How To Find an Influencer on Amazon & Their Storefronts (5 Considerations To Spot the Right Marketer)

March 25, 2024

How to find an influencer on Amazon & their storefronts:

  • Method 1: Go to Amazon Live.
  • Method 2: Check the #FoundItOnAmazon feed.

The Amazon Influencer Program is gaining traction because of the boom in social media marketing nowadays. In fact, 67% of brands are planning to increase their marketing spend in the next 12 months, according to Influencer Marketing Hub’s Marketing Budget Allocation in 2024 report. This trend will continue to become popular throughout the 21st century. The Digital Marketing Misfits, creator of Anonymous Influencer, also concurs with this idea, stating that beginner Amazon Influencers can earn as little as $300 monthly with their storefronts.

Influencers on Amazon help businesses improve product and brand awareness by publishing quality content. They upload these videos either on their social media accounts or on their Amazon Influencer Storefront. This allows their existing followers and potential customers to discover new products from big and small businesses. Expert influencers can earn up to $16,000 or more by growing their follower base, adopting the latest digital marketing strategies, and creating relevant and engaging content.

While Amazon Influencers can earn a sizable income by maximizing their storefronts and social media accounts, maintaining their monthly revenue is challenging. One of the main reasons is the absence of an Amazon Influencer list that consumers and businesses can easily access on the Amazon platform. Customers and brands will find it hard to look for a reputable or popular influencer. So, here’s the ultimate guide to finding influencers and their storefronts on Amazon and other platforms.

How To Find an Influencer on Amazon & Their Storefronts

Method 1: Go to Amazon Live.

The first method to finding influencers and their storefronts on Amazon is going to Amazon Live. This will lead you to creators doing live streams of product recommendations. To get to the Amazon Live main page, click on “All” on the top left corner of the navigation bar.

Next, scroll down to the “Programs & Features” section and click on “See All”.

Scroll down a bit and click on the “Amazon Live” section. You can choose to view “Live” and “Recently Live” broadcasts.

The Amazon Live main page offers an array of thumbnails of live broadcasts. When you click on a video, it will open at the top of the page. You can also visit the influencer’s Amazon storefront, view a product, or hit the “Follow” button.

On the left side of the page, you can see a list of the Amazon Influencers you follow and the Featured Creators on the platform. This is an easy-access pane that lets you view Amazon Live Influencers’ current or recently ended live streams. There’s also a “Following” section on top of the featured live stream. It will lead you to a grid view of the broadcasts of influencers you follow.

The “Browse” section is beside the “Following” tab. This is where you can view specific product categories of influencer live streams, such as cooking, fashion, fitness, pets, gaming, and many more.

Lastly, you can view recommended, upcoming, and trending live streams just below the featured broadcast. These are carousel-type video playlists. If you just want to check out Amazon storefronts and products, you can follow the second method.

Method 2: Check the #FoundItOnAmazon Feed.

Another way to find influencers and their storefronts on Amazon is by checking the #FoundItOnAmazon feed or the “Shop By Interest” page. Accessing this feature has the same steps as the first method. Click on “All” on the top left corner of the navigation bar. Then, scroll down to the “Programs & Features” section and hit “See All”.

Some individuals find the #FoundItOnAmazon feature while some can only access the “Shop By Interest” section. Nevertheless, both features have the same function.

A quick way to go to the “Shop By Interest” page, also known as Amazon Finds, is by changing the URL to “”.

Both ways lead to a collection of an influencer’s idea lists. These lists are a cluster of Amazon products grouped together by an influencer to enable customers to purchase items of the same category easily. Idea lists also link to influencer storefronts. This makes it quicker to access specific groups of lists so customers can choose products from a reputable influencer and businesses can determine the right marketer for them.

5 Considerations To Spot the Right Amazon Influencer for Any Business

  • Influencer’s Target Audience - Businesses must know the influencer’s target audience to determine if they have the same customer segment. This entails researching about the chosen customers’ geographic, demographic, and behavioral characteristics. By building a targeted customer segment before choosing an influencer, brands can amplify their products’ potential reach.
  • Engagement - You must check an influencer’s engagement on his/her social media accounts. This factor includes online activities such as likes, reposts, and comments. The higher the engagement is, the more opportunities that your brand will create traction among the influencer’s followers and other potential customers. Influencer marketing is about promoting trust with your target market so you can gain more loyal customers.
  • Social Media Following and Platform - According to a HubSpot survey, Instagram offers the highest possible ROI for influencers and brand partners. Alternatively, TikTok has a 10%-15% engagement rate as per Influencer Marketing Hub’s 2024 benchmark report. This means that the social media platform used by an influencer is a critical factor in either driving profit or engagement. Their follower base will also contribute to the success of their Amazon Influencer store. Choose the platform that makes the best use of the influencer’s talent and following.
  • Content Quality - High-quality content is pivotal for Amazon Influencers. It is a fundamental aspect of any marketing communications. That’s why you also need to check social media captions, blog posts, and video content to ensure that the quality is according to your business’s standards. Remember that the influencer’s content will reflect your business image.
  • Brand Alignment - The right influencer is the one that aligns with your brand’s goals and marketing strategies. His/her Amazon store must also reflect your business’s product theme. A good way to proceed with this is by asking for the influencer’s creative portfolio. Making sure this factor is spot-on ensures that your brand and the influencer’s marketing campaigns are cohesive and relevant, even on different social media platforms.

