Jade and Kev’s Freedom Affiliate Launch Review (What is the 9 Step Affiliate Framework?)

April 17, 2024

The Freedom Affiliate Launch by Jade and Kev is an affiliate marketing course for aspiring affiliate marketers of all ages. The course claims anyone can start the business even if they're not tech savvy. This affiliate course goes over website creation, branding and leveraging Instagram for traffic.

Freedom Affiliate Launch reviews are mixed. Some students state it delivers what it promised, while some students find it sketchy. The affiliate marketing industry is estimated to reach $27.78 billion market size in 2027. And 45.3% of affiliate’s biggest challenge is getting traffic.

In this Freedom Affiliate Launch review, we’ll list the course’s pros and cons, the Australian couple’s background, and the 9-step affiliate framework. We’ll also find out if there’s a better business venture than affiliate marketing.

Freedom Affiliate Launch Review: Pros and Cons


Self-pace. You get to learn the curriculum in your own free time.

Brand Building. Freedom Affiliate Launch helps students create sustainable business for the long run.

Affiliate program. You can earn while you learn and put the strategies taught to use right away.


Jade and Kev are no longer doing affiliate marketing. Some parts of lessons may be outdated.

The public doesn't have a favorable opinion on the course because it sounds like an MLM scheme.


The Freedom Affiliate Launch course costs $97.


The Freedom Affiliate Launch is a self-paced training.


The Freedom Affiliate Launch has a private FB group.

Refund Policy

The Freedom Affiliate Launch doesn’t offer refunds.


The Freedom Affiliate Launch started in 2021.

What is the 9 Step Affiliate Framework?

The 9 Step Affiliate Framework is the step-by-step process by Jade and Kev. The framework starts with the basics of affiliate marketing and mindset changing. Then, setting up email marketing and filling the gaps in your affiliate funnel.

The 9 Step Affiliate Framework is designed to help aspiring affiliates to build a brand. Jade and Kev mentioned it’s not about hitting $10k per month on affiliate sales. It’s about creating a sustainable business in the long run.

Jade and Kev’s framework uses Instagram to build and communicate with your audience. Although they claim the approach is applicable to any social media sites.

What is Freedom Affiliate Launch?

Freedom Affiliate Launch is an affiliate course by the Australian couple, Jade and Kev. The affiliate marketing training teaches you how to build a website, set up an email list and sales funnel. The course focuses on using Instagram to reach and communicate with your audience. 

It also comes with an invitation to their affiliate program, The Freedom Partner Program. You can start earning affiliate commission through their affiliate program while learning the course. Although the program membership costs $97 per month.

What Do You Get With Freedom Affiliate Launch?

You get video lessons, downloadable templates and written lesson summaries with Freedom Affiliate Launch. Every module has cheat sheets and workbooks.

It also includes 4 bonuses:

  1. Energy of Deciding You Get To Have What You Want Video Training 
  2. Technical Support from Monday to Friday
  3. Private Facebook Group 
  4. Access to Future Updates

According to their check out page, if you qualify, you will also get 2 Fast Action Bonuses:

  1. The Instagram Formula Mini Course
  2. Identify and Heal Your Journey Story Video and Journaling Training

Who is Freedom Affiliate Launch for?

Freedom Affiliate Launch is for beginner online entrepreneurs and nurses, miners and traders looking for an online side-hustle.

According to their sales page, the course is also for Aussies, Europeans, Kiwis and Americans. Freedom Affiliate Launch helps them create a successful affiliate business through email marketing and Instagram branding.

Are Freedom Affiliate Launch Students Getting Results?

Yes, Freedom Affiliate Launch students are getting results. But according to TikTok user Affiliate with Acacia, they’re mostly commissions from selling the course. So people tagged it as a scam or an MLM.

But according to Charlie Ehlers, the course does give MLM vibes because of the affiliate program for the course. But it offers value for people willing to start an affiliate online business.

Georgia said the course can be valuable for people who want to start affiliate marketing. Unless they already know how to set up a website and an Instagram account.

Who are Jade and Kev?

Jade and Kev are an Australian couple who started affiliate marketing in their 30s. Jade studied as a naturopath and ended up in marketing. Naturopath is an alternative form of medicine which uses acupuncture, therapies and massages. While Kev works as a miner.

When the couple got buried in debt, Jade decided it’s time to go out of the 9-5 rat race. They built a motorhome and toured the country. Jade and Kev also started their affiliate marketing journey then.

In 2020, the couple built their own educational company, The Freedom Formula. Their first course, Ten Steps to 6 Figures Online later on became The Freedom Affiliate Launch.

What is The Freedom Formula?

The Freedom Formula is an online educational platform focused on courses about paid advertising, affiliate marketing and money mindset. It was first launched as a course, and later on became the company name.

What is The Anti Affiliate Model?

The Anti Affiliate Model by Jade helps students build a unique brand based on their values. The course claims to enable students to become free from choosing one niche. It rejects the copy and paste affiliate marketing website and branding.

