 

Affiliate marketing is a popular business model that allows you to earn by promoting other people's products. While it offers low startup costs and passive income potential, the competition is tough. Success requires research, planning, and adapting to stand out. Challenges include program performance, commission cuts, and generating traffic. Despite these hurdles, with dedication and effective strategies, affiliate marketing can be profitable.

Local lead generation offers a better alternative to affiliate marketing with a potential for passive income. You create high-ranking websites that generate leads for local businesses. Then, you can rent them out and earn a recurring income without constant promotion. This model focuses on local markets and provides a valuable service, offering a more stable and passive income stream.

Fast Start Side Hustle Pros And Cons


Adam Holland has been an online entrepreneur for over 12 years.

It's a "Done-For-You" business.

You can get high-quality converting leads directly from Adam.

Potential to earn from $1,500 - $15,750 per sale, closed by Adam and his team.


The course is so expensive

There are a lot of statements saying that the course is a scam.

You need to pay for high-quality converting leads.

Affiliate marketing can't offer a fully passive income stream.


The price varies depending on the level you're going to avail.

1. Bronze level: It costs $1,000 plus $199 for the admin fee.
2. Gold level: It costs $3,000 plus $247 for the admin fee.
3. Platinum level: It costs $7,000 plus $447 for the admin fee.
4. Diamond level: It costs $14,000 plus $647 for the admin fee.
5. Ultra Royal: It costs $21,000 plus $847 for the admin fee.

Refund Policy

Adam Holland mentions nothing about the refund policy.


Fast Start Side Hustle started in 2021. 


Adam Holland has 12 years of experience being an online entrepreneur and generated 8-figure sales.

What's New With The Fast Start Side Hustle Now?

The Fast Start Side Hustle program had to do some big changes from its previous version, known as the Social Media Success System. Here are the key updates:

  • Prices go up: The program offers five levels from four packages and the prices become more expensive.
  • Separation from the previous program: Fast Start Side Hustle is now a distinct program and is no longer affiliated with other high-ticket affiliate programs promoted by Adam before. That's also the reason people online hate the course.
  • Comprehensive training: When you purchase a package, you gain access to a ton of training materials by Adam Holland. These materials cover a wide range of online business topics.
  • Affiliate opportunities: As a Fast Start Side Hustle affiliate, you have the chance to promote the program's packages and earn commission. 
  • Enhanced tracking and support: The program now includes its own tracking and analytical system. It provides detailed reports and insights. This allows affiliates to monitor the number of visits and clicks on their affiliate links more effectively. Support from the program has also improved.
  • Many income streams: Affiliates can generate income through various channels. They can have Adam's team handle the marketing by paying for online ads that drive traffic to their affiliate page. They can learn different methods to start their own business with the training provided within the program.

What Are Different Levels Offers By Fast Start Side Hustle?

Business & Mindset Mastery

The Business & Mindset Mastery provides essential tools and knowledge for long-term success. This section equips you with the skill sets to generate leads, convert them into sales, and market any product or service in any industry. It also helps you avoid costly mistakes by sharing valuable insights that could save you over 100K.

Bronze Level

What you’ll get at Bronze Level:

  • Fundamentals video training series
  • TikTok Organic (FREE) traffic video training series
  • TikTok PPC (Paid) traffic video training series
  • Funnel Template, Email Templates, SMS Templates
  • Affiliate Program Access

Price: Bronze Level costs $1,000 + $199 Admin Fee = $1,199. 

Gold Level

What you’ll get in Gold Level:

  • Follow-Up Course: 21 Modules and over 6 hours of content
  • Follow Up Mindset And Best Practices
  • Content Marketing, Email Marketing, And Video Conversions Formula
  • Social Media, Blogging, And Webinar Follow Up
  • Webinars, Quizzes, Applications, Live Events Follow Up
  • Bonus Phone/Skype Follow-Up + 90 Day Promotional Calendar
  • Setting Up Your Business: This section contains 7 modules and over 20 minutes of content.
  • What Entity To Set Up
  • How You Should Pay Yourself
  • How To Name Your Company
  • Get Your EIN
  • File Your Corporation Locally
  • How To Hire a CPA

Price: Gold Level costs $3,000 + $247 Admin Fee = $3,247.

