Mike Barron’s Inside Closer Review — 4 Major Reasons Beginners Choose To Be High Ticket Closer In 2024

March 15, 2024

The Inside Closer program is a high-ticket sales course by Mike Barron that teaches how to become a successful "closer" of high-ticket coaching programs and potentially earn $1,000 - $2,000 daily. The program covers various techniques, such as special offers, highlighting the USP of the product, and focusing on personalization for acquiring high-ticket coaching program leads and how to master the art of closing deals.

A high-ticket closer sells expensive products or services, such as coaching programs, and earns a large commission per sale. These coaches promote their services through various platforms and generate leads. As an inside closer, you will receive these leads and follow a script to connect with them over the phone and persuade them to enroll in the coaching program. Once a sale is made, you will earn a hefty commission.

Earning $1,000 to $2,000 or more in commissions may sound appealing, but this business model is not a passive income stream for various reasons. As a closer, you will spend most of your day on the phone and waste time when people do not show up. Additionally, you will trade your time for money, experience financial stress during slow months, and need more control over your future. It's important to consider whether Mike Baron's program can deliver on its promises of generating significant income despite these potential drawbacks.

Local lead generation is an alternative if you're looking for another passive income stream. With local lead generation, you can avoid the issues of being closer, such as spending all day on the phone, waiting for no-shows, and trading time for money. Instead, you can create a passive income stream by building a website that generates local business leads. You can then rent these websites to business owners looking for leads and earn a steady monthly income without financial difficulties.

Pros and Cons Of Inside Closer


Mike Barron is well known in this career; he’s earning 8 figures today. He is a successful closer for a high-ticket program with a decade of experience.

Inside Closer offers free access to one of Mike's major courses. 

When you avail of the promo, you can have the chance to purchase the four 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Mike's Top 6 and 7 figures for only $89.

The course is cheap, which is suitable for beginners.


Some of Mike’s courses are expensive; one of these costs $100,000.

Inside Closer will not teach you to build your own business.

Mike mentions nothing about 1-on-1 coaching with him. There’s a separate course for that. 


Inside Closer costs only $37 from its original price of $1,495.

Refund Policy

Mike Barron offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Inside Closer started in 2020.


Mike Barron claims he did about $1.9 million in sales last month. Barron is a leading global marketer and sales professional with over a decade’s experience in online advertising and marketing.

4 Major Reasons Beginners Choose To Be High Ticket Closer In 2024

1. High Earning Potential

Closers for high-ticket courses can earn significant amounts of money through commissions or fees. These programs often cost thousands of dollars, and closers may earn 10-30% of the sale price. For example, if a program costs $10,000, and the closer earns a 20% commission, they would earn $2,000 per sale

2. Access To Exclusive Networks

Many high-ticket course programs have large communities of successful individuals who have completed the program. As a closer, you may connect with these individuals and expand your professional network, which can provide opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and future career prospects.

3. You Don't Need To Own The Product

By working as a closer, you act as a sales representative for the company that offers the high-ticket course program. Your job is to find potential clients, build relationships, and persuade them to invest in the program. The company that offers the program creates and delivers the product and handles customer service and other logistics.

4. Working With Interested Leads

It is a significant advantage of being closer to a high-ticket course program. These leads have already engaged with the company's marketing materials, showing a familiarity with the program and a higher likelihood of being receptive to your sales pitch. You can build rapport and trust by tailoring your approach to their needs, resulting in more closed sales. This is a significant advantage compared to other sales roles where you may need to prospect or cold call to find potential clients.

What Do I Get In Inside Closer Program?

With the Inside Closer program, you will get access to the entire course, which comprises four modules, the Insider Closer Accelerator program, and receives three bonuses. 

Insider Closer Program

Get access to 4 modules with 10+ Hours of training so you can start landing high-ticket clients.

Insider Closer Accelerator Program

This is a Rookie-To-Pro Accelerator program that breaks down Mike’s Inside Sales & Closing System. Mike created this after working as a closer with Grant Cardone, operating a multi-7-figure marketing agency, monitoring 1000s closers, and making over 10 million in inside sales.

