Charlie Morgan’s Imperium Acquisition Review: Proven Systems for Attracting Clients?

July 17, 2024

Imperium Acquisition is a learning platform for consultants, agency owners, and coaches. It offers EasyGrow as a paid course on client acquisition strategies. Charlie Morgan and Baudouin Borghans founded Imperium Acquisition. By taking their course, they guarantee a minimum of 20 high-ticket clients within 180 days. Otherwise, you will receive a full refund plus $5K for the trouble.

According to Zippia, there are around 42K SMM specialists in the US. WIth this level of competition, it makes sense for SMMA owners to seek the help of programs like EasyGrow. They typically want to learn advanced inbound, outbound, and paid client acquisition strategies to attract more clients. Imperium Acquisition’s “guaranteed results” or “results-based” payment system makes it more attractive to agency owners.

Imperium Acquisition has an excellent 4.8 review score from Trustpilot. Most reviewers talk about the quality and depth of knowledge that the course offers, and how great the community is. One reviewer mentioned that they saw a 30% increase in client acquisition within the first three months of implementing the strategies. EasyGrow’s mindset lessons are also receiving a lot of praise.

Here’s an example of Trustpilot review for Imperium Acquisitions.

Imperium Acquisition positive trustpilot review

In this Imperium Acquisition review, we will cover Charlie Morgan’s client acquisition systems, especially the outbound ones. We will also uncover the details about the platform’s “guarantee” or “results-based” payment system, how true it is, and how it is to make a claim. In the end, we will discuss the challenges of running SMMA business, and if Imperium Acquisition’s program is enough to address these difficulties.

Imperium Acquisition Pros and Cons


A comprehensive course for client acquisition and service delivery.

A lot of content.


Has an upfront cost contrary to what is advertised.

The strategies are not as original and unsaturated as the platform claims them to be.

Too costly for a single unique cold outreach method that it teaches.


The price of Imperium Acquisition's EasyGrow isn't publicly disclosed. Online forums suggest it is around $9K to $12K.

Refund Policy

Imperium Acquisition's refund policy is a full money-back guarantee plus $5K if the systems that they teach don't work. However, you need to prove that you implemented these systems to claim a refund.


Imperium Acquisition started in 2020.


Imperium Acquisition has a 4.8 review score from Trustpilot.

July 17, 2024

The program offers courses and modules, promising a lot but essentially providing extensive video content. While the information is valuable, the delivery is overwhelming and lacks personalization.

The approach feels impersonal, making it seem like you’re paying $1.6k per month for a series of video modules supplemented by group calls.

Initially, I felt reassured by their impressive guarantee, but it turned out to be less favorable than it seemed. To qualify for a money-back guarantee, you must meticulously track your activities to prove adherence to their guidelines.

My main concern was the value. For a total cost exceeding $9k, I expected a comprehensive program with personalized expert guidance throughout the client acquisition process.

Perhaps my expectations were unrealistic, but the sales call gave the impression that the program would be a perfect fit, which it wasn’t.

Mentorship or guidance from Charlie is non-existent; it’s all pre-recorded videos that may not resonate with you, as they are designed for a broad audience.

Interactions with the team felt like dealing with salespeople who kept directing me to watch more videos or stick with the program, without any effort to personalize the experience. It felt like TAs telling you to rewatch lectures whenever questions arose.

Moreover, after deciding to stop, I was still charged for the next month, and although they eventually refunded me, they initially tried to retain me with a slightly cheaper plan. This added to my negative experience.

Overall, I felt that I wasted my money and time, but your experience might differ.

I’m not saying EasyGrow is bad—there are many useful strategies and tips in the modules. Just be aware of what you’re signing up for. I didn’t give it enough thought and ended up disappointed.

They present it as a revolutionary solution to all your problems, which led me to expect something it wasn’t. To me, it felt like an overhyped course—a good and comprehensive one, but not worth the price.


3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

What Are Charlie Morgan's Proven Systems for Attracting Clients?

