For Good Profits Review: Selling Physical Products vs Services

April 4, 2024

For Good Profits is a coaching program that teaches you how to increase your revenue. It was created by Andrej Morgan and Darryl Ephraums and has helped nearly 400 brands. Their goal is to work with brands that are purpose-driven . They teach their clients how to become entrepreneurs by setting every-day systems instead of trying out different sales tactics and techniques, which we will discuss further.

There isn’t a lot of information about the program. You would need to schedule a call first. It is completely free and even if you don’t qualify for their program, you still receive advice and a free strategy that you can choose to implement. Their marketing seems emotionally driven instead of informational. They don’t provide an idea of what you’re getting, instead they show what you can achieve with their help. There aren’t any reviews from outside sources but they post a lot of interviews with their clients on their YouTube page and they all have existing brands and websites.

Ecommerce is a good way of generating passive income. However, there is a lot of competition. It’s almost impossible to come up with an original product and the only way to get a lot of sales is by setting yourself apart from the rest. This requires a lot of marketing, which can cost money. If you’re looking for a business model that doesn’t require marketing or sales, then you may be interested in local lead generation.

Selling Physical Products vs Services

Physical Products
  • You can focus on selling instead of customizing.  
  • It's easier to sell. 
  • You get customer feedback faster. 
  • You have to keep up with product demand and storage. 
  • You can't make any changes based on customer satisfaction. They can just ask for a refund. 
  • You get to build trust and a relationship with your customers. 
  • You don't have to limit your offer, you can customize features depending on customer satisfaction. 
  •  You won't need to pay to keep up up with inventory, storage, and order fulfillment. 
  • It's difficult to create a sales pitch that encapsulates everything about your service. 
  • Harder to get sales. 

What Is For Good Profits? 

for good profits

For Good Profits is an online coaching program created by Andrej Morgan and Darryl Ephraums in 2018. Their goal is to help ecommerce brands with a purpose scale their business by applying systems and processes to increase their profits margins. They work with nearly 400 ecommerce brands. Their YouTube channel focuses on case studies from past clients and they have over 134 subscribers. 


Their goal is to educate instead of do everything for you. 

They provide useful information in their free training video. 

Accountability built in the training with earning badges by proving that you completed certain tasks with screenshots


There aren't any reviews from outside sources. 

There isn't much information about what they provide. 

They don't provide any information on their policies. 


There is no exact price but you can expect a minimum of $500. 

Refund Policy

They don't have any policies in place. 




There are a lot of testimonials and good reviews on their YouTube channel but none from outside sources. 

Who Are The Founders Of For Good Profits? 

Andrej Morgan

Andrej Morgan 

Andrej Morgan is the co-founder of For Good Profits. He also runs The Visual Economy, a growth agency that offers advertising services. He graduated from Massey University with a bachelor’s degree in business communication and digital media. He doesn’t keep an active social media presence but has an Instagram account and a YouTube channel without any visible content. 

Darryl Ephraums

Darryl Ephraums

Darryl Ephraums is the co-founder of For Good Profits. He is also the chief of operations for The Visual Economy. Besides from his business endeavors, he is also a video producer in Melbourne.

Who Is For Good Profits For? 

For Good Profits is targeted towards small ecommerce brands looking to scale their business. They want to work with businesses with a purpose to help other people with their products. You would need to have your own online store with a check-out system. Their services aren’t applicable to business who sell service-type products. 

How Much Does For Good Profits Cost? 

There isn’t any information on how much their products and services cost. You can expect a minimum investment of $500. To get the exact price, you need to schedule a call with them first. 

review on good for profits

How Do You Get Started With For Good Profits? 

You need to book a call with For Good Profits. You need to fall under their requirements which to have an online store with a check out system and fill out a short application. In the call, you can get more information about the price and the duration of the coaching program. They will also analyze your business and your target audience to come up with a plan that will help you scale your business. 

book a call with for good profits

What Do You Get With For Good Profits? 

step-by-step processes

They teach and help you set up daily processes that increases your revenue without spending more on ads. They help you build systems that drives in more customers, increases the frequency in which they order, and the amount they spend every order.

access to their community

You get access to their community of ecommerce brands who went and are going through their coaching program. 


You receive guidance and mentorship throughout the coaching program whenever you need help or more information on how to scale your business. 

The 3 Fundamental Shifts 

1. Product Developer - Entrepreneur 

A lot of brands focus on product development to scale their business. However, having a good product is just 1 aspect of a successful business. You would also need to know how to target people who your products is for. 

2. Renter - Owner

Most entrepreneurs only “rent” growth from other agencies by relying on them to scale their business. After you make the shift from a product developer to an entrepreneur. You build processes that can help you scale your business without relying on other agencies to do it for you. 

3. Tactics - Process

At the third shift, you face “tactical maneuver hell”, which is when you’re a stuck trying to learn sales tactics to scale your business. However, before you can even implement tactics, you need to have a steady system in place. This would include everyday processes that bring in profit. 

