Go High Level Review – How Does Go High Level Helps Your Agency In Next Level?

May 5, 2024

Go High Level (GHL) is the go-to marketing agency platform helping with lead gen, CRM, automations, etc., to gather clients and earn more money. It offers tools, features, and services for small agencies to build and improve their operations. Other features include email marketing, sales funnel creation, and automated scheduling. Aside from gaining access to the platform, GHL also serves as an educational platform. It is based on GHL's 3 pillars: profitability, process, and people. It offers a free Lead-Gen Playbook and a SaaS FastTrack Program (SaaSPRENEUR Program). You gain access to the SaaS program by upgrading your GHL membership. It also offers HighLevel Certifications for individuals wanting to expand their expertise in the field. As of July 2023, the users of Go High Level are 40,000 agencies, with approaching 60,000 customers and 3,000 new customers every month since their launch in 2018. Similarweb shows the GHL’s global rank of 6,244 with a total visit of 6.2 million.

Go High Level review on Trustpilot has an excellent 4.9 rating from 2,103 users. Most reviews mention GHL’s affordable price for its features. Adam Erhart from YouTube commended the platform for its white-label and automation feature. Meanwhile, Reddit floods with beginners asking for the worthiness of the program. Additionally, a Twitter review from Newsletter Journey mentions the unreliability of GHL. Although many are delighted with High Level, there are individuals expressing dissatisfaction. 

Most successful marketing agencies earn between $50,000 to $100,000 a month. A great example is Josh Nelson (Seven Figure Agency) where he earns $425,000/month. He started his agency in 2011 and built it through 3 metrics. His key metrics are focusing on a niche, consistency, and being an expert in your niche. Meanwhile, starter agencies can still earn between $5,000 to $8,000 a month. ZipRecruiter’s data shows that the average income for United States agencies is $87,719 a year.

This Go High Level review talks about how it can help your agency grow. This includes an unbiased opinion on pros and cons, pricing plan, and features. It includes GHL’s affiliate program and shows online reviews from Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter. It also includes case studies and shows comparison between other tools. In the end, it offers a recommendation for a better alternative for a passive business.

Go High Level Pros and Cons


Go High Level offers the only marketing tool you need to run your agency business.

Go High Level has affordable plans.

Go High Level has an automated booking system.

Go High Level has 24/7 customer support.


Some Go High Level features are basic that require additional upgrades.

The learning curve is extensive and may overwhelm users.

Go High Level has an affiliate program that may cause biased online reviews.


Go High Level is not free. The cost of Go High Level is $97 a month for the Starter plan while the Unlimited plan costs $297 per month.


Go High Level has a private Facebook community with 66.8K members.

Refund Policy

Go High Level has no refund policy.


Go High Level started in 2018.


Go High Level received the Best Sales and Marketing Platform from 2023 World Future Awards. It also received G2’s Leader, High Performer, Easiest To Do Business With, Momentum Leader, Leader for Small Business from Spring and Summer 2023.

How Does Go High Level Help Your Agency In Next Level?

Go High Level helps your agency in the next level by offering basic tools needed to grow your agency. Their selling point is removing the need to use a handful of tools required, giving you more time and money to focus on other parts of your agency. Go High Level helps with capture, nurture, and close clients (leads) while offering more services. It also includes a 24/7 community offering assistance through email, live chat, and phone.


Go High Level offers the creation of websites, landing pages, and sales funnels which can help you get more clients. It has a drag down option allowing for faster and easier creation. You can use GHL’s appointment setting and calendar feature for a systematic approach for new clients. You can take advantage of the automated booking system using Go High Level’s AI machine learning.


You have access to Go High Level multi-channel communication channel giving access to any leads online. It allows you to talk to any lead using any devices: mobile, email, Facebook messenger, voicemail, and SMS. 

It has a customizable automation feature to further nurture leads by their membership platform. You gain access to build your own community while offering courses. It can be a mixture of free and paid courses based on GHL’s resources or your own.


Improve your agency by using the pre-built pipeline and workflow. You can also create your own sales funnels to track where leads are. Additionally, you can monitor your improvement using GHL’s analytics report.

Go High Level Pricing Plans

Starter Plan ($97/month)

The starter plan includes lead generation tools, calendar, pipelines, and Go High Level online bookings. It includes turning leads to customers while having access to unlimited users and contact information. Additionally, the starter plan allows you to create 3 Go High Level sub accounts that vary by client.

