Freelancing School Review: Can The Methods Jay Clouse Teaches Earn You More Money As A Freelancer In 2024?

April 10, 2024

Freelancing School by Jay Clouse offers 3 courses focused on marketing yourself, handling taxes, making proposals and contracts. Freelancing School also comes with email templates for asking for rate raises. The courses are available as a bundle and caters to beginner and experienced freelancers.

The Freelancing School reviews from its students are positive. Although they're all from the course's website. Students praise how the courses helped even those with experience and shorten the time they spend finding clients.

According to Upwork, the top reason for freelancers is to earn extra money. And DDIY's report showed 55% of freelancers still have full-time jobs. While according to Payoneer, 84% of companies in Asia hire freelancers to save labor costs. So, it's a career path which can be taxing for individuals and too lax on businesses.

In this Freelancing School review, we'll discuss its pros and cons, the courses it offer and Jay Clouse, its creator. We'll also go over the benefits of freelancing and introduce an even better business model.

Freelancing School Review: Pros and Cons


Downloadable slides

Lifetime access

Learning at your own pace

Bundle deal: all courses are offered at a lowered price.


Lack of external reviews

Creator School, another coaching program by Jay Clouse, offers the same courses all in one at a lower cost.

Refund Policy

Freelancing School has a 10-day money-back guarantee.


Freelancing School started in 2019.


Freelancing School has a paid membership group, The Lab.

How Much Does Freelancing School Cost?

Freelancing School costs $99 per course. A bundle deal is also available at $199.

What Is Freelancing School?

Freelancing School is a program by Jay Clouse offering courses for freelancers. Commitment to anything you started and to beat the deadlines are keys on how to thrive as a freelancer with Jay Clouse. According to Jay in a podcast, everything you start will take away some of your time from your current commitments. Delivering results well through commitment builds people's trust. Thus, strengthening your relationship to them and according to Jay, a freelance business is all about relationships.

Below are the 3 advanced courses offered by Jay Clouse’s Freelancing School:

Marketing For Freelancers

Marketing for Freelancers are best for experienced freelancers and beginners who already know their skills. This course will cover how to build confidence in marketing yourself. Pricing strategies, learning which social media platform is suitable for you and understanding your clients are also included. 

Marketing for Freelancers has 20 videos, 2 workshops, 18 lessons and email scripts like asking for a raise.

Selling For Freelancers

Selling for Freelancers course revolves around the essential skills for building relationships with clients. It includes tips on how to have more referrals and productizing your business. Selling for Freelancers come with a personal CRM template, 2 bonus lessons, 18 videos and 16 lessons.

Business For Freelancers

Business for Freelancers course covers the business aspect of freelancing. It is best for beginners and freelancers looking to have a more organized system for their business. It includes creating proposals, contracts, budgeting and setting up a legal entity.

Business for Freelancers has templates for proposals, invoices and budgeting, 14 lessons, 16 videos and scripts for email.

Freelancing School Course Bundle

Freelancing School Course Bundle combines Marketing for Freelancers, Selling for Freelancers and Business for Freelancers courses. The bundle course can help you find a potential client and maintain a relationship with them. It has 48 lessons dealing with budgeting, taxes, cash flow and invoices. The bundle includes custom CRM, email scripts and templates.

What Do You Learn in Freelancing School?

Freelancing School teaches freelancers how to market themselves, make proposals and invoices, file taxes and contracts.

What Is the Creator School By Creator Science?

The Creator School by Creator Science is a coaching program for creators. Jay Clause is also the founder of Creator Science. It is formerly known as Creative Elements. The Creator School aims to help creator become professional creators.