Platinum Level

What you’ll get at Platinum Level?
In Platinum, you get everything included on the Gold Level and the following:

  • Operation List Building: 26 modules of fundamental sales funnels and marketing content. This training teaches you how to build up your email list for long-term success and monetization. This is an asset that could continue to pay you for years.
  • Domain & Email Setup
  • Autoresponder Setup
  • Page Builder Setup
  • List Building 101 Overview
  • Tools Of The Trade
  • Capture Page Vs Landing Page
  • Traffic Strategies
  • Solo Ads
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Branded Reports
  • Interview Swaps
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Audiences
  • YouTube
  • Top Secret
  • Fantastic Follow-Up
  • Revenue Examples
  • Where To Find Offers
  • Purging Your Lists
  • Drive Conversions And Commissions
  • Done For You Email Templates: It has over 125 different follow-up emails across the financial, real estate, health & weight loss offers, and more.
  • Traffic Lightning: This is the complete overview of how to run paid internet marketing campaigns for whatever you’re selling
  • Traffic 101
  • How To Generate Subscribers
  • How To Monetize Email Traffic
  • Facebook Traffic 101: Ads Copy, Targeting, Ad Targeting, Pixel Tracking Etc
  • SEO 101: Ads Copy, Targeting, Ad Targeting, Optimization Etc
    YouTube 101: Account Set up, Tag Manager, Targeting Research, Creative Video, Creative Ad, Optimization
  • Buying Decisions: It teaches you how to influence and persuade prospects to give you money. You’ll learn how to build value, overcome rejections, and set up your sales presentation to win big.

Price: Platinum Level costs $7,000 + $447 Admin Fee = $7,447. 

Wealth Generation Mastery

The Wealth Generation Mastery focuses on the next phase of your journey, where you have mastered your mind and business. Here, you will learn about various investment opportunities that generate passive income. The training covers topics such as managed forex trading, cryptocurrency mining, real estate, tax-free retirement, Airbnb investing, and more. It serves as a crucial and logical step in your long-term journey to build and sustain wealth.

Diamond Level

What you’ll get at Diamond Level?

In Diamond, you get everything included in the Platinum Level as well as the following:

  • Real Estate Investing 101: Learn how to make additional income through wholesaling, fix-n-flipping, buy and hold, and more about real estate.
  • How To Start An Airbnb Business: Discover how to generate monthly semi-passive cash flow plus have all the benefits of real estate.
  • Tax-Free Retirement

Price: Diamond Level costs $14,000 + $647 admin fee =  $14,647. 

Ultra Royal

What you’ll get in Ultra Royal?

In Royal, you get everything included in the Diamond Level as well as the following:

  • Cryptocurrency Trading 101: You will learn how to trade cryptocurrencies.
  • Cryptocurrency Mining 101: It teaches you how to generate wealth through hands-off crypto mining.
  • Forex Trading 101: This automated forex trading service had a 438% return last year. So now Adam will be sharing with Royal Level members how you can profit from this, too.

Price: Ultra Royal costs $21,000 + $847 admin fee =  $21,847. 

Fast Start Side Hustle Free Guide

The Fast Start Side Hustle Guide is a free resource that teaches the three essential steps to earn high-ticket commissions. By downloading this guide, you can access a proven system that doesn't require technical expertise. The guide also includes bonus resources to speed up success in using social media for income generation. With the guidance provided in the guide, you can achieve impressive results within a 12-week timeframe. That's the claims, but it looks like just an overview. 

How Fast Start Side Hustle Works?

After you choose to start your journey with Fast Start Side Hustle, you will pick what level of compensation you want or packages. You fund your marketing, then you plug into pre-built, proven websites, systems, and products of the program. After that, you pay for advertising. And then, their partners advertise for you. Adam's marketing agency will handle that. The prospect responds to the ads and opt-in for info. Also, they review some webinars and videos and then request a call back to get questions answered by customers. Then the coaches call them back and make a sale. Finally, you receive your check amounting to $1,500 - $15,750. But after you receive it, you need to reinvest a portion of your profit month after month. IF you want some alternative, check Dealmaker Wealth Society which teaches how to acquire a business without using your own money. 

