Dan Wardrope Flexxable Review: What Is a Pay Per Lead Agency?

April 23, 2024

Flexxable is a lead generation training platform by Dan Wardrope that teaches Facebook paid ads and the Pay Per Lead (PPL) agency approach. The platform offers a variety of programs and resources to help you increase quality lead generation while minimizing costs. Flexxable’s offerings include step-by-step guides, mastermind, courses, and downloadable resources that cover everything from finding profitable niches to creating high-conversion ad campaigns. You can also sign up for personal coaching and strategy sessions with Dan Wardrope.

Reviews for Flexxable by students are sparse outside of the official site. The few reviews praise the courses for its comprehensive training and the effectiveness of the PPL model in getting new clients. Complaints point out to the limitations of the PPL model when trying to attract larger clients who require greater marketing reach.

In this review, you will learn what a pay per lead agency is, what the pay per lead agency blueprint course is, and what other program Flexxable offers. You will also learn about Dan Wardrope, his claims, and if starting a Facebook ads agency is worth it.

Flexxable Pros and Cons


Free Facebook group, Pay Per Lead Ninjas, with over 11.8K members.

Pay per lead agency model is appealing to many small businesses.

Flexxable has different programs for different needs.


Your choices of niches are limited with a PPL model agency.

With the PPL model, if your ads do not perform, you lose money as you only charge your client per leads.

Facebook is a saturated platform with increasing ad costs.


The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint costs vary from $2,900 to $7,800. Payment options are available.

Refund Policy

The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint has a 30-day refund policy with conditions.




Flexxable and Dan Wardrope enjoy a positive reputation.

What Is a Pay Per Lead Agency?

A pay per lead agency is a digital marketing agency that charges the client only when a lead is delivered. A lead is often the contact information of a potential customer. Dan Wardrope uses a direct marketing response technique where customers give out the information themselves when they show interest. This technique is commonly done through the use of highly targeted ad campaigns. Compared with other techniques, direct marketing response guarantees higher quality leads and a higher conversion rate.

Pay per lead agencies are often preferred in industries like insurance, finance, and education, where the quality of leads is more valuable than wide exposure. A pay per lead agency’s job is to run marketing campaigns that only target the desired audience. This would lower the ad costs for both the agency and client.

What Is The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint

The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint is a B2B training program that teaches you how to run a pay per lead ad agency. You will learn how to turn Facebook ads into "Micro Advertorials" that captivate users and efficiently gather high-quality leads at a low cost, as low as $3 each. The comprehensive curriculum covers niche selection, client acquisition without cold calling, creating effective PPL funnels, media buying strategies, and innovative funding methods for ad campaigns.

What Are the Other Flexxable Programs?

Take The Lead

Take The Lead is a 240+ page step-by-step guide that highlights why Pay Per Lead is advantageous for both parties, the tools used by agencies to secure appointments, and strategies for business growth and risk mitigation. In the book, you will discover why the pay per lead model makes it easier to get clients. The book also covers CRM systems, automated scheduling software, and analytics tools. The book also explains how to become a partner in your client’s business without making any upfront investment. Take The Lead also tackles diversifying your lead generation channel by venturing out of Facebook and into other multiple ad platforms.


Flexxelerate is a mastermind for agency owners who are looking to scale their business to 7-figures. It offers a structured approach to scaling agency businesses through custom mentoring, support sessions, and access to a network of reliable freelancers. The mastermind emphasizes strategies that allow for sustainable growth while reducing the direct involvement of the owner, leading to increased profitability and personal time management. Flexxelerate is mentored by Dan Wardrope and Stephen Craven, who have a combined experience of 30 years. The cost of the mastermind is given during the discovery call.

The Holy Grail Appointment Setting Funnel

The Holy Grail Appointment Setting Funnel is a course that teaches you how to use a comprehensive tech stack to create a 1-funnel system that lets you sell leads or appointments to both small and big businesses. The system simplifies the lead generation and sales process by automating and customizing the client's experience based on their size and capabilities. This leads to increased conversion rates without increasing the workload or adding complexity. The Holy Grail Appointment Setting Funnel costs $1,497. Included are the following:

  • Step-by-step video training to get you set up and running within 48 hours.
  • Prebuilt Unbounce templates that you can customize for your brand.
  • Zapier Automations and GHL Snapshots for you to import.
  • A real-world walkthrough of a car finance campaign using this funnel.

Lead Generation For B2C Business Owners

The Ultimate Guide To Lead Generation For B2C Business Owners is a 150+ page book that teaches business owners how to form their own digital marketing team to generate their leads in-house. Based on Dan Wardrope’s own experiences, you will learn how to create sustainable Facebook ad campaigns. The book’s 5 comprehensive chapters will equip you with the knowledge to create effective ad campaigns that attract quality leads while minimizing costs. The book is available on Amazon for $7.49 for the Kindle edition or $16.22 for the paperback copy.

Personal Coaching Strategy Session

Dan’s 1-on-1 30-minute consultation is for agency owners who have a specific problem and are looking for a direct answer. The consultation can tackle problems that deal with lead generation, business scaling, or mindset. When you book a call, you will be able to fill out a questionnaire with details about your business and the issues you would like to discuss. The more detailed the information you give, the more productive your 30 minutes will be. The consultation call costs $500 for every 30-minutes.

