Richard Yu’s Setter Certification Program Review: Is This The Best Recession-Proof Opportunity of 2024?

March 5, 2024

The Setter Certification Program is a training course created by Richard Yu. It targets beginners aiming to become professional remote setters. It includes lessons on dealing with objections, workflows, scripts, booking calls, and client-hunting. After the program, certification is given to the students. Coaching and an exclusive community will also be provided for the members.

According to Growth Market Reports, the online coaching market is expected to grow at $6.79 billion by 2031, formerly estimated at $2.19 billion in 2022. As this industry grows worldwide, so do the services involved with it. Appointment setting is among the one of them. With that being said, is Richard Yu’s Setter Certification Program the key to financial freedom in 2024? What are the true upsides and downsides to enrolling in this program?

In this article, I’ll provide the realities of this training. I’ll share the pros and cons, details of the Setter Certification Program, and who it’s best for. You’ll also learn about Richard Yu, particularly his background and reviews about him. Additionally, I’ll discuss the harsh truths of the appointment setting industry.

Setter Certification Program Review: Pros & Cons


Decent side gig: Being a remote setter is actually a decent side gig. With some elbow grease, you can earn from this venture.

Work from home opportunity: You can work anywhere in the world, at the convenience of being at home. You can also use your smartphone while working.

Actually teaches appointment setting: The program does truly teach you how to become a remote setter. The skill being taught is also simple, which is attractive for beginners.


Expensive cost: The price for the course is more than $8,000. Some students say they were offered pricing plans. However, this is still too expensive for most.

Oversaturated market: In reality, the market for remote setters is already oversaturated. The best setters work long hours just to hit their KPIs.

Certificate not backed by educational institutions: The certification that it provides isn’t endorsed by any educational institution. They are only recognized by Richard Yu’s partners in business, those he helps install his trained setters.


Price for the Setter Certification Program is $8,800 in 2023.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy for the Setter Certification Program is unclear. According to some students, their contracts have a section on it. Others say that their request was denied because it wasn't available.


The Setter Certification Program was founded in 2023.


Reputation of the Setter Certification Program is mixed. It has mostly positive reviews on Trustpilot, However, it has a negative reputation on Reddit threads.

What is The Setter Certification Program?

The Seller Certification Program is an appointment setting training found by Richard Yu. It provides beginners with the skills and knowledge to serve as remote setters for online coaches and consultants. Once the program is completed, students will receive a certification.

What's included in the Setter Certification Program? 

The Setter Certification Program includes video coaching lessons on the DM scripts foundation, hourly workflows, tips on landing jobs, how to book calls, and objection handling scripts. Coaching calls and a private community is also provided for students. Moreover, certification is given to members who complete it.

Who is The Setter Certification Program For?

The Setter Certification Program is for individuals interested in training to become professional remote setters. It’s for people who don’t want to create funnels, websites, and social media content, as well as pay for advertisements. Additionally, it is for those who don’t want to speak via phone or Zoom.

Who is The Setter Certification Program Not For?

The Setter Certification Program is not for people wanting to learn advanced skills. It is also not a good fit for someone who wants to start a business.

Who is Richard Yu?

richard yu

Richard Yu is an entrepreneur, online coach, and social media influencer. He is the founder of Impact Clients, which has served more than 3,000 businesses. He provides training for coaches, consultants, and remote setters.

Richard Yu education & work experience

Richard Yu has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of California, Los Angeles, from 2016 to 2020.

For 4 months in 2017, he served as an emergency medical technician. After this, he was a research associate for UCLA Emergency Medicine Research Associates. This lasted for 1 year and 6 months.

Richard Yu was also an intern for Vince Del Monte, an online fitness trainer. He eventually became the Chief Operations Officer. Later on, he started a company installing setters for online consultants and coaches.

In 2023, he sells coaching courses for entrepreneurs through the High Performance Training Program, as well as remote setters via the Setter Certification Program. He gets prospects on social media, particularly from his popular YouTube channel and Instagram DMs.

