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Shopify Dropshipping Course by J Rich – Unbiased Review 2024 (Is it legit?)

August 16, 2020

True rags to riches, or just ANOTHER YouTube Dropshipper course?

J Rich is a 22-year-old entrepreneur with his own YouTube Channel dedicated to dropshipping. He has over 70,000 subscribers.

This review covers the J Rich Shopify Dropshipping Course, NOT his free 30 Day Ecom Challenge Course.

Jeraun Richards has accomplished a lot in a few short years. He's come from a poor background and complete obscurity in 2016, to over 1.4 million YouTube views, claims of making tons of money and professional photoshoots in 2020. 

But has J Rich created a course that justifies you spending almost $500? Or, is Shopify Dropshipping just another get rich quick course, full of empty promises?

I'll answer those two questions and more in this Shopify Dropshipping Course Review. 

I will also cover if dropshipping is still a viable business model in 2020.

What are the challenges that face dropshippers today?

Let's get into it.

Shopify Dropshipping Course Overview

Ranked #11 out of 8 dropship courses (See full list here)
10 hours
Only complete beginners will find benefit in this course. 
$497 (February 2020)

Introduction to J Rich

Jeraun Richards, or better known as J Rich, is a YouTuber with almost 70,000 subscribers, with over 1.4 million views.

His channel offers videos about (Shopify) dropshipping and has been around since 21 February 2018 when he posted his first video.  
Jeraun started doing ecommerce/dropshipping in 2016 when he was only 18. 
That was a great time to be in the dropshipping game and he quickly made some money.

Jeraun comes from a poor background and his rags-to-riches story certainly has appeal, hence the 544k views of his video, "How I Started My First Business at 18! (I’m 22 Now) | My Story" (14 October 2019).
Jeraun certainly motivates and inspires you to rise above your circumstances and make something of your life. He suggests that dropshipping is the answer to your problems (and following his advice and working through his course.)

I have to mention: apart from this paid-for course, J Rich also offers another dropshipping course called "30 Day Ecom Challenge", which is FREE (it used to be a paid-for course as well). 

J Rich also has an Instagram account with a healthy following of 51.1k followers. 

Before I start the review, MY DISCLAIMER:
I AM NOT AN AFFILIATE of J Rich or any other dropshipping/ecommerce course creator. I do NOT earn anything from doing my reviews. This means you don't get ANY bias at all. 

What to Expect in this Course

J Rich's course contains 60 videos of about 10 hours in length. 

You can get $150 off this paid-for course if you sign up for his free 30 Day Ecom Challenge course. 

J is a proponent of high ticket dropshipping, just like Anton Kraly. If you're interested, you can compare the two courses by reading my Dropship Lifestyle review of Anton's course here.

Hight-ticket dropshipping is where you choose a high(er) end product (at least more than $200). J uses scooters as a suggestion in his videos. 

The idea behind high-ticket products is that you have much higher profit margins and that you are not volume driven as much.

For example, if you sell phone cases at $15 per case and your profit margin is $5, then you need to sell 200 cases before you have $1k profit. 

In contrast, if you sell a scooter for $500 and your profit is $250, then you only have to sell 4 to make $1k profit. 

You can also use this method to build a brand and one product stores if you want. 

It's a great concept and one I've used to some dropshipping success in the past.

This is what J Rich's Shopify Dropshipping course claims to offer you:
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access To 60+ Step By Step Training Videos + More!
    Learn Everything About Building a Shopify Dropshipping Business From Scratch With Little To No Money. 60+ Step By Step Videos, Strategies, Secret Methods, Copy & Paste Templates, Apps, & More That You Will Instantly Get Access to 24/7. Access The Videos & All Content Online From Any Desktop or Mobile Device Anywhere, at Any Time.
  • Receive 3 Custom Shopify Dropshipping Stores Built Just For You!
    You Will Receive 3 Custom Built Shopify Dropshipping Stores/Websites Within 24-48 Hours of Your Enrollment So That You Can Learn All The Knowledge, Then Successfully Launch ASAP In A Hurry! One Niche Store With Low Ticket Products AND 2 Niche Stores With High Ticket Products.
  • Private Shopify Dropshipping Group Chat24/7 Lifetime VIP Access To J Rich & Other Top Dropshipping Biz Owners For Any Questions And Extra Advice On Our Private Group Chat.

The J Rich Shopify Dropshipping Course Breakdown

This course contains 60 different video lessons, with a total of 10 hours viewing time.

In itself, that is good. Many of the $500 mark courses are usually less than 5 hours (with the exception of Franklin Hatchett's $197 Ecom Elites course that contains over 30 hours of content. Read about Franklin's course here. Even Oberlo has a course for under $50 with 7 hours of content, which is not bad. Read the Oberlo 101 review here.)

So you're paying J around $50 per hour. His advice is not the cheapest, but he's also not the most expensive.

The thing with all these you YouTube Dropshippers, is that they cover the exact same content. 

There's a module on mindset, setting up your Shopify Store, how to find products on AliExpress, Oberlo, Dropify or a few other apps/tools with access to US suppliers. 

