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Dan Lok Review (Is the Sales Training Legit? My Experience)

March 16, 2024

I took Dan Lok's original sales training, which was called High Ticket Closer.

But when a YouTube video went viral claiming that it was a scam, Dan had no choice but to rebrand the entire training program.

Which is a shame because I thought the HTC course was legit and I learned a lot from it.

I'll get into why this entire issue started for Dan and some mistakes he has made.

So you can separate fact from myth and make the right decision on whether you should invest in Dan's sales training courses or not.

Even though HTC doesn't exist in 2024, he still sells program on sales & copywriting, let's take a look.

Why are there videos claiming Dan Lok is a Scam Artist on YouTube?

Let's address the elephant in the room.

A simple YouTube search of Dan pulls up not just one but alarming amount of videos saying that he scammed people.

The most damning one was an interview that got over 2 million views.

First of all this guy didn't lose out on $26K buying Dan's stuff, they're calculating the fact that he quit his job for 6 months because he thought he was going to get a job working for Dan.

That was his adult decision, but a very poor one at that.

Mistakes Dan Lok Made: Aggressive Upselling & Lack of Screening

The mistake that Dan Lok made was not his sales training but all the upsells coupled with an opportunity to sell & work for Dan Lok disguised as $2500 per month elite mastermind.

I'm not a huge fan of upselling myself, but its a common practice amongst marketers not just Dan Lok, but the problem becomes when you're too aggressive with it, selling such a high-ticket upsell to anybody & everybody can get you in a lot of trouble.

He should've had some screening process of only letting people into the elite mastermind if they can show that they've already made some money selling & closing with what Dan has taught them.

Anyway I go into it much more in-depth in this article: Is Dan Lok a Scam?

Negativity Travels Faster Than Positivity

My advice is do your due-dilligence and come up with your own decision, don't allow negative press which travels faster than positivity to sway your opinion without first looking into it yourself.

It's very clear that Dan Lok has some legit skills to get the attention he gets on the internet, despite negative media, he has a huge loyal following.

It's a weak argument to claim they're all fanboys, if you know anything about business, its very easy to see that Dan knows what he's talking about whenever he teaches on a subject.

Joel's Testimonial, and Why He Regrets Purchasing Dan Lok's Course

Joel's Background and Story

Joel is one of Dan Lok's students in his High Ticket Closer Program. He had a sales career prior to joining Dan's course and made $8,000 monthly income. A few months later, his sales dropped by $4,000, which led him to Dan's course, hoping for a good sales coaching. 

Biggest Regrets in Purchasing Dan Lok's Course

Joel paid $2,500 for Dan Lok's High Ticket Closer Program, which he found extremely disappointing. He explained that Dan Lok's modules were low quality, not what you'd expect from someone who makes high-quality videos on YouTube. Joel also complained about the lack of practical sales strategies in the program, like pitching products and handling objections effectively. He felt misled by Dan's promises and was frustrated by the lack of support and clarity of the course. 

Red Flags of High Ticket Closer Program

Unfulfilled Promises: Dan promised job placement for members of the inner circle, but according to Joel, he did not fulfill this promise. 

Multi-Level Marketing Tactics: Joel noticed that Dan uses multi-level marketing tactics. He tells his students to recruit more members into the program and get commissions.

Pressure From Senior Members: Senior members pressured new members to purchase upsells of the program or join the inner circle. 

Emotional Manipulation: Joel felt that Dan exploited the emotional bonds and trust he built with his students to sell them more expensive products. 

Difficulty with Refunds: Some students reported difficulty in filing for refund of the High Ticket Closer program because of poor after-sales service. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: The average annual income of a high-ticket closer is only around $34,000. 25% of high-ticket closers are only making less than $29,000 per year, contrary to Dan Lok's claims of making millions with this business. 

How does Dan Lok compare to other sales trainers?

For me, Cardone University by Grant Cardone was a letdown, felt like a lot of regurgitated information.