Bonus 1

Get access to four recorded live closes, exceeding $40,000 in sales. You can see real-time demos from opening to credit card closing.

Bonus 2

Be part of the private millionaire closer group and receive accountability & support where you can drill and strategize with other closers in the program.

Bonus 3

Mike gives his personal network of online entrepreneurs because his students and clients are constantly contracting closers. Enroll in his course, and he will introduce you to his connections.

Who Is Mike Barron?

Mike Barron is an American entrepreneur, online marketing expert, and sales coach best known for his expertise in high-ticket closing. He started his career as a consultant in the healthcare industry and worked as a career services coordinator at UEI College before becoming a department manager at Concorde Career Colleges. In 2013, Barron founded Limelight Media, a creative agency based in California, which has since gained recognition for helping several celebrities gain online traction.

In 2020, he started Closer Academy, which coaches students on starting and closing million-dollar deals. Barron is a two-time winner of the Click Funnel 2 Comma Club Award and has received other significant awards, such as the Millionaire Closer 500K Plaque and the Millionaire Closer 1M Plaque. He has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million and a solid social media following, with 27K subscribers on YouTube and 158.7K followers on other social media platforms.

Who Is Inside Closer For?

The Inside Closer is for individuals with a passion for sales and a desire to use their experience to earn high commissions. It's an excellent option for anyone looking to make money online with a low startup cost. Enrolling in Inside Closer could be a good fit for you if you're motivated by the potential to earn $1,000 to $2,000 or more per day. You should also enjoy interacting with people over the phone or on Zoom. This career requires strong communication skills, as you will follow a script to persuade potential customers to enroll in a high-ticket coaching program. If you have a talent for sales and enjoy the challenge of connecting with potential customers, this program is for you. 

Mike's Barron's Major Courses

100K Sales Program

The 100K Sales Program is a comprehensive sales training program that offers the 5-step sales process, mindset development, and bonuses such as live sales calls, high-ticket coaching, cold call boot camp, and millionaire mentorship. It provides tools and resources to succeed in sales, including skills development and access to live sales calls.

Price: 100K Sales program is free. 

6-Figures High Ticket Closer Mentorship

The 6-Figures High Ticket Closer Mentorship establishes a strong foundation for sales success. The program teaches the fundamental principles necessary to become a top producer in various types of sales, including long sales cycles, short sales cycles, transactional selling, social selling, cross-selling, consultative selling, relationship selling, and more. By mastering these basic principles, you can build the skills to succeed in your company's product and sales process training.

Price: 6-Figures High Ticket Closer Mentorship costs $7,500. 

Sales And Closing Academy

The Sales and Closing Academy teaches how to handle objections effectively with exact word tracks, boosting confidence and increasing production. The program provides the skills to handle common objections such as "I need to think about it" or "The price is too high" and helps build confidence through practice and practical application. With the Sales and Closing Academy, you can succeed tremendously in closing deals and boosting revenue.

What You'll Get:

  • Unlimited Access To Mike Barron’s Sales & Closing Academy
  • Unlimited Access To High Ticket Sales Master Class
  • Unlimited Access To Mike Barron’s 100K Sales Program
  • Unlimited Access to Mike Barron’s Money Mindset Course
  • Includes access to 50+ Sales & Closing Mastermind Weekly Sessions
  • 125K of Live Recorded Closes

Price: Sales and Closing Academy costs $7,500. 

Inner Circle

The Inner Circle provides a comprehensive package to help businesses grow and scale, including access to marketing and branding assets, operation assets, ongoing support, account management from a designated coach, and direct mentorship by Mike Barron. You have 12-month access to the Sales & Marketing Academy program, live quarterly by MasterMinds, and the opportunity to attend in-person launch and staff walkthroughs. Additionally, they can visit the San Diego office quarterly for one week, and have access to weekly sales drills with Mike Barron's coaches.