Charlie Morgan’s proven systems for attracting clients revolve around outsourcing your outbound, inbound, and paid sales efforts. Here’s a short breakdown:

  • Outbound systems include what they call “DM sorcery,” email with a semi-personalized Loom video (probably the only unique method), cold calling, and more.
  • Inbound systems involve attracting organic sales from social media or content marketing efforts, like on Facebook or Youtube.
  • Paid systems are about running paid ads to get appointments.

As mentioned, the end goal is the automation or outsourcing of these systems. Not only will this save the agency owners time, it will also allow them to scale their client acquisition efforts.

For instance, Charlie teaches a cold outreach method of sending emails with a semi-personalized Loom video. In this example, the base audio explaining the service is the same for everyone. To make it semi-personalized, you can hire a VA to record a video on the prospect’s website. The VA will then embed it to the base audio and send it to the prospect.

This method is not as time-consuming as making personalized videos for every prospect. However, it will still take time, so Charlie Morgan makes a point of hiring VAs to do these tasks. This is the same for all of the methods/strategies that he teaches on outbound, inbound, or paid systems.

There is a bit of a misunderstanding when Charlie says that “they are not selling a course, they are selling systems.” Some students interpreted it as Imperium Acquisition offering a “done-for-you” service. However, the program will only teach you how to make these systems, plus some recommendations. You still have to implement the systems yourself.

What is EasyGrow?

EasyGrow is a program under Imperium Acquisitions that focuses on high-ticket client acquisition. It is designed for agency owners, coaches, consultants. EasyGrow covers building a strong sales argument, implementing proven outbound, inbound, paid, and sales strategies—all of which are automated.

The program modules consist of the following:

  • Module 1 - Acquisition Genesis

  • Module 2 - Self Transcendence

  • Module 3 - Sales Systems

  • Module 4 - Outbound Systems

  • Module 5 - Inbound Systems

  • Module 6 - Paid Systems

  • Module 7 - Agency Service Delivery

  • Module 8 - GoHighLevel Mastery

  • Module 9 - Google Ads Mastery

  • Module 10 - Masterclasses

  • Module 11 - Facebook Ads Mastery

  • Module 12 - Consulting Nirvana

  • Module 13 - Coaching Coal Recordings

The first two parts of the course deal with fundamental concepts of client acquisition and mindset. The third to sixth modules cover various sales systems that agency owners can apply to their business. Module 7 to 12 discusses service delivery methods SMMA businesses can provide. The last module includes important coaching call recordings students can refer to.

The price of EasyGrow isn’t publicly disclosed. Forums and external reviews indicate it is around $9K to $10K.

Do Agency Owners, Coaches, and Consultants Succeed After Joining Imperium Acquisition?

Yes, agency owners, coaches, and consultants do succeed after joining Imperium Acquisition. This is primarily based on the testimonials on the Imperium Acquisition website. The platform also has a 4.8 review from Trustpilot. However, most of these Trustpilot reviews only talk about how great the course is. Detailed earnings testimonials are limited to what is published on the website.

You can find detailed success stories with earnings testimonials from the Imperium Acquisition website. Here are some examples.

Cindy Lay Imperium Acquisitions-cropped

Cindy Lay from Sweden is running an SMMA agency and coaching agency for women. When she joined IA, she was just earning $1K a month. After 24 months, Cindy’s earnings went up to $40K per month. She also built a whole team to run her business. With everything outsourced and automated, she now only works around 2 hours per day. Her coaching business, that started from zero, now earned her $300K in just 6 months.

Lucas Kintzel Imperium Acquisitions-cropped

Lucas Kintzel is the co-founder of Ecom Morbit and WhiteLion Agency. They focus on helping eCommerce brands grow in the German market. They were already making around $120K per month before joining IA. Aiming to scale further, they joined IA and their earnings went up to $240K a month after 8 months. Lucas and his agency developed cold outbound systems instead of just relying on referrals to get clients.

