Mike Martin’s Hybrid Lead Generation Review – Top 3 Reasons Paid Traffic is Risky

April 28, 2023

Mike Martin shows you how to make money with the rank and rent business model with a twist. The Hybrid Lead Generation course not only teaches you how to create websites that generate leads organically, but he also teaches you how to leverage paid traffic ads on Facebook and Google to generate even more leads for your clients.

Paid advertising on social media platforms has gotten more expensive year after year because of the rise in businesses and marketers flooding the platform to compete for the same traffic. This saturation has caused many to avoid running ads on platforms like Facebook and rush to newer ones like TikTok. According to some sources, TikTok ads are less expensive to run, for now. In time, the cost of running ads on TikTok will also rise as more marketers start learning how to run efficient marketing campaigns. 

To succeed with the rank and rent business model, expert guidance is needed so you can start earning the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. Is Mike Martin's rank and rent course a legit resource?

If you want to learn to make money online without having to learn how to run paid ads, check out the local lead generation business model, where you learn how to earn a passive income through your own digital real estate properties. 


Mike has generated leads for over 10 years in the UK, working with over 800 subcontractors and earning a 7-figure income on autopilot. 

Mike teaches you his lead generation process which includes two methods (paid & free).

Generating leads organically is more passive than running paid ads. 

You get access to Mike's lead generation software. 


Paid traffic is only getting more expensive with each passing year. 

There is no guarantee that you will see an ROI if you create any paid lead generation campaigns. 

There are far better rank and rent courses on the market. 

The course needs to be updated.


Hybrid Lead Generation is free to watch on YouTube.


13 video training course.


Private Facebook group for community and leadership support.


The Hybrid Lead Generation business model was started in 2018.


Mike has a great reputation in the rank and rent space, specifically in the UK and generates tens of thousands of leads every month for all his clients. 

Top 3 Reasons Paid Traffic is Risky

1. No guarantee your ads work

When running paid ads, there is no guarantee that your ads are going to work because there are many things you need to pay attention to. You have to take the time to understand who your audience is so you can create ads that are going to grab their attention. Even then, if your offer, call to action, ad copy, image and headline aren't dialed in, your ad won't covert and you'll get no positive ROI. The world of paid traffic is sort of a gamble. 

2. You may get your targeting wrong

Without taking the time to understand who your audience and potential customers truly are, you won't make any money. For your ads to work, it's important for you to take time to study your niche, understand why your audience needs the offer you are promoting. You need to know their pain points and craft your offer for them. You need to know if you can be direct with your ad copy or what other ways are more effective. When you get your targeting right, your ads will convert.

3. Saturation

Saturation is a real thing in the world of paid ads. Paid ads are costly because of the increase in saturation on paid traffic platforms over the last several years. Many paid traffic experts realized how easy it was for them to see results, which is why they created Facebook ads courses. After thousands of people have taken these popular courses hoping to make over 6-figures in revenue, especially during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, paid traffic platforms have gotten more saturated, making it harder to compete for traffic and standout from the competition. 

Hybrid Lead Generation Module Breakdown

1) Choose Your Niche

In this first video, Mike talks about how to go about choosing a niche for your lead generation service. He takes you through a series of questions you should ask yourself before choosing a niche. 

2) Choose Your Locations

In the second video, Mike shows you how to choose the location for your rank and rent properties. He wants you to go into areas that you already know. 

3) Website Framework

In this section, you learn how to structure your websites so that it is easy for people to know what the website is for and contact your clients. 

4) Building Your Website

Mike recommends you build your rank and rent website on WordPress. In this video, you learn how to build your website properly factoring in the best search engine optimization practices.

5) On-Page SEO

Video 5 is all about what steps you must take to optimize your site so Google can view your site as relevant to the search terms people are searching for in the niche and townyou are in. 

6) Off-Page SEO

In this video, Mike explains what off-page SEO is. He then shows you what you need to do to improve the ranking of your website and Google map listings which includes link building and citation placements.

7) Google My Business

Google My Business profiles are now called Google Business Profiles. Mike's course hasn't been updated, which is why this video still mentions GMBs. Mike reveals how to setup a map listing and how to optimize it.

8) Why Lead Simplify?

Mike now promotes his Lead Simplify software. Lead Simplify is a rank and rent CRM software that allows you to send leads directly to your local small business client as they are generated by email and phone. This lead generation tool will help you automate and manage your business efficiently. 

9) Start Renting Out Websites

After you've built everything out, Mike explains how to get your websites rented out. He teaches you about how to pay attention to conversion percentage, how to offer a free trial, different pricing models, and more. He also recommends you not get greedy with this business model by overpricing your services.

10) Hybrid Setup

Mike now shows you how to run a hybrid agency where you generate leads organically with your lead generation website and his PPC advertising strategy. This way, you take up more space at the top of Google and increase the number of leads you generate for your clients.

11) Spreading Like a Wave

In this video, you learn how to scale your business by building sites in nearby towns so you can slowly take over large areas and increase your chances of generating more long-term, consistent income.

12) Outsourcing You Then Sell or Retire

Mike now shows you how to outsource tasks and management in your business so you can either sell the business profitably or retire. 

