Jorden Makelle’s Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging Review – Is it Legit?

November 5, 2023

Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging is a course created by Jorden Makelle that coaches writers ways to land high-paying clients that will pay you to write niche-specific blog articles on an ongoing basis. Makelle teaches students and freelance bloggers command with conviction $200 to $400 per blog post. The course also teaches you to manage your time and clients more efficiently.

Makelle’s efforts to teaching these blogging strategies to make a profit aren’t unreasonable. According to First Site Guide, 61% of online users in the United States buy products after reading a blog. Freelance writers also make $50 to $1500 per long-form article and 67% of bloggers who post daily reveal that they’re successful. Freelance blogging works by creating blog posts about specific topics or niches for different clients. Blogging may not be easy for some, however, as it requires you to monitor Google’s regular changes on SEO algorithms. You also have to be consistent to maintain quality in terms of content production. With freelance blogging, you also have to filter the right clients that pay among thousands of them. There’s this one business model I’m keen to tell you about that requires way less.

This Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging review will reveal the modules and bonus features that will allow you to be an efficient blogger. I’ll also reveal some of the hurdles of freelance blogging, such as overcoming the challenges of client retention, time management, and negotiating pay . If you’re planning to get into the blogging industry, I also have a section that tackles if it’s still worthy or profitable this year.

Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging review: Pros and cons


Focus on sales funnel.

Productivity and speed are also a highlight.

Ideal for a freelance writer who plans to target the right client.

Ideal for freelance writers who want viral posts in their blogs.


The 30-day refund policy has many conditions, such as watching all the training videos and giving the course your "best shot."

Course isn’t exactly future-proofed.


The price of the Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging program is $547; an instant access to the course can also be paid in 4 installments ($149).


The training of Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging is self-paced; modules can be studied anywhere in the world.


Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging has a private Facebook Group.

Refund Policy

The Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging program has a 30-day refund policy but with some conditions.


Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging was founded in February 2016.


Jorden Makelle has 5,000+ followers and 500+ connections on LinkedIn; the Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging students-only Facebook group has 486 members as of 2023.

What are the Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging modules?

The Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging modules include strategies, such as blog content creation, SEO, and sales funnel.  The program also comes with a students-only Facebook Group and bonus features like website homepage cheat sheet.

Module 1: Blogging for results 101

The first module of the Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging program focuses on the importance of a sales funnel. Students will also learn how to create blog posts that convert to profits. Targeting readers with your content is also discussed.

Module 2: Topics and headlines

Makelle in the next module talks about her system on finding the right topics in any niche. You’ll also learn step-by-step methods on crafting clickable blog post headlines. Her tried-and-tested formula on creating headlines is revealed here.

Module 3: Blog content creation

Blog content creation, which consists of some key components such as formatting and readability, are discussed in this module.  Participants will also learn how to write and optimize an introduction, body, and conclusion that drive results. Strategies on SEO are also talked about in this mini course.

Module 4: Writing viral blog posts

Writing viral blog posts that give you profit is the main focus in this fourth online course. Here, Makelle tackles her 5-step method for creating popular blog posts. 

Module 5: Working with clients and running your business

According to ZipRecruiter, the average hourly pay of a freelance blog writer in the US is $29.32 per hour. If you want to be a successful freelance writer who is making more than this, this last module is for you.

The entrepreneurial side of a freelance blogging gig is discussed in this module. The types of amazing clients that pay $200 to $400 per blog post are shared by Makelle, along with choosing the niche you can confidently write about. Managing your time and your clients are likewise included in this section. Asking your clients to agree with your rate is also a highlight here. The same can be said if you want to stay away from low paying clients.

Freak Yea Freelancer Blogging bonuses

  • An exclusive access to a students-only Facebook Group.
  • Downloadables, such as headline power words and an SEO cheat sheet.
  • A freelance blogger website home page cheat sheet. This bonus feature tells you how to design your portfolio’s home page.
  • A profitable freelance writing niche course. Choosing a niche that converts is also discussed here.
  • The perfect pitch packet. Makelle offers freelancers a behind-the-scenes look of how she selects topics and writes headlines.

