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Ian Stanley Review (Scam?) 10 Facts to Read Before You Buy

August 15, 2022

Ian Stanley review

In this Ian Stanley review, we ask:

Is email marketing the way to create 'almost' passive income?

Ian says, "the thing to make full-time income from your laptop."

But is his 90 Days to Freedom course worth it?

Let's get started.

Why you should read this review


I'm not affiliated with Ian Stanley in any way (unbiased review)


Clarify the differences between passive and 'almost' passive income


Distill key takeaways from this course


Learn what you really get when you purchase 90 DTF by Ian Stanley


Compare this business model to other earning methods

Ian Stanley Review & 90 DTF Summary


Ian Stanley 90 DTF Course Review
  • Length -  3 sections & sub-sections with bonus content 4 hours a week working full-time 
  • Content - 3 step-by-step sections: video lessons, coaching, email templates, and bonus course
  • Rating - 2.5/5 - there is useful information here. but the system is not for everyone.
  • Price - $1,000+


Who Is Ian Stanley?

Ian Stanley review

So, who is Ian Stanley, anyways?

Currently known as one of the best email marketers in the world;

He sold $100,000,000 worth of products online in the past few years.

And swears by his email marketing techniques;

As a result he claims to earn 83K a month.


By creating simple emails for companies.

His 90 DTF, business in a box program claims to provide everything;

And with the earning promise of up to 5K a month.

Subsequently, all while working just a few hours a week.

His Ecommerce business sold to one of the fastest growing start-ups in Canada.


Is He Legit?

Ian Stanley review

While I am unsure about other forms of copywriting;

Ian has definitely proven his strengths as an email copywriter.

And in 2015, he sold 20 million through emails alone.

So, there is no doubt he knows what he's doing.

However, in terms of personal success;

There is not a lot of info to be found on Ian Stanley.

And while I can't say his claims are false regarding this business model;

Information regarding his programs and personal success is vague.


What's Included in 90 DTF?

Ian Stanley 90 DTF Course

Let's dive right into our Ian Stanley review.

First, this is a step-by-step system;

Second, he created it as a system that anyone could succeed with.

In summary, his business model focuses on email marketing;

"If you can send emails to a friend, you already have the skills to make money online."

Ian Stanley review

Ian claims email marketing is the way to make money online for life;

And from almost any business worldwide.

The course is comprised of step-by-step tips to build winning emails.

He offers his students valuable advice, in addition to:

  • 100 email templates, including:
    • Cart abandon
    • High ticket coaching
    • Supplement promo
    • Dead list revival templates 
  • 40 hours of training
  • Access to tools for connecting with Shopify store owners, click funnel users, and more
  • Free access to his 8020 Crash Course
Ian Stanley review

You'll quickly notice Stanley has three major areas of focus:

  1. Finding successful companies that could benefit from email marketing
  2. Setting up a win-win deal to earn more
  3. Creating simple, "moneymaking" emails for companies


His Model is Laid Out in Steps

Ian Stanley 90 DTF Course Review

Stanley explains that with the right company;

Hid model provides mutually beneficial relationships.

"The benefit is this business has no overhead. You pocket every dollar you earn."

He says many companies don't understand email marketing.

But with his templates and a few simple steps;

You can focus on identifying the ideal company.

That you can create a win-win deal with.

And provide a valuable service that gets you both paid.

Ian Stanley 90 DTF

So, how does the business model work?

There are 3 simple steps:

  1. Find companies in motion that could benefit from email marketing
  2. Set up a win-win deal that allows you to get paid while working less
  3. Create moneymaking emails for said companies

Ian says, email marketing ROI is as high as 4400%.

As a result, he chose email marketing.

Because the industry grows by 10-15 millions dollars each year.


It Provides Bonus Material and Templates to Get Started

Ian Stanley review

While I do consider this course to be a bit pricey;

I will say this:

You get a lot for the price.

And in addition to a whole bonus course;

You also get the following:

  • Consumption sequence templates
  • Cart abandon templates
  • Dead list revival templates
  • Supplement promo templates
  • Ecom templates
  • High ticket coaching templates
  • Local gym templates
  • Autoresponder templates
  • Reach out templates for IG, email, LI, and FB messages
  • Deal structure templates
Ian Stanley 8020 Crash Course

So, what's this bonus course?

Good question.

And after reviewing his '8020 Crash Course';

I discovered further instructions on writing sales-getting emails.

And proven "structures" and "formulas" for profit generation.

But what's inside this 4 week course exactly?

  • Tips on understanding what works for your email list
  • The secret of creating quality emails fast
  • Gaining an infinite amount of email ideas without research
  • How to kick writer's block
  • Rarely used email types where subscribers write for you
  • 2 writing guide philosophies
  • Daily educational emails
  • Daily handwriting exercises
  • Complete 10-day autoresponder
  • 71 winning subject lines


What is The Content Quality Like?

Ian Stanley rating

Before deciding whether any course is worth it;

I always assess the content quality itself.

So, when it comes to Stanley's 90 DTF;

I'd say the content is solid and easy to digest overall.

Additionally, Ian himself is easy to relate to.

And using his personal experience and stories;

He provides the information in an easy to understand manner.

But one major con is that the information isn't detailed;

And it makes it difficult for anyone new to email copy.


Is There Real Value Here? 

Ian Stanley 90 DTF course review

There's no doubting Ian's wittiness and relatability.

But is that enough value to make this program worth it?

To summarize my Ian Stanley review:


While there might be some value here;

There are many moving, complicated parts to this method.

And due to it's lack of detail;

I don't think it's right for beginning marketers;

Despite it's claims to the opposite.

Ian Stanley 90 DTF course review

Keep in mind, should you decide to take his course;

You must apply, wait, and even possibly put down a 1K deposit.

And this brings me to my next point...


Why is Lead Gen Preferrable in 2022?

Ian Stanley 90 DTF Course Review

Lead generation proves itself above all others once again;

And it generates totally passive income.

So, with lead generation, I build sites, rank them, and then license, or "rent" them out.

And this business model has allowed me to generate 2K a month;

Consequently, that's just from one site.


What is Passive Income?

Ian Stanley

Like Ian Stanley, I too like the idea of working less and earning more.

But unlike his 'almost' passive income;

Lead gen requires little effort once established;

And it creates lifelong passive income.

Because once you rank your site;

It requires little to no effort to maintain.

And this puts you on the fast track to financial independence.

Plus, there are additional benefits:

  • There is a lot less competition
  • Once you rank your site, it's likely to remain ranked
  • Local lead generation requires minimal effort, but generates maximum income

Much like how real estate agents:

  • Buy properties
  • Nurture properties
  • Collect monthly rent

The lead gen build, rank, rent model works as such:

  • Build websites for local services providers (Build) 
  • Rank the site on page 1 of Google (Rank)
  • Nurture and sell the company leads in need of their services for a monthly price (Rent)
Lead Gen Comparison Chart


See It In Action

local lead generation example

I created this tree services website and never looked back.

Since 2015, I've earned 2K a month;

And that's just from one site.

Imagine what the magic of lead generation can do for you. 

Especially when you have multiple websites.

Local Lead Generation

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