Grow Channels Review | Can This Course Really Help You Make Money Through YouTube Automation?

March 15, 2024

Grow Channels is a course that promises students with “insane results” by building “high value marketing techniques through automated YouTube channels.”

According to Statista, over 2.6 billion users across the world access video content on YouTube. This can mean a great source of income for channel owners. YouTube automation provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to earn without showing their faces on their videos.  

However, you’ll need to invest time and cash to make this work. Producing quality content means spending a decent amount of money as you hunt for the right freelance professionals who can turn your vision into reality. Plus you’ll want to be on the constant lookout for popular niches and the latest trends to increase your chances of earning.  

In comparison, the lead generation business model is much simpler and involves less work. All you have to do is to focus on ranking websites using area-specific keywords (such as “Salt Lake City home repair services”). Once you reach top search engine results, it will be easy to make money by renting out your sites - and the traffic they attract - to local companies. 

What is Grow Channels?

Grow Channels is an online course created by Razvan Paraschiv. The program is primarily designed for people who want to learn about how to make money through YouTube automation. According to their website, Grow Channels’ goal is to provide “valuable content” for aspiring YouTubers who want to earn without appearing on their videos.

Their site also reads, “We’ll be sharing faceless YouTube channel ideas, step by step guides to starting a YouTube cash cow channel, teaching you where to find content for your faceless YouTube videos, and much more!”

Furthermore, Grow Channels promises that anyone can learn and earn from this business model. “This is possible by working together with freelancers, friends or doing some editing yourself,” they emphasize.

How much does the Grow Channels course cost?

The Grow Channels course costs $6,000. This is according to course student Justis Mullin, who runs the Middle Class Climber channel on YouTube. The official Grow Channels website does not display any information whatsoever about the course's actual price.

Grow Channels Pros and Cons


Step by step instructions. As many students have pointed out, the Grow Channels course is easy to follow. The clear, detailed content makes it easy - even for beginners - to understand and apply the concepts they will learn as a YouTube creator. They teach everything from starting, building, and growing an automated channel.

Great mentorship. Razvan and his team have extensive industry knowledge and experience. Students report that they get close monitoring and guidance from Grow Channels as they start their own YouTube journey.

Strong community support. Members also become part of a private community where they can ask questions and interact with fellow Grow Channels students.


Grow Channels’ content can be basic for some. For those already familiar with the technical side of being content creator, most of the ideas presented will be familiar. That said…

Lack of information on the website. Casual visitors will discover they won’t find much information on the site. There are no mentions about the course’s origin, pricing, refund policy, or curriculum.

Reports about ghosting. On Justis’ YouTube video, one commenter wrote about almost getting into a call with a Grow Channels team member. “But they ghosted me,” she shares. Another responds that he had a similar experience. “For me, that was a red flag.”

The course can be expensive. Understandably, some may hesitate to spend $6,000 for a program that only teaches basic information about YouTube automation.

Earnings are not guaranteed. Despite promises that YouTube automation can make you big bucks, Grow Channels cannot guarantee results. In fact, their website’s Full Disclosure section clearly reads, “We do not make earnings claims, efforts claims, return on investment claims, or claims that our training will make you any money.”

Grow Channels Review

Reviews are generally positive about Grow Channels. Case in point, the website shares positive testimonials from students who completed the course. These individuals attest that they had a productive experience, signing up with the program and it has since boosted their earnings as YouTube content creators. That said, we can also see some negative feedback on Trustpilot.

Grow Channels student testimonials

Entrepreneur Jennifer Crespo describes Grow Channels as “not a typical course.” She also adds:

“Raz is a serious mentor, he provides valuable information that is clearly communicated and swiftly applicable…Don't think that you're months and months off from when you sign off. You’re gonna get into action right away if you just do what Raz says.”

Full-time dentist Bradley Mouritsen says Grow Channels was “helpful from beginning to end” as he tried to make extra money on the side. According to him, the program is “the place to be for everyone who wants to do YouTube Automation.”

Zachery Martin also shares, “I followed everything (Razvan) has been teaching and I'm getting results.” Today, he claims he’s earning $5,000 to $13,000 a month as a content creator.

Meanwhile, Harrison Jones happily reports his YouTube channel finally reached its first $100, thanks to Razvan’s help.

Grow Channels review YouTube

On YouTube, Justis of Middle Class Climber has high praises for the course, labeling it as “good, clean, and concise.” He also says Razvan is “a very quick talker and he's good about getting straight to the point,” which means “there's not a whole lot of fluff.” 

However, he also warns about the business model's possible flaw:

“One of the things that doesn't quite sit right and leaves me feeling a little funky about this whole thing is that the course or the community was promoted as a way that you could generate passive income by outsourcing the production of YouTube content right around $50 per video… After spending hours on Fiverr and Upwork, sending countless messages to contractors, what I found is that it is very difficult to make that happen.”

Grow Channels review Reddit

On Reddit, user nocaresclub says the course itself is “very basic.” While the Redditor does not recommend the program for the digital savvy, he says it can be perfect for anyone who needs “more guidance and community support.”

Grow Channels review Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, Barry Galvin gave the course a 5-star rating and wrote, “The program is professional and clearly laid out! There have been no gimmicks and everything is as good as advertised. Any questions that I have had so far have been quickly responded to to ensure that I am making positive strides in my channel!”