The courses offered in Creator Science are:

  • Podcast Like The Pros - Podcast Like The Pros course dives into podcast editing, producing and managing of guests. It also covers podcast marketing, finding sponsors and podcasters to collaborate with. The course has 36 lessons in 5 hours of videos. Podcast Like The Pros costs $199.
  • The Freelancing Masterclass - The Freelancing Masterclass covers all the 3 courses on Freelancing School at a price of $199.
  • Newsletter Masterclass - Newsletter Masterclass course revolves around the best tools for newsletters and building your audience. The 2-hour masterclass also goes over how to write newsletter subjects and content ideas that resonate with your target market. According to Sophie Acker, the course helped her move her newsletter out of LinkedIn. Newsletter Masterclass costs $99. Although this is a free inclusion of joining Creator Science’s community, The Lab.
  • Community Building Crash Course - Community Building Crash Course is a workshop on community building. It tackles creating onboarding for members and increasing engagement. It also includes the tools Jay use.This workshop lasts for 60 minutes and costs $40.
  • Membership and Advanced Community Building - Membership and Advanced Community Building is a follow-up workshop on Community Building Crash Course. This 80-minute workshop talks about improving community participation, what people expect from the community and improving member retention. Membership and Advanced Community Building costs $40
  • Annual Planning Workshop - Annual Planning Workshop costs $40 and will help you set up annual and quarterly goals. It also includes Jay Clouse’s planning template.
  • Price Is Not The Problem - Price Is Not The Problem is a workshop about pricing your work. The workshop will help you generate more referrals and be comfortable pricing your projects. Price Is Not The Problem costs $40.
  • Creator Catalyst Workshop - Creator Catalyst Workshop is for start-up creators. It discusses a 7-part framework to find traction, and how to look like a professional creator. The workshop costs $40.
  • Build A Beloved Membership - Build A Beloved Membership course deals with building communities. It covers the conceptualization, pre-launch, launch and post-launch of your community. It is for people who want to build a paid membership community. This course costs $499 but comes free if you join The Lab.
  • Online Course Masterclass - Online Class Masterclass is a free course on how to create an online course. It includes the template Jay uses to create and plan his online courses.

How Does the Freelancing School Help You Make Money As a Freelancer?

  • Video Lessons - Freelancing School helps you make money as a freelancer by breaking down strategies on marketing and business.
  • Take Action - At the end of every lesson, Freelancing School has a Take Action portion that encourages you to apply your learnings right away.
  • Templates and Scripts - Freelancing School helps you make money as a freelancer through templates and scripts. They have a template for proposals, invoice and, asking for a raise. Jay Clouse also has scripts for building relationships with prospective clients and meeting client demand.

Who Is Freelancing School For?

Freelancing School is for beginner and experienced freelancers. It’s also for any business that offers services to clients like real estate, virtual assistants, graphic designer, freelancer writer, consultants and agencies.

Who Is Freelancing School Not For?

Freelancing School is not for content creators, affiliate marketers, dropshippers, and bloggers.

Are the Freelancing School Students Getting Results?

Freelancing students are getting results. However, all of these reviews are found on the site. Pixie, a consultant, managed to land a client because of Freelancing School’s proposal template. According to her, the time spent to find a client is reduced by 70%. Andy, a user experience designer, praised the course for the new things he learned on it. Even though he’s already experienced with 10 years in marketing.

Jay Clouse’s Creator Science podcast also received 5 stars from Chartable with 468 reviews. According to TonySSSTony from Great Britain, the podcast gives value on building messages and an audience.

To get into freelancing, you must:

  • Know your skills - Freelancing means you’ll have to be responsible for marketing yourself. No firm will do the work for you. Freelancing will be possible if you know what skills you can offer to clients. Or what skills you want to have and start learning.
  • Find your market - There are a lot of websites to find clients like Upwork, Freelancer and Flex Jobs. You’ll also gain insight into what type of work you can take.
  • Create a portfolio -  A portfolio showcases what you can do for your clients. Portfolios also establish the quality of your work and how professional you are.

Is The Freelancing School Worth It?

Freelancing School is worth it if you’re decided to become a freelancer and leave your 9-5 job. It’s worth noting that Demand Sage reported the average freelancer works 43 hours per week. So, you can end up working more hours than your office job.

According to Freelancing School student reviews, taking all 3 courses as a bundle is a good choice since they cover all the basics. Two of the courses offered are also best for experienced freelancers. The Business for Freelancers course is best for beginners and those looking to be more organized.

Who Is Jay Clouse?

Jay Clouse is the founder of The Freelancing School and Creator Science. He finished Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) in The Ohio State University at Columbus, Ohio, United States. Jay graduated as a cum laude of his batch.

