Jon Dykstra’s Fat Stacks Review: Why Building Niche Websites in 2024 is Still Profitable

August 16, 2023

Fat Stacks or Niche Site Profits is a series of courses created by Jon Dykstra aimed at monetizing niche websites or blogs with display ads. Marketed for beginners and advanced online marketers, the instructional, how-to-blog program teaches tried and tested techniques that include niche selection, on-site SEO, natural link building, content site autopilot, site speed, and a lot more.

According to Forbes, seven of Dykstra’s niche sites already earned $55,493 for only a 31-day period back in 2019, through advertising revenue. Dykstra’s company also reported expenses for the same period, amounting to $17,828. Niche websites that are based on solid ideas can also earn you from $200 to $4,000 monthly. 

Building niche sites will also garner you several benefits. If they’re equipped with quality content and you’re only focused on a few websites and patient with their results, developing one may prove successful. As we break down the Fat Stacks course, you’ll learn its many important inclusions and modules—all geared to getting you equipped in creating niche sites that earn. We’ll also look into why niche sites are still one of the more attractive sources of passive income today. 

The Fat Stacks Review: Pros and Cons


Jon Dykstra has a reliable track record.

30-day, no-questions-asked refund policy; course also comes with a free version.

Dependable business model.

The course has some of the most comprehensive inclusions needed to scale up blogging websites.


Content creation and active link building aren’t heavily discussed.

Overall training may feel disjointed; course isn't very well-organized

Might be a tad expensive, especially for beginners.


$797 for the first year; $47, succeeding.




Fat Stacks has a following on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Refund Policy

30-day, no questions-asked refund policy.


Fat Stacks was founded by Dykstra in 2014.


Fat Stacks has 748 Facebook followers. Dykstra also has a show in Apple Podcasts.

What is Fat Stacks?

Fat Stacks is a program that comprises a set of courses intended for students who want to plan and build authority on niche websites featuring display ads. Created by Jon Dykstra, who is a niche website builder himself, it offers crucial components in niche website building, such as niche selection, keyword research, on-site SEO, natural link building, and a lot more.

The Fat Stacks program, or Niche Site Profits, also comes with other inclusions like how to sell and flip websites, growing organic Facebook traffic to websites, along with other tools and checklists. On top of the courses, Dykstra also added nine bonus features in the fold, which include the Mastermind forum, the simplification of SEO, and some behind-the-scenes sneak peeks on how he’s been managing his websites.

Who is the Fat Stacks course for?

The Fat Stacks course is for both beginners and advanced internet and content marketers bent to improve their money-making blogging adventure. It is also ideal for individuals who are “in between” or for those who might still be on the fence when it comes to venturing into niche blogging. If you’re on the latter, it is best that you take the free version in the meantime.

How much is the Fat Stacks course?

The Fat Stacks course costs $797 and comes with an annual renewal fee of $47. Additionally, Fat Stacks or Niche Site Profits has nine free extra bonuses when it is availed—all of which amount to more than $5,000.

What does the Fat Stacks course include?

The Fat Stacks course includes a structured series of courses aimed to scale up a niche website with display ads. Here’s the program’s structure as of June 2023:

1. Profitability of niche selection

The first section of the Fat Stacks program tackles the importance of niche selection. According to Dykstra, selecting the wrong niche for your website can have dramatic and often irreparable effects. Knowing the keys to finding the right niches that others ignore if more than strategic and ultimately profitable. In the program, Dykstra also shows how he chooses and decides upon a niche.

2. The significance of long-tail keywords

In the long tail deep dive module, Dykstra showcases how keyword research is done. As per the Fat Stacks creator, this section is easily the most important course in the program, in that a right keyword selection can make all the difference. Participants will be introduced to 21 research methods that boast easy-to-win keywords that you can rank without building links.

3. On-site SEO

The third module in the Fat Stacks course involves strategies for on-site SEO. While Dykstra admitted that he doesn’t have much in terms of experience on technical SEO, the module covers all the basics. They can be especially handy for beginners who only want results as they implement these techniques. 