My all-time favorite sales training has always been Jordan Belfort's Straight Line Persuasion.

However, when I got into Dan Lok's sales training material, I was surprised how good it was.

Even old concepts of closing, Dan had a fresh take on it.

He also taught several new concepts and closing maneuvers that has helped me closed some pretty big deals in my local lead generation business.

All that is to say, that when you actually have done sales, you can quickly tell who's legit or not. Therefore I'm not swayed by a lot of these scam accusations, for me that doesn't negate the fact that Dan Lok has high-level sales skills that you can learn from.

Key Sales Lessons from Dan Lok

High Ticket Sales Rule #1: Never Ever Sound Like A Salesperson

  • Don't get overly excited- It's always a good idea to stop and take a breath before you pick up that phone.
  • Don't talk too fast- This will help you get your message out more clearly.
  • Don't justify your own value- This is important because you'll appear more confident.
  • Don't use traditional (well known) sales tricks and techniques- Be different, guys!
  • Don't try to "please" or "chase" prospects- Don't be needy!

"People don't like to be sold, but they love to buy"

The real Jedi mind trick is making people feel like they decided to buy, rather than forcing them to do so.

You want to be a pattern interrupt.

that means you don't look, act, or smell like a stereotypical self-centered salesperson.

More Gems

  • You want to sound like a doctor: calm, concerned, not overly enthusiastic "Tonality is key" how you say something is more important than what you say
  • You always answer a question with a question. No specific information is given by you until you determine there is a profitable reason for doing so.
  • The Less You Talk, The More You Sell (the prospect should be doing 80% of the talking, you should be asking questions and listening)
    • Discover information (their needs)
    • Control - direct or lead the conversation with finesse, to get to the bottom line fast
    • Motivation (find out their motives, what are their pain points, this can be discovered or created, prospects need to get involved, they need to get excited so they will take action now)
  • Selling is all about asking the right questions at the right time with finesse!
  • As soon as you begin talking to the prospect, you need to judge their level of interest from 1-10,  1-5 low needs, 6-8 some need / interest, 9-10 high needs, passionate interest
    • if its lower than a 5, use reverse psychology, you keep the prospects off balance and to lead them to their own logical conclusion

Sales Roleplay (Breakdown)

One of the most valuable things from the HTC program were these recorded roleplays.

In them, you'll see Dan's student, Desmond answer Kayvon's questions with a question.

This is one of. the ways in which he uses reverse psychology, instead of selling hard.

Asking qualifying questions, like "I'm not sure if you're a good fit for our program?" makes the prospect chase you and begin to sell themselves on why they will be a good fit.

Also Desmond will purposely put pauses throughout the call, using the tonality of a doctor.

That means you don't sound overly excited, but you stay calm and in control throughout the call.

Kavyon: "can you tell me more about this course?"

Desmond: "I don't know... what do you want to know?"

Kavyon: "I got a full-time job and I'm just looking for something I can do on the weekends"

Desmond: Pause... "hmmm sigh, I don't know if this is gonna work out then, we're only looking for someone that's very serious about making this work, so which one are you? are you looking for something to try out? or are you going to be committed?"

Kavyon: "can you offer a guarantee?"

Desmond: "I don't know... can you guarantee that you're gonna actually show up & do the work?"

Kavyon: "Do you offer a payment plan?"

Desmond: 5 sec Pause..... "What are you proposing?"

Also all the series of questions that dug deeper into Kavyon's personal life & psychology.

"Why do you want this?"

"Why do you want to help your mom so much?"

"What kind of car model & color do you want?"

"How will that make you feel, driving up to your mom's place in your brand new car and able to hand her the check for her mortgage?"

One question at a time you begin peeling the layers of what's really driving them, bringing their pain points to the surface, and increasing their desire for the product to a high 9-10 interest level.

Oh, and what about objections?

If there are any objections, don't try to push them to buy.