Sam Urpani Imperium Acquisition-cropped

Sam Urpani is a co-founder of Bison Studio and Miracle Mike. Charlie’s masterclass helped Sam determine the exact product to sell as an agency. From a web design agency, Sam switched to digital marketing. The course’s service delivery lessons helped a lot in this regard. Sam’s agency also benefited from learning cold outreach methods from the Imperial Agency (now EasyGrow). He scaled his business from zero to $85K per month with 2 years of taking the masterclass.

What students like best about Imperium Acquisition are its mindset lessons and the cold outreach method that it teaches. This method is the semi-personalized Loom videos that students often mention in the daily wins that they share.

What Are the Most Common Complaints About Imperium Acquisition on TrustPilot?

The most common complaints about Imperium Acquisition on Reddit and Trustpilot are about the aggressiveness of its retargeting and sales methods, misleading payment system (the “pay-per-results”), and information being not worth the price. These are just a small fraction of Imperium Acquisition’s overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The following reviews talk about the aggressiveness of Imperium Acquisition’s sales and retargeting. These same methods may also be the ones that the course will teach you, one reviewer suggests.

Imperium Acquisition negative trustpilot review
Imperium Acquisition negative trustpilot review 2

Joining Imperium Acquition’s masterclass has an upfront cost of $10K to $12K, according to some Trustpilot reviews. This contradicts the platform’s “pay-per-results'' system. It may also be a misunderstanding of Imperium Acquisition’s “money-back guarantee plus $5K.” However, these negative reviews also show that the platform’s charging system is not clearly presented enough for everyone.

Imperium Acquisition negative trustpilot review 3
Imperium Acquisition negative trustpilot review 4

The following reviews seem to question the credibility of Imperium Acquisition’s employees. One review also calls out the scheme of offering a guaranteed number of leads for a set price. They say it is risky and difficult.

Imperium Acquisition negative trustpilot review 5
Imperium Acquisition negative trustpilot review 6

Is Imperium Acquisition Legit? 

Yes, Imperium Acquisition is a legitimate platform owned by Charlie Morgan and Baudouin Borghans. It provides EasyGrow, a legitimate program for client acquisition. When you enroll in the program, you will get the course and community access as promised.

Who is Charlie Morgan?

charlie morgan imperium acquisitions

Charlie Morgan is an entrepreneur, mentor, agency owner, and the co-founder of Imperium Acquisition. He is also the co-owner of Northflow Consulting. It is a marketing agency that helps gym owners enroll more clients. Having outsourced most work for his own agency, Charlie and his co-founder, Baudouin Borghans, decided to teach their methods to others. This gave way to Imperium Acquisition, and its first paid program, Imperium Agency (now EasyGrow).

At the age of 18, Charlie started his own marketing business while studying at a university. He decided to drop out and entered an apprenticeship for sales and marketing for a year. His job was to cold call 200 clients per day. After completing the apprenticeship, Charlie scaled his freelance marketing business to $10,000 per month within six months. He also transitioned from freelancing to creating an agency, partnering with Baudouin Borghans.

Who is Baudouin Borghans?

Baudouin Borghans Imperium Acquisition-cropped

Baudouin Borghans is a digital marketer and is the co-founder of Imperium Acquisitions. He is the founder of Northflow Consulting before partnering with Charlie Morgan. Baudouin started partnering with Charlie Morgan in 2017, whom he met on Facebook. His expertise in the service delivery aspect of marketing complemented Charlie Morgan’s knack for sales. Together they formed Imperium Acquisition and the Imperium Agency coaching program (now EasyGrow).

Clarifying Charlie Morgan's Claims

Charlie Morgan guarantees that you can sign at least 20 high-ticket clients within 180 days. If not, he promises a full refund plus $5K from their own pockets. He also claims that EasyGrow practices a “pay-per-results” system. This means that if you don’t get results, you don’t need to pay.

As you saw on the Trustpilot reviews, you do have to pay upfront before getting into the EasyGrow program. Imperium Acquisition doesn’t publicly disclose the actual price of its course, but online forums indicate that it's around $9K to $12K. Continuous membership requires you to pay a monthly subscription fee, and the price for this may also be different for everyone.