Price: Mike Barron's Inner Circle costs $100,000. 

Mike's Barron's Other Courses

Online PT That Sells Program

This program teaches the most effective strategies for creating and selling an online personal training program, including what to include and what's currently working in the industry.

Price: Online PT That Sells program costs $97.00.

Virtual Training Masterclass Program

The Virtual Training Masterclass program is a comprehensive course that teaches gym and personal training business owners how to develop a free online/hybrid training platform for existing clients and members, preventing drop-offs and canceled contracts, and ultimately saving their business through a winning online training program.

Price: Virtual Training Masterclass program costs $250. 

MTC Platinum (Done-By-You)

It is an online course specifically for FitPros to learn how to handle in-house lead generation and sales through paid social ads. Members receive access to Inner Circle material and group.

Price: MTC Platinum costs $1,497.00.

 MTC Platinum- Accelerator Single Account (Done-With-You)

The MTC Platinum- Accelerator Single Account is an online course designed for FitPros to learn how to handle in-house lead generation and sales through paid social ads, with the added benefit of 52 mastermind sessions annually. You receive campaign optimization and access to Inner Circle material and group.

Price: MTC Platinum- Accelerator Single Account costs $5,000.00.

Millionaire FitPros 

Millionaire FitPros is a 1-on-1 coaching program that provides personalized support and guidance to FitPros looking to reach their financial goals. You have open lines of communication with Mike, allowing for direct access to expert advice and mentorship.

Price: Millionaire FitPros costs $30,000.00

Mike Barron's Closer Certification 

Mike Barron's Closer Certification is a program that helps you improve negotiating and closing skills. Based on a survey of over 1100 salespeople, which revealed that handling objections and closing deals are the most significant weaknesses of all salespeople, this program aims to guide you to become experts in these areas.

Price: Mike Barron's Closer Certification costs $997.00

Mike Barron's Communication Course 

This course teaches participants the anatomy of effective communication and Mike's techniques to scale a multi-million dollar agency. Through this program, you will learn how to engage in "playing tennis" with prospects to ensure they stay interested in what is offered and never go cold.

Price: Mike Barron's Communication course costs $100.00.

Mike Barron's Phone Sales Mastery Certification 

Mike Barron's Phone Sales Mastery Certification teaches how to master every aspect of setting appointments. This program is based on the same internal training he uses to train his own staff, ensuring that participants receive the best possible training in phone sales.

Price: Mike Barron's Phone Sales Mastery Certification costs $997.00.

Money Mindset Course 

The Money Mindset course aims to cultivate a positive mindset and change your life. This program shows proven ways to stay focused, increase productivity, and achieve financial goals.

Price: The money Mindset course costs $50.00

High-Ticket Sales Program 

It is a masterclass that helps you to attract high-paying clients without price resistance. Through this program, you will learn how to increase their coaching service fees from $50 to $1,000 and even $30,000, following the same strategies that helped Mike Barron succeed in his business.

Price: The high-Ticket Sales program costs $500.00

Turning Facebook Groups Into ATM Machines 

Turning Facebook Groups Into ATM Machines is a program that teaches individuals how to leverage Facebook groups to generate substantial income.

Price: Turning Facebook Groups Into ATM Machines costs $19.00.

Is Inside Closer Program Worth It?

The Inside Closer program is worth it; for a low cost of $37, beginners can access valuable training to help them succeed in the high-ticket sales market. The program also offers exclusive access to a community where you can ask questions and learn from others' experiences. Additionally, with Mike Barron's extensive experience in the industry, participants can benefit from his insights and knowledge. Although being a high-ticket salesperson requires effort and patience, the Inside Closer program can equip individuals with the skills needed to succeed.

However, it's important to note that becoming a high-ticket closer takes work, as Mike Barron himself describes. You and patience to find leads, as the average no-show rate for most coaching programs is 50-70%, meaning that a significant portion of your time and potential income may be wasted. Additionally, you must be prepared to handle rejections and false hope while dealing with potential clients. If you're not into this kind of set-up, check Passive Playbook that teaches how to get businesses without using your own money. 