Richard Yu social media & news coverage

Richard Yu has over 491k followers on Instagram. On Twitter, he has 38.7k followers. And on TikTok, he has 1,976 followers and 11.4K likes. He has the handle @tichardyuzee for all three social networks. As for his YouTube channel, he has more than 132,000 subscribers and can be found at @RichardYu1. As for his LinkedIn page, he has 793 followers and 291 connections under the handle @richardallenyu.

He was also featured on Yahoo Finance for providing a $1,000 scholarship for the academic year 2023-24 for college and university students.

How much is Richard Yu's net worth?

Richard Yu’s net worth is $1.49 million according to StarStat adds that through his YouTube channel alone, his net worth is $62,752 as of October 2023. In his bio on X - formerly Twitter, Richard stated that he is earning $1.1 million by 24 years of age. He also posted on the platform on May 25, 2023 that he is nearing $10 million net worth.

How is Richard Yu as an entrepreneur?

Richard Yu as an entrepreneur is perceptive to the needs of his clients. He solved a problem in the online coaching space by installing setters to businesses in need. He is also excellent at sales and marketing, as proven by his social media presence and overall popularity. However, there are reviews that share that he has some questionable practices including hidden pricing, refund problems, and overblown profit guarantees.

Richard Yu Reviews

Richard Yu reviews are both positive and negative. The positive reviews are present on Trustpilot for both his Impact Clients company and the Seller Certification Program. As for the negative reviews, they are on the FakeGuru threads and Coffezilla comments. They include reviews on Richard Yu himself, his team, the certificate, the remote setter industry, and payment issues.

Richard Yu positive reviews

Richard Yu positive reviews

Richard Yu positive reviews are available on two Trustpilot pages, Impact Clients and the Setter Certification Program. The former has a “great” rating with an overall score of 4.2, coming from 82 reviews. As for the latter, it has an “excellent” rating, with  4.7 score from 112 reviews.


2023 positive reviews for Impact Clients from January 7 to October 25 share the praises listed below.

  • Quick scaling
  • Surge in profits
  • Stellar customer support
  • Top-notch marketing plans
  • Highly-informative modules
  • Helpful coaches/team/account managers

2023 positive reviews for the Setter Certification Program by Richard Yu, from February 28 to October 24, indicate the following listed below.

  • Supportive community
  • 1:1 and weekly coaching calls
  • Beginner-friendly & easy-to-grasp training
  • Successful assistance for QBO placement
  • Motivational coaches with constructive feedback
  • Substantial video lessons, templates, & curriculum

Richard Yu negative reviews

Richard Yu negative reviews

Richard Yu negative reviews are present on Trustpilot and Reddit. On Trustpilot, reviews share issues on refund, stresses of working as a setter, problems regarding the coaches, and confusion regarding the pricing. As for Reddit reviews, they point out the saturation in the remote setter industry, hefty upfront fees and downpayments, and questionable credibility of the certification.

Richard Yu negative reviews Trustpilot

Trustpilot negative reviews for Richard Yu’s Impact Clients from April 19 to October 19, 2023, share the following experiences below. 

  • Not a good investment

  • Refund request denied

  • Didn’t meet expectations 

  • Unclear pricing and course length

  • Job placement guarantee not honored

  • Setters hired didn’t book enough calls

  • 1-on-1 coaching only received once in 2 weeks

  • Setters at risk of being let go if they don’t meet KPI

Whereas, there’s one negative review dated October 23, 2023 from Trustpilot for the Setter Certification Program. The reviewer indicated that their coach was unresponsive and constantly sick. The calls also kept being rescheduled to the extent that they never pushed through.

Richard Yu negative reviews Reddit

Richard Yu negative reviews Reddit are on the subreddits FakeGuru and Coffeezilla. These reviews are from June to October 2023 for the FakeGuru threads and August 2023 from comments on Coffeezilla subreddit. The reviews cover Richard Yu as an entrepreneur, the demeanor of his coaches, the remote setter industry in general, the validity of the Seller Certification Program certificate, as well as issues regarding refunds, chargebacks, downpayments, and upfront fees.

