Araceli Velazquez’s FBA Queen Academy Review – Is This the Best Program to Succeed in Amazon Online Arbitrage?

November 23, 2023

The FBA Queen Academy is a three-month coaching program for Amazon resellers created by Araceli Velazquez and Mayra Martinez. It offers three packages designed to help you build an online business with Amazon arbitrage: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. A unique feature of their offer is the access to software called Sellers Hideout, which helps streamline product and supplier research.

Available student testimonials online say the FBA Queen Academy has given them a supportive community and great learning experience. Some students say they learned about the ins and outs of selling on Amazon through the course and that Araceli and Mayra provided consistent support.

However, making money through Amazon FBA online arbitrage is difficult. It's a business model that's vulnerable to oversaturation and intense competition. Growth Devil's research said there are over 3.7K new Amazon sellers daily. Meanwhile, according to Jungle Scout's 2023 data, a small Amazon seller will likely compete with nearly 2 million other small and medium business owners.

In this FBA Queen Academy review, we will discuss whether it's the best program to succeed in Amazon online arbitrage, the different programs of FBA Queen Academy, and who it is for. I'll also cover the challenges in Amazon FBA online arbitrage and a better low-cost business model.

FBA Queen Academy Review: Pros and Cons


Regular one-on-one coaching sessions

Private mentorship with Araceli and Mayra

Access to Sellers Hideout (product and supplier research)

Lifetime access

Interactive group calls

Access to group call recordings


Few verifiable testimonials online

Limited slots per month

You must apply for the program and be accepted to start

$2,000-$3,000 cost for an FBA business


FBA Queen Academy price is between $1,997 and $4,997.

Refund Policy

FBA Queen Academy has no refund policy. You will receive free consulting services instead.


December 2021


Course takers recommend the FBA Queen Academy because of its supportive coaches and community. 

Is FBA Queen Academy the Best Program to Succeed in Amazon Online Arbitrage?

The FBA Queen Academy may be the best program for beginners who want to learn about Amazon Online Arbitrage. But, for a reseller looking to scale their business, there are better courses out there. The FBA Queen Academy is a relatively new program, and there are a few testimonials from students available. There are no FBA Queen Academy Trustpilot or reviews. 

While course creators Araceli Velazquez and Mayra Martinez have a fairly significant number of followers on social media, their courses' reputation has not been vetted on third-party platforms. One might also be confused about their brand name. For instance, their YouTube channel is called AMZ Queen Academy. A press release published in 24-7 Press on June 24, 2023 also referred to their course as "FBA Queens Academy" and not "FBA Queen Academy." 

Based on the press release, they have a high-ticket course called "FBA Queens Pro" but you will not see this program on their sales landing page.

There is no accreditation listed on the Better Business Bureau under the brands FBA Queen Academy, FBA Queens Academy, FBA Queens Pro, or their previous course called Shape Shifter Academy. It's also difficult to find conversation threads related to FBA Queen Academy or the course creators in Reddit or Quora. 

In addition, while one student said that Araceli and Mayra built a supportive community, I couldn't find any FBA Queen Academy or FBA Queens Academy Facebook group as of this writing. 

However, if you are looking for a training program that will provide the basic tools to start an Amazon FBA business and earn money, the FBA Queen Academy might help you succeed. Their Diamond program comes with a software called Sellers Hideout that streamlines product and supplier research. With this software, you don't need to conduct an advanced book search or enroll in a product university.

You'll learn about the basics, including wholesale formula and Amazon PPC, in their Amazon boot camp. They offer valuable insights on how to be an Amazon navigator and sell premium brands to the market. You may also check my review on Sophie Howard's Blue Sky Amazon if you are looking for an Amazon selling queen.

The FBA Queen academy business builder program is like the Amazing Selling Machine by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark. The difference is that the latter focuses on the Amazon private label business model. 

Just be aware that the Sellers Hideout reviews are similar to the video testimonials and screenshots posted on the FBA Queen Academy website.

What Are the Different Programs of FBA Queen Academy?

FBA Queen Academy offers three different programs: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Based on the June 24, 2023 press release, the FBA Queen Academy offered a $1,997-course, while the FBA Queen Pro plan includes access to the Diamond program. Just take note that they have not disclosed the price for the FBA Queen Academy Gold, Platinum, and Diamond programs on their sales page.


