Zander Fryer’s High Impact Coaching Review: Do You Need A Coach To Be Successful? (Plus 9 Statistical Coaching Facts in 2024)

October 27, 2023

High Impact Coaching is a mentorship program designed for new and experienced coaches who want to grow and scale their business. It was founded by international speaker and coach Zander Fryer in 2016. In this coaching program, Zander will teach coaches how to scale to 6 figures (from zero) in the High Impact Coaching- Launch. Experienced coaches who want to grow and scale can sign up on the 12-month accelerator program and learn how to earn up to $100k monthly. 

Coaching is a $20B industry, and with a lucrative income opportunity, it's no surprise many want to position themselves as experts and sell coaching courses online. However, the coaching business is not as easy as it promises. For me, local lead generation is still the best source of passive income because it is low maintenance with low capital requirement. With local lead gen, you don't have to track the progress of other people, just maintain and manage digital properties and earn from them passively. No routines, no schedules, no calls, and no appointments. You are the master of your time and decide who you want to sell leads to. 

Pros and Cons of High-Impact Coaching

High-Impact Coaching Pros

Free Coaching Content: Zander gives free coaching on his podcast channel on Podbay. He has 74 uploads on his podcast as of writing. 

Mentor to Millionaires: Zander mentors millionaire coaches in their own niches. 

All-Encompassing Scope: Coaching is not exclusive to specific niches only, it’s open to all niches and industries like health and wellness, grief, finance, mental health, behavior, career, relationships, and many others

Success Stories: HIC’s website uploads many success stories and testimonials from past client coaches who are now making 6 to 7 figures from coaching. 

Popular Coach: Zander Fryer is an authority in the coaching industry. He has built his name by speaking on online and offline platforms. 

New Perspective: Business owners gain new perspectives, skills, and techniques that they can use in their business. 

Free Business Articles: Zander shares informative articles on life, skills, goals, conversational coaching, and business coaching on his LinkedIn page. 

High-Impact Coaching Cons

Pushy Sales Strategy: A review on Zander Fryer’s Facebook says his sales strategy is too pushy and makes negative comments to persuade prospective clients to enroll in the course. 

Price Not Disclosed: The prices of his programs are not disclosed on any of his platforms unless you book a call. 

Hard To Measure: The effectiveness varies from one individual to another, so it's hard to measure the success rate of the coaching course. 

No Reddit and Trustpilot Reviews: There are no raw reviews and public discussions in online forums like Trustpilot and Reddit, where students share real experiences. It’s hard to verify whether the published testimonials are true. 

Programs Offered


High Impact Coaching- Launch and High Impact Coaching- Accelerator

The costs of the courses are only disclosed to those who book a “clarity call” with Zander and his team. 

Refund Policy

No refund. 


Zander started High-Impact Coaching in 2016


Zander (founder and CEO) is an authority in the coaching industry. He is an established entrepreneur, TEDx Talk motivational speaker, and best-selling author. High Impact Coaching has lots of positive feedback from past students. 

What is High Impact Coaching?

It is a coaching program made for coaches. The goal of this program is to help experienced and beginners coaches earn a lucrative income online by selling premium-priced coaching courses and services. High Impact Coaching is open to coaches from all niches and industries, whether it’s financial, health, relational, career, business, and more. In the beginner programs, students without coaching experience will learn how to grow the business to 6 figures in just 90 days. The High Impact Coaching Accelerator program is made for coaches already earning 6 figures who want to grow and scale to 7 figures. 

What Are the Programs Offered by High Impact Coaching? 

The programs offered by High Impact Coaching are High Impact Coaching-Launch for beginners and the 12-month accelerator program for coaches already earning 6 figures and want to scale and grow their coaching business. 

  • High Impact Coaching- Launch is the program for those without coaching experience. In this course, students will learn a coaching process that makes a 6-figure coaching business under 90 days. The course teaches aspiring coaches how to position their service at premium prices, get clients, and generate quality leads. 