Is Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging legit?

Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging is legit if you’re consistent with the application of the strategies taught in the program. Once Makelle is already out of the picture, maintaining the quality and profitability of your blog posts might be compromised. The same can be said with how you’re going to employ the changes on Google’s SEO algorithms. Without the program by your side, you both have to be extra patient and hardworking in applying these changes in the future.

Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging reviews

This YouTube comment shows a review from @sarahlane3710 revealing some difficulties she faced when she subscribed to the course. Here, she expressed how she was stuck at the website building stage and that the program might be not that too intuitive for everyone.

This review was taken from the Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging website itself. It's an excerpt of an interview conducted by Makelle to one of her students. Marley is the owner of Campfire Copywriting. Here, Marley details her success on web writing and of landing clients after implementing the strategies taught in the course.

Who is Jorden Makelle?

Jorden Makelle is the creator of Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging. Makelle is also the founder of Writing Revolt. The company she founded teaches strategies for freelance writing skills, content marketing, and blog post writing.  Apart from the Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging course, she also created Killer Cold Emailing. This is another program that teaches you how to land clients and scale your business when you’re freelance writing.

Before Writing Revolt, Makelle established Cutthroat Copy. The company provided blog posts and content strategies for B2B and tech  businesses. Makelle attended the University of North Texas in Denton Texas from 2013 to 2014. She is currently majoring in Mathematics at the Northeast Texas Community College in Mount Pleasant, Texas. She is also teaching basketball fundamentals to a group of 4th grade boys at Upward Sports, Inc. She has been a basketball coach since January 2007.

Jorden Makelle’s claims

Jorden Makelle claims that with her strategies, you can charge $200 to $400 per blog post from potential clients. Makelle also claims that once these amounts are charged, these clients are likely to accept them without hesitation.

Jorden Makelle’s claims debunked

Jorden Makelle’s claims that you can land clients paying you $200 to $400 blogs per post might not check out in the real world. This is especially true for a freelance writer and bloggers who have just gotten started or aren’t that tech-savvy. You will need to be updated constantly by Google’s ever-evolving SEO changes in algorithm. Without Makelle’s guidance in the future, you might have some challenges that you need to deal with before charging these amounts. Apart from SEO, you will also need to be in the loop in terms of formatting, readability, and conversational writing.

Is freelance blogging profitable in 2023?

Freelance blogging is still profitable in 2023 if you’re still equipped with the right mindset and strategies. Blogging has always required writers to be extra patient and hardworking. This is because of Google’s ever-changing SEO algorithms that can also result in changes in terms of readability, tone, and formatting. This year and beyond, bloggers and writers with a freelance career must expect the same thing, if not more. Some even question whether freelance digital marketing is legit as a blogger still because the competition is fiercer than ever before with AI starting to take work. 

However, freelance writing jobs or writing gigs are still as profitable as ever. There are over 600 million blogs that are up and running at the moment, with 77% of internet users reading blog posts. According to First Site Guide, there are now more than 32 million bloggers in the United States alone. In 2014, this number was at 27 million. Meanwhile, high-end bloggers or writers are making $150 to $400 per post. 

Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging alternatives

A more passive way to earning an income

While your earnings from freelance blogging can be unlimited, the hurdles before and during can be challenging. This is true if you’re a freelance blogger looking for paying clients. You have to filter those who pay this amount first before finally creating content for them. Although Makelle's platform provides this, dealing with regular changes on Google algorithms, the consistency in producing quality content and other challenges, must also be addressed.

In freelance blogging, you also only get to be paid one time for the effort of producing an article. With local lead generation, however, you get to build digital assets that produce long-term passive income. The business model will also only ask you to deal with clients in cities, which are far less demanding. Once their sites are ranked on Google and are capable of generating leads, your profits are future-proofed. With such minimal tasks, this will allow you to focus on other important things. These include ensuring that the right SEO strategies are placed and that quality content is produced. Start generating an income stream that is way more passive with the local lead gen biz model.

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