Who Is Adam Holland?

Adam Holland is an internet marketer since 2007 and has achieved remarkable success in the industry. He owns and operates Adam Holland Marketing, catering to a diverse range of clients. In his first year, Adam built a business generating $20,000 per month and generated eight-figure revenue for both himself and his clients.

He founded Adam Holland Marketing Inc., a marketing agency that has managed over $10 million in advertising. Spend across various platforms, such as YouTube, Google, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Adam receives the opportunity to collaborate with celebrity clients, further expanding his portfolio. Adam has almost a decade of agency experience and over 15 years as an affiliate marketer. 

Is Fast Start Side Hustle Worth It?

The Fast Start Side Hustle program can not be worth it. The prices for each level offered are quite high, making it a risky choice for beginners. Despite being marketed as a "Done-For-You" program, the overall cost remains expensive. Additionally, you are required to purchase leads directly from Adam Holland, adding to the expenses. Furthermore, there is a significant risk associated with this course, as many online reviews label it as a scam. However, Adam Holland's industry expertise might contribute to the success of your venture. The program showcases success stories on its YouTube channel, with its students bragging about their initial earnings through the help of the program's coaches. However, the high price of each level, along with additional costs for leads and admin fees, raises red flags. Also, it's an affiliate platform, and some entrepreneur says that affiliate marketing is dead. But isn't dead, the competition now is tougher than before. You really need to know the pros and cons of affiliate marketing before entering this business model. 

What Does the Internet Have to Say About Fast Start Side Hustle?

Most people on the internet say that Adam Holland and his program is a big scam. But you can find some testimonies from Fast Start Side Hustle students showing their success through the program.

Fast Start Side Hustle Reddit

On Reddit, there is one person who says that the course is a "predatory high-ticket scam". But with that, there are also certain people who defend the program that despite its being a high-ticket program, there's potential in this program and it works for them.

Fast Start Side Hustle YouTube

On YouTube, there are tons of videos available showing their first check through the help of Fast Start Side Hustle. It shows that despite all the negative feedback, there are still many people testifying about how Adam Holland made their first check without doing all the work.

Is Fast Start Side Hustle Legit?

Yes, Fast Start Side Hustle is legit training that has the potential to generate a minimum of $1,500 per sale. Also, Adam Holland is a legit online entrepreneur with extensive experience in the business industry. There is one article saying that Adam Holland agreed that the previous program is bad, which is the reason he revamped the program. But right now, the program’s update is good.

Fast Start Side Hustle Alternatives

  • Just One Dime - Just One Dime is an Amazon automation program led by Seth Kniep. It helps entrepreneurs build profitable Amazon businesses from scratch, offering a conservative 200% ROI.
  • Affiliate Income Mastery - Affiliate Income Mastery is a training program by Marshall Malaba. It provides lessons on how to build a profitable high-ticket affiliate marketing business. The program covers essential skills like email marketing, blog development, and leveraging platforms to drive traffic.
  • Scalers Method - The Scalers Method, created by Alex Micol, is an affiliate marketing course that provides a detailed roadmap for success. You will learn how to choose profitable offers, stand out from competitors, and optimize sales for consistent results.
  • Side Hustle Nation - A free resource and community for side hustles. This is a great source for anyone looking for a way to create more income streams.

Is Affiliate Marketing The Ticket To Passive Income?

Affiliate marketing is not the best ticket to passive income. Local lead generation through the rank and rent model is the best ticket for passive income. Instead of relying on promoting other people's products, local lead generation involves creating websites that generate leads for small local businesses. You rank these websites high in search engine results, then rent out the leads to businesses. It can generate consistent monthly income.

This is what I'm doing until now. I use this business model and currently earn $52,000 per month through multiple lead-generation sites. By providing lead generation services, I help local businesses increase their organic traffic, attract more customers, and boost their earnings.

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His #1 online business recommendation in 2024, is to build your own lead generation business.

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