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Ho’oponopono & Money -Prayer for Attracting Wealth, Business Success

November 23, 2020

Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian prayer method that clears out limiting beliefs (data) in the subconscious mind, first heard about it from Dr. Joe Vitale from his book Zero Limits.

This technique is brought forth by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

Joe was the conduit to bring Dr. Hew Len’s teachings to a much bigger audience.

& When you clear out the data in the subconscious, inspiration comes through.

You end up miraculously getting to where you need to get to.

It just works. In so many ways. At it for over 5 years. Here’s my success story case study.

I’ve been involved with self-development for a very long time, & I gotta say Ho’oponopono is that one thing that had the most profound impact in my life in all areas.

It has become pretty much part of me now.

Like breathing, it has become second nature.

When situations arise in life that is upsetting to you.

All you have to say is.

I love you. I’m sorry. Please Forgive me. Thank you.

You really don’t have to know how it works.

Just saying those phrases in your mind, is all that is required.

Immediate results?

When I’m stressing about something.

I say those words.

& I immediately start to feel better.

I start to feel physical changes happening.

Like my heart beat begins to slow down.

The tension in my body especially in my belly begins to relax.

Sometimes I even feel these energetic tingling sensations as if my body is thanking me for letting go.

Long-term Results?

I’ve been using this technique for over 5 years now and I gotta say, some of my big life problems I was facing at the time have resolved.

I didn’t have an awesome relationship at the time, I do now.

I had niggling insecurities, much have resolved, there’s more but I see improvements on the regular.

At the time I didn’t like my job & wasn’t making that much money.

Now I make money online & my business is booming.

I generate leads for local businesses and I LOVE what I do.

I get to wake up every day and work from home.

Making multiple 6 figures all from my laptop.

(btw: I show other people how they can do the same here)

I went from constantly feeling the lack of money to now I don’t really worry about money anymore.

I make plenty to live the lifestyle I want, but I am passionate about creating more wealth.

Life has been getting really incredible.

I’ve evolved a lot as a person.

Now a lot of that has to do with becoming an entrepreneur & my continual thirst for personal development, but I can’t help but to feel that ho’oponopono played a major role.

When I look back the past 5 years, I somehow managed to best at the right place, at the right time on so many countless occasions.

  • Met the right mentor to start my online business
  • the right client came to me for my business
  • the right information came to me to develop my skills
  • met the right friends at networking events that took my business to the next level
  • the right book
  • on & on…

There is no doubt that something outside my conscious awareness is guiding me, the coincidences are too astronomically insane at times that I have to believe there’s something out there which I don’t fully understand.

Whether you wanna call that god, universe, subconscious mind.

The proof is in the pudding.

That is our lives.

When I look around at my peers that I graduated high school with, some are doing good but a lot of them are sorta stuck in the same spot in life.

Whereas I feel my life has changed in all areas quite drastically past few years & it feels like things are taking off even further now.

Now I’m not a believer in doing only the prayer & everything changing for you.

In order to succeed in life & make a lot of money, you need two things.

Mindset & Skills.

You need a balance of both.

You don’t want to be too far down the mental spectrum.

Some people can be way into it, praying or visualizing for more money but then they fail to take action.

& Some are working really hard but somehow fail to increase their income or their standard of living.

I was there once as well.

& it can take some time.

Change takes time.

That is why it is critical to exercise patience, especially if you’re building a business.

I think it is important to ask what causes us to be impatient?

From my experience, its because there’s something going on within that’s upsetting us in that moment.

There’s a limiting belief & we’re trying to change our external circumstance in a hurry so we don’t have to feel that.

A lot of it is we care about what other people think about us. & deep down you don’t feel like a winner yet. So we get impatient to try & close the gap.

but all of this drama impedes on our ability to produce.

This is all data which we can gradually clear with ho’oponopono.

There’s a lot that can come in the way of our success.

if you really begin to pay attention human are masters of self-sabotage.

you can have the greatest skills in the world but if you got self-limiting beliefs, you won’t get very far.

or its going to take you 100x longer to get where you wanna get to

Where did we get our self-limiting beliefs?

Without a doubt self-limiting beliefs will block opportunities & money from coming to you.

Many believe that self-limiting beliefs originated due to our upbringing.

or certain events in our life.

Dr. Hew Len has a different take on it.

He believes we are carrying generations upon generations worth of data within our subconscious mind, that is blocking our brilliance.

Whenever I am thinking or feeling negative about something, I will do my best to catch it / or become aware of them and say the prayers.

I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

Somebody once asked Dr. Hew Len what to do with procrastination.