Who Is Flexxable For?

  • Beginners who want to start a digital marketing agency that operates on a PPL model and focuses on Facebook ads.
  • Digital marketing agency owners who want to learn the more profitable and scalable PPL model.
  • Small business owners who want to form their own in-house marketing team.

What Are the Reviews for Flexxable?

A student and digital marketing agency owner, Leroy Williams, praised Dan's ads and sales funnel method for helping him drop lead costs for his business. Leroy dropped his cost per lead to $1.76 after implementing Dan's lessons. 

Colin Boyd also used Dan's Facebook ads and PPL methods to achieve significant results for his clients. However, he did express that you won't land big clients who mostly rely on mass targeted marketing ads. He also explained that he had to spend a lot on tools and staffing in order to achieve the results that he did.

Who Is Dan Wardrope?

Dan Wardrope is a lead generation expert and founder of the digital marketing agency, Flexx Digital, and the training platform, Flexxable. He specializes in Facebook PPC ads. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Dan Wardrope now lives in Hove, England. A former professional basketball player, Dan played for the Surrey Scorchers in 2007–08. In 2002.

Dan graduated with a chemical engineering degree from UNSW in Sydney, Australia. He then worked designing sewage treatment plants. After weathering the global financial crisis, he then looked into online businesses in 2009. Dan tried affiliate marketing selling ClickBank products and iPhone insurance using SEO. He even tried selling locally grown pot plants and launching his own courses on The Warrior Forum. Finally, Dan founded Flexx Digital in 2012 to offer SEO services. After a Google update where a lot of his clients lost rankings, he then started offering paid ads to his clients in 2014.

Dan started charging pay per leads in 2016 after a client suggested, and after seeing how well it worked for both parties, he stuck to it. Flexx Digital has offices in the United Kingdom and Canada and runs pay per lead marketing campaigns for clients. Flexxable was founded in 2018 to help train other digital marketers.

What Is Dan Wardrope’s Claim?

Dan Wardrope claims that his "Micro Advertorials" can generate high-quality leads for a lower cost compared to other types of ads. The "Micro Advertorial" refers to a specific type of Facebook Lead Form Ads designed to engage users directly on the platform. These ads act like mini articles or advertorials embedded within the Facebook interface. This is meant to capture the user's interest without requiring them to leave Facebook. 

Real Challenges of Facebook Ads 

Dan Wardrope’s "Micro Advertorials" method is more effective compared to other types of Facebook ads because it keeps the user experience smooth and integrated. This potentially increases conversion rates because of the reduced friction of not having to navigate away from Facebook to access the content. However, this does not exempt it from the increasing challenges of running Facebook ads:

  • Facebook algorithm changes - Regular changes in the Facebook algorithm can greatly affect the targeting accuracy of your ads. These changes can lead to poor engagement and ineffective ad spend.
  • Audience migration - Facebook’s user demographics have been shifting with younger audiences migrating to other platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This means that Facebook ads will not be as effective for targeting a younger demographic.
  • Increasing ad costs - Growing competition on Facebook drives up advertising prices. This leads to higher bids for ad spaces.

What Is the Average Cost per Lead on Facebook Ads?

According to Databox, the average cost per lead with Facebook ads is between $5 and $7. Dan fails to mention the actual costs of ads in the marketing of his course. He also fails to mention the risks involved in running ads and the potential negative cash flow if they do not convert. Overall, ads are a growing risk as ad prices increase in all platforms as they become highly competitive. In digital marketing, ads is king. Whoever is able to spend the most in ads gets the highest potential returns.

Is a Facebook Ads Agency Business Worth It?

Starting a Facebook Ads agency is worth it if you have a strong understanding of digital marketing and effective ad strategies. Facebook remains one of the best platforms for advertising if you are trying to reach a very specific audience. The effectiveness of Facebook ads would depend highly on your target audiences. If you are looking to start a Facebook ads agency, you would need to specialize in niches where there would be a substantial audience for it on the platform. The efficiency of Facebook ads are also questionable as other platforms are gaining popularity and preference. Diversifying may be the better option.

In this chart provided by Company Check UK, it charts the earning trend of Dan Wardrope's agency Flexx Digital. You can see that his agency started losing its earnings. From a net worth gain of over £751K in 2019 to only £33K in 2024. This most likely points out to the changes in Facebook's algorithm and migration of users.

It would be more practical to diversify your marketing to other channels as to cater to a wide range of niches and industries. SEO is one of the most effective and low-cost methods of generating leads. Using SEO to rank on Google, the world’s number 1 search engine, or YouTube, the number 2 search engine, you can reach a wider audience for little to no cost.

Create Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a business model that utilizes SEO to rank websites on Google and rent it out to local businesses to earn predictable passive income. Local businesses who will benefit greatly from the leads that a ranked site generates will gladly pay a monthly fee. Compared to running a digital marketing agency, you don’t have to create and run ads. Once a site is ranked, it can stay there for years.

New digital marketing agencies need to compete with hundreds of other more established agencies. This will be especially difficult for those with no proof of previous client success. With a local lead generation business, you only need to outrank a handful of sites. To scale an agency, you need to outsource the work which is an added risk. Scaling a local lead generation business is as easy as ranking and renting out another site. This makes local lead generation the best business model to create time and financial freedom.

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