4. Display ads maximizer

One of the core teachings in the Fat Stacks program is how to maximize your profits through ads. Dykstra reveals that there are ways to increase your earnings with the same traffic. Some of these techniques include strategic ad placements and verifiable ways to get users coming back for more. The module names all of these strategies.

5. Fat Stacks-style affiliate marketing

The program also discusses how Dyktra managed to earn five figures monthly through his affiliate income. Students and advanced bloggers and website builders alike will learn how the creator received only the most from his affiliate links and more.

6. Formula on natural-link building

While link building in the traditional sense can now be polarizing in terms of generating money from it, Dykstra isn’t afraid to disclose his belief in creating “natural link” instead. According to him, creating quality content has a decent chance to build such links. The module shares an easy-to-follow format on natural link building.

7. Content site autopilot

If you’re interested in how to scale your content production while keeping an eye on costs and quality, this module is for you. This section shows how Dykstra formats his content, along with the ways he places his content in order. Ultimately, the creator also reveals his content workflow system that grows his blog while on autopilot.

8. Niche exponential

Dysktra believes that apart from display ads and wealthy affiliate links, there are still many ways to generate income through blogging. This section of the program discusses all of that. One of the ways he believes you can earn is through the B2B and B2C prospects of your niche.

9. Site speed

Eight more videos on how to speed up your sites effectively were added on the already excellent roster of information this course has. In these videos, Dykstra shows how he managed to not only accelerate his websites, but also optimize them in the process. The core steps you need to consider when achieving higher Core Web Vitals are likewise revealed.

Fat Stacks program: Other inclusions

1. Selling and flipping websites

If you plan to flip or sell some of your websites in the future, Dykstra also has important points to share. The creator is no stranger as he himself sold some of his websites towards the end of 2020. The only catch is that he racked up $200k after commission! The module shares how it resulted in that and the things he would do differently.

2. Growing organic Facebook traffic to websites

Dykstra also dabbles on how he grew organic traffic from Facebook to his websites. In this section, it was also shared how this component isn’t for every niche or website out there. Nevertheless, there are many variables that need to be taken into account; the same can be said, for instance, in which Facebook changes its algorithms.

3. Publishing more content while on the cheap

Dykstra is also candid about how artificial intelligence is more practical than disruptive when integrated into the process of publishing. This program inclusion mentions the creator’s strategy based on the SAFETY principle, alongside the “layering” technique, in which the production of high-quality, AI-generated articles is shared.

4. Tools and checklists

You’ll also learn about Dykstra’s personal tools and checklists, such as spreadsheets, content checklists, free plugins, etc.—all essential to building money-making blogs.

Fat Stacks: 9 bonus features

When you avail the paid version of the Fat Stacks blog program, you’ll be provided nine other special bonus features. These features are bound to help you build blogs and websites equipped with Jon Dykstra’s formula. Here they are:

1. Mastermind forum

This is where fatstackers congregate and learn from each other. If you need some specific but actionable advice or a valuable insight, this platform is the best place to source these details from. The forum is active, with three to four posts daily. This free feature alone is valued at $997.

2. 60-minute niche site

The next bonus feature is the 60-minute niche site. This is especially beneficial for beginners who do not have the technical skills yet but want to build a site with all the effective tools. Twenty-three video tutorials are provided to beginners who want to master WordPress while in a time constraint.

3. Affiliate income without content

Dykstra believes that you don’t need to churn out almost endless articles on a weekly basis just to earn from an affiliate link. Subscribers will be able to learn how he makes use of his “Lazy Affiliate Method,” one that doesn’t involve writing affiliate articles. 

4. Simple SEO

SEO is getting more complex by the day. In another surprise yet valuable component of the Fat Stacks program, this extra feature won’t ask you to go the extra mile in terms of applying SEO techniques. A simple, streamlined strategy is shared by Dykstra, one that ranks information-heavy articles. Meanwhile, the key ways to increase on-screen time is featured in this module.