Unlimited Plan ($297/month)

The unlimited plan includes everything from the starter plan. It allows you to create unlimited Go High Level sub accounts. You gain access to API (Application Programming Interface) that allows you to communicate with other people. You can also customize your platform using their desktop app.

How to Get Started with Go High Level?

Step 1: Go to Go High Level website.

You can choose between “Login to App” and the “14 Day Free Trial” button.

Step 2: A pop up option will appear if you click the free trial button. 

You can now input your personal information like name, email address, phone number and company name. 

The trial period costs nothing, but signing up means acceptance to Go High Level’s communication messages.

Step 3: After clicking the “Go to Step #2” button. 

It redirects you to choose from Go High Level's plan. It includes inputting your card details. Note that the charges happen after the 14-day trial expires. 

Step 4: The second option is if you already have your Go High Level login and clicked the “Login to App”.

You can input your email and password and press sign in. You can also choose to connect to your Google account.

What Are The Features Of Go High Level?

CRM & Pipeline Management

This feature allows you to replace Hubspot and ActiveCampaign for your communication and CRM. Eliminate the need to have different tools for CRM because of this feature. You have unlimited contact lists that allow you to chat, text, email, and even send WhatsApp through the platform. Additionally, you can also create pipelines to maximize profitability by automating processes. It allows you to never miss an opportunity throughout their journey.

Unlimited Sales Funnels

You have the freedom to create unlimited sales funnels and know where customers are. It enables you to lead your customers where you want throughout their purchasing journey. Growth List mentions how 80% of potential leads do not purchase. It gives you an insight to know where they stop in their journey and be able to fix it.

Website Builder

You can create a website designed for your brand. It includes a drag down option that allows you to create emails and web pages easily. It also has pre-made templates you can use.

Surveys & Forms

You get unlimited templates for surveys and forms that you can use on your website. You can use these templates and make minor adjustments on design and grammar. Go High Level also has articles on their support portal for instructions and guides.

Email Marketing

It enables you to relay your brand’s message through emails. HubSpot Blog Research identified subscriber segmentation (78%) as the best email marketing strategy, while personalized messages (72%) are second. This allows you to communicate with potential clients and helps relay your message.

2-Way SMS Marketing

The 2-way SMS marketing allows you to communicate with any leads on any device. It helps with interacting with clients that leads to successful outcomes.

Booking & Appointments

It allows you to schedule appointments and avoid double-booking through the platform. It enables you to update clients hassle free. You can also edit and manage current appointments by offering smooth communication.

Workflow Automations

This feature helps you operate a 24/7 system that allows you to have successful campaigns. It saves you time and money by automating your business procedures. This feature improves your business’ efficiency and productivity.


You can take advantage of Go High Level’s SaaS and lead gen educational resources. They offer free weekly webinars you can take to widen your knowledge. The SaaS program is free to pro users while the lead gen playbook is free.

Call Tracking

This feature helps record calls, which allows you to assess marketing activities. Recorded calls help you reevaluate and improve your sales communication and sales. It helps you track the marketing strategy that works which you can use to your advantage.

Reputation Management

It allows you to help boost your reputation for every positive feedback you receive. It increases your chance to attract more leads for clients.

Tracking & Analytics

This feature you can improve data accuracy, see your product performance. Go High Level helps you stay ahead on market trends that will make you adapt easily and competitively.


You gain access to a healthy community where you can collaborate with like-minded individuals. It also allows you to gain insights and build connections from people who are on the same path as yours. 

Aside from the Go High Level community, you can also customize your own community. Not only as building your own community helps you in the future. It also helps you to promote your business and reach more customers.

Document Signing

This feature allows you to make use of E-signatures. Helps reduce waste and the use of printed documents. It enables you to sign documents with no physical contact. It encourages an eco-friendly community while helping the environment.

Gray-Labeled Mobile App

The mobile app enables you to control and manage your business. It allows you to look into your client’s profile and check schedules. You can also create new marketing strategies and check emails. Additionally, it allows a hassle free option of updating and managing client profiles.

White Labeled Desktop App

This feature allows you to use the software, manage domains and customize websites. It gives you the option to rebrand products according to your liking and sell as your own.

What Can You Integrate into Go High Level?

You can integrate Go High Level with other online applications and tools for your agency. It helps with the collection, transfer, and combination of important data efficiently. It offers productivity and security that truly becomes an all-in-one platform.