The FBA Queen Academy Gold Program is designed for self-starters. The course content contains the basics of building a business for Amazon sellers. In this program, you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to the course modules
  • Up to 50% discount on the software extension tools
  • Chat support
  • Spreadsheets and cheat sheets for product verification


This program contains lifetime access to Araceli Velazquez and Mayra Martinez’s roadmap for their proven sales strategy on Amazon. It has video lessons on conducting product research to find the right products and reliable suppliers. It also includes:

  • Lifetime access to online arbitrage and wholesale courses
  • Up to 50% discount on the software extension tools
  • Chat support
  • 45-minute mastermind group calls 2x a week
  • Access to recording of group calls
  • Weekly calls with Araceli and Mayra for private mentorship
  • Copy of their Master Ungate Guide for big brands


The Diamond program helps you streamline your operation and scale your Amazon business by using automation tools and different strategies. You will get the following inclusions with this program:

  • Lifetime access to course modules
  • Up to 50% discount on the software extension tools
  • Chat support
  • 45-minute mastermind group calls 2x a week
  • Access to recording of group calls
  • Weekly calls with Araceli and Mayra for private mentorship
  • Copy of their Master Ungate Guide for big brands
  • A copy of the list of suppliers and distributors
  • Advanced training on hiring staff, virtual assistants, and establishing prep centers

Who Is FBA Queen Academy For?

  • FBA Queen Academy is for those who are interested in learning how to get started selling on Amazon FBA. Amazon FBA online arbitrage is a popular way to earn money online. However, you must be willing to take risks and embrace uncertainty because selling on Amazon means having to outperform and outrank so many competitors selling the same product. 
  • Corporate employees who are looking to earn money online by selling products on Amazon. 
  • Those who can afford to spend $2,000-$3,000 as capital. One requirement that Araceli Velazquez is looking for in a student is the willingness to invest in the business. 

Are Clients of FBA Queen Academy Successful?

Yes, the clients of FBA Queen Academy are successful if you check out the testimonies posted on their sales page. However, it isn’t easy to find reviews or testimonials outside their FBA Queen or Sellers Here are some of the FBA Queen Academy client testimonials: 

Alexa was already in her 7th month when she gave her feedback on the program. She said she resonated with Araceli and Mayra as business owners. What Alexa liked most about the FBA Queen Academy was the consistent support she got from the coaches.

Odette worked for a leading financial institution for over 12 years before she became a successful Amazon seller. Odette said the program taught her the right strategy and the ins and outs of selling on Amazon. In her initial launch, Odette sold 10 days' worth of inventory and that she could sell 10 units per day consistently.

Pujas said she finds Araceli and Mayra very supportive as mentors. She added that the course's self-study modules included resources on retail arbitrage, private label, and wholesaling. She also said you can find an encouraging community at the FBA Queen Academy.

However, you'll notice that most of the reviews posted on their page have no names of students, and there were duplicate reviews as well. 

Who Is Araceli Velazquez?

Araceli Velazquez is a full-time 6-figure Amazon coach and wholesaler who created the FBA Queen Academy. Araceli or Celi is based in Miami, Florida. She attended East Leyden High School in Franklin Park, Illinois from 2011 to 2015. Celi was also a freshman in Triton College in River Grove, Illinois. She took up Associate of Science Physical Therapy from 2014 to 2016.

Before becoming a successful Amazon seller and an Amazon selling queen, Celi worked in a coffee shop in 2017. She shared that she was in $50K-debt and 450 credit score. After two years, Araceli worked in the health and wellness industry as a clinical therapist. She was a chiropractor in Gold Coast. But when the pandemic hit, she lost her job. That’s when she got into e-commerce. She tried real estate programs, dropshipping and Shopify private labeling. Until she discovered Amazon wholesale and Amazon online arbitrage.

To make money online in this Amazon selling machine business model, Celi said she spent over 700 hours studying about Amazon FBA by watching video tutorials, listening to podcasts, and joining online courses. In her first year of her Amazon FBA journey, Celi grew her Amazon business to $80K. By the next year, she reached 6 figures and earned over a million by selling online.

Araceli Velazquez also created the Shape Shifter Swim brand. She was a former bikini model and you can find an interview of her during the charity event in 2021 Babes in Toyland Miami White Party.

Later on, the Shape Shifter swimwear brand will also be a name for a program called Shape Shifter Academy that Araceli and Mayra created. Similar to FBA Queen Academy, it teaches you how to start your Amazon FBA business. You can still find the link to the Shape Shifter Academy through their AMZ Queen Academy YouTube channel. However, the link would only lead you to a ClickFunnel site that looks like this photo below.

Araceli Velazquez is also engaged to fitness and mindset coach Mike Chabot. Araceli and Mike co-authored a book called Habit Tracker Road to Abundance. The book was published on November 10, 2022 and has a 3-star rating on Amazon. 

Who Is Mayra Martinez?

