Jim G Coaching Club Review: Are Airbnb Private Rooms More Profitable?

March 31, 2024

Jim G Coaching Club is an Airbnb rental arbitrage mentorship program by James Graham, AKA Jim G. The program teaches you how to create and scale a short-term rental business that earns 6-7 figures by renting out private rooms and without even owning property.

Reviews for Jim G Coaching Club are overall positive. Jim G Coaching Club has a 4.8 rating on Google, with a handful of success stories from students. Jim G is a proven 7-figure Airbnb host and his expertise and transparency are appreciated by most of his students, earning him plenty of positive reviews.

In 2023, the sudden surge of listing on Airbnb led to what people call the "Airbnbust" wherein many of these new listings saw high vacancy rates. This was caused by oversaturation as more and more entrepreneurs flock to short-term rentals in the pursuit of passive income. In this Jim G Coaching Club review, you'll discover if Jim G can give you an edge in an oversaturated market. Well be covering his Airbnb private room strategy, who the program is for, what you get with it, who Jim G is and what his claims are, and if Airbnb rental arbitrage is still worth it.

3 Major Advantages of Airbnb Private Rooms

Private room listings on Airbnb have advantages over renting entire homes. Aside from catering to an entirely different customer base, you also multiply your listings based on the amount of rooms your property has. The following list are 3 major advantages that private rooms have over entire homes.

  • Increased Control - The host has more control over the property as they can enter common areas anytime to address any issues. This makes maintenance more simple and easy.
  • Risk Reduction - There are reduced risks with rule violations, noise complaints, damages, etc. because of the shared housing model. Cancellations also affect your overall revenue less because of the multiple bookings.
  • Higher Profitability - Private rooms have the possibility of being more profitable as each room is separate listing, lessening your overall vacancy rate. Consistent booking also means continuous cash flow.

Private rooms are also a grey area when it comes to short-term rental restrictions. This can become a risk depending on the regulations in your location. Regulations will also depend on how the community defines short-term rentals. For example, some communities allow private room short-term rentals as long as you still live in the same residence and do not install a separate meter. It is best to inquire with a lawyer that specializes in your target area beforehand to avoid legal issues.

Jim G Coaching Club Review: Pros and Cons


Jim G is a proven success with Airbnb shared housing.

Access to a network of properties and sellers who are willing to work with students.

You can have Jim co-host your listings under his Superhost account in order to increase bookings.


Jim G stutters a lot and frequently diverges from the topic which can be confusing to follow.

Airbnb has been on a decline with high vacancy rates because of market saturation, the housing crisis, and the expected recession.

Cities throughout the world are tightening short-term rental restrictions. Shared housing can be a loophole in some areas but could also be a legal risk.


Jim G Coaching Club prices are given during the scheduled call. The cost for the mentorship will be in the low thousands.

Refund Policy

No refund policy listed.




People say positive things about Jim G’s expertise, helpfulness, and attitude. Jim G Coaching Club has an overwhelmingly positive review.

Who Is Jim G Coaching Club For?

  1. Aspiring real estate investors who want to get started but do not have the means to secure capital for large down payments. You do not need upfront capital when using Jim’s creative finance strategies.
  2. Renters who are tired of paying rent and want to own property. Jim G teaches rent-to-own seller finance.
  3. Experienced real estate investors who want to scale. Jim G teaches how to multiply your listings and do short-term rental arbitrage.
  4. Current Airbnb hosts who want to diversify their portfolio. Jim G also teaches landlords how to make more money through listing short-term rentals.

What Do You Get With Jim G Coaching Club?

Jim G Coaching Club has several current programs that you can sign up for. There currently is the Accelerator Academy mentorship, the Family Financial Freedom Challenge, and the 6-Figure Passive AirBNB Masterclass.

jim g coaching club review

What Is Jim's Airbnb Accelerator Academy?

Jim's Airbnb Accelerator Academy is a 30-day mentoring and coaching program where you can learn Jim's 5 phases to create a successful Airbnb business. You will learn how to mirror Jim's processes to get the same level of success. Subscribing will get you the following below.

  • Life-time access to the training materials, documents, and templates
  • Access to the digital training platform
  • 1-on-1 and group mentoring and coaching
  • Calling landlords with Jim on the call
  • Option to co-host with Jim's Superhost account
  • Access to the private group
jim g coaching club review

What Is Jim's Family Financial Freedom Challenge?

Jim's Family Financial Freedom Challenge is a 4-day crash course where you will learn how to build and grow your own passive income Airbnb business to 6-7 figures. The crash course also trains you how to set your mindset in order to redefine your relationship with money. A breakdown of what you will learn is as follows.

  • Financial Empowerment: You will learn effective strategies and innovative methods for creating a passive income Airbnb business without owning property.
  • Break Generational Cycles: Jim will teach you his Christian principles and mindset to change family patterns to set the precedent for success.
  • Achieve Financial Freedom: Gain the knowledge and tools for the creation of sustainable income that lead to financial independence.
  • Quality Time with Loved Ones: You will learn how to manage your time effectively and automate your business to free up time to spend with the ones you love.
  • Legacy Building: Learn the skills that will create generational wealth to secure the future of your family.
  • Personalized Guidance and Support: You get in-depth training sessions and Q&A sessions with personalized feedback that lines up with your personal goals.
  • Actionable Steps for Immediate Results: Learn how to implement this strategy that can build cash flow within 24-48 hours.
  • Life Transformation: Jim will teach this comprehensive class aimed at transforming financial situation and overall well-being.