5. Selling sites for up to almost 50 times their value

In this extra section, Dykstra challenges you with ten considerations of whether you need to sell your websites. If you’re finally decided to sell them, he’s giving you another ten ways to make your sites irresistible to buyers. Other key takeaways from this bonus feature are the four best places where you can sell your sites, the uncomfortable truth that comes from selling website shares, and a lawyer’s perspectives on non-competes.

6. Getting free traffic from Facebook

Dykstra is more than adamant that Facebook is still a massive source of traffic online, apart from Google, of course. The bonus feature will reveal how you can get thousands of clicks from Facebook, while maximizing engagement with it—for free!

7. Behind the scenes

Dykstra is also showing some prized behind-the-scenes view of his websites. These include logs of every change applied to his sites since 2019, traffic and content count, revenue from ads, along with full access to experiments he’s currently on.

8. All about passive income

This bonus feature is for subscribers who intend to make their websites a main source of passive income. Here, Dykstra reveals twenty one order templates, where to source out a dream team while on the cheap, and that free tool that manages and oversees everything. In addition, all the common yet costly pitfalls you want to avoid when dealing with platforms that generate passive income are disclosed, too.

9. Publishing more while being economical

Dykstra is no stranger to technological advancements, such as AI. As opposed to rebuking these innovations, the creator welcomes it with open arms. His strategies on employing AI in his content while being low on the costs are shared in this extra feature.

Who is Jon Dykstra? 

Jon Dykstra is a niche website builder and creator behind Fat Stacks or Niche Site Profits. He is currently the CEO and Founder of JGD Media Group, which he founded in 2014. The company owns and operates many top-tier web properties across different sectors and mediums. Dykstra is also the owner of JD Elite Interiors, headquartered in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Before venturing into niche blogging and publishing, Dykstra was a lawyer, obtaining his degree from the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada.

Why You Should Build a Niche Website

1. You have less competition

Niche blogging doesn't have much competition. The same is true when it comes to generating traffic and product sales—a low competition is to be expected.

2. Producing more subscriptions is easier

Suppose your niche is a success and really solid, getting visitors to subscribe to your websites won’t be that complicated. In contrast, websites that have competitive niches are more cutthroat in terms of applying strategies just to get these people to be a member of their sites.

3. Easier production of unique content

With lesser blog coverage of your chosen topics, you’ll have an easier time introducing these topics. And as it is likely that your topics may rank, it is likewise easy to monetize these contents in the process.

4. High value in advertising

Advertisers often deem niche websites to be profitable as most of their traffic is highly targeted. Consequently, niche blogs may charge more for ad space and for specific advertisers than other blogs with the same amount of traffic.

5.Advertisers will also have less competition

As advertisers that suggest interest in your niche websites’ highly-targeted traffic, they will also have less competition and therefore, fewer options. Meanwhile, you can increase your rates when charging for an ad space.

6. Retaining loyalty among readers is easier

Niche websites have fewer competition online. As it is, readers will seldom have the option to unsubscribe and take a look at another website’s content and offers. 

7. Search engine rankings are almost always guaranteed

Due to a lack of competition, ranking your sites on Google is easier than usual. The use of keyword research is also maximized in this regard because of this very reason.

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Final thoughts on Fat Stacks course review: Is this program worth your time and money?

Niche blogging can be a lucrative source of passive income. It has less competition and creating unique content is easier than websites with a competitive niche. There’s also the “novelty’ factor that comes from managing these websites, as visitors will recall your unique offerings that easily.

Niche blogging, however, also comes with pitfalls that you may want to consider. For one, I think there’s never a guarantee that your niche will always be small. Second, the potentials for traffic are almost always constrained to the lower side of things. Sure, it may be easier to develop higher search engine rankings and subscription rates down the line, but the same cannot be said for small niche websites. 

The local lead generation biz, on the other hand, is far less intricate than the niche blogging business model. It only requires less maintenance as once your websites rank, they stay ranked from there on out. Like niche blogging, it is also less saturated. But this time around, you will have tons of options in the process as you can venture into as many cities as you want, and the niches there can give you a lot of possibilities. 

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