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Dino Gomez – Funnel Consultant Society Review (Scam? Truth Revealed)

March 22, 2024

Enjoy this complete review of Funnel Consultant Society by an experienced funnel builder and Facebook ads connoisseur…

How alluring is it to be able to say you are part of a special society? Sounds so.. mysterious, seductive, and even aristocratic.

With the Funnel Consultant Society you get that little perk, plus more..

Let’s find out. I dropped the cheddar (all $497 of it) and now I bring you this review…

First of all, this course has an impressive amount of video testimonials to back it up.

The claim they make on their sales page for having more reviews than anyone else is unproven.

But they do have a LOT of reviews.

So what does this course cover, mainly?

It focuses on teaching students Facebook Ads and giving them a blueprint so that they can land large clients, and get paid well.

Facebook is the leading social media platform in the world and a legit advertising Giant.

Fe, fi, fo fum.. get it Facebook.

I wasn’t that surprised when I learned when it comes to digital advertising, companies spend billions in ad revenue yearly.

What was pretty eye opening was the fact that in the this year, in the U.S, 2020 is projected to be the first year in history, that the money spent on digital advertising will actually exceed the amount spent on traditional ads.

So these companies are getting smarter.

They know where their audience is.

Of course, the really smart companies …

..know how to leverage FREE traffic from search engines like Google, so they can capture customers who are already in ‘buying mode’ as they search for their services.

This is where I’ve personally focused on sharpening my digital skill sword.

I’ve become more and more lethal since 2014 when I first discovered this online lead gen class.that taught me everything I know.

Helping those local businesses that are clueless on how to make themselves visible online has been really rewarding.

I make a nice monthly passive income from the skills I’ve applied to my own personal web properties.

So, I bet you are wondering…

Can I make passive income from implementing what a funnel course like the one in question by Dino Gomez lays out?

Dino looks pretty fly in his shades.

But does he deliver info that is considered just as modern and stylish as those stunnas in the world of funnel courses?

The main meat and potatoes within the course is spread across 6 modules which I’ll go into detail on in a sec.

One important aspect is making sure the price you are charging for setting up these funnels provides good margins for your agency.

Don’t have an agency yet?

Well, if you are going to take this stuff seriously, you’ll probably want to get one set up properly so the big companies take you seriously too..

The course also tries to ensure success by teaching you proven processes that will knock your Facebook ads out of the park for the clients you take on.

The only issue with that is.. what may work in one city on Facebook, won’t always work in every single market, if you are targeting local clients.

And another thing..

Running ads is a complex process that you really have to nail down to get solid results.

This is why these companies turn to ad agencies for their social media tactics, and those agencies charge big.

One question that is addressed is: why aren’t you also charging big to provide the same services?

Who is Dino Gomez?

Dino started out as an SEO manager for a digital company. But he quickly caught the entrepreneur itch when he just didn’t jive with the nine-to-five…

He first set out on his own as a digital consultant for companies. He discovered how essential his skills were in the new digitally focused world, and he started to really make money.

When he began successfully working from his home office, he decided he wanted others to be able to do the same.

Entrepreneurial crusader in da houuse!

Now he runs his own agency, Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc. and has some huge clients.

And so, the Funnel Consultant Society was born along with the mission to offer others the freedom of a digital career.

Case Study: How Dino Gomez Made $47,000 With A Low-Ticket Sales Product

Specific Steps That Dino Took To Reach $47,000

  1. Dino leveraged various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to drive targeted traffic to his sales funnel.
  2. He created a sales funnel with a $47 workshop as the front-end product and grew his email list by adding 29 new buyers who purchased his $47 offer.
  3. After conducting a workshop, Dino engaged his buyers using high-quality content to entice them to purchase. 
  4. And then, he threw a high-ticket offer that cost $7,000. Six individuals bought this program which significantly increased his revenue. 
  5. With $1,300 from his front-end revenue and $42,000 ($7,000 x 6) from the back-end, Dino made $43,000 in total. 

Challenges That Dino Faced 

  1. Building a Targeted Sales Funnel: Dino struggled to create a targeted sales funnel that effectively converts leads from various social media platforms into buyers. 
  2. Creating Engaging and Valuable Content: He had to ensure the free workshop was enticing enough to hook leads that would soon convert to high-ticket sales. 
  3. Conversion Rate Optimization: To achieve 17.7% conversion, Dino had to ensure the sales page was optimized and well-designed so the offer was attractive. 
  4. Maintaining Quality in Delivery: He also had to maintain the quality of the workshop and exceed the buyers’ expectations so he could upsell them the high-ticket offer which made up for the bulk of his sales. 

Funnel Consultant Society Summary

For most regular folk, Facebook is just about cat memes, political rants, and family photos.

Plus, there are some shady scam FB ad courses out there that have gotten people to mistrust courses in general, but this isn’t one of them, just to be clear.