Inside Closer Alternatives

Dylan Blyuss' Millionaire Closer is a high-ticket closing course that can help you earn between $5,000 and $80,000 monthly. The course provides over 50 hours of training videos and four bonuses to master the 3-step system for becoming a millionaire closer. Dylan Blyuss is a successful high-ticket closer and mentor from Toronto, Canada, who has generated over $30 million in sales with his World Class Sales Agency. He has also closed over $2 million in under a year for BeyondSixFigures. With Dylan Blyuss' Millionaire Closer Course, you can learn from an experienced high-ticket closer and achieve your financial goals.

Price: Millionaire Closer costs $2.97 with various upsells. $29.99, including the $0-$100K Blueprint.

More Info: Millionaire Closer Review

The Inbound Closer program, led by Payton Welch and part of The Sales Mentor under Traffic and Funnels, is a high-ticket sales training program focused on affiliate marketing. The program teaches students how to take calls from leads and confidently close high-ticket sales remotely. While there is a lesson in finding high-ticket clients, it may be challenging for inexperienced closers to land them. The program also offers various upsells that can connect graduates with clients who are hiring, potentially leading to lucrative opportunities. However, it's important to note that the program primarily focuses on affiliate marketing for Traffic and Funnels and additional costs may be involved with these upsells.

Price: Inbound Closer costs $97 for the basic Accelerator course.

More Info: Inbound Closer Review

Remote Closing Academy by Cole Gordon is a high ticket sales training program that equips learners with "recession-proof skills." This program is one of the high-priced courses on the market. It's also one of the top-rated, with many positive reviews and testimonials from past students. Take note, however, that the program does not guarantee placement and has a strict no refund policy. 

Price: The exact price of Remote Closing Academy is undisclosed on its website. Forums say the program costs $8,400. 

More Info: Remote Closing Academy Review

What Is High Ticket Closing?

High-ticket closing is a sales strategy that involves selling high-priced products or services by building a relationship with the potential buyer and persuading them to invest significant money in a product or service. High-ticket closing is all about building trust and rapport with the client, understanding their needs, and finding a solution that meets those needs. The goal is to create a sense of urgency and help the client understand that the high price is worth the investment.

What Is High-Ticket Closer?

A high-ticket closer is a sales professional who specializes in closing high-ticket sales. These professionals are experts in the art of persuasion, negotiation, and building relationships with clients. They have a deep understanding of the psychology of selling and use a variety of techniques to close deals. High-ticket closers are typically paid a commission based on the value of the sale, so their income potential is tied to their ability to close deals.

High-Ticket Sales VS Low-Ticket Sales

High-ticket sales and low-ticket sales refer to the price point of the products or services being sold. High Ticket Sales involve selling products or services that are more expensive, typically costing thousands of dollars or more. Low Ticket Sales involve selling products or services that are less expensive, typically costing under $100.

My Top Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2023?

My top recommendation for making money online in 2024 is local lead generation through the rank and rent model. This is a business model where you create a website and rank it on the first page of Google for a local service or product. Once the website is ranked, you rent out the leads generated to local businesses. Compared to being a high-ticket closer, local lead generation is more passive. With high-ticket closing, you must be on the phone all day, waiting for leads that may or may not appear. This can be a waste of time, and you may become dependent on other factors outside your control. Local lead generation allows you to generate leads and pass them on to local businesses for a steady income stream.

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  1. I joined the $10,000 Closer Academy from Mike Barron and wouldn't say I liked it. The program is mostly focused on theory rather than practical applications. Also, the academy is focused on making you closer to being an employee for companies who work with Mike and for practicing your knowledge in closing, there are no effective role-plays. The coaches in the academy want you to stick to their script as if they are working to make you a closer selling their products and services within the training. The sales process they use is similar to what business owners who sell sales trainings do but they overprice it wanting to make more from you. Do you want to join this scam?

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