  • HubSpot
  • Shopify
  • ClickFunnels
  • Google Ads
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Analytics
  • Calendly
  • Stripe
  • Mailchimp
  • ConvertKit
  • ManyChat
  • Twilio
  • Zapier
  • Facebook Ads
  • Unbounce
  • WooCommerce
  • Infusionsoft
  • Instapage
  • Zoom
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Leadpages

Who Is Go High Level Designed for?

Go High Level is designed for digital entrepreneurs, analytical and creative people who want to start their own agency business. Since GHL offers educational courses that can teach beginners what to do to build their own agency. It is a cheaper option instead of purchasing multiple marketing tools. Agency owners can take advantage of GLH sales funnel and CRM to better improve their processes. It is for educators and content creators who simply want to improve their knowledge in scaling agencies. Additionally, GHL has an affiliate program that creators can take advantage of and earn additional income.

What Is the Go High Level Affiliate Program?

The Go High Level Affiliate Program earns you a 40% monthly commission for successful paying connections you refer. You can take advantage of your high social media following, blogs, YouTube, to attract potential customers. Anyone can apply, even those who don’t have a Go High Level account. As long as you're 18 years old and you agree to their terms and conditions. As their website says, it is a great way to introduce Go High Level to successful marketers. Additionally, Go High Level commissions are processed every 15th of the month.

HighLevel Supercharged Saas Program

The HighLevel Supercharged Saas is a program rewarding affiliates with a new electric car for successful referrals. It is only for referrals who buy the Pro plan. All Go High Level affiliates automatically qualify for the program and do not require additional effort. However, the rewards depend on how many active pro accounts you have. Level 1 requires you to have 50 accounts that lead to earning $750 a month of reimbursement to your electric car. While Level 2 requires 75 active pro accounts that earn you $1,300 a month for your car. Additionally, it can go up to $2,500 for initiation fees or reimbursements.

Go High Level Review Online

What Does YouTube Say About Go High Level?

YouTube says that Go High Level is the go-to SaaS CRM platform for digital marketing agencies. The program has positive recommendations from different agency owners. YouTube has many tutorials and guides on how you can utilize Go High Level to its full potential. However, Go High Level has an affiliate program and can cause biased opinions or reviews. 

Adam Erhart is a marketing entrepreneur and content creator praising the program’s features, cost, and automation options. He highlights how it can increase profit for business entrepreneurs and beginners to earn their first $10K a month. The review commends GHL’s affordable price and lead generation. Additionally, Adam’s top feature is the white-label option that helps agencies to create and rebrand their own products.

Pavlo from Ukraine explains the use of Go High Level while explaining the best features for marketing agencies and service providers. He shares his success with GHL as it helped him earn 6 digits. Pavlo commends the integration of automation and AI for appointment setting, booking, and communication.

What Does Reddit Say About Go High Level?

Reddit says that Go High Level has mixed reviews and a lot of beginners asking if the application is worth it. A lot of GHL users mention how they take advantage of its SaaS, CRM and automation features. However, users also acknowledge that GHL does not have all features needed for their agency. 

There is a GHL subreddit community and a couple of threads sharing their thoughts and experiences. Therefore, reviews mentioned in this section come from these threads and subreddit communities.

Business-Coconut-69 is a software developer who answers a thread asking if Go High Level is a good investment. He shares how he would use GHL if he had known it before. It would be his top choice to replace other tools for automation, email, communication, etc. Additionally, he has spent 18 months setting up other project management tools and would have saved 3 to 4 months if he had known.

MedalofHonour15 prices Go High Level’s ability to replace tools for scheduling, design, and sales funnels. He has been using it for 2 years and enjoys email campaigns and AI ads. Additionally, MedalofHonour15 answered a query on how GHL has the same basic features as Calendly. However, it does not have Calendly's advanced features. He goes on by saying GHL as the best tool for marketing.

There are also critiques about Go High Level features. Citrous_Oyster (Ryan Postell) who owns his own web design business comments on GHL’s business model. He says actual expertise is more important than trying to sound knowledgeable in design or web development. If clients don’t see improvements, it is only normal that they will leave.

Ggildner (Gil Gildner) comments on a Reddit thread asking about the usage of Go High Level on B2B companies. Gil suggests GHL as a tool for agencies with smaller sized agencies. However, he claims that we would not use it. He also defines it as a cheap version of HubSpot. Additionally, Gil mentions how most affiliate marketers are spamming GHL trying to sell.