On the other hand, Vikas Sethia left a 4-star rating, saying the course is “very basic” and that the cost “is too high, given the content.”

Meanwhile, Mark Grove gave it 1 star, adding that the course is “only 76 minutes long.” He also mentions, “Almost all of it is already covered in his social media videos... There are also other YouTube automation guys out there that have a wealth of free information on their social media that's more in depth than this course.”

Are students of the course actually making money?

Some students of the course are actually making money after taking the course. However, results may vary for different individuals. Zachery Martin, one of the students, earns $5,000 to $13,000. Reddit user nocaresclub, on the other hand, observed, “It appears most people in this program are not making money in the first 6 months.”

In the Full Disclosure section of the Grow Channels website, the company specifies that testimonials and reviews are “individual experiences and personal opinions” and “may not be typical.” They also mention, “results rely on individual effort, time, and skill of each customer, as well as unknown conditions and other factors.”

Who is Razvan Paraschiv?

Razvan Paraschiv is a Romanian YouTuber. As of this writing, he has over 25,200 subscribers and 51 videos on his channel. He joined the platform in August 2021 and has since gained over 534,000 views. In his About section, he writes “My goal is to provide you with valuable content that can help you in your journey to making money on YouTube without showing your face.”

As the creator of the Grow Channels course, he writes on the website “I’ve been running YouTube Cash Cow channels for a while now and it’s time to get you involved.”

Razvan Paraschiv has an Instagram account where he has over 802,000 followers. Meanwhile, Grow Channels has a private Facebook group, which is “specifically built for 9-5ers who want to start making passive income on YouTube without making any videos themselves, by using our proven YouTube Automation system.” The group currently has over 5,900 members.

What is a YouTube automation channel?

A YouTube automation channel is the concept of producing content and managing a channel on YouTube without appearing in the videos. It means running a faceless YouTube channel you run with the help of professional freelancers. They handle research, scriptwriting, voice over, video edits, thumbnail designs, and other duties on your behalf.

The automation model allows you to make money online through different methods.

5 ways to make money from YouTube automation

You can make money from YouTube automation through Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, channel memberships, merchandise sales, and sponsorship deals.

1. Google AdSense

The most popular way to earn from YouTube automation is by joining the YouTube Partner Program and allowing Google Ad Sense advertisements on your videos. To qualify, your channel needs to have over 1000 subscribers and reach at least 4000 hours of watch time within the year.

2. Affiliate marketing

Alternatively, you can make money from affiliate marketing by promoting affiliate products in your content and video descriptions. You then earn from commissions as customers purchase products after clicking your affiliate link.

3. Channel memberships

With thousands of YouTube subscribers, you can also consider joining channel memberships. Your fans get access to more of your content and enjoy exclusive perks while you create a new income source. Go check out Google’s eligibility, policies, and guidelines for joining YouTuber channel memberships.

4. Merchandise sales

Using a print on demand service, you can also sell caps, mugs, shirts, tote bags, and other fun merchandise to your loyal followers.

5. Sponsorship deals

With brand sponsorship deals, YouTubers can earn anywhere between $10 to $50 per 1,000 views.

Content Creation Course Alternatives

  • Automate Channels - A comprehensive YouTube automation course, Automate Channels teaches students how to make $5,000 a month using the business model. The course is created and taught by Caleb Boxx, who started doing YouTube automation at age 16. By age 21, Caleb has already earned over $5 million on the platform.
  • 2024Channel Profits - London-based YouTuber and digital marketing expert Gareth Lamb created the online course Channel Profits. In this program, he provides learners with a step-by-step guide to building and growing faceless YouTube channels through outsourcing and artificial intelligence.
  • YouTube Pilots - A mentoring program by Samuel Snell and Jacob Challinor, YouTube Pilots is designed for people aiming to earn through YouTube automation. The course also shares about outsourcing and automation tools such as TubeBuddy, VidIQ, and others.
  • Viral Content - A content creation course by Jon Jacques that teaches how you can create "viral contents" that reaches a million views. This technique allows you to reach for different opportunities for making online money. Like invitations to shows, increase brand presence, and social media following.

Conclusion: Is YouTube automation worth it?

So is YouTube automation worth it? It can be when you do it right. There are many successful YouTube automation channel owners out there that manage to earn a sizable income per month. It is, however, also true that there are also numerous channels that fail to gain profit due to lack of views from YouTube users. Unfortunately, this means wasted money and time on their part.

To make YouTube automation work, you’ll have to be an expert in YouTube and social media marketing. Moreover, you want to go with the best YouTube automation niches to minimize the risk of failure If you’re a beginner who wants mentorship and community support (and if you’re willing to invest $6,000), Grow Channels may be a good course. Otherwise, you can just look up free information online and join social media communities.


Another excellent way to earn money online is through lead generation. This business model is fairly risk-free, only requires low overhead costs, and is not as saturated as YouTube. Your goal is to rank a niche business website on Google using a targeted location and keyword. Once you make it to the top of search engine results and get organic traffic, you can then offer your site to business owners in need of customer leads. This can mean thousands of dollars of potential income for you each month.

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