Anti Affiliate Model costs $1497 which you can pay in full or in 2 payments

Jade and Kev’s Claims

Jade and Kev claim you can create a framework which can sell anything and separate your time from your income. They also claim you can create a digital affiliate income even if you’re a complete newbie to the online world. Especially if you don’t have a product of your own.

Jade and Kev’s Claims DEBUNKED

  • Niche - Niche is important for an affiliate marketer. It increases your profitability because you’re targeting people already interested in the product or service you promote. According to Think with Google, 53% of shoppers search online before purchasing.
  • Income - According to Demand Sage, only 9% of affiliate marketers earn $50k per year. Outbrain reported 57% of affiliates earn less than $10k per year. 
  • Capital - If you’re gonna start as a newbie with no idea how to set up a website, you’ll need capital to get a professional website. So your target market will take your promotion seriously. There are marketplaces like Flippa and Empire Flippers.

Can You Make Recurring Commissions With Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you can make recurring commissions with affiliate marketing by promoting services based on subscriptions. Companies offering SaaS, web hosting and online courses offer this affiliate commission structure. Affiliates can receive up to 50% commission.

Affiliates can get paid monthly depending on the affiliate program they joined. Teachable pay affiliates at the 1st of every month while Fiverr follows a net 30 commission plan. Affiliates on a net 30 program get paid 30 days after their invoice. Whereas Amazon pays their affiliates after 60 days and Shopify offers an option for a  payout every 2 weeks.

A beginner can make money from affiliate marketing if they choose a lucrative niche. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, health and wellness affiliates are top earners. But the study also revealed people only seek authoritative sites like WebMD. Beginners can also make money online through affiliate programs with recurring commissions. Affiliates can get paid as long as their referral is subscribed to the service.

Top companies offering recurring commissions for affiliates on different niches are:

  • AWeber - AWeber provides email marketing services. Its affiliate program is 30% lifetime recurring commission. AWeber’s cookie window is 365 days.
  • Thrive Themes - Thrive Themes provide plugins and themes for WordPress websites. Affiliates can get 35% per sale and 25% per recurring subscription. It also has the longest cookie duration at 2 years.
  • Kinsta - Kinsta is a WordPress web hosting service. Affiliates can earn $50 to $500 with every sale and 10% recurring commission rate. Kinta’s cookie duration is 60 days.
  • NordVPN - NordVPN is a virtual private network provider. NordVPN affiliates get 100% on the initial sale and 30% commission monthly. Its cookie duration is 30 days.
  • Teachable - Teachable is an education platform. Affiliates of Teachable can earn 30% commission on every content creator they refer. The recurring commission rate is also 30%. Teachable’s cookie duration is 90 days.

Can High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs Boost Your Income Potential?

Yes, high ticket affiliate marketing programs can boost your income potential because you can earn more than $100 with just one sale. For example, Husbpot affiliates can earn $250 to $1k per sale. And they include marketing tools like banners and demo videos to help you secure a referral.

What High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Products Can Boost Income?

Fashion and Beauty offer high ticket affiliate marketing products that can boost income. For example, Irene Neuwirth jewelry collection costs $10k to $20k per item. And its affiliate commission for every sale is 6% which is $600 to $1.2k per sale.

What Digital Strategies Do You Need To Succeed in Affiliate Marketing?

Email marketing, landing page optimization, social media and search engine optimization (SEO) are the digital strategies you need to succeed in affiliate marketing. According to Authority Hacker, an average affiliate marketer’s income is $8,038. And the average monthly traffic is 56,673 visitors. You’ll need effective keyword research to drive that much traffic and earn the average affiliate income.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, people only trust authoritative sites like WebMD for top niches like the health and wellness industry. You have to build authority in your niche to make them click your affiliate link. You can do this through social media. Authority Hacker reported affiliates use 3.02 social media platforms.

Email marketing is also a great way to build your audience. Authority Hacker’s survey revealed affiliates who use email marketing earn 66.4% more. According to Demand Sage, site visitors expect your site to load within 2 seconds or you’ll lose 40% of your audience. So, landing page optimization is just as important to keep your audience.

Launch a Local Lead Generation Business and Make a More Stable Income Than Affiliate Marketing

Launching a local lead gen business can make more stable income than affiliate marketing. The major benefit of affiliate marketing is its low startup cost. Local lead gen also has low startup costs. You can set up a digital real estate with $500 and rent it out to small businesses. But unlike affiliate marketing, local lead generation is a high income skill. So it will not be saturated and highly competitive over time.

Affiliate marketing is also unstable. According to Affiliate WP, 25.1% of affiliates are affected by the recent algorithm updates. And 47.4% of them have to change their content strategy. This is not an issue with local lead gen because you’re not competing globally.

For instance, a website I created in 2015 still earns me $2k of passive income every month. And because local lead gen is scalable, all the digital real estates I own generates me $52k per month. So, if you’re looking to make a stable and passive income, local lead gen is the better business venture.

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