  • High Impact Coaching- Accelerator is the program for coaches who are already making 6 figures and want to scale their coaching business to $40k, $50k, or $100k monthly. The accelerator program aims to develop great coaches and make them the leader in their niche. It’s a 12-month accelerator program that teaches tactical tips and strategies. In this course, coaches will learn semi-automation funnels, the “cold-to-sold” enrollment process, and how to find and hire your dream team. 

Who Is the Founder of High Impact Coaching?

Zander Fryer is the founder and CEO of High Impact Coaching. He is a best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and coach to over 500 coaches. Zander shared the stage with great coaches like American author and corporate trainer Jack Canfield and expert business strategist Shanda Sumpter. He's the best-selling author of "Sh*t You Don't Learn In College" and hosts iTunes' top-ranking podcast with the same title. He runs a channel in Podbay that currently has 74 episodes. 

Before HIC, Zander was a systems engineer for Cisco where he worked for over 4 years. At 27, he quit his successful engineering career and decided to start making money online. Today, his coaching company makes $4 million annually and has coached over 50,000 people in 27 countries. 

Zander graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2011, and received LinkedIn recommendations for entrepreneurship, sales, and coaching. Most of these endorsements are from professional coaches across different industries. 

Are There High-Impact Coaching Success Stories? 

Yes, there are many published success stories of High Impact Coaching from coaches in different industries. Here are three of the many successful student coaches of HIC: 

Sarah V is a grief coach who claims sha makes $10K passive income monthly after her coaching with Zander. She said HIC helped her overcome “impostor syndrome” and built her confidence as a coach in her niche. 

Jarrod L is a fitness coach who claims to have built a 6-figure business from nothing because of High Impact Coaching. He said HIC helped him overcome his money mindset belief, and it also helped him overcome self-doubt, which was holding him back from growing his fitness coaching business. 

Dixie T is a relationship mindset expert who now charges $2.5K for coaching. She shares that she was skeptical to enroll at first, but glad she took the risk because Zander helped her grow her coaching business in figures she never thought possible. 

Do You Need a Coach to Be Successful?

Yes, some individuals need coaching to be successful. Leaders and key players in an organization may also need coaching to have the right mindset when dealing with problems that arise in the regular course of business. A business coach can help inexperienced entrepreneurs create plans, strategies, and assessments to ensure the business is fail-proof. A life coach helps individuals process areas in their life they need to improve on. For example, a life coach helps in leadership development to make him/her effective in guiding a team. Effective coaching also opens a new perspective, whether in career, interpersonal relationships, mental health, or personal growth. An expert coach would also touch on areas like effective communication, executive education, and emotional intelligence. 

9 Statistical Coaching Facts in 2023

  • There are 70K coaches globally across different niches and industries. 

  • It is estimated that the annual growth rate of the coaching business is 6.7%. 
  • Rookie coaches who started without experience earn $58K annually
  • A survey found that personal rapport is the most important attribute of a good coach (83% agreed). 
  • A quarter of Fortune 500 companies invest in coaching for their executives, human resources, and key team members. 

  • In the U.S. alone, there are about 57,000 coaching businesses.
  • The average cost of executive coaching is $425 hourly.
  • Western Europe has the highest per capita spending on coaching. 1.4% higher than North America.  
  • Online coaching has an estimated annual growth rate of 13% annually. At this rate, the market size is expected to reach $4.5 billion by 2028. 

What Is the Impact of Coaching?

The impact of coaching is that it makes you confident in your skills, talents, plans, goals, and abilities. Coaching makes you self-sustaining, so you can also support the growth and progress of others. Additionally, coaching helps you identify areas in your life that need improvement so you can live happier. In work or business, coaching identifies weak points that can be improved to increase profitability, productivity, and employee satisfaction. 

What Are the Benefits of Success Coaching?