How To Find Amazon Storefront on TikTok and Instagram

To find Amazon Storefronts on TikTok and Instagram, search for Amazon hashtags that are popular and relevant. These social media platforms are two of the best ways to find Amazon Influencers. Most of them have accounts that link to their storefront. This allows them to bring their Instagram and TikTok traffic using Amazon’s Influencer Program. You can discover Instagram Amazon Influencers and storefronts using these hashtags:

  • #Amazon
  • #AmazonFinds
  • #AmazonDeals
  • #AmazonFashion
  • #AmazonMustHaves
  • #AmazonShopping
  • #AmazonHome
  • #AmazonPrime
  • #AmazonHotItems
  • #AmazonBestSellers

While Instagram influencers have an advantage in using stories and shopping tags, TikTok Amazon Influencers maximize product links in their videos. Finding influencers and storefronts on TikTok is also easy using these trending hashtags:

  • #AmazonFinds2020
  • #BestAmazonFinds
  • #AmazonFinds
  • #AmazonFurnitureFinds
  • #AmazonFavorites
  • #AmazonFinds2024
  • #AmazonFinds
  • #AmazonFindsBeauty

How To Find Amazon Storefront on YouTube

To find Amazon Storefronts on YouTube, search for relevant product reviews from Amazon Influencers. Their video descriptions have links to their Amazon Influencer shop, social media accounts, or specific Amazon products. These videos range from unboxing and tutorials to routines and how-to’s. Use the search query format “Amazon product review/s + product category or specific product”. Some popular YouTube searches include:

  • Amazon product review beauty
  • Amazon product review pets
  • Amazon product review skincare
  • Amazon product review home essentials

How To Find Amazon Storefront on Influencer Marketing Platforms

To find Amazon Storefronts on influencer marketing platforms, use reliable online tools like Insense, Referazon, and Ainfluencer to speed up the search process and get high-quality, specific results. This influencer marketplace technology has search filters to select influencers based on factors like demographics, location, social media platform, follower base, content type, and many more. It helps small- and medium-sized businesses and international brands partner with top Amazon Influencers like Charli D'Amelio, Rocky Barnes, and Alix Ashley Earle. By engaging with vetted content creators and their storefronts, companies can increase consumer trust and brand following.

How To Find Amazon Storefronts You Follow

To find Amazon Storefronts you follow, log in to your Amazon or Amazon Influencer account, go to your profile, and navigate to the “Who You Follow” section. This part will show you a list of the influencers, brands, and interests you follow.

How To Follow Influencers on Amazon

To follow influencers on Amazon, log in using your Amazon account, go to “People and Communities” in the main menu, navigate to the “Influencers” section, and click “Follow”. Another way to follow your favorite influencers and their storefronts is by searching for them in the Amazon website’s search box. You can follow as many Amazon influencers as you want. Popular Amazon storefronts can also serve as a benchmark for customer product research or competitor store improvement.

Amazon Influencer Storefront Examples

Paige DeSorbo’s Amazon Storefront

Paige DeSorbo is an actress and the host of the Giggly Squad podcast. She is a renowned Amazon seller because of her high-quality taste in fashion products. Paige mainly sells women’s tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories.

Holland Paterno’s Amazon Storefront

Holland Smith Paterno is a fashion influencer selling affordable but stylish clothes and accessories for women. She has one of the best Amazon Storefronts because of its clean but professional look. Holland is famous for her Amazon Must Have Mondays.

Teresa Caruso’s Amazon Storefront

Teresa Laura Caruso is known for her beautiful home styling and organization products. All the items she has on her Amazon Influencer Storefront have earth-tone color palettes, making them highly salable.

At Home With Nikki - Nikki Boyd’s Amazon Storefront

Nikki Boyd is a professional organizer focused on minimalistic interior design and home organization Amazon products. She promotes her favorite products, from cleaning to storage. Nikki helps potential customers have a beautiful, stress-free home.

Can Anybody Have an Amazon Storefront?

No, not anybody can have an Amazon Storefront because aspiring Amazon Influencers need to qualify and apply for the influencer program. Getting accepted requires strict considerations, such as an active social media account, high engagement rates, and quality content generation. Just being a social media influencer with a massive following isn’t enough to get approved and build an Amazon Storefront.

Searching for Local Lead Gen Websites is Easier Than Finding Amazon Influencers and Storefronts

Searching for local lead generation websites is far easier than finding Amazon Influencers and their storefronts online. This situation leads to reduced market presence, fewer potential customers, and lower revenue. The Amazon Influencer business model is profitable, but having limited online visibility because of a saturated market results in an inconsistent income.

Amazon influencer marketing lets you generate $1,000 to $20,000 monthly, given you utilize commission-making features like Amazon Live, the Amazon Bounty Program, Creator Connections, and subscriptions like Amazon Prime. According to the American Marketing Association’s Journal of Marketing study entitled Influencer Marketing Effectiveness, spending 1% more on this marketing strategy entails a 0.5% increase in engagement. This means that this affiliate program requires a sizable amount of marketing spend to promote high customer engagement. The oversaturation of influencer marketing in 2024 also means you have to multiply your efforts to have the best Amazon Influencer Storefront, grow your following, and reach more customers.

The local lead generation business model is more profitable and scalable because you get a 95% profit margin compared to the fixed commissions that the Amazon Influencer Program offers. You don’t need to spend on paid advertisements to boost your online presence and engagement. And because this business model has localized niches, you’re not plagued with market saturation. All you need is to build websites of local services, use SEO to rank your microsites organically, and drive free traffic. You can then sell the leads you collect to business owners who have money to spend.

Whether you’re an influencer or an aspiring business owner, local lead generation lets you earn more than $50K monthly in passive income. Build your dream business today!

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