How To Make Money With Google My Business: 3 Ways To Earn Cash With GBPs In 2023

February 2, 2023

You can make money with Google My Business by reviewing Google Maps or selling SEO consulting services. You can also leverage platforms like Google AdSense or Google Ads. However, to drive online traffic to your business listing, you need to have a GMB. A GMB is the best way for your ideal customer to find you and get the most up-to-date information about your business. (Over 60% of smartphone users contact a company through their GMB).

In fact, according to Bright Local, 64% of consumers have used a GMB to find contact details for a local company. But, of course, getting your business listing to the top of the SERPs takes time and skill. So you need to know how to employ local SEO tactics like keyword research and site audits. 

You can also leverage paid platforms and develop ad campaigns that convert and take a cut of the profits. But if you want to make cash with GMBs, you should start a local lead generation business and earn passive income.

3 Ways To Earn Cash With GMBs In 2023

1. How To Make Money With Google My Business

You can make money with Google My Business (now called Google Business Profile or GBP) by setting up GMB listings and ranking them at the top of the SERPs. Then you can build an online business on autopilot and generate a steady cash flow. A concept taught in the Chad Kimball Google Maps Elite (Arbor Academy). 

The premise is simple. Set up a GMB listing under a business name, then let it sit for a couple of weeks; don't do anything with it. Google Search Console trusts aged sites and listings that have been producing traffic for a long time. (But they're suspicious of anything new).

So you need to set it up right the first time. Don't make any mistakes because you don't want to have to make any edits. (Or you risk your listing being suspended or pending). Then, once your Google My Business page reaches the top of the search engines, it will begin producing calls. You can then sell those leads to a business owner for a monthly fee. 

Chad's program is a lot like the local lead generation business model taught by my mentor Dan Klein, the founder of Job Killing. (Our lead generation coaching program). The difference is that Dan's coaching teaches students how to use local lead generation websites to produce organic traffic. And employ GMB traffic as a secondary avenue.

"70% of clicks in Google analytics search results go to organic, with 30% going to AdWords." (Seo Inc)

Chad doesn't teach his students how to rank and rent websites. Instead, he only focuses on ranking each Google Business Profile listing to create a steady cash flow. You can charge $500-$1000+/month for Google My Business services. Of course, your price tag depends on the type and number of benefits you provide a business owner.

For example, you can supply reputation management and acquire a Google review. Or you can add regular citations, backlinks, a Google post, images, etc., to optimize a business listing. Another option is to offer search engine optimization consulting and set up a Google Business Profile. 

You can also provide strategies like:

  • Google keyword planner & site audit
  • A mobile and user-friendly website
  • An optimized Google Business Profile
  • Active social media posting & engagement 

You can also employ lead generation methods by setting up and ranking map listings to produce leads you sell to business owners for profit. But if you can improve a business's ranking and get its GMB in the map pack, you can earn some serious cash in 2023.

2. Make Money With Google Maps

You can make money with Google Maps if you know how to help businesses meet local search intent. For instance, listings that include a geographical reference, a 'near me' phrase, or a service provided by a local establishment get more traffic and sales.

First, find local companies that don't have a website or a ton of online reviews. Or a local business that still needs to claim its GMB listing. Then show the owner how you can get their business in front of people actively searching for their product or service by leveraging basic SEO tactics to drive more traffic to their GMB. (The goal is to get them listed in the 3-pack at the top of the maps).

Can You Make Money Reviewing On Google Maps?

You can make money reviewing on the Google Maps platform. This is a new ocean strategy with a massive opportunity. Your job is to help a business owner get more reviews and optimize their listing. For example, you can leverage specific keywords that meet local search intent. Or get them more citations on sites like Yelp, Angie's List, Home Advisor, etc. Then you get paid for your services, and they get more calls and can make more money.

Another option to make money with Google Maps is to join affiliate programs. First, pick a super niche-specific market. Then create a blog or YouTube channel. The key is to publish unique content for your target audience. So you need to develop an angle that includes relevant and long-term keyword searches. (To drive clicks to your affiliate links). You can also leverage Google Ads or PPC programs to get some fast wins if you have the budget and are willing to spend.

3. Pay For Profits With Google Ads

If you're willing to pay for profits, you can make money with Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). The key is to be an ad genius and have the skills to leverage the best keywords for the lowest CPCs. But you can make a ton of cash if you know how to create campaigns that convert and increase a business owner's revenue.

First, you need to prove you can deliver the best ROAS. Then, you need to develop a campaign that drives high-quality leads to their listing. You can also leverage YouTube ads and publish scroll-stopping videos and reels to increase brand awareness and engagement or generate more sales calls.