But Dino Gomez walks you through how this ad-selling monster platform can really earn you dolla dolla bills yo’.

He has a very logical course that outlines everything you need so you minimize the guess factor.

He does this by supplying you with all of the templates, landing pages, targeting and even the ad copy. You aren’t left second guessing yourself.

Within a few of the training modules I picked up:

  •         How to strategize on Facebook ad types to get the most conversions.
  •         Target key audiences with a precise messaging that leads to sales.
  •         How to build look-a-like audiences to scale my selling success.
  •         How to create every type of Facebook ad imaginable to launch compelling campaigns.

After going through it, I felt prepared and comfortable enough to launch my ad campaigns on Facebook.

But who would I advertise for?

That intel is all part of Dino’s course too!

He teaches you not only how to be a Facebook ad pro, but how to get the clients that pay the biggest bucks.  

Why spend all this time if you’re just gonna land a puny client who doesn’t have a budget?

He turns you on to all the secrets he has learned to attract new business to your selling platform, and he makes it as easy as turning on a light switch.

Well, almost.

Facebook ads are never as black and white as they seem.

Ugh why can’t these courses all just be like zebras.. it would make things so much easier…

There is a lot of material to cover. For a beginner in Facebook ads, it is , but there will still be a learning curve (as is typical with any new course you take).

You may have to go through the course multiple times to really absorb it and make sure you get it alll down, like a dish of creepy crawlies on Fear Factor.

Dino also shows you how to manage multiple clients at once using Facebook’s automated features.

The more passive you can make a business, the more scalable and profitable it becomes. I know this from my own experience with the local lead generation model.

Dino goes into detail on how to optimize your ads over time, so you can deliver the best results on all of your ad spend.

And there are bonus modules included as well.

He also offers lots of easy as pie cheat sheets to make sure your ad campaigns are on fleek.

With the templates he provides, you can set up ads like a real agency professional.

Dino’s course claims the 6 core modules will put you ahead of 99% of other marketers out there.

Let’s cover those juicy modules next..

6 Core Modules

Module 1: The Fast Track

  • What is the Facebook Auction?
  • Ads Manager intro
  • Facebook Pixel setup
  • Facebook’s guidelines
  • Audiences

Module 2: Basic Targeting

  • Common Advertiser Mistakes
  • Tageting overview
  • Ad placements
  • Discover new targeting options

Module 3: Advanced Targeting

  • Custom Audiences
  • Engagement Campaigns
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Retargeting

Module 4: Facebook Ad Types

  • Differentiate between all the Facebook Ad Types
  • Static Image
  • Carousel Ads
  • MSG Bots
  • Lead Ads

Module 5: Optimization Tricks

  • How to make ads convert
  • A/B testing the right way
  • Ad copy
  • Optimize campaigns
  • Tracking results effectively

Module 6: Client Management

  • How to manage multiple client campaigns
  • Forwarding leads to a client
  • The best types of clients and niches
  • Proposals
  • Software to manage multiple clients

Oh and, 10 additional bonuses are included!

Final Thoughts

Overall, Dino Gomez offers you a pretty complete money-making opportunity to become a converting Facebook advertiser.

What’s worked for his agency seems to all be laid out pretty clearly here in the Funnel Consultant Society.

But it is right for you?

How to earn a 6 figure income this 2020

If you are targeting your clients on Facebook then this course is a really good fit for you. However, the problem with FB Ads is .. well a few things.

Facebook ads get ad exhaustion.

You always have to monitor the ads.

Then you have to switch things up to combat that.

That can eventually burn your budget, and more importantly, your time.

Me? I would rather spend my time building digital assets that get leads using free traffic.

Then get the clients that will pay you monthly for those leads…

You can get 100% of your profit margin and not to mention, these lead gen properties can earn a residual income.

This is why I like this method, and I know it works because I do it to this day.

Rinse and repeat style, folks.

That’s how I’ve scaled to my current income of July 2020, where I am exceeding $50k/m.

Here is an example of just one of my lead gen sites that use free traffic, and earn me a residual income of $750 per month.

And I haven’t touched that since I built it last 2014.

I have about 80 of these types of properties across the U.S.

Now that’s a good investment!

If you are compelled to learn more, you should look into the same coaching program where I learned all of it: local lead generation using free traffic.

Why wouldn’t you join (or at least investigate) a group that teaches the process and start your path to earning 6 figures and beyond in passive income this 2020.

I wish I knew this from the start.

But hey, here I am now.

No boss, no complaints.

I get to travel the world when I want, work from anywhere that has Wifi, and I’ve made loads of good friends from this group too.

Check out our Las Vegas Reload event this past summer 2020:

Looks like fun right?

I’m so glad I found something I can be passionate about and make a killing from… it’s rare.

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