Richard Yu complaints Reddit 2023
  • Isn’t present during coaching calls

  • Reported to the FTC by some students

  • Blocks Instagram commenters warning others

  • Targets religious people due to Christian branding

Coaches Impact Clients & SCP negative reviews Reddit 2023
  • Invasive questions during sales call

  • Pushy & high pressure sales tactics

  • Trainers don’t reply when asked about issues

  • No valuable feedback or reviews from coaches

  • Coaches only responsive when selling the training

Remote setter industry Reddit reviews 2023

  • Overblown claims regarding profitability

  • Actual job doesn't need experience or training

  • Oversaturated market resulting in surplus setters

Setter Certification Program certificate Reddit reviews 2023
  • Students wait more than 6 months for job placement

  • Certificate issued isn’t endorsed by educational authorities

  • Certificate only valuable to companies working with Richard Yu

  • Students given of list QBOs hiring but some weren’t even aware

Payment issue reviews for the Setter Certification Program 2023
  • Some students filed chargebacks
  • Huge downpayment/upfront fees required
  • Video testimonials asked in exchange for a refund
  • Some students were told no one qualifies for a refund
  • Only processes refunds via Zoom call, not in written format
  • Misleading contract (Section 1.3 stated that refund was allowed)

Check out this article for the red flags gurus don't want you to know about remote appointment setting.

Richard Yu Claims: Remote Setters Are In High Demand, Work Stress-Free, & Quickly Earn Money Online

Richard Yu Claims

Richard Yu claims that remote setters are in high demand. And if you follow him on social media, you’ll also notice that he claims that this opportunity is stress-free. He states that since you’re not creating a business, there are fewer things to worry about. Additionally, he shares that it’s the one of the best and fastest ways of making money online.

As someone who owns an online coaching program, I receive DMs from setters all the time. I’ll share my perspective both as an digital entrepreneur, and later on, as a former novice in the world of online money making. There are real struggles of enrolling in the Setter Certification Program. I’ll explain further.

Richard Yu Claims DEBUNKED: The Harsh Realities Of Enrolling In The Setter Certification Program

To recap, Richard Yu claims that as a remote setter, you can rest easy because this opportunity has tons of demand, isn’t as stressful as an online business, and is the quickest and best way to earn money digitally.

First, let’s address the demand for remote setters. In reality, the industry standard for every online coaching or consulting business is only 1-2 setters. Therefore, you’re enrolling in a program that doesn’t guarantee a job once you complete it because the demand is low.

Then, there’s the issue of competition. Once you finish the training, you’re now in competition with your peers, plus setters who learned from other programs. Add the low demand with the increasing number of trained setters, this will cause pressure.

These two factors will provide stress for you as a remote setter. Even if you have fewer tasks compared to a business owner, you’ll still worry if there’s enough opportunity for everyone.

Let’s say you do get hired. You still need to be excellent at what you do. Low performers are actually let go by companies they work for. You need to work hard each and every day. Before long, you’ll experience burn out.

There’s also the difficulty of finding top-rated programs. Richard recommends that remote setters look for companies that have really good testimonials. The thing is that these companies already have setters in place. And most of all, such companies aren’t easy to find.

So, is being a remote setter the best or the fastest way to earn money online? The answer is no. The marketing is good for the Setter Certification Program. It’s also possible for you to earn $3,000 to $7,000 as a setter. But, you need to be working extremely hard every month. Your income won’t be consistent as well, because you only have 4% commission.

Is the Setter Certification Program Worth It?

No, the Setter Certification Program is not worth it. In reality, the demand for setters is low. You’ll also be in competition with other trainees and other setters. The commission rate is also small and the income isn’t passive.

Setter Certification Program related courses

Appointment Setting Alternative: A Better Ticket to Financial Freedom

Appointment setting is a legitimate opportunity to earn income online without having advanced skills. However, a better alternative is local lead generation. With appointment setting, you need to constantly work hard, dedicating long hours, to make it lucrative. This can lead to burnout in the long run.

When you have a lead gen biz, you have a passive source of income. Once you set up your site and it's ranking, a little maintenance is all that's needed. You'll have more free time to scale and pursue other interests. It will also teach you highly coveted and advanced skills that is useful in the digital era.
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