He said “Its just data, clear it”

I love the simplicity of his response.

And it really works.

Don’t over think it. Just clear.

Its all data.

Dr. Hew Len believes this data is also embedded in our DNA.

There’s a lot of profound studies coming out now about epigenetics. How our environment affects our genes.

But it gets much deeper than that.

Rat Experiment Shows How Trauma Affects DNA & How It is Passed Down

They did a study where they would electrocute these rats while putting a particular rose scent in the cage.

Whilst monitoring their heart rate, etc that would clearly show that the rat was in distress.

Here’s the kicker.

Those rats had babies, and then those babies had babies.

So 2 generations down.

Just by putting that particular rose scent in the cage, these rats that are 2 generations down that had nothing to do with the original conditioning, would show the exact same stress response.

Above is an amazing book by Mark Wolynn that talks about this subject further.

I’ve heard many personal development people talk about the concept that we more than likely need to remove shit that’s blocking our way instead of adding more things unto us.

That the path to greatness is an act of subtraction instead of adition.

Ho’oponopono teachings are very based in that.

To me it feels like this.

You pay attention in life.

Particularly the situations that upset you.

Work on clearing or cleaning on your response to that situation.

Either say it in your mind while the upset is happening.

Or think about that situation again in your mind later on, and what I like to do is to try to conjure the upsetting feeling in my body.

Then say the prayer in your mind.

"I love you.

"I’m sorry.

"Please forgive me.

"Thank you."

Parting Thoughts on Ho’oponopono & Business

You will hear me say this on my blog over and over again.

The key to success is mindset & skills.

it is great to know that ho’oponopono really takes care of the mindset part.

Not only that, but it seems to bring good fortunes your way.

Right friends, romantic partners, business partners, mentors, right business opportunities.

Even more profound than that

Long-standing life issues I’ve been struggling with deeply has been miraculously resolving itself.

I can feel deeply in my bones that these resolutions lead to me being a more effective person in every way and no doubt have led to my success in business & money.

I went from making $35K a year doing a job that I could care less about.

To now on track to becoming a legit millionaire before the age of 30, doing what I love.

Building a digital marketing agency that helps local businesses get more customers.

I have 45 clients across the US.

Their business is booming because of me.

Making their life incredible.

I have recently become passionate about showing other people how to build their own internet empire.

Building a service based online business, I feel is the perfect marriage with ho’oponopono.

Especially local lead generation, because there’s so much abundance of opportunities in local.

With Ho’oponopono I feel like you become a giant magnet for money.

I believe being able to generate leads using free traffic is the #1 sought after skill on the internet.

If you’re feeling inspired, take a peep here.

Mindset is the foundation.

Investing & developing skills is the other side of the equation for success.

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  1. Thank you Ippei for your inspiring story.
    Ho'oponopono has brought beautiful changes already for the last 6 months.
    I needed more inspiration to keep going, found your story.
    I am so happy for you.
    I will keep clearing, seeing what's next for me in store, what divinity will lead me to.
    Bless you 🙏

  2. How do you specifically clear the data? Do you say it once before the 4 phrases or keep repeating it with the 4 phrases? Do you say clearing the data for ill health or a different way? I would love to clear all my problems with the 4 phrases so I can live a better life!!! Thank you so much for all of your help!!!

  3. Dear Ippei,

    This is Incredible. Your story is Truly Inspiring. It calls out to Me as I currently work in a 9-5 job that doesn’t Inspire Me, making just over $30,000 annually.

    I Believe in the Law of Attraction and Allowing it to radically, spontaneously, and tremendously Transform Lives.

    I recently came across Ho’oponopono and have begun to use it. One of the primary areas of My Life that I Desire Transformation in is with Money & Building Wealth.

    I Love Your story about how You didn’t have any Leads/Ideas, however as You used the process the right People (mentor, clients, books, Friends, etc.) – this is Truly Inspired Action/Guidance !!

    Could You Please give specifics on how to use Ho’oponopono to Allow these kinds of Synchronicities into One’s Life ? Specifically on when (what kind of thoughts would come up for You back when You were at Your job that You would Clean on ? How did You Know it was working ? How did You continue for 5 years without it becoming a “mechanical recitation” ? What was the biggest block around Money that You became Aware of, and how long did it take to Clear it ?)

    If You could Please Please provide more details on the process I would greatly Appreciate it.

    Wishing You & Everyone Reading this Abundance in Bundles 🙂

  4. Hi Ippei! Thank you for the information. Did you attend business hooponopono to learn all these? Would you recommend attending business hooponopono?

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