Alexander’s Hot Product Formula Review: What Is Its Secret Formula For Success?

April 10, 2024

Alexander’s Hot Product Formula is an Amazon FBA coaching program. The course is targeted for Amazon Australia sellers. It covers finding hot products and manufacturers. They can also launch your product for you. Hot Product Formula is a course offered by AMZ Product Launcher. 

There’s a lot of positive reviews on Hot Product Formula from its students. They praise the comprehensive video lessons and prompt reply to questions. Although they’re all from the program’s website and social media accounts. There's a lack of external reviews.

According to Gitnux, there are 9.7 million sellers on Amazon and 24,227 of them operate in Australia. However, only 10% of Amazon sellers reach $100k annual sales as per Seller App. And based on Jungle Scout’s report, only 17% of millions of sellers operate for 5 years.

In this Hot Product Formula Review, we’ll go over the Hot Product Formula’s secret, and its pros and cons. We’ll also check its creator’s background and list what you’ll get when you sign up. Then, we’ll discuss if there is a better business model for 2024.

Hot Product Formula Review: Pros and Cons


One-on-one coaching: There's a weekly one-on-one coaching calls.

Self pace: You can go through the lessons at your own pace.

Lifetime access: The video lessons are accessible anytime including any curriculum updates.

Product launch: They can launch your product for you and teach you how to do it at the same time.


Sketchy reputation: Alexander, the co-founder and a coach of the course, has a sketchy past on his Import Export Coaching program.

Lack of external reviews: There's a lot of student reviews on their website but none from external sources.


Hot Product Formula’s Silver Program costs $3985 AUD. It can be paid in 5 months at $797 per month or a one-time payment of $2997. Gold’s Program cost requires you to book a call to the company.

Refund Policy

The return policy for Hot Product Formula is 10-day unconditional money-back guarantee


2004 (according to their LinkedIn account)


Hot Product Formula has a private FB group

What Is the Hot Product Formula’s Secret for Success?

  • Find a profitable product. This is done through the software Hot Product Formula uses. The software will provide details on monthly revenue, average price, weight and opportunity score of the product.
  • Find suppliers. The Hot Product Formula team can help you find manufacturers in India, China, Vietnam and Australia.
  • Product listing. The Hot Product Formula has copywriters, ads experts, and graphic designers who can work for your product listing. There is also an option to let them launch your product for you.

Simplicity in product design, bundling and branding makes hot product formula different from other products. The hot product should also be within the $35 to $100 price range to induce impulse buying. Alexander also mentioned it should have less than 100 reviews although he didn’t expand why.

Who Is Hot Product Formula For?

  • Australian citizens
  • New Zealand citizens

The Hot Product Formula is exclusively for the Oceania.

What Do You Get With Hot Product Formula?

  • 150+ step-by-step video lessons
  • 1-on-1 coaching calls
  • Hot Product of the Month for 12 months
  • Weekly training every Monday at Sydney time
  • Access to supplier and manufacturer contacts
  • Profitable product ideas
  • Personalized 30-day action plan
  • Face-to-face training in Auckland, Sydney and New Zealand

The key features of hot product formula are:

  • Less than 1kg
  • Less than 45 cm and fits in a shoe box
  • Can generate $5k AUD per month
  • No batteries and power needed
  • Simple product used everyday
  • Can be branded with your own logo
  • Not trademarked or patented

Are Students of Hot Product Formula Successful?

Yes, students of Hot Product Formula see success like Catherine, who started making sales from day 1. Catherine sells 1 to 2 products at an $80 price point. She plans to expand her product list and market to Amazon US and eventually build a brand.

There are also others like Ranish who choose the course because Alex and his team are based in Australia. According to them it’s better to have a coach who understands the region. Ranish also said the video lessons are comprehensive and recommends it to anyone without prior knowledge on the business. Although he’s only on module 3 by the time he made the testimonial.

An easy to follow and comprehensive lesson, an Amazon store you can brand and sell and quick answers to your questions are the potential results of using hot product formula review according to its students. As per Seller App, 79% of Amazon shoppers check reviews.

What Is AMZ Product Launcher?

