Dan Henry’s Get Clients University Review – 3 Helpful Training Calls Inside The Community

March 21, 2024

Get Clients University (GCU) is a client acquisition community by Dan Henry that teaches you to improve your skills in acquiring and retaining customers. The Community offers a mix of instructional content, practical tools, and community support to help members grow your digital businesses. Some of the major courses inside are Sold Out Courses, High Ticket Selling, and Legendary Productivity. These cover topics like how to sell expensive products, how to advertise on Facebook and YouTube, and how to run a business well. You'll also get to learn from experts like Dan Henry for your business growth, Hernan Vasquez for your social media ads and Joseph DiRoma for your business operations.

Get Clients University review on Trustpilot is an excellent 4.3 star rating from its 26 feedbacks. Most of these reviews praise the program's content for its usefulness and effectiveness. Clients frequently highlight Dan Henry's coaching style as a strong point. Furthermore, the GCU community receives praise for being active and engaging. However, 16% of the reviews express some dissatisfaction, primarily concerning customer service, pricing, and unmet expectations regarding results.

This Get Clients University review discusses the three helpful training calls you can get from the community. It gives a balanced view by presenting the pros and cons, pricing options, the benefits of joining GCU, and the learning opportunities it provides. The article also shares success stories from community members and introduces Dan Henry, exploring his other offerings. At the end, it suggests an alternative business model that might be a better fit for those interested in high-ticket selling.

Get Clients University Pros and Cons


Pricing Option: Get Clients University offers you an option to join annually and save $200 instead of availing it in regular monthly fee.

Expert Team: Get Clients University operates together with expert individuals like Joe DiRoma for business operations and Hernan Vasquez for paid traffic.

Weekly Training Calls: Get Clients University conducts training calls every Thursday at 2PM EST.


High Monthly Fee: Get Clients University monthly membership fee is $97, which is expensive for someone who just started in an online business.

Information Overload: In a community with tons of content and active discussions, it's possible to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information.


Get Clients University costs $97 per month or $997 per year.

Refund Policy

Get Clients University offers refund policy but didn’t mention how many days. 


Get Clients University started in 2021. 

Member Size

Get Clients University has over 1.2k members.


Get Clients University receives 4.3 star rating on Trustpilot.

3 Helpful Training Calls Inside The Get Clients University

1. Growth Call

The Growth Call is a monthly training session led by Dan Henry, the founder of GetClients.com and a Wall Street Journal bestselling author. This call is part of the training provided in Get Clients University and is useful for learning practical skills from an experienced professional like Dan Henry. Each session lasts about two hours and Dan introduces a new technique for expanding your digital business.

These calls include a question-and-answer segment where you can get direct feedback from Dan. Additionally, Dan often reviews various materials like your content, advertisements, and business offers.

2. Paid Traffic Call

The Paid Traffic Call is a monthly training session provided by Hernan Vasquez as part of the Get Clients University program. Hernan Vasquez is an expert in digital advertising that shares his insights on Facebook and YouTube Ads to you. He is well-recognized for his skills in marketing strategy, social media marketing, paid social media advertising, and online advertising. As the Founder and CEO of Scale Driven, Hernan specializes in assisting coaching and information businesses in scaling up and improving their ad performance.

In addition to teaching, Hernan conducts Q&A sessions and reviews members' ads, offering personalized advice and tips for improvement. This call is an excellent opportunity for you to learn from an experienced marketing advisor and apply practical strategies to your digital marketing efforts.

3. Operations Call 

The Operations Call is led monthly by Joe DiRoma, the Chief Operating Officer of the community. With his extensive background in managing the operations of several 8-figure brands, Joe brings invaluable expertise to these sessions. The call is about an hour that delves into crucial aspects of business operations. Joe covers a range of topics, such as enhancing productivity, effective methods for recruiting, hiring, and firing, as well as setting up efficient systems and automations.

He also takes charge of overseeing the accounting and finance aspects and leads the team in day-to-day business activities. These sessions are interactive and feature a Q&A segment. It offers attendees the chance to directly engage and receive insights from Joe's rich experience in operations leadership and internet marketing.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Get Clients University?