The 3 Multipliers Of Profitable Growth 

The 3 Multipliers of Profitable Growth are what you need to focus on when increasing your revenue. Your total revenue is equivalent to the multipliers multiplied by each other. If you want to double your revenue, you don’t need to double any of the multipliers. Increase each one by 30%, this allows you to not spend so much on sales and keep more of the profit. 

  • Customers - How many customers do you have?
  • Frequency - How frequently do your customers order from you?  
  • Average Order Value - How much do your customers spend on average?  

What Is Ecommerce and How Does It Work? 

Ecommerce is an abbreviation of electronic commerce. It is the process of buying and selling through transferring data or funds over the internet. Amazon created one of the first ecommerce websites in the early 1900s. Ecommerce has the same function as a physical store, except everything is done electronically. Customers browse through your online store and check out items. They transfer payment digitally and the products are shipped out to their location. 

What Skills Do You Need For Ecommerce? 

  • Search Engine Optimization - Organic search generates over 67% of website revenue, according to wolfgangdigital. Search engine optimization is the process of creating content that appeals to the search engine’s algorithm. This skill allows you to get your product in front of a larger audience.
  • Marketing and Advertising - Knowing how to market and advertise what you’re selling is essential in generating leads that convert into sales. This requires knowledge about paid ads and creating marketing funnels that attract customers to your store.
  • Data Collection and Analytics - Gathering the correct data about your product and market can help you keep up with current ecommerce trends. This allows you to scale and sustain your store.
  • Content Creation and Design - Your store needs to be appealing to customers to encourage them to buy. You would need to create eye-catching logos and copy write blogs and articles.
  • Technological Skills - You would need to have some understanding of the digital world, as everything is done remotely. Your store would require maintenance and regular updates.

Can You Start Ecommerce With No Money? 

There are different methods of ecommerce you can use when starting your own online business. A lot of them require a significant amount of capital. There are some methods of ecommerce where you can start for free or put in little capital. These methods are;

  • Selling your own services
  • DIY products
  • Informational products
  • Print-on-demand
  • Affiliate marketing

What Is The Easiest Ecommerce Platform To Use? 

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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages of Ecommerce? 


  • Low costs - Since everything is online, you won't have to pay for the normal costs that having a physical store would have. You can save a lot on rent, hiring employees, and if possible you can produce inventory when it's only needed.  
  • Easier to set up - Unlike with physical stores, you won't need to look for a good location or have it furnished. You can just build a website or select a selling platform such as Amazon or Shopify. 
  • 24/7 potential income - There is no closing times with ecommerce stores. People can buy at any time, allowing more chances for sales. 
  • Accessibility - You have a larger audience as any one with an internet connection can make a purchase and have their orders shipped out.
  • Completely remote - You can run your business from anywhere in the world. You won't need to be stuck in one area, as long as you have an internet connection, you can operate your business.
  • Automation - There are a number of tools that you can use which removes effort and time spent running your business. 


  • Security breaches - Security breaches are common in the online world. Your store always has a possibility of getting hacked and information can get stolen. Customers may be uncomfortable with providing personal information if your site or the platform you’re using isn’t secure
  • Platform/Website downtime - Downtime is common in the online world. This may turn off any first time potential customers, especially if it’s a normal occurrence. You can lose sales or customers.
  • Lack of customer engagement - Building customer engagement and loyalty can be difficult without personal rapport. You would need to maintain customer communication to increase their chances of purchasing again.
  • Difficult to build credibility - People normally base their online purchases on existing reviews and ratings. If you’re just starting out, it's difficult to build a brand that customers can trust.

How Profitable Is Ecommerce? 

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What Is A Profit Margin? 

A profit margin is the measurement of a business’s profitability. It shows the difference between the company’s expenses and how much money they make. A profit margin is expressed in percentages and represents how much your business keeps from its earnings.

Profit margins allow businesses to track their growth. It gives businesses a percentage they can use to see and resolve issues with expenses. A profit margin shows flaws within the business and where they could lose money. 

What Are The Types Of Profit Margins? 

Gross Profit Margin 

The gross profit margin is your total income subtracted from the cost of production. This would include wages if you have employees, inventory, storage, materials, and maintenance if you offer services.

The gross profit margin does not calculate the profitability of your entire business. It provides a quick look at your business’s health. A good gross profit margin for an ecommerce business is 50% - 70%. However, the average gross profit margin is 45.25%, according to the NYU Stern School of Business.

The formula to get your business’s gross profit margin is [(Total Revenue – Cost of Goods Sold) / Total Revenue] x 100

Operating Profit Margin 

The operating profit margin is the measurement of a business’ profitability after the direct costs and overhead expenses are subtracted. Overhead expenses are ongoing costs after the product is created. Overhead costs include but are not limited to:

  • Advertising and marketing 
  • Maintenance
  • Utilities and rent 
  • Research and development
  • Administrative overhead 

Net Profit Margin 

The net profit margin analyzes your total revenue after all overhead expenses have been paid. This includes interest and tax payments.