13) The Profit Maximizer Website Stacking Strategy

This bonus training video shows you how to maximize your income with your current clients. This is accomplished by niching down and going after more specialized, specific niches or services within a larger niche. 

Who is Mike Martin?

Mike Martin is a digital marketing entrepreneur from the United Kingdom. Before making millions of dollars online, he used to be a locksmith. After realizing that he didn't want to work a 9-5 job, he began looking for ways to make money online. Today, he owns 3 profitable softwares. Two of those have generated over 6-figures in revenue for him. One of those softwares is Lead Simplify. After growing his local lead generation business to over multiple 7-figures, he gave the business to his brother and sister.

Today, he focuses on teaching the hybrid rank and rent business model. On the Mike Martin YouTube channel, he has over 5.2K subscribers. 

Mike also sold a United States and United Kingdom best-selling book called Get Rich with Digital Real Estate. In it, he talks about how to make money with the rank and rent business model and compares digital real estate with physical real estate. 

Mike Martin Net Worth

Mike Martin has an estimated net worth between $2 million and $10 million when you consider that he's grown to softwares to over 7-figures in revenue and his rank and rent properties are generating tens of thousands of leads for his clients which pay him every month. 

Hybrid Lead Generation Review: Does it work?

Hybrid Lead Generation does work because Mike teaches you a business model that has low overhead and is more passive than other online business models like Amazon FBA, dropshipping, and affiliate marketing. You get to create your own digital properties that pay you a recurring passive income once they are ranked and rented to a local small business owner. Mike breaks down how this business model works and shows you how he makes a hybrid lead generation business work. The off-site SEO is sub-par because he doesn't go too deep in this training. Also, the course isn't updated for 2024, which can make it difficult to know what are the current ranking factors Google considers. If you want to get your foot wet and understand the business model, this course is worth it if only because it is free to view on YouTube.  

How fast can you make money with the rank and rent business model?

You can make money with the rank and rent business model as fast as the same day your digital properties rank at the top of the search results. This is rare but only possible if your Google Business Profile immediately ranks top 3 and if you get into a low hanging fruit niche.

Hybrid Lead Generation TrustPilot Testimonials

There are several testimonials for Mike's program. Adrian McGivern shared a testimonial in 2020 speaking highly of Mike's software. He mentioned how easy it is to manage multiple lead forms and phone numbers from his lead generation websites. He also highlighted how good the support is and how helpful Mike's private community is in the program. 

Paul is another student who shared his Testimonial on TrustPilot. He said that the automation features of Lead Simplify helped him scale his business and give him more time to grow the business. Paul also mentioned how attentive Mike and his team are when it comes to supporting students and they do well in receiving feedback and adding new features to improve the software's functionality.

Are Paid Ads Worth it in 2024?

Paid ads are worth it in 2024 if you are prepared to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to just test different ad formats and creatives on the different paid traffic platforms like Facebook, Google, and TikTok. If you have the patience to split test different creatives, audiences, and more, then you may find paid traffic ads useful. Paid ads are for those businesses and marketers looking for immediate results, but they will only see a return on investment if they put in the work learning how to run ads and the money to pay for the testing of those ads. 

The problem with paid ads is that it is getting more expensive to run ads because of the increase in competition across all platforms. Split testing is time consuming and expensive. These are things you don't want to deal with if you want to make a more passive income online. 

Paid ads do work, and you can make money generating leads for your business or another business, but it doesn't have the benefits the local lead generation business model offers. 

# 1 Alternative to Hybrid Lead Generation Course

The Local Lead Generation Coaching program by Dan Klein is the top alternative to Mike Martin's Hybrid Lead Generation course. Dan's coaching program is the original local lead generation course. There are over 7400 students who have joined his program since he started it in 2014. Many have reached 6 and 7 figures in their lead generation company implementing the skills he teaches. I was one of his first students in 2014 and now I am partnered with Dan, helping promote and coach students each week. 

When you join, you are given access to the private online community where you have all the contacts and resources you need to make this business work for you. The private group is highly engaged, with many students helping others with questions they have. Unlike other coaching communities where it can take all day to get a response out of someone. 

There are 50 training videos that give you step-by-step instruction for how to make the lead gen work for you. You learn all the different aspects that you need to know to build your site, optimize it along with your Google Business Profile, and get them to rank. This training course is constantly being updated so that we stay ahead of the curve and keep our digital properties ranked. You also have access to bonus training and services that will help you automate and scale your business or certain parts of it.

Every week, we have two live coaching calls hosted by Dan and other coaches. In these calls, you learn the newest strategies and methods to rank your digital assets, how to improve your local lead generation skills, and how to become an overall better entrepreneur. 

The skills I learned in this training program have allowed me to build sites like my tree care site in Grand Rapids that still pays me $2,000 to this day.

Local lead generation

I have over 50 lead generation sites still paying me on autopilot. I'm able to live a life of abundance and financial freedom because I am always getting paid for the high quality leads my sites generate while ranked at the top of the search results.

If you want to learn how to achieve financial freedom without forfeiting your control and time, check out the original local lead generation training program.

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