Game Of Advertising Review: Is Marvin Weiss’ Process The Best Way To Jumpstart Your Ad Income?

March 31, 2024

Game of Advertising is a coaching platform by Marvin Weiss for aspiring media buyers and advertisers looking to earn money through social media ads. This program leverages Instagram ads for sales conversion and helps its participants manage their ad campaigns on various social media channels. And according to Singlegrain, 35% of Instagram users make purchases on this platform. This is a good sign that your ad will be in front of your target demographic. 

Customer reviews for Game of Advertising are mostly negative, with a 3.2 score on Trustpilot. The only positive review praises Marvin's teaching style, while most negative student reviews cite unresponsive customer support and lack of results.

In this Game of Advertising review, we look at the pros and cons of Game of Advertising, what it offers, if it’s worth your time, and whether $10,000 earnings in 10 days is possible. We’ll also share about a better business model that is cost-effective and brings long-term results than paid advertising.

Game Of Advertising Pros And Cons


The course is reasonably priced

Double money-back guarantee

Bonuses and updates


The instructional videos are mostly in German

Slow and unresponsive customer support.

No external positive reviews from students


Game of Advertising costs $9.95 and full retail price of $97.

Refund Policy

Game of Advertising offers a double money-back guarantee which will be refunded within 24 hours.


Game of Advertising was established in 2020 and relaunched in 2023.


Game of Advertising has a 3.2 rating on Trustpilot. One student got a positive result after enrolling in the program.

How Can Game Of Advertising Media Jumpstart Your Business Faster?

  • Instagram Algorithm Loophole: Marvin uses Instagram's mechanics to leverage other people's following, bypassing the need for personal influencer status.
  • Selling Third-Party PDFs: Promote others' PDFs, keeping 80% of the revenue.
  • PDF Upload: Host the PDF on your own website for purchase.
  • Instagram Ads for Traffic: Utilize Instagram ads to drive traffic to your website.
  • Ad Creation: Craft effective ads targeting specific audiences.
  • Audience Targeting in Instagram Ads Manager: Identify lookalike audiences based on the followers of relevant influencers.
  • Conversion to Sales: Aim for visitors to purchase the PDF upon landing on your website.
  • Investment and Return: Spend on Instagram ads to triple the investment, aiming for $3 in revenue for every $1 spent.

What is Game of Advertising?

Game of Advertising is a platform for learning and earning through social media advertising founded by Marvin Weiss. It offers courses and coaching to master media buying and ad campaign management on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

The program includes strategies for any ad format and focuses on high income potential and flexibility. Key offerings include the 10-Day Challenge, $5 Bully Method, Market Open Strategy, access to the Game of Advertising community and personalized 1:1 coaching/mentoring with Marvin.

How Does Game of Advertising Leverage Paid Advertising Business Model? 

The Game of Advertising leverages the dynamic ads within the paid advertising model, using real-time data to adjust social media advertisements for optimal performance. 74% of businesses say that social media advertising is effective.

To drive more revenue for your business through social media ads, it's crucial that you implement the right campaign, targeting the right audience, and effective ad placement, you can drive a positive return from social media ads to drive more revenue for your business.

What Do You Get Inside Game of Advertising?

10-Day Challenge

The 10-day Challenge uses paid advertising on social media platforms to convert online traffic into profitable sales efficiently over 10 days. The primary objective is to double the investment, turning every $1 spent on ads into at least $2 in revenue. Marvin achieves this by enhancing the initial sale's average order value (AOV). He employs an upsell sequence strategy, encouraging customers to purchase more or higher-value items, ‌increasing the total purchase value.

$5 Bully Method

The $5 Bully Method is a strategy for running Facebook advertisements on limited budgets, specifically targeting who can only allocate around $5 per day. It involves tactics for targeted ad creation, audience segmentation, and cost-effective ad management to maximize the impact of a small daily spend on Facebook advertising.

Market Open Strategy

The Market Open strategy teaches you the effective way to run advertising campaigns with a fixed daily schedule. This strategy focuses on timing and consistency in ad deployment, aiming to optimize the impact and reach of the ads. The course covers techniques for identifying the best times to run ads, understanding audience behavior, and using scheduling tools to maintain a consistent ad presence.

1:1 Coaching

The 1:1 coaching call with Marvin Weiss is a personal 45-minute Zoom call. It offers access to behind-the-scenes views of successful advertising accounts and the opportunity to ask about a secret advertising platform he uses to earn 112+ sales daily.

1:1 Mentoring (Marvin will do a 1:1 Zoom call with you every month for three months)

1:1 Mentoring with Marvin Weiss is a direct coaching service where he guides you in scaling digital advertising campaigns. The focus is on practical strategies to enhance ads, launch new ones, and grow earnings. Sessions are conducted through Zoom calls every month for three months, targeting individuals aiming for high daily earnings.

How Much Does Game of Advertising Cost?

Game of Advertising is priced at $9.95 and an upsell of $97 to have direct access to Marvin via Messenger. They offer 100% money-back guarantee within 24 hours after request.

game of advertising price

Does Game of Advertising Have a Good Reputation?

The Game of Advertising has a mixed reputation among Marvin's students, reflecting diverse experiences and outcomes. Trustpilot gave Game of Advertising a 3.2 rating with a single review from Nick, who granted the program a single star rating, saying it’s a waste of money and the ineffectiveness of the customer support service.

game of advertising review nick

Louise also expressed the same frustration on the community discussion board about Marvin's lack of response to queries and the ineffectiveness of the program.

game of advertising review louise
game of advertising louise 2

Another student, Stephen, also left a positive remark about the course and is looking forward to getting started.

game of advertising review testimonial

With this in mind, it’s best for you to do your own research before you decide whether this business model is the best option for you.