What Does Twitter Say About Go High Level?

Twitter says that Go High Level is a useful tool for marketing automation, monitoring, and potentially earning more. Twitter has less online reviews compared to other platforms. However, Twitter has a lot of GHL promotional content from affiliates.

Sterling Long from Utah posts GHL as a platform of learning. He is proud and happy with lessons about self-executing contracts. It shows how pleased Sterling is to where he plans to incorporate GHL into his own course.

Joe Davies, a CEO and agency owner posted in April 2024 sharing his frustration about Go High Level’s complicated design. He notes how he only scanned it for 30 seconds. Additionally, he only wanted to create landing pages and continued by saying he wanted something simple.

When asked, Joe answered, as he was too impatient to learn Go High Level. The loading time for setting up landing pages took longer than what he expected. He mentions how texts and emails are too “clunky” for him. Joe then mentioned that he only wanted something fast and simple.

Borut of Newsletter Journey shares how Go High Level is amazing with their promotional and affiliate marketing. Then continue by saying that GHL is undependable and Borut considers it as “one of the worst tools”.

Go High Level Case Studies

Go High Level offers social media, ads, and marketplace case studies on their platform. It includes instructional guides for SaaS and Joel Kaplan workshops. Although GHL has no new content since 2023.

There is also a YouTube tutorial from Jonathan Blake from Ohio showing how to create case study forms from GHL. He is an agency owner sharing the importance of creating your own case study as proof. The tutorial includes forming your own questions and gathering testimonials.

A case study from Xstreamspace (Katie Eno) shows different agencies using Go High Level. Three agencies show the effectiveness of Go High Level in terms of time spent, conversion rate, and revenue. Agency X saves ‌ 10 hours/week through automation. Agency Y increases their conversion rate with Go High Level by 50% within 1 month of usage. While Agency Z’s CRM and landing pages help increase revenue by 30% within a month.

Go High Level vs Other Tools

Go High Level is a remarkable tool used by many agencies. Useful features that replace other tools for CRM, sales funnels, etc.  It offers efficiency and usefulness. It saves not only your time switching tools, but also money. You can also combine GHL with other tools. However, it is not the only tool in the market.


Go high level







Go High Level offers creation for sales funnels, landing pages, websites, and marketing campaigns. It provides automated services for managing different online tasks for efficiency.

HubSpot is a CRM platform for marketers. It is great for B2B and B2C marketing, focusing on inbound marketing to attract more clients or visitors.

ClickFunnels offers different options for the creation of sales funnels and landing pages.

ActiveCampaign offers marketing solutions for automation. 


Go High Level offers an all-in-one marketing platform for website creation. It includes lead generation, tracking, automation, and AI communication set-up. It also has a white-label feature.

HubSpot helps with analytics and tracking sales metrics.

ClickFunnels focuses on lead generation through funnels for online marketing.

It offers automation for email campaigns while allowing managing contact information.


Go High Level

starter account costs $97/month. Unlimited plan for $297/month and Pro account (Saas Pro) for $497.

The HubSpot CRM is free. The starter pack costs $50/month. Professional pack costs $1,780/month and the Enterprise plan costs $4,000/month.

ClickFunnels  offers the Basic plan cost $127/month. Pro plan cost $157/month and Funnel Hacker plan for $208/month.

ActiveCampaign’s Lite program cost $29/month, Plus ($49/month), Professional ($149/month), and Enterprise ($259/month).

Free Trial

Go High Level offers a 14-day free trial.

HubSpot offers a 30-day free trial.

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial.

ActiveCampaign offers a 14-day free trial.

Refund Policy

Go High Level has no refund policy.

Hubspot doesn’t have a refund policy.

ClickFunnels have a 30-day refund policy.

ActiveCampaign has no refund policy.

Is Go High Level Trustworthy?

Yes, Go High Level is trustworthy based on the number of positive reviews from different trusted agencies and personalities. The company has helped over 60,000 customers that proves the number of people who trusted. Their G2 awards also prove that Go High Level can be trusted. It is also proven in their positive online reviews.

Christine Seale and Debbie Saffer DuBois are examples of business owners and entrepreneurs who use Go High Level. Christine is a CEO of her own company from Wichita, Kansas. Her business includes offering leads to agency owners. She mentions how working with Go High Level improved the quality of her business.

