So you’re thinking about upping your sales game, Grant Cardone style?

Let’s discuss Grant Cardone University: Is it worth it to join?

Let me give you my perspective.

I’m a lead generation pro, and making 6 figures in the biz of selling leads to local business owners.

This lifestyle has given me so much freedom.. you can check out some of my recent travels here on my Instagram profile.

My review of this course is completely objective, cuz I ain’t no affiliate.

If you want to be able to sell water to a whale…

Sales takes experience, yes.

But it also takes a solid teacher.

You gotta know which course or mentor will really get you there.

Do you jive with Grant? What is his course like?

I bet you have a lot of questions.

Let’s 10X the answers …

Grant Cardone University is a flagship sales training course that is designed to take anyone, regardless of background/experience, and make them into a great salesperson.

It is one of the most expensive courses Grant offers.

First, let me just say I’m a big fan of Grant, but he’s not my one and only mentor in sales.

So, how does Cardone U compare to other sales training courses I’ve purchased?

When was I first introduced to uncle GC?

Grant Cardone has been instrumental in my journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur at the age of 25 with my local lead generation business.

He was absolutely a factor in the equation to hitting my first $10K per month in revenue.

Update: It’s 2020 and I’m at $50k/m. (btw we’re showing others how to build the same laptop business here).

One of my go-to resources was Grant Cardone’s book the 10X rule.

So many people recommended it to me, I had to check it out.

I had the audiobook version that I would listen to all the time and it really helped me stay motivated to work hard and hustle.

It was refreshing to hear someone being blunt and saying the truth.

Most people aren’t working hard enough.

So much personal development content is about mindset and visualization stuff.

That’s great and all, and has its place as well.

But thankfully, I learned from GC that nothing trumps taking massive action.

My business began to grow faster just by adopting the 10X mentality of doing more.

At that point, I needed to get better at closing business deals.

I invested in a bunch of other sales courses such as Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Persuasion, Dan Lok‘s Courses, and a few others.

I decided to invest in Cardone University shortly after.

How does Cardone U compare to reading his books and watching his free content on YouTube & social media?

I intend to cover all of these questions and more within this review, so read on…

Cardone University Outline

Cardone U is Grant’s mack daddy product.

It’s his highest ticket item and this is what his entire company’s marketing efforts ultimately want to get you to buy.

He sells this course to individuals as well as to companies and their entire sales teams.

It’s the self-proclaimed, best online sales training on the planet.

For good reason!

This course covers a lot.

From sales, handling objections, motivation, finances, all the way to goal setting, and webinars…

Plus, they have new content added on the reg.

In a way, many of the topics felt familiar to the free content I had already seen by Grant, but nonetheless, I thought that the organized format that you can consistently go back and review really enhances your learning capabilities.

His lessons can become engrained if you review them, and practice them consistently.

Going over the material inside Cardone University many times over is the next best thing to actually working beside Grand Cardone, and having him personally mentor you.

If you’re already a fan of Grant Cardone, you already know how beneficial it is to become better at sales.

If you’re just starting to get to know Grant, then I highly recommend getting his 10X Rule audiobook and going through that.

Grant gives you real and practical lessons that you can apply immediately.

Yes, you get some insanely good sales scripts too.

I found that the followup strategies for prospects were the most useful for me, out of everything in the 10X Rule.

Grant just has this way of motivating you to push yourself into doing more, and getting more done out of your day.

Part of it comes from his own drive to succeed, and keep succeeding.

Who wouldn’t want to maximize their day and accomplish 10 times as much shit in 24 hours?

No brainer.

Just by adopting some of Grant’s 10X mindset, you should begin to show noticeable increases in your productivity, and as a result, your bottom line.

I know when I’m on a 10x kick, I’m blown away by how much more I am able to do each day.

How much does the Cardone University cost?

Currently $9,995.00 for 12 month access.

My suggestion if you decide to go all in?

Use this material consistently.

I’m talking multiple times.

Until you develop unconscious competence with it.. meaning you can begin doing it without thinking about it.

Like riding a bike type of unconscious effort.

As these techniques become second nature, you’ll soon realize the results from being able to close more sales should easily make up for that annual $10K price tag.

Granted, this makes more sense if you’re in a business of doing high ticket sales.

In fact, I wouldn’t consider investing this much unless you are in a business that’s going to allow you to at least make $10K per month.

Is There Anything Missing from Grant Cardone’s Sales Training?

I certainly can’t give Grant’s sales training all the credit for my current success as an entrepreneur.

Here are few things that I learned from other mentors that helped me a ton:

  • The importance of mastering your vocal tonality in sales by Jordan Belfort
  • Attraction Marketing by Dan Lok, and using positioning to have clients come to you that are already pre-sold on who you are and what you have to offer
  • Importance of effective copywriting that get people to take action by Dan Lok, and others

The foundation for how I built my $50k/ m revenue (as of July 2020) began with the skills taught in this course on building lead gens for local businesses.

It’s been a straightforward process, and you actually don’t need to have advanced sales skills, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

See, we leverage sites we have already built and ranked on Google, proving our value upfront to local business owners by showing them the lead volume on our call tracking software.

So it’s way different than your average every day sales concept…

By far.

This site that I built pays me $2k / m. It provides leads for my client who owns a tree service company. Just one good lead per month can make back that investment for them and we are sending about 30 – 50 leads per month..

Not a hard investment for a savvy business owner.

Grant’s training is more general. It’s for anyone and everyone involved in the prospecting and selling of a product.

No scam course here.. he provides true value.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, or someone selling kitchenware, his techniques apply.

It also encompasses more phone sales and face to face selling.