Of course, a Google ad costs money. So you need to keep a close eye on your ad spend and budget to make sure you're not losing money. But if you're good at what you do and know how to find clients for Google Ads.

(Like companies already using paid ads or not ranking well in the search engines). You will earn cash for your skill set. You can also offer your services as a Google Ad Manager and handle all the backend SEO strategies like posts, updates, reputation management, etc.

How Can I Make Money On Google Without Investing?

You can make money on Google without investing by creating a blog or using YouTube to drive online traffic to affiliate links. The goal is to publish unique and valuable content in a specific niche with an active online audience. Your content needs to either:

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Solve a problem

You need a compelling hook and quality images, copy, or videos to grab the attention of your ideal market. So first, build a following and engage on other social media platforms to generate a buzz around your site. Then you can connect with a high-ticket affiliate program. One that aligns with your audience's interests, and you get paid every time someone clicks your affiliate link.

How Do You Make Money From Google AdSense?

You can also make money without investing by leveraging Google AdSense. But to make money with Google AdSense, you need to be approved and make sure your Google account is in compliance. First, you need a website that is at least 6 months old and gets a steady flow of traffic.

You also need to be active on one of their host partners. (Blogger, YouTube, or an approved platform). But once approved, you can monetize the platform and post Google ads to earn an income. For example, Google will find offers that benefit your potential customer based on their likes or location. Then your audience clicks the links and makes a purchase. (This is how you make money).

Google AdSense is a strategy that allows you to earn money from GMBs and websites without spending money. Of course, both monetization strategies have pros and cons. (When you compare affiliate marketing vs. AdSense).

But if you follow the Google AdSense rules and start producing organic traffic. Or you can connect with affiliate partners that offer high payouts. Then you can make money on Google without investing in 2023

How To Get Your GMB To The Top Of Google

To get your GMB to the top of Google, you need to send the right signals to show them why you're relevant. You need to include the following:

  • Review your NAP information & make sure the business information on your listing is accurate and consistent
  • Add your business description and category & include your products and services
  • Respond to customer reviews & take advantage of the
    special attributes features
  • Upload photos of your business & your hours

The platform favors listings with an accurate Google Business Profile Account. So you need to make sure your listing has a solid online presence with things like:


Get high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources and citations from local directory listings to increase your domain status.


Use keywords that align with search intent on your website and GMB profile. (84% of users conduct local searches on a regular basis).


Obtain positive reviews and post accurate and consistent information.

The best way to optimize your GMB is to put the customer first and add regular and accurate information for Google. Use local SEO tactics like adding high-quality images, getting customer reviews, and posting on a consistent basis. Then you'll rank higher and get more eyeballs on your business.

Start by choosing the correct primary category. (The primary category is the number one ranking factor for your GMB listing, so it needs to match your top keyword). Then you can max out your secondary category with applicable keywords like location, description, etc., as an additional classification.

The benefit of having a Google My Business is that an optimized GBM is one of the best ways to get a higher ranking and improve your local SEO. As a result, your business will be seen on the Google Map. Then you're in front of a target audience actively searching for what you offer. Then you'll land more customers and get more leads.

Why Lead Generation Is The Best Business Model If You Want To Make Passive Income

Google My Business is vital to driving online traffic and producing high-quality leads. It's also a cornerstone in the lead generation business model. However, the primary focus of local lead generation is organic traffic. Consider that organic traffic is growing; in 2022, organic traffic captured 54% of searches

It produces the highest quality leads on the internet, which is the foundation of lead generation. The premise is simple. Build and rank generic websites that get to the top of the search engines and produce leads for small business owners. Then you can sell those leads to secure passive income.

Local lead generation

First, you need to learn the skills to leverage Google algorithms. You also need to understand the parameters around a niche, population, and competition. But once you get your systems in place, you can build more than one site at a time so you can scale fast. Take this site above, for example.

This site took me around 10-15 hours to build. But it has been making me $2000/month since 2015 and is only one of over 80 I own and rent. Together, they result in a steady cash flow. Plus, once your sites are at the top, they don't need much maintenance. So not only do you earn passive income, but you harness time freedom. And that's the ultimate goal in 2023


There are a few ways you can make money with GMBs. But to earn cash, you need to learn the skills and be the expert. First, build trust with your target audience. Show them how you use local SEO strategies to drive more online traffic to their Google My Business listing and get more leads and revenue for their business.

You can also employ sales tactics like the leads in advance method we teach in our local lead generation coaching program. If you lead with value and have the talent to prove you're worth your salt. You can make money with Google My Business in 2023

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