Debbie Saffer DuBois is digital marketer and entrepreneur from Atlanta. Her LinkedIn profile shows her 20 year experience of helping other businesses through digital marketing. She mentions the innovation the platform offers. Additionally, she commended the support and help she’s been getting on how to better improve her business.

Is Go High Level Worth It?

Yes, Go High Level is worth it for starting agencies looking for an affordable tool for automation and lead generation. You can use Go High Level instead of using different tools for tracking, CRM, etc. It saves not only your time but also saves you money. Go High Level’s starter subscription is cheaper compared to other tools that cost $100 to $500 monthly. Additionally, GHL received many G2 awards for small business, spring, and summer 2023. Aside from that, GHL has a Trustpilot rating of 4.9 from 2,103 reviews that proves its usefulness to their users.

Go High Level is a legit company and has helped many people and entrepreneurs. It has the reputation for being the most comprehensive platform. Go High Level has had a lot of positive feedback ever since it started 2018. Go High Level has 4.9 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot, 4.3 on G2 and 4.1 on Capterra.

Who Are The Owners Of Go High Level?

Shaun Clark, Varun Vairavan and Robin Alex are the owners of Go High Level. Also known as co-founders. Shaun appears more in interviews compared to Varun and Robin. Go High Level was created in 2018 in Texas with over $38.5 million in revenue in 2023. Additionally, all became finalists for the 2023 Entrepreneur Of The Year by Ernst & Young LLP (EY US). Go High Level has helped over 60,000 customers through the years.

Who is Shaun Clark?

Shaun Clark is the co-founder and CEO of Go High Level from Eugene, Oregon, United States. He is a husband and a brilliant father to his son. He studied at Oregon State University with a Computer Science degree from 2000 to 2004. Shaun worked as a web developer for Babcock & Jenkins while studying college. It is where he developed his passion for solving online solutions and technologies. 

After graduating, Shaun co-founded AnswerConnect. It is a 24/7 answering service in the United States. After 2 years, he became the COO of Solestruck managing website development for websites. Then founded two more businesses; Blue Columbia Holdings Inc. (2008) and InvoiceSherpa (2015) focusing on accounts, softwares, and applications.

Who is Varun Vairavan?

Varun is the co-founder and CTO of Go High Level from Chennai, India. After graduating, he worked as a software architect at Adaptavant Technology Solutions for 4 years. Then in 2014, he worked for Plivo as product engineer in Bengaluru, India. 

In a YouTube interview, Varun mentions how he met Shaun while working together for PBX System in 2016. It leads to them talking about the creation of Go High Level in 2018. Varun handles technology advancements, technical solutions, innovation, and research. He mentions how he plans to incorporate AI with Go High Level in the future. 

Who is Robin Alex?

Robin Alex is the co-founder and COO of Go High Level from Dallas, Texas, United States. He studied at Texas A&M University with a degree in Computer Technology from 2003 to 2007. While studying, he founded AbsoluteGaming.net in 2003, which is a gaming community. 

In 2005, Robin worked for TomorrowNow as their IT analyst. Then 2 years after working for Kent Moore Cabinets as their system administrator. He worked for different companies doing technical and support services for 8 years. 

Robin founded Innovate Fast in 2015, which helps with marketing efforts for an increased ROI. He worked for his company for almost 7 years before he co-founded Go High Level in 2018. In a YouTube interview he mentions the importance of word-of-mouth in building networks. This idea led him to increase his client pool.

Conclusion: Why Local Lead Gen Biz Is Better Alternative Than Digital Marketing Agency?

Local lead gen biz is a better alternative than digital marketing agency because you can start your own business within $500. The initial investment needed is cheaper compared to starting your own agency. You also don’t need to spend money on social media ads because you target organic traffic through SEO. A digital marketing agency is a good business model if you have a great team full of knowledgeable individuals. Additionally, you also need lead gen to gather clients for increased revenue. 

A digital marketing agency is a great way to earn money, but there is a possibility of losing more money before profit. According to Webfx, you can earn an average of $51 to $10,000 a month, depending on the niche. As long as your services are consistent, you never lose clients.

Local lead gen offers the freedom of owning your own digital real estate. This is the business model for you if you plan on having a passive business. Statista’s data forecasts digital assets revenue to increase by 8.77% by 2028. It shows the future profitability of having your own assets. You target businesses from a local town and build a website based on it. You use SEO to rank your website on search engines. It offers long-term stability and you can earn $2,000 to $3,000 of monthly passive income. Additionally, it does not require regular monitoring or editing once it’s ranking.

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