What Is A Good Net Profit Margin? 

The ideal net profit margin varies per industry. However, 10% is the average profit margin for ecommerce businesses. 20% is high and 5% is low. For a small business, a healthy profit margin ranges from 7% to 10%. Some industries may have lower profit margins because they have higher costs.

Does Ethics Ensure Good Profits? 

88% of consumers prefer to purchase ethically sourced products, according to a survey by opentext. Applying ethics to your business can increase costs, which may reduce profitability. However, ethics allow you to build a stronger brand and customer loyalty. There isn’t any concrete data that supports applying ethics ensuring good profits. However, it helps a business build customer relationships that may increase sales.

How Can You Improve Profit Margins? 

There are several ways you can increase your average profit margin. One way is to decrease your operating costs by cutting down on ad spend. For Good Profits helps you with this by creating systems in which you increase each multiplier of growth. Instead of focusing on driving in more customers, you build customer loyalty to increase the frequency of their orders and how much they spend with each check out. They cover how to create bundle deals, upsell systems, and contacting procedures for customers who did not proceed with their check out.

How Do You Calculate Profit Growth? 

Calculating your business growth is a good way to see if certain procedures or methods you’ve applied are working. To calculate your profit growth, subtract your current review to the previous revenue and divide the difference to your previous revenue.

(Current Period Revenue – Previous Period Revenue) / Previous Period Revenue

What Causes Low Profitability? 

Too many overhead and hidden costs 

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Bad pricing 

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High competition 

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Lack of market awareness 

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For Good Profits Review And Testimonials 

For good profits has a lot of reviews and testimonials on their sales page and YouTube channel. A lot of their clients have seen their profits double within the course of 6 months. However, there aren’t any negative reviews that can be seen and they don’t have testimonials from outside sources.

for good profits YouTube channel

Izzy Howell's Testimonial: 40% Month-Over-Month Growth

Izzy's Background and Story

Izzy's business was an accidental discovery. She was initially interested in crypto investing and came up with a business idea in a late-night chat. She thought of making women's underwear with a unique crypto-themed design and linking them to NFTs (digital tokens), and sold them through her website 

What began as a fun idea caught on. Izzy received investment offers, which led her to carve her name in the fashion industry. Despite a relatively good start, Izzy experienced setbacks being completely new to entrepreneurship. Her sales were struggling when she joined For Good Profits in August 2023. In 2024, she was already making $13,000, showing a 40% month-on-month growth. 

Top Business Challenges Izzy Faced 

  • Izzy's transition from crypto to launching a physical product in the e-commerce world was one of the biggest challenges she faced. She had to unlearn what she knew about crypto and re-learn how to market and sell products online. 
  • Izzy was skeptical about using influencer marketing at the start because of her negative experience of it in the past. 
  • She had to deal with her own doubts and faced moments of depression. Some of her friends didn't think her business will succeed, which made her question herself as an entrepreneur. 

Top Lessons Izzy Learned

  • Izzy learned the value of building a business around one’s passions rather than just focusing on finding a unique market space.
  • She emphasized the importance of understanding and controlling her business's numbers and operations, rather than relying on external agencies for help. 
  • She realized that sustainable business growth takes time and effort. Consistent development was better than quick but rushed growth.  

What's not mentioned in the video: According to statistics reported by Business DIT and Learn Hub, only 60% of newly launched products generate revenue. Although many new products seem to gain sales in the beginning, they slowly lose their momentum. 95% of them end up as failures. 

Is It Worth Investing In For Good Profits? 

For Good Profits could be worth investing in if you already have an online store in place with a working check-out system. This program doesn't work for complete start-ups and service-type businesses. Overall, there's very little information known about For Good Profits. Most of the details of the course, including modules and inclusions are only discussed in a sales call. So, students get very little info about the course before paying for it. 

Andrej already shares valuable info on his FGP YouTube channel. I think that's already good enough coaching if you only need some boost to keep you going on your entrepreneurial journey. This program is only worth getting if you have $500 (or more) sitting around and have no worries about spending it without guaranteed returns. 

If you are like most business owners who want guaranteed ROI on their investments, get coaching for an actual business model that you can start with just $500. 

My number 1 business recommendation is called local lead generation. This biz builds simple websites for local service providers like plumbers, towing companies, and tree care and ranks them on Google. Ranked sites are like billboards in prime locations in the physical world and you are the digital landlord. These sites generate leads you can sell to local business owners at 85% margins. 

What I like about this business is you don't need to produce, keep, and sell physical products. The whole business is virtual, so it is easier to manage and it more cost-efficient. Local lead generation has high demand from local entrepreneurs and service workers, it has low overhead costs, and the business is scalable. 

I have been in this business since 2014 and have made good money with it. Just one of my sites makes about $2k monthly, and I have over 80 of them making consistent passive income for me month after month. 

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