Claiming the full refund plus $5K also requires you to prove that you implemented Imperium Acquisition’s “proven systems.” This means you should present detailed metrics of your results based on these. I found a Reddit comment sharing how they received a refund after running out of time to fit their organization to run Imperium Acquisition’s model. However, they didn’t mention receiving the extra $5K.

Reddit comment on Imperium Acquisition

Is Imperium Acquisition Worth It?

No, Imperium Acquisition is not worth it, especially for its price. The course's proven outbound, inbound, and paid systems that “only a few marketers know” are not as original as the platform claims them to be. Also, it’s not a done-for-you service, so you have to install these systems yourself. The most notable outreach method that you can get from this program is sending “semi-personalized Loom videos.” I don’t believe learning this method should cost you $9K to $12K.

A YouTube comment suggests that Imperium Acquisition’s program is good for one man companies, but not necessarily great for scaling. For instance, an SMMA owner can just outsource without an upfront cost from taking Charlie Morgan’s course.

YouTube comment on Imperium Acquisition

Live mentorship is limited to the regular group coaching sessions. One user on Reddit shared that they had to wait up to a week to get their questions answered during these sessions. Also, the modules mostly consist of recorded videos. A former student mentioned on a forum that the recorded videos were often outdated and lacked the latest industry insights. Again, this learning system is not worth the price.

Is SMMA Hard for Beginners?

Yes, SMMA is hard for beginners because of tough competition, high client expectations, and volatile social media algorithms. Even if they do succeed in landing a client, beginners usually need to work double the time to keep up with the social media marketing competition. Social media marketing is very time-demanding.

Trends change quickly and there is always a lot to learn. In platforms like TikTok, you can rise to prominence in a short period. However, this also requires marketers to quickly adapt and learn new strategies. It’s tougher for startups who usually dive into the industry as one-man companies.

What Are the Biggest Challenges in Running a Successful SMMA Business?

The biggest challenges of running a successful SMMA business are the following:

  • Client Acquisition: Finding and convincing clients to trust your services can be tough, especially for beginners. According to HubSpot, 61% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge.
  • High Competition: The market is saturated with SMMA businesses, so standing out and offering unique value is crucial.  A report by IBISWorld indicates that the number of digital advertising agencies in the U.S. has grown by 13.5% per year on average over the past five years.
  • Skill Development: Keeping up with social media trends, algorithms, and tools requires continuous learning. Mastering content creation, advertising, and social media analytics is essential. A survey by Buffer found that 85% of marketers plan to increase their use of video content, highlighting the need for continuous skill development.
  • High Client Expectations: Meeting client goals and expectations consistently can be very demanding. SMM is usually a high-ticket service, so clients require significant results. According to a study by Sprout Social, 76% of consumers expect brands to respond to their comments on social media within 24 hours. This adds pressure on agencies to deliver timely results.
  • Scaling: As your agency grows, managing resources, team members, and client workload becomes more challenging. A report by The Manifest found that 39% of small businesses plan to increase their social media marketing budget, which can lead to increased workload and the need for more efficient resource management.

Why Local Lead Generation Is the Safest and More Long-Term Business Model Than SMMA

Local lead generation is the safest and more long-term business model than SMMA because you own everything. I've had my lead generation agency since 2014, and in my experience, owning your own websites is the safest and most secure long-term. In SMMA, you work hard on improving the clients’ social media presence and marketing. But you own none of the accounts, websites, and even the content that you make. You need to hand over everything to the client anytime if they decide to terminate your service.

local lead generation

With local lead generation, you own the locally ranked websites so you can deal on your own terms. Even if the client terminates your service, you keep all the rights to your domain and site content. Also, websites become more valuable as they age. As they increase their performance, you increase your earnings. For example, a well-maintained local lead generation site can see a 20-30% increase in traffic year-over-year, according to Moz.

Renting out a locally ranked website for leads can earn you a consistent $500-$3K a month. This is a more reliable source of income than the highly demanding and competitive SMMA.

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