The cost to join Get Clients University is $97 per month. However, GCU offers another option where you can save $200 annually. It will cost you $997 per year. Once you sign up, you will fill out an onboarding form and add you to the community. GCU also has a welcome call that offers insights about how to get the most out of the community.

What Can You Learn From Get Clients University?

You can learn from Get Clients University how to build a magnetic brand, create in-demand digital products, acquire clients through various digital marketing strategies, enhance personal growth, expand your professional network, and convert followers into paying customers

Brand Development

Brand Development includes understanding your unique value proposition, identifying your target audience, and crafting a brand message that resonates and attracts your ideal clients.

Creating Digital Products/Services

Creating Digital Products/Services allows you to gain skills in conceptualizing, developing, and launching digital products or services. This encompasses market research, product design, creating sales funnels, and strategies for successful product launches.

Client Acquisition Skills

Client Acquisition Skills covers how to effectively use social media platforms, email marketing techniques, and paid advertising to attract and retain clients. It focuses on methods that result in business growth.

Life Lessons and Self-Worth

Life Lessons and Self-Worth focuses on personal development. It offers lessons that go beyond the typical business curriculum. This includes boosting your self-esteem, developing a growth mindset, and learning to value your skills and contributions.

Networking Opportunities

Networking Opportunities provides opportunities to connect with professionals and experts in the field. You’ll learn the importance of networking, how to build and maintain professional relationships, and ways to leverage these connections for career advancement.

Insights from Top Minds in Digital Entrepreneurship

Insights from Top Minds in Digital Entrepreneurship gives you access to insights and teachings from leading figures in digital entrepreneurship. This could include masterclasses, Q&A sessions, and real-world case studies.

Building a Following of Valuable Customers

Building a Following of Valuable Customers Rather teaches you how to attract and engage an audience that is interested in purchasing your products or services. This includes content strategy, community building, and conversion tactics.

What Can You Get From Get Clients University?

  • Member Spotlight: Member Spotlight is a monthly training call featuring a GCU member who has exceptionally used the program's content to achieve significant success. Each month, a different member shares their journey that offers insights on how they applied their learnings from GCU to attain remarkable results. After their presentation, there's a session for community members to ask questions that allow for direct interaction and learning from peers who have effectively implemented the strategies taught in GCU.
  • Recordings and Replays of All Calls: Recordings and Replays of All Calls means that the system records and makes every training call available for members to watch and review as needed. This feature includes video recordings of the calls, along with transcripts and notes for easy reference.
  • Training Courses: Training Courses encompass a comprehensive collection of top-quality courses that our team has developed over the years. Initially, when first launched, many of these courses had a value of over $10,000. However, they are now inclusively available as part of the GCU program.
  • Courses included: Courses included in GCU encompass a diverse set of topics ranging from mastering high ticket sales and digital advertising to enhancing personal productivity and developing a successful business mindset. You will receive in-depth training in modern copywriting, effective webinar creation, and strategic use of YouTube and Facebook ads. Additionally, the 30 Day Agency course helps rapidly build and grow a digital agency.
  • Community Support: Community Support is a dynamic and engaging feature where 91% of members actively take part in helping each other, according to Dan. Members in this community are encouraged to share valuable content and insights. As a reward for their contributions, members earn points for their posts, which can unlock various prizes and courses.
  • GCU Digest: GCU Digest is a weekly feature of Get Clients University, where you receive a PDF newsletter in your inbox. This newsletter is a compilation of insights and 'GOLD' shared in the community over the week. It ensures that members stay updated and don't miss out on any key information or helpful tips shared within the GCU community.

Who Is Get Clients University For?

Get Clients University is for:

  • Digital Entrepreneurs: Get Clients University is for digital entrepreneurs looking to grow their online business. GCU provides monthly Growth Calls with Dan Henry, where they teach new methods of growing a digital business.
  • Online Marketers and Ad Specialists: Those focusing on digital marketing, especially Facebook and YouTube ads. Get Clients University includes a Paid Traffic Call with Hernan Vasquez, a top-tier media buyer, who teaches Facebook and YouTube Ads.
  • Business Owners and Operators: Entrepreneurs focused on the operational side of their businesses. GCU has an Operations Call with Joe DiRoma that covers topics like productivity, recruiting, hiring/firing, and systems.
  • Course Creators and Educators: GCU offers access to a wide range of Dan Henry’s courses that include topics like high-ticket selling and webinar creation.

