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Jim Kwik Review (Scam?) 11 Facts [Unleash Your Super Brain]

April 3, 2024

Jim Kwik review

In this Jim Kwik review, we answer the important questions.

First, is brain training legit?

Second, is Jim Kwik's Unleash Your Super Brain a scam?

Or does it improve mental performance and productivity?

Why you should read this review


I'm not affiliated with Jim Kwik


Explore the questions that matter


Distill key takeaways from this course


I share what you really get when you purchase Unleash Your Superbrain


I discuss common challenges to success in the entrepreneurial world

1. Who is Jim Kwik?

jim kwik review

Brain and memory coach and founder of Kwik Learning;

And widely-recognized expert and renowned expert. 

Jim Kwik dedicates his time to improving brain performance.

While hosting the acclaimed Kwik Brain podcast;

And teaching others to:

  • Improve their memory
  • Read faster
  • Study more effectively 


Because a good memory is critical for modern business.

He's been pursuing brain improvement for 3 decades.

And after having overcome a TBI;

It's safe to say he's qualified to teach others.

In fact, he's commonly sought after by top organizations, like:

  • Google
  • Nike
  • And many more

"Read faster. Work smarter. Think better."

7 Japanese Habits For Overcoming Laziness According To James Kwik

  • Kaizen (Continuous Improvement): It is the Japanese habit of focusing on making small, continuous improvements daily instead of striving for perfection at once. Kaizen encourages becoming 1% better each day, which leads to significant growth over time. 
  • Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing): This habit involves spending time with nature, particularly in forests, to reduce stress and anxiety. The whole concept is about forming a deep connection with the environment for mental and physical rejuvenation.
  • Ikigai (Reason for Being): Ikigai is about finding your purpose in life by balancing four elements: what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for. It combines passion, mission, profession, and vocation to guide personal growth.
  • Wabi-Sabi (Finding Beauty in Imperfection): This philosophy values the beauty in imperfection and impermanence. Wabi-Sabi suggests embracing flaws and starting tasks without waiting for the perfect moment. This habit promotes acceptance and humility.
  • Shoshin (Beginner’s Mind): The Shoshin habit emphasizes the importance of approaching life with an open, eager, and beginner’s mindset. This mindset fosters creativity and learning by remaining receptive to new possibilities.
  • Hara Hachi Bu (Eating Until 80% Full): This practice of eating until you are only 80% full promotes moderation and mindfulness. It is believed to help Japanese people live longer, healthier lives.
  • Ganbaru (Doing Your Best): Ganbaru is a principle of perseverance, patience, and commitment to excellence. It encourages striving for the best, especially in challenging situations. It fosters resilience and consistency.

What's not mentioned in the video: The Japanese have one of the highest life expectancies in the world, about 84 years. A  huge contributor to their longevity is their diet, mostly fish, rice, vegetables, and soy products. The cultural practice of eating in moderation (Hara Hachi Bu) also helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

2. Unleash Your Super Brain Teaches Hacks to Improve Brain & Memory Performance

Unleash your super brain

As it turns out - brain training DOES have legitimate benefits.

And after suffering a bad brain injury at a young age;

Jim Kwik overcame his injury-related learning issues.

Then developed what worked into many books and courses.

The Super Brain course focuses on a few key factors:

  • Opening your brains potential
  • Sharpening your focus
  • Retaining information
  • Improving productivity

His learning program is not only for the professional world;

But also for focusing on recreational activities like reading.

Available online 24/7 from anywhere;

Super Brain aims to significantly improve your ability to learn.

3. What's Included with The Course?

Jim Kwik Super Brain

Within the 34-day masterclass; 

Kwik promises to unleash your brain from all limitations.

And help you develop a super memory.

While combining:

  • Speed reading
  • Peak performance
  • And more

The course itself is comprised of 15-20 minute sessions.

Meant to ensure knowledge retention.

With each lesson building on the last.

And it includes various tools, including:

  • Lesson breakdowns
  • Games
  • Exercises

Also, like many others, Kwik offers a number of bonuses.

First, he provides access to a one-hour masterclass.

Second, you get access to:

  • Five additional introductory videos
  • Four bonus videos upon completion

4. It Covers 8 Main Concepts for Improving Performance

Jim Kwik

Unleash Your Super Brain covers an array of topics.

And the focus is simple:

Learning to supercharge your brain through actionable methods.

And within these concepts;

He teaches his methods for improving mental performance.