What Industry Does Game of Advertising Belong to?

Game of Advertising belongs to the digital marketing industry. Digital marketing is a business model that effectively promotes products and services to both existing and potential customers by leveraging digital channels such as social media, email, and search engines. Programmatic advertising, involving automated ad buying and placement, plays a pivotal role in optimizing ad campaigns for maximum reach and impact.

Is Game of Advertising Legit?

Game of advertising is a legit business. The scam adviser gave the website a rating of 61/100. It has a valid SSL certificate and is safe according to the DNS filter. Although Game of Advertising was rated as a legit website, you should always do your own manual check of the website to determine if it is legit and safe.

Is Game of Advertising Worth it?

Yes, game of advertising is worth it for learning social media advertising, offering practical courses, and personalized coaching, making it beneficial for aspiring media buyers. Glassdoor stated the average salary of media buyers is $76,905 per year.

And with nearly 6 billion individuals using the internet by 2027, the need for skilled media buyers is on the rise. It's an excellent opportunity to acquire new skills and kickstart your professional journey!

Who is Marvin Weiss?

Marvin Weiss is a social media paid advertising expert, entrepreneur, and creator of Game of Advertising platform, from Hamburg, Germany. Marvin's life took a significant turn in 2022 when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor after feeling ill during his travels. After surgery and rehabilitation, he made a complete recovery and subsequently launched the Game of Advertising platform, showcasing his passion and expertise in online paid advertising. 

Marvin holds a Marketing Degree and graduated from the IU International University of Applied Sciences in 2017. He started with Amazon FBA, selling adult toys. And he eventually reached $8 million in earnings by the age of 25 through Instagram Ads.

Marvin Weiss Claims:

marvin weiss claims

Marvin Weiss claims that you can jumpstart your career in advertising using his secret advertising formula on Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram to earn $10,000 in 10 days. He had taught hundreds of normal hardworking people who had zero experience running ads online but had insane results after using his system. 

Marvin also claims that every time you spend money on ads, you get double the money back and only need 60 minutes per day to run this business model.

Marvin Weiss Claims Debunked:

Earning $10,000 in 10 days through social media ad campaigns is not realistic for individuals with zero experience. Students who joined Game of Advertising could not earn that amount after completing the program. Marvin can claim this since he already has decades of experience running social media ad campaigns. 

According to WordStream, the average conversion rate for paid search ads is 3.1%, and for display ads, it's 2.35%. These figures highlight the challenge of turning ad clicks into actual sales. 

To get the best results in your video ad campaigns, it's important to conduct testing and experimentation. Even the most skilled experts in paid traffic may need a testing phase to determine the most effective ad for optimal results.

Game of Advertising Alternatives

  • Rocco Jasinski’s AdPulse AI - They are an educational platform focused on teaching marketers and advertisers to set up and manage profitable ad campaigns using artificial intelligence through social media advertising.
  • Will Perry’s Creative Testing Mastery - This course teaches you actionable strategies to apply on ad testing that guarantee ad ROI improvement in 30 days.
  • Influencer Bootcamp - This online course teaches aspiring influencers to grow on social media, particularly Instagram. It covers branding, content creation, audience growth, and monetization strategies.

Is Game of Advertising Profitable?

Yes, Game of Advertising is profitable if you invest in strategies that will help you succeed. BusinessDIT states that the average conversion rate for major social media platforms falls between 0.54% and 9.21%. This data shows that just throwing your money at social media advertising campaigns will not guarantee your success.

Focusing on strategies that increase customer lifetime value (CLV) ensures investments contribute to long-term profitability, rather than just immediate conversions.

However, many marketers also recognize social media advertising as a key strategy for boosting brand visibility. A recent global study highlights that 93% of marketers consider expanding brand awareness as the primary benefit of social media video ads. With more marketers investing in ad campaigns, get ready to allocate bigger budgets to paid marketing strategies to compete.

What is Paid Advertising?

Paid advertising, also called "online advertising," is a marketing strategy that allows businesses and individuals to showcase their promotional content on diverse online platforms. This includes dynamic ads, which automatically tailor content to the viewer's preferences and behaviors,  as well as text, banner, video ads, and sponsored social media posts. The primary objective of paid advertising is to target a specific audience and promote products or services.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a social media marketing that involves endorsements and product placements from influencers, people who have a huge loyal following and are viewed as experts within their niche. Influencers can be celebrities, bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram stars, or anyone else who has built a large and engaged online audience.

Why The Local Lead Generation Business Model is a Better Option Than Paid Ads In 2024

The digital advertising space is becoming increasingly competitive, driving up costs for paid ads. According to Statista, the average cost-per-click (CPC) for Google Ads in the US reached $3.13 in 2023, and this trend is expected to continue. This means you are shelling out more and more just to reach the same audience, squeezing your ad revenue.

Local lead generation focuses on organic search optimization (SEO) and local marketing strategies, which can yield leads at a lower upfront cost. Through SEO and local marketing efforts, you are building lasting assets like websites and content with ongoing organic traffic potential. This creates a snowball effect, attracting more leads over time without constant ad spend.

As Google continues prioritizing local SEO and user intent, businesses with a strong local lead generation strategy will be well-positioned for success in future years. A 2024 Moz study predicts that local SEO will become even more crucial for businesses in the coming year, solidifying the long-term value of the local lead generation business model over paid ads.

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