But as Gary Vaynerchuk says, in today’s era of the internet, every business owner needs to become their own publicist and internet marketer.

The sales process happens right from the very first contact with a customer landing on your website, for example.

Branding, building a following, increasing online visibility and knowing how to target your audience are all critical elements of leveraging an online presence.

Dan Lok does a great job blending some solid sales strategies as well as going into some of these newer sales techniques that big internet marketers are doing.

Yes, you can get tremendous results through old school prospecting, getting on the phone, and following up like Grant Cardone teaches.

But you can’t forget about personal branding and attraction marketing in tandem.

Grant goes into a little bit, but it’s not as extensive as it needs to be in my opinion.


Cardone University is a pretty complete sales training.

A cool perk? You get certificates as you complete the various training modules which you can then show off to your potential employer.

Or, if you work for yourself, you can just hang them on the wall and feel uber accomplished!

Transform yourself into the lion of sales you always wanted to be.

Speaking of lions, because of how Grant is often perceived, you may automatically think he will teach high-pressure sales… but this is just not the case.

Grant is extremely empathetic to those he is selling to.

You’ll learn that listening to your customer is so much more important than talking to them.

Yes, you do need to know how to apply pressure when needed.

That pressure is used to help people overcome their limiting beliefs in making good decisions for themselves.

If you dislike applying pressure when doing sales, you have to see it this way..

If you absolutely know that your product can help them, you’re doing them a disservice if you fail to close the deal.

With this mindset, you can really be that confident sales person, and still feel good about what you’re doing every day.

This was one of the most powerful lessons from Grant himself.

This advice alone really helped me to stay excited and passionate about sales.

Picture how you can help that customer make a buying decision and how it’s gonna lead to all the good things your product or service can bring..

You’re potentially changing lives!

This is why a good salesperson should make a lot of money and feel deserving of it all.

You’re bringing tremendous value to the marketplace.

I know with some of the companies I’ve worked for, I get that satisfaction regularly.

My clients will actually reach out to me regularly and send messages like this:

And this…

I personally really value the journey of getting better at sales, and building my skills to benefit my clients.

I’ve pushed outside of my comfort zone.. and I’ve failed, gotten rejected, just like anyone doing any level of sales can plan to expect.

We should all value the losses.

I know I do.

Failure is when growth is taking place.

Sales is the art of being effective in your communication and essentially, that’s what being a successful entrepreneur is all about.

One of the best investments you can make in life is to invest in your skills.

Developing your skills enhances your income potential and grows your financial confidence.

Fastest way to learn new skills?

Get a mentor and go take massive action.

“Seek financial confidence, not financial freedom.” -Dan Lok

Financial confidence is all about having high-income skills.

It’s knowing that you can always count on yourself to make money.

Knowing that even if everything was taken from you, all your finances, resources and businesses, you have the power to build back everything.

This is because your skills are your skills and once learned, those can never be taken from you.

Most people fail in business because they jump into some opportunity without first developing high-income skills.

A high-income skill is a skill that allows you to make at least $10K per month.

This gives you stability as an entrepreneur.

Business can and will go up and down.

However, as long as you’re developing your skills, your personal income producing abilities are consistently growing.

This whole thing about earning passive income and chilling on the beach is a myth.

Do the richest people in the world ever use terms like “passive income”?

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg all could’ve retired long ago but they’re still working hard every day.

They’re not thinking in terms of financial freedom or passive income.

They’re looking to challenge themselves and do better than they did yesterday or the year before!

As human beings, one of the requirements for happiness is expansion and growth.

Think back to the times when you felt most alive, or the happiest in life.

Chances are, you were conquering some challenge and feeling the exhilaration of doing something you’ve never done before.

There’s nothing passive about that.

There’s action, movement, forward momentum.

How can you be passive and expect to have longterm success?

It’s impossible, because your competition is always growing.

We should all seek to challenge ourselves and develop our own high-income skills.

That is the true art of getting rich and staying rich.

Being a closer in sales is one of those crucial high-income skills for sure, especially if you’re in business for yourself.

Repetition is the mother of all skill.

Becoming good at sales has definitely been crucial to the growth of my business of local lead generation that’s now doing $50K per month.

Learning the high-income skill of lead generation using free traffic was another crucial high-income skill that I learned back in 2014 that allowed me to quit my 9 to 5 job and become an internet entrepreneur full time.

My quality of life has been enhanced dramatically since then.

And it continues to improve.

I’m able to make my own hours, I have a new pad, new car.

I travel more, and have more time to do shit I love, like learning more and building new businesses.

It’s amazing what you can do when you’re no longer an employee forced to work 40 hours per week building someone else’s dream / business.

But I gotta say the shift that I’m most grateful for is the fact that now I love what I do.

Feeling excited to work everyday is priceless.

I love pursuing my dreams, achieving them, setting new ones, and going to the next level.

Nothing is more exciting than that for me right now.

My new passion is using this blog to help others escape the rat race, the same way I did through building my own lead generation business.

The most life changing part about this for me personally, is being a part of a group of high level entrepreneurs who are making it happen every single day.

You just can’t put a price on the relationships you form when you surround yourself with badass hardworking individuals with big visions.

Every year we make it out to Las Vegas for a speaking event called Reload.

Here are some of the posts in our private Facebook group of lead generators from people who attended #Reload2020…

I can’t even convey the energy in that room when we all gather each year and celebrate success, and continue to grow our skills.

It’s rare to find this type of legit online business that is not only scalable, but highly profitable and evergreen.

There will always be local businesses who need help being found by their customers.

We will always have the skills to help them, which makes us extremely desirable.

So if you’re interested in building your own scalable, laptop business, visit this link to learn more

IMO one of the smartest business models you can start in 2020.

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