Then you learn to import products by adding all the relevant info such as product headings, descriptions, photos and videos, and Shipping. 

You are shown how to install the Facebook Pixel, set up FB Ads Manager and how to create an Ad and Ad Campaign. 

You get shown how the instructor sets up his ads, what his bidding strategy is and then which scaling methods you can use. 

The course is then closed off with tips on remarketing, scaling your store and finally selling your store. 

That seems to be the dropshipping course formula and no one explores new ground on it. 

Is it a worthwhile course?

As a student, you will only get anything out of this course if you are a J Rich fan. 

If you've done another dropshipping course, don't bother.

J covers exactly the same content as the dozens of other YouTube Dropshippers out there. 

He might share some insider info with you in the form of his own strategies and methods, but J does not guarantee any of it. 

"Results may vary", is usually the go to clause they use when things don't work for most of their students. 

J also doesn't have a Refund Policy. This is from his course site:

"Due to the nature of the product all sales are final. There are over 60 videos in the course in which I reveal a lot of sensitive information that can't be returned. This policy is in place to protect the intellectual property contained within this course."

As someone who doesn't follow his YouTube Channel to know if his advice works, this is a deal breaker for me. I'm not willing to take the chance on someone who is not one of the "top course gurus".

(BTW, if you want to know what my Top 8 Dropshipping Courses are, click here. Remember I am not an affiliate, so you get nothing but honest reviews.)

Oh, and J has pictures of his car. Whether he owns it or rented it for the photos, I don​'t know. 

What I do know, is that there is a better alternative to dropshipping. If you want to know what my Number 1 business opportunity for 2020 and beyond is, click below. 

Review Conclusion

Sadly, the J Rich Shopify Dropship Course did not bedazzle me. He might have more content (in terms of talking), than some of the other similar priced courses on offer, but it was not anything special. 

J rehashes a lot of the content covered in his and other YouTube videos and expands very little.

A strange  

I would only suggest this course for complete dropshipping beginners who are fans of J Rich


What I like:

  • Well presented
  • Good flow to the course curriculum

What I didn't like:

  • Only for complete beginners
  • Not enough substance in the course to be compared with the best dropshipping courses
  • You get 3 D4U Shopify stores. When starting out, you should only focus on 1.
  • Dropshipping has not been the best online business since 2018. 

Is dropshipping still relevant in 2020?

Here are some of the issues I have with dropshipping:

Dropshipping requires constant attention
You always need to be on the lookout for new products. From a marketing perspective you need to run, check, kill or scale ads. Then there's also managing your shipping to customers, etc.
Competition Cloning

Usually competition is good, but with dropshipping, it is easy to steal your entire business (your website, your products, your ads) within a few hours.

Marketing budget
You need to run FB Ads and Google Ads, and in time also Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Snapchat... With lead gen you never have to worry about running Ad Campaigns.
FB Ad Costs rise 90 percent year-on-year

Dropshipping is a short-term business model. Trending products reach a saturation point within months. You need to constantly start a-new... Unless you set out to start a brand - which takes years to build up. 


With dropshipping, you never know what you get from month to month. Your success depends on a lot of variables, such as your products, advertising, and competition.

And this is only a short list of issues. There are many more and you should familiarize yourself with them before making a final decision about dropshipping. A good place to find more info is on Reddit threads that deal with dropshipping. Here is an example:

What is the alternative?

Dropshipping can make you money. It has been proven to make millionaires within months. It doesn't happen often though. The days of making dropshipping millionaires within a few short months are over.
These days, it takes a lot of hard work, a lot of marketing skill and a lot of luck to succeed. 

If you want to know more about my own personal drop shipping experience, then continue reading here. I even made $48k in one month from a a single product. 

I also spent well over a $100k in Facebook Ads where dropshipping is concerned. So, I do have experience in the business model. 

There are definite advantages to dropshipping, but the disadvantages far outweigh the positive aspects. 

You're welcome to have a look at my FREE Dropshipping Guide. In it, I outline 14 Steps to follow when starting a dropshipping business. If you're dead set on this business model, then the Guide will definitely help you. 

Looking at consistent performance however, local lead generation is a much better business proposition.

Look at this lead gen site I created years ago.
It brings in new leads for my client every month and he happily pays me $2k a month for the service. 

Lead gen offers some major advantages above dropshipping:
  • Lead gen creates true passive income. You rank a site organically on Google and rent it out to local businesses. As long as your site supplies leads, you will get a monthly income. 
  • Getting your site ranked is the hardest part. After that though, the site runs on auto-pilot. There's no advertising, no looking for new products, no shipping or return worries. You focus on one product (your lead gen site), build it up, rent it and then repeat the process. The more you do it, the easier it gets. 
  • Lead gen is a true long-term business opportunity. Dropshipping can be too, if you are willing to spend years building your brand and audience. Local lead gen however, is a more stable business model. 
Want to know more? Here are more reasons why local lead gen is such a good business model: 
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