The AMZ Product Launcher is an Australia-based company for beginner Amazon sellers. They offer consulting and done-for-you services. The AMZ Product Launcher assists its clients to list their products on Amazon, find suppliers and profitable products. Hot Product Formula is a course offered by AMZ Product Launcher.

The AMZ Product Launcher is a certified CPD Provider by The CPD Group. A CPD or Continuing Professional Development refers to courses or activities that enhance a professional’s skills. In some careers, like appointment setting or customer service, a CPD is required to maintain a certificate.

Who Is Alexander?

Alexander is a co-founder of AMZ Product Launcher and a coach on Hot Product Formula. I did not find any information about his co-founder on the AMZ Product Launcher company. Alexander lives in Sydney, South Wales, Australia with his wife and children. 

Alexander is also known as Alex Ryan. He’s started the Import Export Coaching program with Peter Sun. Before that, Alex Ryan going by Alex Coulson ran a dating advice business as a dating expert at Succeed At Dating. According to his youtube description, he started the business after his hit video and a lot of people asked him for dating advice.

What Is Import Export Coaching?

Import Export Coaching is a training course by Alex Ryan and Peter Sun. It teaches students on importing products from China. Then, selling the marked up products on Amazon US and Australia for profit. The two founders have seminars for interested students every 3 months. The course also includes a Canton Fair travel package. The Canton Fair in China is the largest and oldest trade fair held twice a year.

In December 2019, Import Export Coaching got into a scamming scandal. A Current Affair covered the story of Karen and Travis who invested $30k AUD in the coaching course. According to them, Alex Ryan did not know anything about the Fair. While Carolyn Bilson from Melbourne paid $21k and Alex Ryan ignored her during the Canton Fair. The reporters asked for Alex Ryan’s side of the story, but all he said is they only know one side of the story.

Alex Ryan and Peter Sun offered Karen and Travis a refund after and the issue was handed over to the Queensland Police.

What Is Alexander's Claim?

Alexander claims that anyone of any experience can start an Amazon business. He also claims their course will provide an easier way to succeed with no guesswork.

Alexander's Claim DEBUNKED

Anyone can start an Amazon business, but you’ll have to know how to run the business to succeed. Amazon will deduct referral fee, FBA fees and storage fees to your sale. With every refund, they will also charge you $5 or 20% of the amount. Amazon also has an aged inventory surcharge for items stored in their facility for over 181 days. Even more, the surcharge fees increase during peak seasons, according to Jungle Scout. So all these fees can cut away from your profit.

There’s also a tight competition to succeed. According to Helium 10, there’s 24, 227 Amazon sellers in Australia alone. Not to mention the worldwide amazon sellers, which you’re also going against. You will also have to be on the lookout for trending products. So you’ll gain profit and wouldn’t incur surcharge fees for products stuck on Amazon’s facilities.

Is Amazon FBA Wholesaling Worth It in 2024?

Amazon FBA wholesaling is worth it if you have extra money for capital and you don’t need quick ROI. According to Small Fit Business, 70% of new sellers take 3 months to set up a store. Further research by Your Lifestyle Business revealed 10% of sellers take 1-2 years to incur profit. And according to Forbes, the package cost of Amazon FBA increases annually. For packages over 1 pound increased 50% in cost in 2023.

Local Lead Generation: The Secret Formula To Financial Freedom in 2024

Local lead generation is the secret formula to financial freedom in 2024 rather than Amazon FBA. The main problem with Amazon FBA is the competition. To rank on Amazon's results, you must have an optimized product listing, positive reviews and a lot of sales. You're also going against Amazon's brands like Amazon Basics and Amazon Essentials.

Another challenge of Amazon FBA is quality control. Since the products don't go through you, you have no way of knowing its quality before it reaches your customer. And based on Oberlo's finding, 76% of shoppers check product reviews.

With local lead generation, you're competing with a maximum of 20 local businesses. It's also easier to rank with local lead gen since you don't need a lot of 5 star reviews. Within 6 months, your website can rank just with 15-20 pages.

Local lead gen is also reproducible. All the websites I own today make me a passive income of $52k every month. So, local lead gen is the better business model in 2024 for a less risky and less competitive business venture to financial freedom.

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