What Is Get Clients University Trustpilot?

Get Clients University receives an excellent 4.3 star ratings from Trustpilot. GCU has 80% 5-start and 8% 1-star rating from a total of 26 reviews.Neil Hansen from California rates Get Clients University a stellar 5 stars on Trustpilot. He highlights GCU's effectiveness and efficiency, praising it as a top resource for professional online guidance. Neil appreciates Dan Henry and GCU for providing clear, fluff-free content that drives action and progress. He also commends the supportive community and team for their ongoing support and updates.

Amir Bahadori from the US highly recommends Get Clients University with a 5-star review. He credits GCU for his first high-ticket sale within a month of joining. He praises the community for its excellent learning environment on offer creation and lead generation, and values the active, supportive nature of its members. Amir appreciates the scheduled calls led by Dan and his team, noting their significant contribution to the community's value. He believes the membership offers great value for its current price, which he suspects might increase soon due to its quality.

However, despite the popularity of GCU, it still receives negative feedback from its community members. Mark from the US expressed disappointment with the customer service, which declined a return by labeling the watch "used" just two days after purchase. It led to his decision not to buy from them again.

Akt Sharman criticized Get Clients University for being too expensive and offering rehashed material, likening it to 'Dot Com Secrets' with no breakthrough teachings. He suggested that reading books or hiring skilled employees might be more cost-effective. Sharman also questioned the authenticity of early positive reviews and claimed they were incentivized for access to a now-discontinued course.

Are The Community Members Of Get Clients University Successful?

Yes, some of the community members of Get Clients University are successful. James Kibby shares his significant personal and professional transformation. He is previously engaged in unproductive habits like late sleeping, drinking, and video gaming, then he found direction through GCU. Under Dan's mentorship, James adopted healthier habits that led to an increase in motivation and happiness. He also created a promising business offer with the potential for both substantial income and positive impact.

Julie Saad is another member of Get Clients University. She shares her success story, highlighting the immediate impact of the program. After struggling for a year with minimal results, her first booking came just days after applying Dan's advice from GCU. She emphasized the instant change that the right guidance can make through Dan's practical tips. Julie realized the importance of overcoming discomfort in sales calls to help others, that led to her excitement and newfound success.

Is Get Clients University Worth It?

Get Clients University (GCU) is worth it if you are seeking to enhance your skills in acquiring and retaining clients. Get Clients University (GCU) has a stellar lineup of experts like Dan Henry, Hernan Vasquez, and Joe DiRoma, who bring a wealth of experience to the table. With their guidance, you can learn effective strategies for growing your digital business, mastering Facebook and YouTube Ads, and streamlining your business operations.

One of the great perks of GCU is that you don't just get access to community calls—you also unlock a wide range of courses. From selling your own course to high ticket selling and boosting productivity, they've got you covered. Plus, with specialized training in Facebook and YouTube Ads, you'll be equipped to take your digital business to new heights and keep clients like a pro.

What sets GCU apart from other communities is their commitment to member satisfaction. They offer a full refund if you find that the community isn't the right fit for you. It gives you peace of mind when you sign up. However, it's important to acknowledge potential challenges. With so much content and discussions buzzing around, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Some members might struggle to sift through all the information and focus on what's most relevant to their needs. Additionally, it's worth noting that the membership fee for GCU is higher compared to other business communities. While the investment can be worth it by the quality of training and support provided, it may pose a barrier for those on a tight budget.

Who Is Dan Henry?

Dan Henry is from the Greater Tampa Bay Area and the founder of GetClients.com. He's known for his bestselling book, "Digital Millionaire Secrets," and as a prominent speaker and entrepreneur. Dan started as a pizza delivery guy at Pizza Hut for seven years and that set the stage for his future success. GetClients.com was a game-changer for him. It brings in $30 million in sales with just $5 million spent on advertising. To expand his reach, Dan delved into education. He offers courses priced between $10,000 and $55,000 and benefiting around 1,200 students in digital marketing. His success allowed him to upgrade his lifestyle, investing in luxury items, real estate, and even buying homes for his parents. He is also the Co-founder of CloseDeals.com.