Jay Clouse is a prolific founder. Aside from Freelancing School and Creator Science, he also created the Unreal Collective, an community for creators. Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income acquired the community in December 2020.

He's also the host of Creative Elements podcast. The podcast has over 20 million downloads. Jay started in the software building industry before becoming a full-time freelancer in 2016.

Jay Clouses Claims

Jay Clouse claims that taking his course will help freelancers find balance, create a more controlled lifestyle and be a successful freelancer. According to Freelancing School, successful freelancers live wherever they want, choose who they work with and have plenty of time for themselves.

Jay Clouses Claims Debunked

According to the World Bank, 46.7% of the global workforce is freelancing. That's 1.5 billion freelancers out of the 3.4 billion workforce, according to Statista. Having the ability to choose who to work with is only applicable to freelancers with experience in a booming industry. Thus, freelancing is not for everyone.

Also, 92% of freelancers find it hard to take a vacation as reported by CNBC. This is because they don't have paid or sick leaves. Every hour they're not working lessens the salary they will be receiving. This is why 63% of freelancers feel anxious with the unpredictability of their work, according to Finances Online.

What Is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a career path of working with clients and companies instead of being employed by them. This is usually based on contracts, projects or tasks. To be a freelancer, it means you’re self-employed or running your own business. You provide services to your clients based on your expertise and you charge them based on hourly or project rate. According to Upwork, there are 59 million American freelancers. Flex Jobs reported 12.4 million of them are full-time freelancers.

Popular sites like Fiverr, Toptal, Indeed, Freelancer and Upwork are popular sites for freelancers to source clients. According to VCBay, Fiverr and Upwork process 3 million jobs every year. Freelance workers are also called gig workers or contractors.

Why Do People Like Freelancing?

  • Freedom - People like freelancing because it gives them the freedom to decide who they work with. It also gives them the power to decline on projects they don’t want to do.
  • Flexibility - According to Finances Online, 83% of freelancers work on their homes. Only 11% work client offices. Freelancing enables people flexibility to work anywhere at a schedule that works for them.
  • Work-Life Balance - Payoneer’s data revealed that full-time freelancers rate their job satisfaction to be 4.1 out of 5. According to Freelancers Union and Upwork, 77% pursue freelancing to have a flexible schedule and have time for their passion.
  • More Opportunities - Freelancing also gives people the opportunity to work with companies across the globe with an internet connection and a laptop.

However, freelancing can be harder than a job because you’ll have to do everything on your own. According to Finances Online, 63% of freelancers feel anxious managing their finances, taxes and insurance. Further on the same study, 63% are anxious at the unpredictability of freelancing. Freelancing is prone to the feast and famine situation.

What Do Freelancers Struggle With the Most?

Freelancers struggle with finding clients the most. According to Demand Sage, 66% struggle with finding clients. DDIY’s research showed 55% of freelancers still have a full-time job.

Reddit user LauraPalmer20 said having contacts in the industry is the key. Especially for beginners. The contacts typically rack up when you work on the field.

Is Freelancing Worth It?

Freelancing is worth it if your skill set or line of work is one of the in demand jobs on the market. Otherwise, the inconsistency of clients can put a strain on you and your finances. According to Upwork, the highest paid freelance jobs are in the development technology industry. Programmers are paid $60-$70 per hour. Web developers and data analysts of technology companies get paid $55-$65 per hour.

Conclusion: Can You Still Make Money With Freelancing In 2024?

You can make extra money with local lead generation in 2024. Freelancing can make you money in 2024, but you’ll still have to work. You will have to upskill to stand out in the rising number of freelancers. According to Statista, freelancers in the US alone are predicted to be 76.4 million by the end of 2024. Forbes predicted that for freelancing in 2024, great work performance is more important in employment contracts rather than loyalty. 

Local lead generation can generate your passive income with a low startup cost. With $500 you can set up a website that will be your digital real estate. Then, you can rent it to small businesses once it ranks on search results. And you can rank on Google with 15-20 pages.

For example, I set up a Tree Care site in 2015. It needs minimum maintenance and consistently generates me $2k per month. The best thing about this business model is you can duplicate it. With all the digital real estates I own today, my monthly income is $52k. I also have a local lead generation coaching program you check out if you’re looking to start your journey to financial freedom.

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