Improved self-confidence, increased self-awareness, reduced self-doubt, effective communication, developed interpersonal skills, and better work performance are the top benefits of success coaching. In a business setting, the benefit of success coaching could be increased sales, improved employee engagement, and a boost in client acquisition. 

Among these, improved self-confidence is the most-common coaching benefit reported. 80% of those who took a business coaching program reported having increased self-confidence after completion.

What Are The Common Types of Coaching?

The common coaching types are business coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, relationship coaching, mental health coaching, behavioral coaching, and team coaching.

  • Business coaching develops leadership strategies for organizational growth. 
  • Executive coaching is like business coaching because it's focused on leadership development. But, this type is designed for the top management and key players of organizations and companies. 
  • Life coaching is focused on personal progress and achieving individual fulfillment.
  •  Relationship coaching improves communication between related individuals, such as families, friends, and romantic partners.
  • Mental health coaching is focused on managing stress by understanding factors that trigger it. This type of coaching aims to help individuals develop a strategy for dealing with their emotions to stay mentally well. 
  • Team coaching is for team members to work harmoniously and collaboratively in an organization. Team or group coaching develops leadership skills, effective communication, and problem solving. 

Will You Get an ROI on Business Coaching? 

Yes, it is possible to get a return on investment in the money you spent on business coaching. 63% of organizations reported an increase in revenue and business growth as an effect of the coaching they availed. 47% of companies say that they got 10x ROI on their coaching investment. The metrics used in measuring the ROI of business coaching include employee satisfaction and peer-to-peer assessment. 

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Coach?

A good coach is optimistic, encouraging, goal-driven, patient, respectful, and communicates effectively. An optimistic coach does not find fault or blame, but mentors on how to achieve goals to improve performance. A great coach is also encouraging, patient, respectful and keen to the feelings of the client. Additionally, the coach should be goal-driven and can define achievable objectives in a timely manner. Finally, a great coach can communicate effectively to ensure progress on all areas that needed improvement.

How Can You Scale Your Coaching Impact?

To scale your coaching impact, make your coaching service distinct, don't low-ball your pricing, have the right mindset, and focus on addressing the needs of the client. Differentiate your coaching style from your competitors and use this as your brand to standout. Don't low-ball your coaching service. Positioning service at premium prices is one lesson in High Impact Coaching- Launch. Get the right mindset so you know how to support your clients and address their every need. Improve your coaching impact and establish authority in your niche by implementing these four in your business. 

Alternative Courses of High Impact Coaching

  • Max Tornow’s Freedom Business Mentoring- This course teaches a method of creating an online coaching course from scratch. In this course, rookie coaches learn how to conduct 1-on-1 coaching sessions, live coaching coals, and how to make the course material. 
  • Taylor Welchs’s Consulting Memo Review- This program is an exclusive membership training designed for consultants. Each member gets test cases and bonus learning material, so consultants can practice different scenarios in business consultancy. 
  • 90 Day Pipeline by Ahmad Munawar- This course teaches a method of generating leads for consultancies. It aims to help consultancy business grow and scale. 
  • Authority Income Accelerator - This coaching program by Justin Saunders caters to coaches and consultants looking to scale their business. The program specializes in client acquisition through Instagram ads.
  • Setter Certification Program Review - This training by Richard Yu. It's for individuals wanting to become remote setters, who books appointments for coaches.

Is Coaching the Easiest Way to Make Money Online? 

Although the coaching industry is booming and coaches earn a lucrative income, it is still not the easiest way to make money online. The coaching business will eat your time and energy, especially if you are handling multiple clients. Each client has a different personality and circumstance, so you need to be adaptive to different behaviors. Dealing with different people all at once will drain your energy and leave you overwhelmed. 

Local lead generation is the easiest way to make money online because you don't have to deal with stress, problems, odd personalities, behaviors, and negative situations. After you get lead generation training from an expert, you can start building digital properties. It may take up to three months to reap your first profit, but when your sites are ranked and rented, and you're generating quality leads, the passive income opportunities are limitless. 

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