As of 2024, Dan Henry's net worth is estimated at $17 million, according to The Strive. It is primarily from selling information products. Notably, he earned $10 million in the first three years of his business and achieved $1 million in a single day from his $30K mastermind sessions. It showcases his expertise in digital marketing and content creation.

What Is Offer Kickstart by Dan Henry?

Offer Kickstart by Dan Henry is a program for online entrepreneurs to learn how to create great offers. It's a mix of video lessons, live coaching, and special software tools, which are Deal engine and Artemo. The main video teaches the basics of making offers that sell well. Then, there's a recording of a seminar where Dan helps people improve their offers. You also get worksheets and can join coaching calls with Coach Karla for 12 weeks.

The program also gives access to two software tools. One is Deal Engine, which has things like ready-made sales funnels. The other is Artemo, an AI tool for making sales materials. As a bonus, there's a free ticket to a live two-day seminar with Dan in Tampa, Florida, where you can get direct advice and feedback. This program seems really thorough, with a mix of learning methods and personalized help. It's perfect for entrepreneurs wanting to improve their sales techniques.

Andrew Lamb: Audit My Business Client Solved in 28 Minutes

Andrew's Background and Business Overview

Andrew Lamb is a 36-year-old entrepreneur from Vacaville, California. He has an online course that teaches students how to convert real estate properties to sober living homes for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. The business strategy includes property acquisition and renovation. The goal is to rent out these facilities to the government and generate fixed monthly income. 

Problems Identified by Dan Henry in Andrew's Business

Marketing Strategy: Andrew needs to develop a more efficient marketing strategy using improved promotional materials.

Pricing Strategy: Andrew needs to improve his pricing strategy. He launched the course at $1,497 and then increased it to $1,997 without carefully planning and considering its impact on their sales. 

Business Structure and Strategy: He doesn't have a clear accounting system in place. Andrew mixes his earnings and expenses from his real estate business with his digital course and vice versa. 

Operational Details: He doesn't have a clear strategy on how to help clients find properties they can convert to sober home living facilities.

Dan's Proposed Solutions

Improve Marketing and Branding: Dan recommends revamping Andrew's website. He also tells Andrew to improve the branding by focusing on the high-profit potential and noble cause of the business.

Experiment on Pricing: He tells Andrew to experiment with different price points to achieve optimal balance between profitability and affordability.

Targeted Support: Dan advised Andrew to improve customer support through weekly sales calls, property selection, and deal analysis. He says these additional features increase the course's value.

Personal Branding and Promotion: Andrew should leverage social media more effectively by documenting real customer interactions through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. He further advised Andrew to use these platforms for conducting webinars and live events.

What's not mentioned in the interview: Sober living homes are subject to state and local regulations. As the property owner, you need to be mindful of these regulations to avoid legal issues and penalties that could lead to financial losses. 

Conclusion: Why Local Lead Gen Biz Can Win Over High Ticket Selling?

Local lead generation biz can win over high-ticket selling because it often requires less intensive personal branding and client engagement, that makes it easier to manage and scale. Local lead gen is more straightforward because you're targeting a broad audience, and the leads you generate are for other businesses. Once your systems are in place, you can often run with minimal ongoing input. Additionally, getting clients in this space is usually easier, as many businesses are constantly seeking new leads. Accoridng to Blogging Wizard, a whooping 68% of local business owners need help with local lead generation. It signifies enormous demand for you.

High-ticket selling, on the other hand, involves more complex work. You need to establish yourself as an expert or a trustworthy brand, which takes significant effort in marketing and personal branding. Getting clients can be harder since you're targeting a smaller group of people who can afford high-ticket items. Additionally, you have to continuously engage with your clients, offer exceptional service, and monitor the market to ensure your high-ticket products or services remain relevant and appealing. This requires ongoing effort and adaptation to changes in market trends and client preferences.

Local lead gen also offers a low initial investment, minimal competition and an 85-95% high return potential. If you're looking for a business model that can generate you a passive monthly income of $500-$3,000, go for local lead gen biz.

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