Ramel Newerls’s Fund Your Freedom Masterclass Review | Is It Worth Watching In 2024?

March 5, 2024

Fund Your Freedom Masterclass is a virtual event led by real estate coaches Ramel Newerls, Kenneth Smith, and Derek Boone. It provides introductory lectures on how to build credit scores and eventually get up to $100,000 business credit. The end goal is for the students to invest in real estate or become entrepreneurs. It covers topics that include how to generate passive income and build a real estate portfolio.

According to Statista, the real estate market is expected to reach $613.60 trillion US dollars by 2023. With this massive projected reach, does this mean you should invest in real estate? Does the Fund Your Freedom Masterclass have the lectures to educate you on how you can start despite having a low business score? Or, does it have a secondary promotional goal?

In this article, I’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks, class content, upsells, claims, as well as the background of the coaches behind it. I’ll also share with you if you should invest in this business model in the first place.

Fund Your Freedom Masterclass Review: Pros & Cons


Joint efforts of three real estate coaches: The free masterclass is led by three real estate coaches who have built their portfolios at a young age. They also own their respective companies.

No-cost masterclass: With three experts discussing the real estate opportunity, the class does not have a fee.

Provides opportunities for building generational wealth: The class teaches individuals who need to improve their credit scores how to secure a business credit. This provides hope and drive to stop generational poverty and create riches for the generations to come.


Little information available on the website: Save for appearances on YouTube channels, there’s very little information regarding the Fund Your Freedom Masterclass.

Optional eBooks upsell: Despite the class being zero-cost, the webpage leads to an eBook upsell that costs $37 in 2023. Accordingly, this price is already discounted at 75%. The eBook upsells include Mogul Credit Hacks, 9 Steps To Getting 100k In 90 Days, And 100k In Credit In 60 Days.

Persistent eBooks bundle offer: Although the eBooks bundle is optional, once the button is clicked that is solely for the masterclass ticket, a $20 is unlocked. This can appear as a pushy and sketchy marketing tactic for some who thought they were only signing up for a free class.


The price for Fund Your Freedom Masterclass is $297 but free for a limited time.


The Fund Your Freedom Masterclass was created in 2023.


The masterclass does not have a lot of testimonials or reviews since it is newly made.

What is the Fund Your Freedom Masterclass?

Fund Your Freedom Masterclass is a free-of-charge one-time live event created by Ramel Newerls, Kenneth Smith, and Derek Boone. According to their website fundyourfreedommasterclass.com, if potential students miss the virtual event, the cost of the masterclass rolls back to the regular pricing of $297. However, as of writing in 2024, Fund Your Freedom Masterclass is available on-demand via a pre-recorded Webinarjam video for no cost. To enter the webinar room, students only need to provide their first name, email, and mobile number. The video has a total duration of 2 hours, 59 minutes, and 54 seconds.

What's included in the Fund Your Freedom Masterclass?

The Fund Your Freedom Masterclass includes lectures on how to build credit score, generate consistent passive income, create an LLC, grow real estate portfolios, maximize return on investment, structuring credit reports, and secure $100,000 in business credit in a relatively quick period. It also has lessons on real estate properties including flipping, fixing properties, locating discounted ones, and negotiations.

Who is the Fund Your Freedom Masterclass For?

The Fund Your Freedom Masterclass is for individuals who want to grow their real estate portfolio. Additionally, it’s for people who want to have a passive source of income. It’s also for those who want to build up their credit score so that they can become eligible for business credits.

Who is the Fund Your Freedom Masterclass Not For?

Fund Your Freedom Masterclass is not for people who have no interest in real estate investments. It’s also not a good fit for individuals who already have a good credit score. This is because the free class teaches students how to secure funding.

Who is Ramel Newerls?

Ramel Newerls is a credit coach and real estate investor. He has managed to acquire 300 units and help more than 1,000 millennials join the 700-credit club. By 2017, he had paid off his student loans through his real estate syndications.

Who is Kenneth Smith?

Kenneth Smith is the CEO of Smitty Wealth Enterprise LLC. He teaches his students to follow his footsteps on leveraging borrowed money to start multiple businesses. He also helps them master funding, credit mastery, and how to make streams of income off credit, 

Who is Derek Boone?

Derek Boone is the founder of Wholesale Secrets. He is also the author of Wholesale Secrets Action Plan 1.0 and 2.0. He helps real estate investors reach 6 to 7-figure earnings, without the need for credit, license, and degrees.

Ramel Newerls Claims: Get $100k in Business Credit in Record Time

Ramel Newerls Claims: Get $100k in Business Credit in Record Time

Ramel Newerls, Kenneth Smith, and Derek Boone claim that you can secure a $100,000 business credit. They also stated that their free Fund Your Freedom masterclass can help you get started on achieving this in record time.

Ramel Newerls Claims DEBUNKED

The claims of the trio are not true because building credit takes a lot of time and effort. It is more useful for their masterclass to provide practical information on specific topics than to cover a vast topic.

Is the Fund Your Freedom Masterclass Worth It?

No, the Fund Your Freedom Masterclass is not worth it if you want solid and practical advice on building your credit score and investing in real estate. The 3-hour class can cover the basics but not enough knowledge to help you navigate complex topics. It also has a secondary purpose of selling you an eBook bundle, which can be off-putting for some who truly want to learn about this. It’s best to learn about these subjects from multiple reputable sources.

Should You Invest in Real Estate Through a Loan?

Yes, you should invest in real estate through a loan if you want to enjoy low interest rates. This is compared to private lenders. However, if you’re looking to speed up the process of your real estate investment, you should consider other options including paying in cash, hard money loans, and even private lenders. This is because bank loans have a strict and lengthy approval process. There’s also a limit on currently opened conventional mortgages.

Fund Your Freedom Masterclass alternatives

The Best Way To Build Generational Wealth in 2024

While real estate is an established method to build generational wealth, local lead generation is a better alternative. With real estate, the initial cost and risk are high. You also need to undergo a process of improving your credit score. 

With a local lead gen biz, the initial investment is $300-$500 and profit margin is 95%. Each website created generates up to $3,000. With the low startup cost and high return on investment, scaling is made easier and less hassle-free, making it a much easier way to create lasting wealth.

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