Mayra Martinez is a 7-figure Amazon wholesaler and a 6-figure Amazon FBA seller who co-founded the FBA Queen Academy. This Amazon selling queen is also known as Mayra Pamela Martinez, and she’s based in South Jersey. Being a successful Amazon seller, Araceli Velazquez would refer to Mayra as her mentor. 

Before co-founding the FBA Queen Academy with Araceli, Mayra built her consulting agency, ECOM Pame. The ECOM Pame provided services for people wanting to create their labels on Amazon and become successful Amazon FBA business owners. However, you won’t find the ECOM Pame website online any more. 

In October 2021, Mayra was among the successful women in South Jersey featured in South Jersey Magazine. Mayra’s family is from the Dominican Republic.

Araceli Velazquez and Mayra Martinez’s Claim: Turn $100 Into a $100,000 Business

Araceli Velazquez and Mayra Martinez claim that you can turn $100 into a $100,000 business with the roadmap for a marketplace superhero. They'll provide you with the foundational knowledge and helpful strategies in the FBA Queen Academy. They claim that they've helped hundreds of students online to set up their online business using Amazon as a platform.

They also said that earning $1,500 a month is possible by finding just one product where you could earn $5 per unit and sell 10 units a day. But is that really that simple?

Araceli Velazquez and Mayra Martinez Claim DEBUNKED

Selling on Amazon is not as simple as finding one high-ticket product and targeting to sell a certain amount of units. Amazon FBA online arbitrage requires much time for research, inventory management, and capital.

An Amazon FBA course could help you build an Amazon FBA online arbitrage business by teaching you the basics and providing you with a strategy. However, even a proven Amazon course does not guarantee you'll turn your $100 into a $100,000. Making money on Amazon is not easy. Jungle Scout's data says only 17% of sellers on Amazon earn $1,001 to $5,000 monthly, while 16% earn $10,001 to $25,000 monthly.

Also, by checking the Amazon seller forums, you'll see tons of complaints about missing inventory, Amazon warehouse, account deactivation, and even Amazon withholding a seller's funds. Check out this seller who recently complained about the deactivation of all his listings with no reason given from Amazon.

The Amazon FBA seller said he (or she) was told that the brand placed restrictions on his account. However, after contacting the brand, they assured the seller that no restriction was imposed. The brand even provided a letter of authorization and other supporting documents to show to Amazon and resolve the issue. This seller has been selling on Amazon for three years and is in good standing until Amazon deactivated his listings, prohibiting him from selling the product. Incidents like this would have you wonder and ask: is Amazon FBA safe?

Is Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Profitable?

Yes, Amazon FBA online arbitrage is profitable once you find the right strategy, winning product, and reliable supplier. Also, if you can outrank your competitors who are selling the same item, then you can make money from online arbitrage. 

Amazon FBA online arbitrage is a relatively cheaper way to sell on Amazon because you do not have to have a huge capital to build a physical store or to develop a product. In Amazon FBA online arbitrage, the products you sell are already manufactured by other brands. You profit from reselling these items on Amazon’s platform at a higher price (buy low, sell high). According to Seller Assistant App, over 50% of sellers using the Amazon FBA online arbitrage business model earn $5,000 monthly with at least 16% profit margins. 

Jungle Scout’s data also shows that 17% of sellers on Amazon earn $1,001 to $5,000 monthly, while 16% earn $10,001 to $25,000 monthly. This Amazon-selling business model is also a work-from-anywhere business. You'll have many product ideas to sell, which you could list on Amazon even while at home. 

Challenges in Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage

  • Fierce competition. If you're a small Amazon seller, you'd likely be competing with nearly 2 million other sellers, according to Jungle Scout's data for 2023. Based on Amazon's data for 2021, the average volume of products that small and medium businesses or SMBs sell per minute is over 7,500. Also, bigger players who dominate the market can lower prices to attract clients, making it harder for newcomers to compete in pricing. To outrank your competitors on Amazon, you must identify your primary competition and leverage unique selling propositions (USPs).
  • Income instability. In Amazon FBA online arbitrage, you source the goods you sell from other brands. Your pricing should also factor in your sourcing costs, storage fees, Amazon fees, taxes, and shipping. Also, since you don't own the product, the manufacturer's price may vary, affecting the profit you earn from each item.
  • Strict policies implemented by Amazon. Amazon may suspend accounts that violate their policies. When selling through Amazon, you must be updated with their FBA policies and requirements, product restrictions, and prohibited products. Otherwise, you may have spent money purchasing products but not being able to sell them because Amazon banned your account.
  • Managing inventories. Amazon FBA online arbitrage sellers must know inventory turnover, especially when handling different products. Some products sell fast, depending on market demand or season. Some products take their time in your inventory. Either way, you need to manage your inventories effectively to replenish stocks or adjust the volume, considering the trends and market preferences.
  • Constant research. To profit from selling on Amazon, you must conduct regular FBA online arbitrage product research. You must know your market's best-selling products, and you need a reliable supplier. The quality of product selection affects the income of an Amazon FBA seller. You need a strategy for identifying in-demand products and those leading in the Amazon sales rank.
  • Lack of quality control. The lack of quality control can affect your reputation, making it more challenging to sell other products. When you source products online, you may prefer offers with the best deals to maximize your profit. But then, the item might turn out low-quality or counterfeit, making you vulnerable to a damaged seller's reputation or even a banned account.
  • Oversaturation. While making money through Amazon selling is possible, product saturation also happens in the FBA online arbitrage business model. Growth Devil's research said there are over 3.7K new Amazon sellers daily. So, when a product is trending, multiple sellers may list the same product, increasing the competition. Oversaturation can lower profit margins as sellers compete by dropping their prices.