What Is Jim's 6-Figure Passive Airbnb Masterclass?

Jim’s 6-Figure Passive Airbnb Masterclass is a free training webinar that presents Jim’s unique strategy for creating a passive Airbnb business. He talks about the specific skills that he applied to become a successful Airbnb host. You will learn how to locate and negotiate with property owners to allow them to let you list their property on Airbnb. Jim also teaches you how to automate your Airbnb so that you only have to work a few hours a day. You will need to buy into the program if you want a more comprehensive training.

Are Students of Jim G Coaching Club Successful?

Jim G Coaching Club has a handful of student success stories. The program has a 4.8/5 rating on google with 84 reviews. Positive reviews mostly praise Jim and his team's helpfulness and the motivational win-win attitude of the program. There is only one detailed negative review that complained that the training is not relevant to those who already own property and the lack of a  refund policy.

Who Is Jim G?

jim g

James Graham, AKA Jim G, is a real estate investor, mentor, and creator of Jim G Coaching Club from Venice, Florida. Originally from Newburgh, New York, Jim G has about 30 years of experience in real estate investing and has bought and sold almost 700 properties. Jim has spoken in several wealth building seminars around the United States and Australia. He is the owner of USA Investors Realty, a real estate wholesaling and creative financing company.

Prior to real estate investing, Jim earned a degree in business administration and management from the University at Buffalo in New York. He then joined the US army and spent almost 7 years as a drill instructor in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and as a finance officer in the Buffalo/Niagara area. Jim is a devout Christian and founded HeartForHomeless.org in 2013.

jim g coaching club review
jim g coaching club review

What Is Jim G's Claim?

Jim G’s claims that by using his system and with zero experience and with no property, you can create an Airbnb business within 7-14 days that earns you $5,000 to $15,000 a month in passive income. He claims you can do this just by listing private rooms on Airbnb. Just how realistic are Jim's claims?

3 Major Risks of Private Room Airbnbs

  • Oversaturation - Co-founder of Airbnb, Nathan Blecharczyk, announced in 2023 that the company was returning to its roots and focusing on private room rentals. Private room listings have increased post-lockdown because of the increasing cost of living and expected recession. As fewer travelers book entire homes, many hosts are switching to listing individual rooms. While Jim G's strategy of private rooms may have worked great before, it is now at risk of oversupply because of these changes.
  • Growing Restrictions - Private rooms are mostly preferred by business and professional travellers. Families that go on vacation will usually rent an entire home. This means that private rooms are mostly profitable around urban areas. Major areas have been tightening short-term restrictions because of housing shortages. Further restrictions in your area might damage your business. Renting out private rooms could be a loophole or lead to legal issues.
  • Increasing Rent - By doing Airbnb arbitrage, you will be renting the entire house regardless of how many rooms you list on Airbnb. This means you need to keep your vacancy rate low or you will lose money. Increasing rent only means increasing risks. This becomes a bigger problem as the market for private rooms becomes more saturated.

Taking these risks in mind, it is possible to achieve Jim's claims, although it is unlikely. On average, a private room earns $5,260 a year. This means that an average 3 room home renting out private rooms would earn $15,780 a year or $1,315 a month. It is likely that you will spend a lot of time doing research in order to find a profitable property that will let you do Airbnb arbitrage.

Is Airbnb Rental Arbitrage Worth It in 2024?

Short-term rentals have been in a decline because of oversupply amidst housing shortages, which led to high vacancy and tightening restrictions in a phenomenon termed “Airbnbust.” AirDNA reported that many areas like Smoky Mountains, North Georgia Mountains, and even South Florida, have seen high vacancy rates, as more investors converted properties into Airbnb rentals. Cities like New York City, New Orleans, Dallas, and Philadelphia, have passed laws that virtually banned short-term rentals. Cities like Memphis now require a license for short-term rentals while short-term rentals in cities like San Francisco can only operate 90 days a year.

Airbnb rental arbitrage is not a business I would recommend as it is not sustainable and has high-risks. This oversupply and worldwide tightening of restrictions puts Airbnb rental arbitrage businesses owners at risk of losing money. High vacancy rates mean you won’t be able to cover your lease and changed in restrictions may lead to fines or cause your business to shut down. 

Create Sustainable Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a digital real estate business model that creates sustainable passive income by renting Google ranked sites to local businesses. By creating, ranking, and renting out a site to local businesses, you can earn as much as $2,000 a month. You can start a local lead generation business with as little as $500 in initial investment and maintained for as low as $30 a month.


Compared to Airbnb arbitrage, I don’t have to deal with property maintenance, customer service, paying lease, occupancy rate, etc. A site can stay ranked on Google for years before needing an update, so it means that a local lead generation business is pretty much hands-free.

There are hundreds of niches and thousands of areas to choose your market from so you don't have to worry about saturation. Scaling a local lead generation business is also the easiest as you simply need to create, rank, and rent another site. There is no limit to how many sites you can rank and rent. All these qualities make local lead generation the best business model to create time and financial freedom with.

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