What you do is ask questions to get to the bottom of what could be stopping them from taking action.

Dan Lok reminds us that sales is more about the process of discovery.

You embark on a journey to uncover the needs & desire that already exists within your prospect, and highlight .

To be a High Ticket Closer is to become an excellent listener.

Dan Lok Sales Courses

  • More Sales Blackbox ($297) 
  • Talk Less Close More ($49)
  • The 7 Habbits of Highly Effective Sales People ($49)
  • view more here

It seems like Dan Lok no longer sells his original sales course: High Ticket Closer ($3000), most likely because there's been too many negative videos about that brand name.

All his sales programs are now separated and sold at really low ticket.

It's strange to me that the king of high ticket sales is now selling low ticket.

I still feel his sales training is very solid, but he seemed to have created many unhappy customers with his expensive elite mastermind upsells.

Dan Lok Copywriting Courses

Copywriting is how Dan Lok first got started as an entrepreneur. Again, it's another solid training because he actually has years of experience with this skill.

Copywriting skills are critical when running an internet business. They're used on email marketing, landing pages, blogging, paid ads. It gives you leverage because written text can sell for you 24/7.

You can go here to check out my Dan Lok Copywriting Course Review.

Dan Lok University

This is a sales training platform for companies. I have seen no feedback online about it yet. It could be something similar to Cardone University

The biggest question to ask is: how accessible is Dan Lok through this platform?

If you have any experience with this platform, let us know what you thought down below.


I don't think Dan Lok is a bad guy; I think he has been influenced by his mentor Dan Pena, to be cutthroat.

Dan Lok has also stated publicly that he's after the billion. I believe this goal has influenced his more aggressive marketing tactics that caused many students to get upset. I don't think Dan Lok foresaw how much impact negative reviews can have on the internet, because once they're there, its hard to get rid of them.

I like to think Dan Lok has learned from those mistakes. It's a shame that some people will stay clear from him now because of the bad press because some of these individual could get a lot of help from his training, because say whatever you want about the guy but I can testify that his sales & copywriting training has been legit & helpful for my entrepreneurial career.

His wealth triangle concept is quite good, the idea that you need a high-income skill and a scalable business is true. In fact, this has been the key to my success. Learning how to rank websites in Google and using scalable (websites) to generate passive income.

We have a coaching program where we're teaching 7400 students how to create this type of business that is scalable & repeatable, leveraging the power of websites & Google rankings. Go here for more info.

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  1. Dan loks course was a complete disappointment and not worth 2500 by a long shot, I am being 100 percent honest. U just just summed the entire program up in your summary, nuggets and all.

    1. Listen to customers! Not people who havent bought the program!

      I have enrolled in this, you havent.

      The value Dan gav is priceless because he really cares about us. With other programs you will get these imformation, but you wont truly get it, after you finish it, you will fell like a mess.

      Actually, the value you find in Dans program is much more valuable than $2500. Much much more. He not only truly transfer you the skills, but he teaches you how life works.

      After 7 weeks of transformation, you will never view life, sales, marketing the same way again. You will know why this is the most important skill in business, and thats why he talks about it all the time…

      Your mentor, Dan really cares about yor success, maybe more than yourself. He doesnt check time when teaching a class and does everything for you to get it. He sometimes reveals things he hasnt planned.

      Dan is much more different than everybody, he does what he teach! He is also a very, very good teacher. He doesnt just teach to teach. Really, the result is guranteed!

      Its so, so worth it!

      Btw, the content is USEFUL from his 20 years of experience, no one on the internet teaches these. So powerful!
      He cant be replaced. Take action now, you will actually master a skill.

  2. I live in Banglasesh , I am also a student. I dont have money to join the program. $2,495.00 is Equal to BDT 212,075.00. This money in BDT is huge in our country. I need this skill badly and I am ready to learn but money is my biggest problem especially when USD – BDT.

    Is there any other way to join or learn what Dan teaches for free ?

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