Freedom Academy Review (2024) | Is it a Reliable Online Learning Platform?

June 29, 2023

Freedom Academy, or Freedom Teachable Academy, is an e-learning platform that offers a wide range of online courses and coaching programs. Some courses they offer include digital marketing, e-commerce, business, web design and development, video editing, photography and more. However, Freedom Academy’s current platform is mainly designed for students. Unlike popular virtual learning sites like Udemy and Teachable, it does not allow you to create or sell courses. Let’s find out if the Freedom Teachable Academy is a reliable online learning platform. 

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Freedom Academy Pros & Cons


User-friendly interface and features: You can easily browse and purchase available courses. 

Detailed and organized: All programs available have detailed course descriptions, with short video previews, coverage, recommended audience, date updates and student reviews. 

Flexible payment method: The platform accepts credit and debit cards from major bank institutions, including American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard. You can also pay via PayPal or PayNow.

Certificate of completion: Freedom Academy issues a verifiable certificate after successfully completing the course. 

Free courses: According to the site, the platform will soon offer free courses soon.

Free courses: According to the site, the platform will soon offer free courses soon.


New platform: Freedom Teachable Academy is still a new platform. Some courses published on the site are not yet ready for purchase.

Only a few courses are available: As of now, the actual courses available are only 9. 

No reviews: It's difficult to gauge the reliability of this platform since there are no reviews yet from previous and current students. 


The cost of available courses ranges from $59 to $100.




The site claims it has over 3,000 learners.


Unfortunately, there are no reviews yet from previous and current students.

What is Freedom Academy

Freedom Teachable Academy is a digital platform where you can buy online courses. According to the website, it has now published 450 courses, with 4,000 certifications and over 3,000 learners. The site also claims all the courses they offer have been curated by their specialists. They say they only collaborate with experienced instructors and field experts to ensure Freedom Academy provides you with high-quality online education. 

Freedom Academy Features

Detailed Course Descriptions

All courses available in the catalog have detailed descriptions, including a short video preview, course info, materials inclusions, requirements and reviews. This makes it easier to gauge whether it’s the right course for you. 

Advanced Search Filters

Use the advanced search filters to find the courses you’re looking for. You can search by category, price range, alphabetical order, level of difficulty or release dates.

Course Progress

Use this feature to keep track of your progress.


Freedom Academy allows members to write reviews about the courses or programs they have completed. 

Question and Answer

Freedom Academy members can use this section to ask or answer questions about the course or program.

Who is Freedom Academy Online Learning Platform For? 

  • Business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs who want to expand their knowledge through online courses
  • Investors or individuals who want to learn more about financial strategies and other ways to earn money
  • Individuals seeking professional development, including content creators, teachers or math teachers, and any career-oriented person
  • An aspiring online coach or educator may also check out this e-learning platform

Disclaimer: Again, this program is designed for students or learners. You cannot use this platform to create or sell courses. 

Is Freedom Academy a Reliable Online Learning Platform? 

For now, I would not recommend it because it's still a new platform. It's hard to validate some of the details posted on the website. For example, it says there are 450 courses available but upon checking, I can only explore 9 online courses. The site does not look 100% complete as some features are not functioning. However, Freedom Teachable Academy really looks promising, including the features they offer. By simply browsing the website, you will have an idea of how the system will work for consumers. And I'm excited to revisit this platform soon. But if you already need to purchase an online course or e-learning programs, it's best to look for other popular options like Udemy or Teachable.  

Local Lead Generation: Better Investment Option than Creating an Online Course?

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While the e-learning industry may seem profitable, it can be a challenging venture as well. First, you need to deal with its overly saturated market. There are now thousands of online courses and coaching programs available worldwide, making it more difficult to compete for new course creators. Creating an online course also requires more time and resources. According to Skid Labs, it can cost you around $5,000 to over $15,000 to develop a 1-hour online course. 

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