These include:

  1. Improving memorization abilities
  2. Learning more quickly and effectively
  3. Speeding up daily job tasks
  4. Improving productivity
  5. Upgrading your habits
  6. Improving mental focus
  7. Increasing self-confidence
  8. Improving study habits

All content is backed by actionable tips and habits.

So, it's easy to put them into practice daily.

5. It's a Mindvalley Quest


Kwik teaches Super Brain for Mindvalley.

If you've never heard of it, it's an e-Learning platform founded in 2022.

With 50+ courses to choose from;

And a focus on teaching "what regular schools forgot";

Mindvalley includes thing essential to life, like:

  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Fitness

And Mindvalley has a number of other classes available, like:

  • Everyday Bliss from Paul Mckenna
  • Chakra Healing from Anodea Judith
  • Speak and Inspire from Lisa Nichols
  • Lifebook Online Course

As you may have expected, Kwik also has other courses available:

  • 5 Days to a Powerful Brain
  • Super Reading

But my Jim Kwik review aside;

What do customers have to say about the course?

When reviewing customer thoughts, one thing became apparent;

That the majority of them loved the course.

Because it's for everyone from businesspeople to students.

Some claim it's been a turning point in their lives.

6. How Does Super Brain Work?

How does super brain work

The long duration of its 34-day syllabus splits 8.5 hours of content.

With 10-20 minutes of instruction daily;

Followed by tasks that ensure you get the most from the day.

And with the content split into small modules;

It's much easier to retain information.

So, since this course teaches tangible, adoptable life skills;

You can likely see the potential for using what Kwik offers.

7. What Does It Cost and Is There Value Here?

Jim Kwik review

My Jim Kwik review would be incomplete without cost info.

And much like other highly valued courses;

This one too could be considered pricey.

Priced at $449 when purchased individually at Mindvalley;

It's definitely an investment.

And once purchased, it's available across all platforms.

Plus, you can pay in installments if needed.

Or you can subscribe to Mindvalley All Access for that price.

And gain access to Super Brain and much more.

Jim Kwik review

So, to summarize our Jim Kwik review;

Is the course worth it?

Overall, I'd say yes - it's worth it.

Because as an entrepreneur it's important to make an impact.

And improving your brain performance can increase success.

So, if you feel you could benefit from such training;

Jim Kwik might be the man you need.

8. Does It Really Improve Your Brain's Basic Programming?

Jim Kwik Super Brain

While I'm no scientist or memory expert;

There is evidence that proves the efficacy of such training.

And his highly applicable methods prove fruitful in many areas of life.

But naturally, this is no one-shot fixer you can learn and forget.

In fact, much of the material you'll learn needs regular practice.

Because otherwise, they won't become habitual.

And therefore rendered ineffective in the long-run.

So, if you're looking for a quick fix;

I'd avoid Jim Kwik's Super Brain course.

But overall, I believe it could improve mental performance.

9. The Course Content is High Quality


Complete with written and video content;

Along with daily lessons and course work.

The 8.5 hours of training not only builds on itself;

But it's delivered in a friendly, engaging manner.

And Kwik himself is a confident, collected guy;

Who is easy to relate to.

As far as the hefty price is concerned in terms of quality;

I'd say it's pretty good.

Although, there is one major drawback;

The course itself is not bingeable.

And with a daily check-in system - it's not something you can work around.

However, if you are willing to put in the time each day;

This course could certainly benefit your entrepreneurial future.

Especially if you're interested in lead gen.

10. Why is Lead Gen Ideal for Internet Entrepreneurs in 2022?

Lead gen

Local lead gen is the perfect business model for the new year.


  • It works for anyone willing to put in the work
  • Free ongoing mentorship
  • Earn 100% passive income
Local lead gen

But why does local lead gen work?

It's simple.

All companies need leads to survive.

And many don't understand how to rank page 1 of Google;

This is where you come in; 

Using the build, rank, rent local lead gen business model.

11. What is Build, Rank, Rent, and How Does it Create Passive Income?

build, rank, rent

Think of your local lead gen business in terms of real estate.

Much like a real estate agent buys, nurtures, and rents properties;

The build, rank, rent model in lead gen takes 3 steps: 

  1. Build a site for a local company
  2. Put in the work to rank page 1 on Google
  3. "Rent" or sell leads to local businesses

And in terms of earning passive income;

Lead gen makes it easy because once you rank - you're set.

Take a look at my site below.

Local lead generation

I built this site in 2015.

And since then, it has earned me 2K a month.

The best part is, I haven't had to touch it.

So, lead gen is more than proven to create passive income.

Interested in Getting Started with Local Lead Generation?

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