Alex Hormozi Course – Gym Launch Secrets Review, is it worth it?

July 27, 2019

Light weight!

Light weight!

was the war cry of Ronnie Coleman


If you are a gym owner in our world today, working out is probably the lightest weight of your day

Because the barbell blast you perform is easy in comparison to the challenge of keeping your fitness facility afloat financially.

Although I’m addicted to lead gen now

I operated a single location gym

when I was in my early twenties to mid twenties.

Got a loan from the bank


and bought a place in Eugene

from an old timer looking to retire.

A few regulars,

mostly a bunch of OG’s

who’d tell me about the “good old days”

Back when people committed to their memberships for more than a few months

Before profit margins became shorter than my old man’s temper

And back when marketing a gym was as simple as hanging a sign in the window

(yes, they told me it was that simple)

If you own a gym today

you know that that ain’t the case no more

No Sir Ree Bob

People kick their memberships like a bad habit

Budgets are tighter than my ex-gf’s skinny jeans

And I thought I was tech savvy when it came to social media **mistaken**

I was headed toward a black hole

when I was clickin’ through the net each evenin,

burning through biz blogs like Nascar does tires

I came upon this dude Alex Hormozi

watched his FB vids,

it hit me faster than McGregor KO’d Aldo

“This guy’s ideas could work”

GLS is a system that was created for gym owners that helps them get more clients and sales for their businesses.

But wait,

you say

hold up there

Who’s this dude?

Who IS Alex Hormozi?

Alex Hormozi is a fitness enthusiast as well as an entrepreneur.

Like many of us, he really started lifting in high school,

and as he states in a

Alex has also helped thousands of gym owners double their businesses and in turn, their profits.

You probably athinkin

that’s great for the man

but when the rubber meets the road

I really wanna know

He’s been able to assist through the use of effective social media marketing and Clickfunnels techniques.

Although his system worked for me, I discovered simple local lead gen to be much more passive and easily scalable.

Additionally, our boy conducts podcasts and webinars, to further help spread the wealth. #education&motivation


he’s not just a speaker,

before getting involved in helping other fitness biz,

Alex ran six (6) gyms in So-Cal

Here’s some deets on his program:

How does Gym Launch Secrets works?

FACT: GLS is an astonishing step-by-step system that transformed my life back when I was a gym owner.

Alex’s course is based on 6 pillars

I. Going the extra mile

Customers don’t just want to work out, they want to be ushered into a salvific experience that not only revitalizes their bodys but revolutionizes their whole lives.

I. Speed is King</p>

Rather than perfection, focus on production.

Do what works pretty well now, don’t get lost in laying out every minute detail.

Courageously put your imperfect plan into action and you will have success. 

III.  Be Your Own Boss

Take Responsibility. Hold yourself to a higher standard.

Make the hard decisions that are not the easiest,

but make the business flourish.

Push yourself to get the most done in the minimum amount of time.

IV. Grow or Die

You are an airplane, you are either moving forward or going down.

Reach down deep inside,

find your purpose,

and press on.

V. Don’t Sugarcoat It

Building a successful business is extremely difficult. You will have to sacrifice your comfort and time and build the courage, the passion and the grit to fulfill your potential.

VI. Have Humility

Be teachable. You are looking into this course because you know that you don’t know everything needed to become successful.

You just need an open mind and be willing to follow Alex’s advice,

and you will see an influx of customers.

My Experience with Alex’s GLS:

When I signed on,

I paid my 16 grand with my trusty biz cred

Nervous as I was,

I was elated to see that

Alex over delivered

He put out a boatload of bonuses

here are some of my favs

The ability to train with Alex Hormozi who is a legend when it comes growing fitness facilities

  • I got an effective sales funnel developed specially for my business **it worked**
  • I was given the tools to discover what my clients were specifically looking for
  • I discovered the keys of how to scale my gym operations while retaining maximum profitability
  • Hundreds of clients literally beat down my door

Alex is the real deal.

Unique from many other “experts” who may learn about something and feel like they know enough to teach others

Alex has been involved in this industry for many years. #yeshe’slegit

All of the tactics he employs currently to assist his clients grow their gyms have been tested by him, and he’s used them when he operated his own fitness facilities. #reliable

The system he has R&D’d has been specially crafted for you if you run a gym and are truly hungry for more sales, more clients, and more profits AND are willing to grind it out until you see results

Local Lead Gen: Scalable and Hands Free

Alex’s GLS was a great help, but the gym biz was simply too difficult for me to scale while taking my vaca in Bali

I wanted something that I could scale easily and that would cash flow month after month, after I put in a small amount of work upfront.

I repeat Three Steps:

  1. Build
  2. Rank
  3. Rent

Lead gen is my favorite biz because it’s that simple.





I’ve repeated that process over the past 5 years and now bank 52k each month.

Not every year, each and every MONTH.

That’s why I would still choose local lead generation using free traffic than any course out there.

It is simply the best opportunity online.

Need an example?

Here you go!

Here’s one of my limo sites that earns $750 per month on autopilot

Limo Lead Generation Lansing MI GIF

I haven’t visited it since I built it in 2014 but the checks keep rollin’ in.

Want to learn more?

Check out this Local Lead Gen Coaching Program

As it taught me, it will not only teach you how to build your local lead generation business using free traffic,

it will also give you an access to a private fb group with the same mindset of success, so you will not have to travel the road to success alone. #togetherstrong

Here’s a sneak peak into the group:

See you inside!

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