Alternative Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Courses

  • Smart FBA -  The Smart FBA provides complete FBA automation services. This business automation agency was founded by Cohen Chorabik, Philip Kramer, and Scott Hunt and targets serious investors willing to spend between $20K to $25K for their Amazon FBA business.
  • FBA Roadmap - The FBA Roadmap is a course by Warner Fields that offers comprehensive training in launching and growing online arbitrage and wholesale Amazon FBA business. Like FBA Queen Academy, this course focuses on making money through online arbitrage.
  • Amazon FBA Mastery - Developed by Seth Kniep, the Amazon FBA Mastery has basic and premium membership plans with lifetime access to their training materials aimed at helping you start a profitable private label Amazon FBA brand. Seth's coaching company, Just One Dime, also offers the Amazon Arbitrage Mastery program.
  • Is Amazon KDP Profitable?  - It can be, but there are 6 major reasons why KDP might not be profitable for you. For instance, traditional publishiers are switching to digital, and marketing is expensive.

Conclusion: What’s Better Low-Cost Business Than Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage?

Local lead generation is a better low-cost business than Amazon FBA online arbitrage because it has lower competition, is less risky, and you get more control. In Amazon FBA online arbitrage, you’ll need to monitor the keywords, sales, and inventory closely and regularly put effort into outranking other sellers. The sheer volume of 9.7 million global Amazon sellers shows you how tight the competition is, so it is not designed to be a part-time business. 

Amazon FBA online arbitrage is high-risk because Amazon has control over sellers’ accounts. Even Amazon FBA online arbitrage businesses in good standing would complain about account deactivation. Similar to the complaint we featured above. That seller has over 3,000 units of one brand in FBA, and his listings were deactivated. 

Local lead generation

Unlike in Amazon FBA online arbitrage, where you compete with millions of global sellers, the competition in local lead generation is lower. You can narrow it down to the local businesses in your area, and you don’t need to monitor the website daily. Take my tree care site, for example, which I built in 2015. This same site demands very little to no maintenance. Even so, I earn up to $2,000 monthly in passive income. The work on local lead generation depends on how much you want to scale your business. I have over 80 websites like this, which I have grown.

In addition, you own the digital assets in local lead generation. You own the websites that you rent to the local businesses. Thus, you don’t face similar uncertainties as Amazon sellers about account deactivation or wondering if you have violated new policies.

If you want a better, low-cost business that’s more predictable than Amazon FBA online arbitrage, check out local lead generation. It’s a low-risk business where you’ll get more control, and you’ll receive 100% of the earnings with no deductions for Amazon fees. Join over 7,000 students in our local lead generation coaching program for a long-term passive income earning stream.

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  1. The program was a joke, they had us signing up while they switched the courses 4 times within the first 6 months. New names for the program, $100 turned to $300 to start. Ended up with $3k in debt from their program and not a single sale yet. They dont disclose all the extra fees like adding all the MUST HAVE lead apps, the packaging, the shipping, the buying of products in order to even send anything out etc. When complaining they said its the students fault for not having enough to invest into it. Even when they said you can start with as long as $300, yeah maybe if they count just the first month of their "course". Most everyone I dm'd that started around my time all complained of investing to much and now unable to cancel or even move forward so youre stuck in a limbo. After asking for some sort of reimbursement because it was a joke(I even corrected the false info i debunked myself by doing a simple email to amazon seller central) they deactivated my account and no longer have access to $3000 i spent on this POS course. Its all a sign up look at me on social media living a lavish life but its all funded by us students who she sweet talks to keep spending more and more.

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